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Sunday, March 8, 2009

They don't make them like they used to

A few weeks ago I bought an Epson printer that was the perfect size and weight for my RV. When I initially installed it I kept getting messages that the ink cartridges were not genuine Epson cartridges, which surprised me since they came with the Epson printer. I kept trying and turning the whole thing off, back on, and trying again. After several tries, everything worked ok, and I was very happy with the printer. Things started to go downhill when I ran out of black ink and bought a replacement, an Epson cartridge in an Epson box. When I tried to install it, I first got a message that it wasn't a genuine Epson product. I kept trying over and over, and then, I got messages showing that the black cartridge was ok, but that the other three were not genuine. At that point I decided to take the printer back to the store, which I did. I explained to customer service the problems I had, but they just taped the box back up and gave me my money back.

I then bought a Lexmark printer, thinking because I had such good luck with my Lexmark that I bought in 2003 and finally tossed when I started fulltiming, that I would be happy with another Lexmark. Well, got it home and started to set it up. My old Lexmark came with a printed user guide that was helpful to me throughout the time I had the printer. Not so with the new one - you insert a CD and follow the instructions. All went well until I got to the part about inserting cartridges. There were no cartridges included. I looked all over, and read every single word on the box and the limited printed material that was included. Nada! So I now get the picture of someone returning this Lexmark, the customer service rep taping the box back up and returning the product to their shelves. I need a printer desperately, but don't know what I should do next. Is there a printer available that is NOT made in China? Is there one that is reliable (and doesn't cost an exhorbitant amount of money) and that comes with a printed guide as well as ink cartridges?

The only good part about today was the fact that I was accompanied by my daughter and granddaughter, and the stop we made for frozen yogurt!


  1. I know what you mean about printers. They have always been a source of irritation for me as well. I don't deal with printer problems anymore!! They are Kelly's department because she has the patience to deal with the dumb things!!!! Wished I had some advice for you, but..............

  2. Marty,
    I'm not sure where HP makes their printers, but I've been using hp exclusively at work and at home since 1991, and I'd have to say that they are the most reliable printers around, and they sell them at great prices at Costco.

  3. I would go with HP. I have been using thenm for years....cheap to mid price range, It is the darn ink that costs so much! Bob