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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back Home

I slept pretty well in my own bed last night, although I didn't realize a 5th wheel made so many noises -- just like a house that settles in for the night. I usually attribute any noise whatsoever to the dogs moving around, and they are still at Steve's house, so I naturally heard everything for a short while. Sleep came pretty quickly.

The trip is over, I accomplished what I set out to do, and I'm not going to think about it any more because the good definitely outweighed the bad. Every single flight segment was late leaving and/or arriving, which didn't really have much effect since I had plenty of layover time at Minneapolis. But the flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul arrived in Sacramento 24 minutes early! I was able to take my time getting out to the curb and quite soon Donald drove up. God bless him - I really appreciated him taking me to and from the Sacramento airport.

I have written before about how terribly dirty and filthy my 5ver is--well I ordered some products from Smokey Ridgely that are Dri Wash. I went out this morning and did a one-square foot test section, and I just can't believe what a lovely surface lies beneath all the crud. I'm taking "before" and "after" pictures so I will keep you all posted. It will likely turn out to be a lengthy process since I'll be doing it myself, although I will need some help for the sections that are higher up.

Some time today I have to get out to the toothpaste store! This morning I just poured a bit of mouthwash onto the brush, so TSA hasn't ruined my day today. Years ago a backpacking dentist I knew told me that it's the brushing that counts, not what you put on the brush, but if you like the clean taste just pour a few drops of mouthwash onto the bristles. It works - not the best solution - but it's kept me in a good mood this morning.


  1. Glad you're back safely.

    Salt on a toothbrush works well too!

    Guess you missed the earthquakes in CA yesterday.

  2. I use salt and soda, have for years, and it' cheaper. The soda cleans and freshen your breath and the salt heals. So glad you didn't feel the earthquakes.