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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moving things around

I have long been wanting to come up with a better idea for my computer placement. A couple of weeks ago I tried turning my dining table so that it is perpendicular with the side wall but it didn't give me any additional space and left me with chairs that didn't fit anywhere. This morning I decided to open up the table with the extra leaf, and then turned the table sideways. Not bad - my printer & monitor fit side by side, and I have room for the keyboard & mouse directly in front of the monitor. I think I could even leave it as is when I pull in the slide before moving the rig. The only problem is that I have one chair that really doesn't fit anywhere, and one that is sort of hanging in front of the corner on one end of the table. This arrangement leaves me with 1/3 of the table to use as dining space, at least once I remove eyeglasses, camera, pens & pencils, etc. from it. I honestly don't know how two people manage to live in an RV and not kill each other for space!

While I was at it I vacuumed all my cookie crumbs from under the table. I like to mess with the dogs sometimes by using the vacuum - they are terrified of it and I can't understand why, but they scatter!

I knew I had been running low on propane so I phoned the man who delivers right to your rig. He was here within an hour and filled and replaced both tanks, for which I paid $40 cash! It sure is cheaper and easier than taking them to U Haul. He does everything - removes the tanks, fills them, and then replaces them into the compartment. It is especially a godsend for me as I could remove them from the 5ver but I couldn't lift the full ones back up.

The gauges I bought to let me know the status of the tanks are nice to have but made it really difficult to get the tanks in place and close the door. This gentleman suggested I remove the gauges and turn the valve off on one tank; then when the other tank is empty I will have a full tank left and can see about getting the first one refilled. I decided to leave a gauge on the tank in use so I can tell when it is just about empty and then open the valve. That way I won't run out in the middle of something.

It is so nice and warm outdoors, but still cold in my rig. I get the morning sun in the back window which is not very large, and then on one side during the afternoon. It never really warms the place up, and right outside my door where I should be able to set up my chair is always in the shade. In three more weeks it will be something different.

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  1. Hi !
    I learned to leave one tank off and one tank on - when the "on" tank is empty I turn the "off" one on (be sure to close the other one first) and then fill the empty one within the week - I haven't run out of propane since.
    I have found that the tanks only run out in the middle of the night !! Sort of like the batteries in the smoke detectors only run out at 3am - HA!!!