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Friday, July 31, 2015

Oh, for the good old days

I'm remembering telephone service in the old days - Bell Telephone, to be exact.  They came out and installed your telephone, and you paid a modest charge every month.  Then it got to where you had to go  into a sales office and pick up a standard phone, bring it home, and plug it in.  I always had a wall phone, and never did go in for the more fancy models.  The phone always worked and was user-friendly, unlike today when you have to learn Martian symbology to figure out what the hell the little icons mean.  Intuition ruled in the old days!

I just got an ATT land line, and am using my old phones from when I had Verizon service a 2 or 3 years ago.  I might have bought a new phone, but figured then I would have to go through all sorts of pain to figure out how to use it.  I'm sure they've made it impossible for an old lady to pick up and start talking.  I tried to activate it online but the page got hung up when I entered my userid and passcode.  I know they worked, because I had to use the exact same codes on the first screen, but by the 3rd screen they didn't know me.

I ended up dealing with a tech rep, and I've discovered that ALL tech reps talk a mile a minute, swallow half their words, and usually have an accent.  I'm not xenophobic (had to look that word up to make sure I wasn't going to confuse anyone about my sexual preferences).  Xenophobia is a fear of anything foreign, and I don't fear anything foreign, but it's just with each little degree of hearing loss I have more trouble distinguishing accents.  (Note that I NEVER have trouble understanding a good ol' redneck accent though).

My phone works, and I have an extension on my bedside table.  It will rarely be used, and now I have the daunting task of figuring out the features of my ATT service.  I don't know why some things can't remain simple and easy to learn and use.   I think I would rather read a book on basic quantum physics than a late model user guide!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Phone Service/Old Phone

I got out the land line phone plus two extensions, and plugged in the units in hope it recharges the batteries.  I'm not sure where the original user guide is, but I'm hoping the batteries in each phone will charge up automatically.  The base unit won't be delivered to me until Friday, and if these phones no longer work then I'll just go buy a cheap one.  For all I will be using it I don't need an expensive unit with features I won't understand or ever use!  I have the main phone plus two extensions, so at least one of them should work!

I mentioned to Dr. G today that I am having a terrible problem with heartburn.  It's been almost constant during the past week or two, and I'm suffering with it as I'm determined to not take an OTC product for it.

I don't know what he did, and I'm sort of holding my breath, but I haven't had heartburn all afternoon - over 6 hours - and it was nearly constant before.  It is uncanny how the nervous system controls the function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your body.  I've never known an MD to worry about it when they can write a prescription or send you for tests, instead of treating the cause.

I can't believe that at nearly 7 pm it is still 104 degrees.  I really would like a beer but have nothing on hand, and the nearest gas station convenience store is at least two blocks away.  I'm certainly not going to walk 2 blocks in this heat - it was hard enough walking in an air conditioned gym this morning even before the thermometer started to rise.  One more day like today and then it's going "down" into the high 90's, and will probably feel much cooler!   If I didn't have these appointments with the chiropractor 3x a week I'd be in the mountains somewhere sleeping in a tent and listening to the sounds of nature.  I don't mind waiting until after Labor Day though, because the crowds will thin down and I'll have a better choice of campsites.  

I'm going to just take on the heat and get in my hot car to go buy me a beer or two.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eye candy at the gym!

Half the fun of going to the gym is people watching.  They are all sizes and shapes, and in varying degrees of physical fitness.  The treadmill I use is at the edge of the upper level which is about 2 stories up, and overlooks a small area where people sometimes work with personal trainers, and other specialized exercises.  I often see guys jumping rope, as a boxer does to get and keep in shape.

This morning I couldn't take my eyes off one such guy - his arms and shoulders were absolutely stunning!  He worked out with the jump rope the entire time I was there, about 5 minutes at a time with a half-minute break between each set.  He was still going when I left about 30 minutes later.  He was a lot more fun to watch than the personal trainers and their captives, and the time sped by so quickly for me.

I could easily have decided the heck with the gym this morning, but after the review Shadowmoss gave me in her blog, I just had to go!  I would like to provide another link to my chiropractor's blog, and if you scroll down the page there is a small screen that can be activated for about a 5 minute morning workout.  It really is a great one to get started with - nothing strenuous - and can be done sitting on the edge of the bed or in a chair.   

This morning first thing I called an AT&T rep to complain about my service.  I had a very nice person who switched my TV channels to UVerse 200 level, for less money!  I mentioned that some day I plan to get another landline phone, and she ended up adding the phone service to my order.  It's something I often think about - during the day I frequently have to search for my cell phone, although I am in the habit of setting it on a bedside table, along with my car keys, at night.  If I actually thought I was having a heart attack I'm not sure what I would do.  I certainly wouldn't want to be strung up in a hospital.  There is also the safety aspect in the event someone tries to break into my house.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Aromatic trash!

I will set the trash out tonight, and mine will be the most aromatic on the block!  I looked at the many spices and flavorings I have accummulated since I've been in this house, and started emptying the bottles of those I know are old or that I'll never use again.  With each addition the aroma got better and better, and my kitchen smells like a spice shop!

The TV service I now get is terrible - the package of programs, not the picture.  Supposedly it's the family package which means that I get all the stupid old sitcoms, baby einstein programming (why would you sit your infant in front of a television in hopes he will absorb some smartness?), and all the many shopping and selling channels.  I get things like "Fat guys in the Alaskan woods", "How it's made", and "Hillbilly hand fishin' ", 
along with all the Spanish language programming.  To be fair, I told them I like to watch the science and history channels, and I can't figure out if fat guys falls into the category of science or history.  Thankfully I get the public and local channels, which gives me a better look at the news than all those 24 hr news services.

The thermometer is climbing again and we'll soon have several days of triple digit heat.  I don't know how I can deal with it.  Those guys in the Alaska woods are no doubt staying comfortable!


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Question answered

I thought I'd write a short post to answer a question posed by Linda about what veggies and fruits I use for juicing.  The main two are carrots and kale.  I also use squash (summer stuff, such as zucchini) as it has lots of juice.  Maybe some celery.  I haven't tried them yet, but I read today that broccoli and sweet potatos are fine.

I sweeten the juice with fresh pineapple and apples, maybe nectarines or whatever I have on hand.  Then I like to use some lemon or lime for a little zip.  I haven't tried it yet but supposedly some sprigs of parsley are good.  It's really all trial and error, and what tastes good to you.

I do fruit drinks in the blender, using several kinds of berries and a banana.  I often start with about 3/4 glass of milk, add some protein powder and the fruit, and if I have it on hand, add a handful of fresh spinach (which doesn't do as well in the juicer).  I'm following Dr. Bergman's advice on what machine to use - the juicer removes the  undigestible pulp and leaves you with a vitamin and mineral-rich drink, and is good for cleaning the arteries.  The blender for the softer fruits has something to do with bioflavenoids.  I don't understand it, nor do I need to understand the reason why, but it sounds good to me.

As I said before Jeannie almost immediately noticed a drop in her blood sugars when she started drinking the juice, and thus requires less insulin.  She is Type 1 diabetetic by the way, and while I don't know much about Type 2, I'm sure it would work the same for lowering blood sugar.   The only side effect of juicing that I have experienced is that it makes me tired while I'm doing it!  By the way, the bottles of juice in the grocery cooler are not substitutes for juicing fresh fruits and vegetables.  The companies are owned by soft drink giants such as Pepsi, for one thing, and they are driven by the bottom line rather than health; to be effective the juice has to be made and used within 3 to 4 days.  If it is sold in groceries it has no doubt been pasteurized which removes any health benefits that may have been associated with it in its pure state.

So there you go, Linda A.  As I've said before, you ask me what time it is and I will build you a clock!  It's the Gemini in my astrological chart.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Not a good start to the morning

I looked at my email 1st thing this morning to find a notice from AT&T of my latest bill, which is well over double what I've been paying for TV and internet.  I called them to cancel the entire package.  I can do without TV if I have to, but internet is another thing entirely, and the AT&T internet I have is the best service I've ever encountered.

I used about an hour of my phone minutes trying to reach a satisfactory deal with the representative, and then decided to just cancel.  The rep brought in a "retention specialist".  They didn't give much, but I ended up with my internet as well as the "family package" of TV service.  I think the few channels I watch are included, especially since I never watch movies anyway.  So I'm good to go for at least another year when I'm sure I'll receive the shocking news that my bill will skyrocket again.

I think I will lose access to NASA TV with my new reduced package.  I've really been fascinated with the fly-by Pluto.  I don't remember being as interested in the Moon landing, or seeing the details about Mars, but somehow Pluto interests me much more.

The hot weather has made a zombie out of me, although the past couple of days have been very nice.  I'm looking at a forecast of 107 the middle of next week, and I melt at that temperature!


Monday, July 20, 2015

A short update

When I think I'm going to write just a short piece, it ends up getting quite wordy!  I can't help  it.

Update on chiropractic care - I am noticing, and the doctor says that my posture is improving quickly.  Jeannie had to have a dental implant removed and won't start her treatment until Wednesday.  I know she is looking forward to it.

In the meantime we are using the juicer every 3 or  4 days, and she is noticing that her blood sugar readings are much lower, and that she needs less insulin.  It has to have something to do with the juicing as she hasn't started the regular chiro program yet.  I think the outcomes for both of us look good.

Steve took the swamp cooler apart and we cleaned it up a bit - the old pads were disintigrating pretty badly.  They aren't what I thought they would be - sort of a woven mass of heavy fiber that looks a bit like thick straw, but not really.  I can't describe it and should have taken some photos.

I never have any humidity in the house from running the cooler, no matter how long it runs.  For one thing, Sacramento has extremely low humidity and what moisture there is evaporates quickly.  Also, I leave a couple of windows open just a bit in the kitchen at the front of the house, and in the bedrooms at the back.  That seems to keep the air circulating  pretty well.    

All I can say is that when I stand under the vents of this thing, the air blowing out is as cool as that from an air conditioner!  And it's a lot cheaper to run.    Today was very uncomfortable outdoors as it didn't get very cool overnight.  We are supposed to get the Delta breeze back tonight though, and that keeps the temperature reasonable throughout the entire morning and often into the early afternoon.  Have I mentioned how I'd love to see some snow?  I'd even go out and play in it!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Checking in

It's been several days since I've posted, so I thought I would just check in.  Nothing has been new or different in my life, so I have little to write about.

The hot afternoons and early evenings are really bothering me, but it's not going to improve anytime soon.  The new pads I ordered for my cooler arrived yesterday, and I hope Steve will be able to install them on Monday.

Wildfires have been breaking out all across California, and I understand that several cars burned on a freeway because 5 hobby drones were in the air overhead.  The plane containing chemicals to put out the fire was thwarted until the drones left the area.  When will common sense prevail and drones be made illegal to fly at certain altitudes and conditions.  Why in the world would a sane person want to get in the way of firefighters and possibly cause loss of life?  To get a damn picture from their drone?

I'm really enjoying my coffee this morning because there is no reason I have to get moving.   

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I'm cool again!

My swamp cooler hasn't been working - the fan blows air out but it certainly isn't cool.  Steve came by today  and got on the roof, and determined that the tube that carries water to the tray with four pads in it, where the fan blows air across the pads and cools it, was clogged with mold and debris.  He took it off and threw it down to me, and I ran water from the garden hose to clear it out.  We finally got the unit working and it's almost like having air conditioning!  I ordered new pads which should be delivered this week, and Steve will do a permanent fix  on a couple of other pieces in the cooler as well.  I just can't believe the difference, and I wouldn't be surprised if this unit has not been serviced for a long, long time.

Jeannie and Autumn made their first visit to the chiropractor, Dr. G., yesterday, and really like him.  She has dental surgery tomorrow and will start the treatment with Dr. G. after she heals enough to be able to drive to his office.  I hope her experience is as good as mine is, as I can see improvements each time I get an adjustment.  I think I mentioned that there was a big difference in the length of my legs, and the Dr. thinks this difference has been greatly reduced in just a few visits.  They are caused by a spine that has twists and kinks that shouldn't be there, so I'm thrilled to get it straightened a bit at a time and watch my problems go away.

I should mention that there is a difference in chiropractors, and the ones who are "corrective chiropractors" actually work to correct the root cause of problems, while some just take your money and crack a few bones.  You might feel better temporarily but your problem hasn't been corrected any more than an MD who gives you medications to mask your symptoms but not cure the basic problems.

I like my new bathroom scale but don't like the numbers I'm seeing.  You may remember the struggle I had just gaining back to my weight before surgery, plus an additional 10+ pounds.  Well, I've lost 8 or 9 of the pounds I put on, and it really bums me out.  I'm not going to stress about gaining it back because I am so uncomfortable trying to eat enough calories to add weight.  I will just eat what fills me up and then stop, as I always have.  I really loved those extra pounds though.  When I bought a dress to wear to Joshua's First Communion, I looked at myself in the dressing room mirror, turned sideways and thought "This dress makes my butt look big!"  It was fun to even think it.

My living room is filled with bags of clothing and household items that I must have out front by 8 am for pickup by Vietnam Veterans of America.  I don't know much about the organization, but I hope the majority of funds they raise actually goes to help Vietnam vets, who have a special place in my heart.  I was too young to remember WW II, but Vietnam was the war of my generation.  Most of the donated items are from Jeannie & Donald.  Donald's dad survived 3 tours of duty in V.N., and one of my brothers was at Bien Hoa, where most of his buddies were killed.

Tomorrow morning will be stressful as I have to get all these bags out to the front curb, and then leave for Jeannie's house by 8 am.  Donald will drive her to her dental surgery while I stay at their house so the kids don't have to get up and out so early.  I need to think of some treats I can take them.  Food always works and I have some delicious white grapes that they love!  We've agreed that if Jeannie & Donald don't get back in time I will just take the girls with me to my chiro appointment.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Restful weekend

For the most part I didn't do much of anything this weekend, and tried to get some much needed rest.   I think I'm just plain tired, and my muscles are sore from two of the exercises 
Dr.G gave me.  I love doing them and can see such immediate results, but the muscles I'm using have gone a long time without being challenged.

After some delightful days in the 80's we are now spiraling up into the 90's, and depending on which weather report I look at it could be 100 by Thursday.  Of course it could over-ride the weather reports and get to 100 tomorrow.

I think I may finally have the water spigot to the swamp cooler turned the correct way.  I have noticed the air coming out hasn't been cool at all.  I believe the theory is that a fan blows air over a tray of water and cools the air coming out of the vents.  When it gets in the 90's the swamp cooler doesn't do much good, but I have fans strategically placed throughout my house, as well as windows open for air circulation.  It is an old technology but I still don't understand it.  

Growing up in Cincinnati it was hot and humid in the summer but there wasn't much that could be done about it except run fans and drink ice water.  That's essentially what I do today.   My dad worked nights and had to sleep in the daytime, and my mom went out and bought him a window air conditioner.  We could stand outside the closed bedroom door and feel a bit of cool air coming from under the door.  Heavenly!

I "discovered" a great cure for indigestion - vanilla ice cream!  It doesn't take much ice cream to do the job, and it is so refreshing in this weather.  Since I live alone I eat it right out of the half gallon container.  My kids would think I'm weird, as they thought their dad was weird when he drank milk straight from the half gallon carton, but he lived alone too, so why not.

Once the hummingbirds discovered the nectar they sip constantly.  It reminds me that I need to change the water and wash the feeder - I'm sure in the heat it gets nasty pretty quickly.  I've been intending to get a small bird bath to place under the tree in the front yard.  In this heat I think the birds would enjoy some water to splash in and get the dust off their feathers.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sitemeter woes

Is anyone else having problems with sitemeter?   Mine was working just fine one day and then turned into a "black box" the next.  I can click on the box and see the statistics page, but now it just gives totals and doesn't break down the visits by location, etc.  Not that I really care but it's sometimes interesting to look at.  I had decided that when I reached 500,000 visits I would stop blogging, but it looks like I've reached 590k.  

I am enjoying the hummingbirds that I thought would not show up again after my long absence.  How do they know there is fresh water in the feeder?

I experienced a "first" for me - went to pick up my eye drops at Costco, walked around the store a bit, but left with only the eyedrops.  I don't know how I managed to not find something I had to buy, and it was a test of willpower.  I will need to cut back on a lot of things to pay the four payments I have to make to the chiropractor.  I'm glad I had enough left from my trip to take a chunk out of the total.  If things continue as they are, it will be worth every penny of the cost.

I'm looking forward to my weekend.  I have enough to keep me busy during the week, and will be happy to just visit the farmer's market tomorrow morning.  I might just drop by American River brewery as I haven't had a beer for a while and think I'd like a glass or two of good craft beer.  

It's a shame my house and lot is so tiny and has really nowhere to sit outside.  My front porch is nearly on the street and hit hard by the afternoon sun; the backyard is just gravel; and the driveway  has nothing to make me want to sit out there.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Weird Weather

At Noon today it was 66 degrees and breezy enough to be wonderfully chilly!  It isn't supposed to get over 82  which will be comfortable, but look out for the next few days as the thermometer makes a steady climb!

My new bathroom scale arrived and was easy to set up.  I just want it to tell me what I weigh and that's it.  No recording on my iOS device (if I even have one - don't know what the hell that is!).  No "tracking, organizing and using simple graph tools".  No sharing with healthcare providers and fitness buddies.  Just tell me how much I weigh.

The hummingbirds are coming around again.    I guess the word finally got out that "she's baaack!"  I love watching them.  (Now I'd like to get a birdbath set up i my front yard.)  There are two hummers who don't seem to want to share - probably males - but I didn't expect that type of behavior this time of year.

I have mentioned on my blog the difficulty I've had getting decent sleep for at least the past year.  I sleep on my side but wake up with my shoulder in raging pain, and have to prop myself with pillows under the pain spots.  Then when I turn to the other side I have to start all over again.  The pain and discomfort is now gone!  I just love this and can't wait to see what pain and discomfort goes next!  The Dr. gave me a page of exercises to do 5 days a week, taking only about 15 minutes a day at most.  He will be adding to those in coming weeks, as well as discussing posture, nutrition, etc.  I'm open to everything.

It feels like nap time again, but I hate to do it as it will mess up my sleep patterns.  Maybe I could just close my eyes for a bit.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Getting mid-day sleepy!

I hate it when that happens.  I've been to the gym for the treadmill, been to the chiropractor who gave me a page of exercises to start doing every day (which I've finished for today), and done a few other things.  When I sat in the chair and turned on my computer I found my head was nodding and I would just love to take a nap.  I don't like daytime naps though because it messes with my preferred earlier bedtime, which messes with my preferred earlier rising the next morning.

I had a bit of difficulty sleeping last night - I have gotten in the habit of acommodating the scoliosis and learned how to prop myself up with pillows to prevent aching bones at night.  Now I have to try either adjusting the pillows or doing without them because each time I get a chiropractic adjustment I can see a bit of improvement.  That is certainly enough to give my spirits a boost!

I truly would like to see a cold spell.  When I read other blogs and folks talk about temps in the 70's I am so jealous!   Anything between 50 and 80 would be fine with me.  It's 82 at 4pm and so far a couple of fans are keeping me cool enough.

I ate two tacos last night and for some reason I have had indigestion ever since.  Nothing fancy in them, certainly nothing too spicy/hot, but they don't agree with me.  I didn't buy sour cream since I've been back and maybe that is the missing ingredient.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm going all out! - UPDATE

I've signed up for the chiropractic treatment, and made a sizeable down payment on the costs by applying what I had to spend but didn't spend on my recent trip.  It will wipe me out as far as ready cash goes, but I'm going for it!  

Jeannie met me at the chiro's office and took home the paperwork for hers and Autumn's treatment.  I'm scheduled for 3 visits a week for the first four weeks, and then the schedule changes a bit for several weeks, etc.   Medicare will be billed, but they will pay me direct and then send the bill to my Blue Cross plan.  I don't hope to get much back from either of them, but every little bit helps.  I'm so ready for this and have nothing but optimism, but I know that sometimes things don't work out exactly as planned, and I can deal with that also, if necessary.

Nancy, you mentioned you are interested in my elliptical.  Please email me at my address which appears above.  If I'm not mistaken you are in CA?  

I need to cook supper, but at 6 pm it hasn't begun to cool down.   I'm pretty hungry and am planning to have soft shelled tacos tonight - a quick and easy meal if I can fix it before my appetite wanes.  I may as well start it before I convince myself that I'm not all that hungry and a bowl of ice cream will suffice!

I forgot to mention that the header photo is of the James River in Virginia, taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Thanks to Judy Bell for bringing it to my attention.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Some quetions answered

I've been wondering since I was driving through the southwest, what is the meaning of the name "Alamo".  I noticed that word or name in a lot of names, such as "Alamogordo".  I wouldn't have thought anything of it except I know "gordo" means "fat", so what is a fat alamo?  Alamo is a poplar tree, and so Alamogordo must mean fat poplar!    There were other alamo names and i wish I'd written them down.

I have been looking at topics in a forum from Dr. Bergman's clinic, and found out that I should use the juicer for vegetables and the blender for fruits, which makes a lot of sense.  The juicer gets rid of the undigestible fiber and parts of the veggies leaving 100% nutrition in the juice, whereas fruits contain phytonutrients that are best retained in the blender.  (Not sure of why that is, but it doesn't matter to me).  Certain fruits such as tangerines, grapes, etc. don't lend themselves to blending (at least in my blender), so I will throw them into the juicer for a bit of sweetness.

Dr. B. also told me how I can alleviate the backache from leaning over the counter for a long time, and that is to open a cabinet below where I'm working and raise one foot up and rest it on the edge of the cabinet floor, and switch to raise the other foot after a while.  This takes the pressure off the lumbar spine.  I would think anything a few inches high that you could rest your foot on would give the same results.  I often find  I get a backache when working in the kitchen and don't know why I never thought of this.

While on the treadmill today, which is on the 2nd level of the gym, I looked down into one of the exercise areas and was treated to a great show.  A man was using a jump rope and you could hear that thing cutting through the air.  He was fast, and added a lot of flourishes as well.  He had the attention of several guys who tried it.  I'm wondering if he's a boxer or in training to be one.  My dad used to be a boxer in his teens and early 20's, and I remember him still being able to dazzle us with his expertise.

I always loved jumping rope - it's what girls did during recess and after lunch, and on the sidewalk at home.  A few years ago I thought I would try to jump into a Double Dutch and couldn't even figure out how to enter the ropes without getting them wrapped around me.

And speaking of exercise I think I will try to sell or give away the damn elliptical I bought during a lapse of my brain.  I watched the video workout that goes along with it and realized I'll never even try all that stuff.  I don't think I can walk and chew gum at the same time!

It's been fairly cool - or I should say, not hot - this morning.  I didn't turn on the swamp cooler until about 3pm.  It is so wonderful to wake up during the night and realize I'm nearly freezing in the breeze that blows through the open windows.  I'm anticipating winter! 

By the way, the header photo is of the James River taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I Give Up!

I can't seem to get the header photo to fit the space allotted.  First it was way too big; when I indicated "shrink to fit"  it gave me the small photo.   I'm fed up with the whole thing.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A blazing 4th of July

It just keeps getting hotter and more uncomfortable, although today is supposed to be breezy.  Just what we need, a hot breeze.  The Delta breeze cooled things off enough overnight that at nearly 10 am, I'm wearing a sweat shirt!

My granddaughter, Ara, scored on airline tickets this week.  She was supposed to leave on Wednesday but they were paying a nice amount to anyone who would give up their seat.  Since she didn't have to be at work until next week, she accepted the bonus.  When she went back to the airport for her substitute flight, the same thing happened, and she got yet another good bonus for giving up her seat.  I believe she will be leaving this evening, but it's been fun for her to be with family as well as see her old friends.

Jeannie, Ara, and I went to the market yesterday morning, then brought back all the lovely produce to be run through the juicer.  I had bought a dozen pint mason jars in which to keep it - you can store it in the fridge for up to three days.  We had fun deciding what flavors to blend, and while Ara did the work of running the juicer, I prepped the fruits & veggies and did a constant cleanup.  It is no doubt worthwhile from a nutritional standpoint, but it sure is a lot of work and mess to deal with.  I might just do a day or two at a time at the most; although it would probably just cut the time by a little bit, there will still be pretty much work to do.  I'm so committed to following the recommendations of Dr. Bergman and Dr. G. here in Sacramento, that I'm willing to go to the max.   I know the time will eventually come when I can relax the routine a little.

After the morning's work they went back home to get ready to attend a pool party at Joe & Sarah's new house.  I debated whether or not to go - my swim suit doesn't fit right and I couldn't find a replacement at Costco.  Also, I'm really depleted of energy by the long drive and miles I've covered, but I decided to go for a little while and leave before dark.  They were going to do fireworks which I really don't like anyway.

While preparing my contribution to the food for the party, I was slicing tomatos for caprese - tomato slice, soft mozzarella, and basil leaf.  I had sharpened my Japanese knife and wouldn't you know I cut my finger.  It bled so badly I could hardly think what to do.  I finally applied pressure for long enough that the bleeding stopped and I got a band aid wrapped around my finger.  I am dangerously low on band aids by the way.

The pressure of the band aid caused my finger to balloon out below where the cut was wrapped, so I removed the band aid and the bleeding started up again.  I found another band aid, and was "mopping up" the blood with a large piece of toilet paper - I was still holding the toilet paper when I tried to put the new band aid on, and it stuck to the toilet paper.  So there I was like a one-armed paper-hanger, trying to remove bits of toilet paper, watching my life's blood drip out of me!  I finally got my act together and eventually found a few more bandages in my camping supplies.

I had not yet taken a shower, but my finger hurt so badly I gave up on washing my hair before I even started, and just stood in the warm water holding my left arm up in the air and out of the water, hoping I'd magically get clean enough to get dressed and go out for the afternoon.  I eventually made it, and while I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible, I ended up with a terrific sunburn (I rarely use sunscreen).  Fortunately I have a lot of aloe plants, and managed to smear a lot of the sap from one of the leaves over the burned area.  This morning I feel pretty good although I'm just taking it easy today.

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Heat is killing me!

Even though it's a good 10 degrees cooler than earlier in the week, it is still in the mid to upper 90's, and I'm just sweltering!   According to the weather reports, the overnight temps will consistently go down over the next few days and that helps tremendously.  It means that it stays relatively cool until about 1 pm, and I get the cold air flowing in on me during the night.  I would rather face cold winters a thousand times over than suffer through summers in the west.  Hate it!

The trip has caught up with me.  I couldn't get up the energy to go walk on the treadmill today, and have been fairly lazy.  Another down side to the hot weather is that I lose my appetite when it's this hot, so of course I'll probably lose a few pounds.  I have a big bowl of ice cream in the evenings so that will help keep some of the pounds intact.

I wonder where all the hummingbirds have gone - someplace cooler no doubt.  The feeder was dry when I got back and one of the first things I did was clean and fill it, but so far haven't seen any hummingbirds at all.  I hope the word spreads that I'm back!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Another sweltering day- UPDATED

I'm waiting for the "cooler weather" in the mid to upper 90's comes along.  Lord how I hate hot weather!

I've spent the last couple of afternoons at Jeannie's house - Ara flew back to Philly last night and I wanted to spend some time with her.  We mostly sat out by the pool - I didn't go in as I tried on my suit and it is too small.  When you don't have a raft, here is a good alternative: (click to enlarge).

Ara bought me a juicer which was delivered yesterday, so we tried it out - I think I'm going to like it after all.  It leaves a big mess to clean up, but maybe that's because so many of us were getting into the act.  I decided to drink fresh juice every day as Dr. B. said it cleans out the arteries, and goodness knows I've had problems with my arteries in the past.

I would like to respond to Linda A's question about why chiro treatment is so expensive.  I think just going now and then for an adjustment would not be any more than going to a regular doctor (considering you would walk away from the MD with a handful of prescriptions.  I went to Dr. B. for a comprehensive series of tests, scans, xrays, etc. and a diagnosis.  I will be going for regular treatment for about 6 months, and then I'm sure I'll go back for periodic visits.  Initially I will be going for something like 3 times a week, but I will find out the schedule and the total cost on Tuesday.

I have had two adjustments, and I can see an improvement in my feet already.  I have been unable to wear any kind of shoes besides my Birkenstock sandals for most of the time.  I wear sneakers to the gym and my feet hurt so bad in them.  I'll have to say my hiking boots didn't hurt a bit (they are Lowe brand boots).  As I started to explain, I no longer notice any foot pain at all when I wear the sneakers to the gym to walk on the treadmill.  I have no other explanation for it, except that my spine will grandually be adjusted and in proper alignment, and all the little aches and pains will eventually ease or go away completely.  

I'm certain there are folks reading this who have discovered the wonders of chiropractic care, and others with an extreme bias against it.  I said in a previous post, I am not trying to convince or convert anyone to this method, but I will tell you what I experience as it unfolds.  Maybe there is someone out there who is at their wit's end with health problems and all the doctors do is run expensive tests and prescribe medications to mask the real problem.  I'd say it's worth a try, although it's important to choose the correct chiropractor as they also run the gamut from pretty dismal to excellent.    Also, I can't count the number of little aggravations that have disappeared since I threw out all the OTC stuff - Benadryl, Aleve, aspirin, omneprazole, cough and sinus meds, Claritin, etc.  If anyone is interested in what led me to my own feelings and change of heart about it, please email me privately and I'd be glad to share some links with you.

So Venus and Jupiter are together in the evening skies, and I go out on the porch after dark to see them.  It sure is a beautiful sight, although I think it's difficult to really see because they seem to "dance", at least in my less than great vision.  The photo I tried to take didn't come out so well so I just deleted it from the camera.

I just spent quite some time preparing vegetables and fruit to make the juice.  I got the juicer assembled quickly and easily and began to "feed it".  I have never made such a mess in my life!  I don't abhor making a big mess, but this became a real joke pretty fast.  I finally got about 16 oz. of juice and decided to stop.  My back hurt from all the cutting and prepping I did, and the fact that the counter isn't at the optimum height for such a job.  I drank the juice and decided I need a muscle relaxant.  Wonder how long I should wait between the healthy juice and a healthy beer!