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Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm back in Sac

We arrived back this afternoon with just time enough for me to get my truck and go pick up the dog. The light was really fading by the time I pulled into the apartment complex. The trip went well, lots of traffic but no real traffic jams, and I think we were just lucky to avoid them.

In response to a question why I didn't take my camper, the reason is that 4 of my siblings were there, plus 3 of my kids and their children. I wanted to be with everyone else, and enjoyed the gatherings in the evenings. I would have been out of the loop if I had been in a camper. I also had the electricity I needed and didn't have to deal with a generator, as well as having all the water I wanted. Sometimes the occasion calls for some comfort, and I think a funeral is one of those occasions.

The funeral home and gravesite services were beautiful, but of course the stories told in the evenings were some of the best. We had lots to laugh about, and that is a nice way to celebrate someone's life, in my opinion.

I am glad to be back and look forward to my visits to the eye surgeon and the medical doctor this coming week. I'm feeling worse as the days go by, so I may not post as often during the coming week - only when I have something meaningful to say.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting ready -

for a trip that is certainly not for pleasure. I'll be leaving tomorrow at mid-morning for the Fresno area where my brother-in-law will be buried. Ara will drive down wih me, and I hope we don't run into rain or fog because she can do the driving. Steve found a friend who will take Lady in for the couple of days we'll be gone, and she will have a male chocolate lab to cavort with.

I wanted to check out Lance-a-lot yesterday after all the rain we've been having. Steve secured a tarp around the entire cabover area, and the inside stayed dried. Now for some decent weather so that the window can be recaulked. Ara went with me and I showed her all the systems, and told her that she and Dylan can take a trip in it one of these days. I will try to get to PA this spring and hope to let her drive it a bit to see how simple it is. She is very capable and I would trust her with it, although truthfully I will be a little nervous. I was the same way last summer when she drove my truck back from Sly Park for her job interview, and I worried about how she would do when she got to the city traffic. She did absolutely fine.

I will finish my laundry, go get my hair trimmed, and drop Lady off at Steve's. I won't have to walk her this evening!!! Wonder what I'll do with my spare time.

I almost forgot to add that Ara has my iPod up and running, although I've lost a bit of interest in it. It looks simple enough to operate and add songs to.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day with family

I thought I would post a couple of pictures taken yesterday evening. By the time all the kids were there I had set my camera down, but we had a fun time. The adult kids have a Secret Santa gift exchange, and I usually end up with my stomach hurting from laughing so much.

I don't know what is wrong with the second picture. I rotated it and it shows up correctly when I look at it in iPhoto, but not when I bring it into the blog. Sorry, but you will either have to turn your head or your computer sideways, or else skip it altogether.

When I arrived I realized I didn't have the money cards for the children, so I drove back home in a heavy downpour and looked everywhere for them. Thinking I had dropped them and they had been picked up by someone (cash & gift cards would be easy enough to spend), I was about ready to give up at drive back. I had put them into a paper bag to try to keep them dry while running for the truck, and as I was going back to the truck thinking I wouldn't ever see them again, I found the paper bag & contents floating in a deep puddle. By the time I handed them out they were still a bit wet and limp, but at least I found them.

Friday, December 24, 2010

First of all, I'd like to wish everyone a happy holiday, however and whatever you celebrate.

Thanks to you folks for all the comments to my post about rising blood pressure. I would like to make a comment on the drug store blood pressure machines. My blood pressure was very low all my life, until about 2007. I was waiting on a prescription in a local pharmacy and to while away some time I sat down at the bp machine. I was shocked to find my pressure was so high. On my way home I went into the grocery store across the street and back to their pharmacy to another machine. It gave me the same story.

I then phoned my doctor's office and asked if I could stop in to get my bp taken, and of course they said it would be ok. (My doctor's office was about 4 miles from my house and much easier than getting to my doctor here in Sacramento.) The nurse found my blood pressure to be even higher than the drug store machines had clocked it, and set up an appointment for me to see the doctor first thing the next morning, as she was out of the office when I arrived. So it was the drug store machine that led me to find out my blood pressure was high, and I had no other symptoms that would have alerted me to the fact. If I hadn't sat down at that machine I could have eventually suffered a stroke or heart attack.

This time I have noticed several little things that have made me wonder, and that is why I have made two trips to the Raley's machine. At home I've been using a wrist cuff and the numbers are way low, but I don't trust that it is accurate. I will definitely take the home BP monitor in to the office with me. I have an appointment to see my doctor on January 5, but I'm not waiting until then to go back to my medication. I'm also using the messaging system they have for letting the dr. know in advance.

What really bums me out is that the weight I thought I was gaining will probably turn out to have been a build up of fluid, and will be flushed away within a day or two. I give up on the weight issue.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting older

I haven't had much to write about the past few days. I finished the only Christmas shopping I will be doing, and that is for my grandchildren. My Christmas present to my children is that as a retired old lady, I can live by myself and not be dependent on any of them for support. I do need and rely on them for many things however, and I'm so grateful they are always there for me.

I've been a little concerned that my blood pressure is up lately although the bp cuff I've been using to check daily shows it to be normal. But there are usually little insignificant things that should tell us when something isn't normal, especially when you put all the little things together. Yesterday I shopped at Raley's and used the bp machine back in the pharmacy. I nearly fell over when I saw the readout, but when I checked again later at home it was normal. I decided to go back again this morning, and sure enough it is high. I had so hoped I could quit taking the medicine as it has been so nice to just get up a couple times during the night rather than hourly. I know there are other prescription drugs for high blood pressure, but so many of them have other side effects that require yet another prescription. The only side effect I get from the HCTZ is running to the bathroom constantly. I started taking my daily 12.5mg a day, and I'll just have to put up with the negative side of it.

I've mellowed out over the years, and lord knows I've gotten wiser! But getting old is still hell, when you have a mind that is still on the young and daring side but the body just won't go there.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TC, FB, and the Eclipse

I visited Lance-A-Lot today. The storage lot was full, and the only decent photo I could get was from the back of the camper. I had to be careful because I was standing right next to the electric fence, and I don't need any additional electrification! An auction was going on somewhere in the vicinity, and I could hear the sing-song voice of the auctioneer. I really enjoy hearing the sound of an auctioneer just as I enjoy hearing the announcer at a horse race-track! Weird?

I hope you can see that the camper is sitting very close to the ground and not up on stilts. I did a few things inside, and took measurements (again) of the overhead cabinet above the dinette as I want to get some plastic storage boxes to try to get organized.

I hope I've seen the last of Facebook. I was going to follow the instructions to delete my account left in yesterday's blog by commenter Cindy, but when I tried to log in I received a message that my account was suspended. I just hope they keep me suspended for a long time. I was beginning to wonder if the alert I got from them yesterday was also a fake, but I guess it was for real. I am not going to respond to them as they directed me to in their email, however. Supposedly they need me to take certain actions and provide information so that they can begin account verification. Just close it out completely, FB.

I tried to take some photos of the eclipse last night but they just didn't turn out very well. I had even gone so far as to read the user guide for instructions on taking night photos. I think I am going to buy a tripod but didn't get it soon enough for the eclipse. I came inside before the eclipse was complete - standing in the damp cold while holding your head in an unnatural position to look straight up isn't easy. I think I saw about half of it, or maybe a little more. A beautiful sight!

Now we can look forward to the daylight hours lengthening, (YEA!) but also a return all too soon to the infernal tampering of the clock and daylight savings time (BOO-HISS!)

Facebook Woes - 2nd post Mon., 12/20

I just received a security alert from Facebook warning me that my facebook account may have been compromised by cybercriminals trying to impersonate me. These criminals may try to trick my friends into sending money by claiming I'm stuck in a far-away location and need help. I have actually seen this happen to others.

So if any readers get an email supposedly from me asking for money, don't send any. I would never ask for money and hope you would all recognize the scam for what it is.

Additionally, a person with whom I regularly exchange emails recently had problems with mail going out from his account with an attachment attempting to sell sexual aids, enhancements, etc. I have also seen this happen to email accounts of others I know. Because I trust the individuals whose accounts were compromised, I opened the attachment because while the title of the attachment seemed a bit odd, there was no indication that it was sexual in nature, and it was the trust factor that caused me to open it.

It is really a shame that our use of emails, internet, and blogs can cause us grief, especially because this connectivity provides us with a sense of community, friendship and joy. We all need to be aware of what is going on out there and realize it can happen to nearly anyone.

Since my rant about Facebook in an earlier post, I just wanted to let you know this latest turn of events. I wish they would allow me to deactivate and completely close my account though. They have suspended my account at this time, and I hope they never reinstate it.

Monday, December 20, 2010


I am really steamed! I deactivated my account many months ago, but recently got an email from Facebook saying that someone had activated my account, and they wanted me to know in case I didn't do it. This tells me there is absolutely no control over who can do what on that site. I absolutely hate it.

I responded to their email, which probably got deleted as soon as it left my screen. This morning I started getting the requests from people wanting to be my friend. I am so sick and tired of dealing with this ridiculous site that is like the Hotel California, in the words of the Eagles:

"'Relax,' said the night man,
'We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave!'

So I went into Facebook again this morning and went through the deactivate process. I soon received an email informing me that to get back in all I need to do is sign in with my email address and password. Some deactivation - guess I can check out but I'll never be able to leave!

My shopping trip yesterday was brief. I decided to go ahead because as I mentioned in the blog, I was all dressed and ready to go, and even put lipstick on!

A while back I wrote an entry about my comparison of several new Garmin GPS models, and at that time I decided that I preferred the capabilities of my old one much better. It has and does the little bit of directing that I want it to do, although the directions are often screwed up. I think everyone experiences a bit of wrong directions now and then, no matter how new or complex their GPS model is.

There are just a few things I want my GPS to do and have become accustomed to:
1. Route my trip. I usually use another system to map it out in advance, i.e., mapquest, paper maps, etc., so essentially I know where I am going.
2. Alert me to upcoming turns, with an arrow showing the direction I must turn.
3. Give me an estimated time of arrival. I would like to have a total number of miles as well, but I usually have an idea of how many miles, and I can figure it backwards by the amount of time calculated for the trip.
4. Current speed.
5. Current speed limit.

The Garmin I wanted to buy yesterday has these features plus it verbally gives street names, which is a plus. The thing it didn't have is the current speed limit. I have become so accustomed to using that bit of information, and it is conveniently located on the screen near the speed I'm traveling. For some reason, my model of Ford truck has very faint white lines and indicators on the dashboard, and it helps me to have a closer up view of my speed, plus a reminder of the legal limit. I mount the GPS unit on the driver's side window where I can easily see it, and just drape the cord across the steering column.

All this boils down to the fact that I did not buy the new GPS, but will continue to use my old one. I guess I still believe in the old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." There isn't a thing wrong with wanting all the latest bells and whistles, but there isn't a thing wrong with just wanting what has worked for you and does what you want it to.

I talked with my sister Julie (Florida) last night, and we were on the phone for about 3 hours, so I know I am going to be tired by the middle of the day. Today is an exercise day, and I'm always energized from lifting weights. I also think I will try the stretch routine which I've been avoiding because of the pain, but I'll just have to skip the parts that cause me too much discomfort.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What to do the Sunday before Christmas

Yesterday was Autumn's birthday and Donald's Mom and I joined the family for dinner at the Mexican restaurant we took Jeannie to on her birthday last month. Some of the staff came by to sing happy birthday and to present the birthday girl with a slice of flan with a candle in it. (Flan is a very rich custard that is especially loved in the Spanish countries).

I woke up early this morning and decided to get up and look through the Sunday paper and Christmas ads. I found a Garmin Nuvi 255W for $89, which is a real bargain, plus a wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer which I've been wanting to get for the Lance, and it's just $10. But a week before Christmas spend $100 on me??? I haven't yet bought a single Christmas gift, and I have 8 grandchildren. I think I'm going to get them savings bonds and let the other sets of grandparents buy all the toys. Kids have way too many toys anyway and I don't want to add to the clutter.

I'm all dressed and ready to go shopping, so do I buy myself a new GPS and thermometer, or do I sit here at home looking pretty all day and not accomplishing a thing?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rainy Saturday

First I would like to thank all the many readers who wrote condolences to my family on the passing of my brother-in-law. I think one of the most endearing things about him was the fact that he and Julie took my Mom into their house, and gave her a home for the remainder of her life, which amounted to about 15 years. I'm sure it wasn't always easy for him.

I guess I was too quick to take the picture of my Lance unloaded from the truck. I should have waited until it was lowered. I'll get a photo when I go back to the storage lot. We wouldn't have left it up on stilts like that.

Steve covered the front with plastic until it quits raining and the leak can be fixed. Donald has agreed to do the repairs, so I need to visit a place with RV supplies and get the proper stuff to clean the old caulk as well as buy new caulking. I will probably call a Lance dealer to see what they recommend using. I've looked at some of the forums and have an idea what I need.

Ara, my granddaughter, arrived home for the holidays last night. She looks noticeably thinner and told me she lost 20 pounds. Hopefully I'm on my way to gaining 20#, as I'm trying to eat more often, as well as foods higher in calories. I've even gone back to having a bowl of oatmeal in the mornings, with 3 tsp. of sugar! That may seem like a lot of sugar, but I have never used it in my coffee, don't drink soft drinks, and rarely eat packaged or processed foods, which are loaded with high fructose corn syrup, or sugar. The sugar in my cereal amounts to about 100 calories.

I ate oatmeal for breakfast every single morning for several years, and it didn't bring my cholesterol down even a point. Three fish oil capsules a day lowered it significantly however. Hot cereal tastes pretty good on cold mornings, and I may try making grits once in a while as an alternative. Grits with butter and lots of cheddar cheese. Sorry, Canadians!

I had to make yet another trip to the Verizon store this morning. I seem to have a few problems with their products, but I sure can't complain about the cheerful service at the Sunrise store. The battery for my MiFi completely discharged when I was in Arizona, even though it was connected to the charger. I took it to a Verizon store there, and they suggested I use my cell phone charger until I could get back home. That worked fine, but I was glad they gave me a new wall charger this morning. Now I won't have to disconnect one to charge the other.

I think I will have a few spoonfuls of my Ben & Jerry's peach cobbler ice cream before I take a quick power nap. I still can't do much - ran the vacuum yesterday and suffered for it. It must be the pushing and pulling action. Also I try not to do anything that requires stooping or bending down, as it is so difficult to get back up. I really want to get back over to my Lance and get things better organized for my next trip.

A loss in the family

I just got word that my brother-in-law passed away at home in Clermont, Florida. He had battled congestive heart failure and at one point was on the list for a heart transplant. That wasn't to be, and my sister took him home from the hospital in Orlando, where he had hospice care.

He was born in Manzanar (Internment Camp) in 1942, and after the war his family sharecropped for a time as their land and all possessions were taken away from them when they were sent to the camp. They were soon able to save enough money to buy land, and after a number of years became the hard working and prosperous farmers they had been before the war. I might mention that every member of his family, as well as extended family, were all U.S. citizens.

Mitsuo met my sister Julie when they both worked for the Sacramento Corps of Engineers, and after their marriage they soon moved east where he worked in Baltimore and she entered nursing school. They were mainstays for me and my children when I moved to Virginia in 1989, and we visited them many weekends.

This picture was probably taken in Cincinnati at the time of my Mom's funeral: L-R Mitsuo, Uncle Joe (my Mom's brother), my brother Rob, and me.

We will all miss him and share in my sister's grief, but I am so glad he isn't suffering any more. He went through a lot trying to stay alive for the transplant, which was not to be.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lance-A-Lot's temporary home

Steve and I took the TC to the storage lot today and unloaded it from the truck. It took him about 20 minutes to do it, but loading it is really time-consuming. This storage is surrounded by electric fences and has security cameras everywhere, plus the gate requires a card to open. The monthly rent for this space is less than half of what it cost to store the 5th wheel, which needed one of their longest spaces.

Just about ready to pull the truck away:

And here it is, waiting for my next trip:

Steve is going to bring back some more supports for it as well as a tarp. It has been raining for a couple of days and the next few days are supposed to bring heavy rain, so I checked all around the windows inside and found a leak where just about all Lance campers leak - the front window. My son-in-law Donald doesn't know it yet, but I am going to ask him to caulk around all the windows. He does an even better job of caulking than I do.

It was 27F when I walked the dog this morning, and this is her kind of weather. It finally got up to today's forecasted high of 50F. I guess it could be worse, and I'm dressed pretty warmly so I can't complain.

The reason for returning with more supports is so that the camper can be lowered closer to the ground. That will be taken care of later this afternoon.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Driving a car again

Unlike many RVers I don't pull a small vehicle for driving around, commonly called a "toad". So I am familiar with driving and parking my 1-ton Ford. Until we remove the camper from the truck tomorrow, I'm driving my son's Matrix. I have driven it when he needed to borrow my truck, but it always takes some getting used to.

I don't need to swing so wide on turns. There are no duallies to worry about, and the Matrix fits into any parking space. The brakes are really sensitive! This morning I wanted to return something to Costco, so I put Lady in the back of the vehicle and started out. The first time I wanted to stop, the dog bed with Lady on it slid forward to the back of the front seats. I think she was really surprised, and I thought I would have a dog in my lap before the short trip was over.

I can't back it into my parking space without having to go back and forth lots of times to get it right, whereas I can just put the truck in reverse and usually zip right into the space on first try. It's funny how most people are intimidated by the thought of driving such a big truck, whereas I am intimidated by a little car!

I ran into my upstairs neighbor when coming back from Lady's walk today, and we stopped to talk for a while. He is such a nice young man, and I didn't have the heart to complain about anything. I only have 3 more months on my lease, and I've gotten through the worst part, I hope.

I cooked a big pot of chili today to battle the cooler weather. It smells so good I will probably eat supper early tonight.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Park models

First of all I would like to respond to Taz's comment to yesterday's post, about park models. A park model is designed to be set up in an RV park on a semi-permanent basis. It usually has skirting around the outside, and the water, sewer and electric are all fixed - you don't have to empty tanks or fill fresh water tanks, nor do you have to recharge a battery or "plug in" to get electric service. The kitchen usually have residential sized appliances. As I understand it you buy the model and pay the park a monthly rent for the site. Models can have loft space, and many have porches/decks. Often they are constructed to look more like cabins than RV's or trailers, but they are usually a basic rectangular shape.

It is often a perfect way to live when a person can't or doesn't want to live in their RV's full time, but is less expensive and much smaller than a stix n brix house. Many I've checked out are in the 12' wide by 35-40' long range. There is often plenty of space to park your RV as well, so you can have the best of both worlds. I'm sure some of my readers know much more about this subject than I do, so please chime in and share the knowledge. And thanks, Taz, for asking.

The reason I'm checking them out is that I don't want to travel full time any more, but don't want to live in an apartment or buy another house. A park model can be moved as I believe they all have wheels, but I could be mistaken about that. They might have to be moved as a single-wide or double-wide manufactured house would be moved.

Thanks to ChuckB for calling some local Sacramento park models to my attention. One of these days soon I think I'll drive around and see if I can find them.

Uneventful day

I spent about 3 hours of the day running back and forth to the laundry, but now I can wait 2 or 3 weeks if I want. In between trips I was on the phone trying to make arrangements for storing my camper for about 3 months, as well as some other calls and appointments I had to make. I didn't bother with the doctor today as I don't want to be sent for x-rays. So far I'm toughing it out but tough is an understatement as I'm in some serious pain.

Lady is really loving all the room she has to roam about, and especially loves rolling in the grass when we go for walks.

I think our 10-day forecast calls for much cooler temperatures, but the worst is rain/showers for 8 days out of the 10. Oh well, that's what this part of California needs in the winter because it sure doesn't rain to speak of in the summertime.

I've been frustrated with trying to find park model RV's for rent or sale in this area. I don't want to have to make any more long trips to buy something at this time, so I would prefer something in the local area. I'm not completely sold on the idea, but would like to check it out if I could figure out how and where to do so. I have plenty of time until my eyesight improves, and I'm learning not to plan very far ahead. The main criterion for a park model would be that I don't have to touch a damn propane tank!

My internal clock seems to be on Arizona time - I got up at 6:00 am, and I'm sleepy now at only 6:00 pm.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back at home for now

I'm back at my apartment and wonder if I'll ever get all the stuff put away. The next time I travel I will be much better organized.

Jeannie and Donald and the girls came by to visit, and the kids probably fed Lady more dog cookies than she ever thought she would get from me. They are going to do some Christmas shopping and asked me if I wanted to go along. My injuries are really painful today, maybe because it's colder? I've been trying to get comfortable with a heat pad to ease some of the pain. I want to see the doctor for a stronger pain medication, but don't want to have to go through any more x-rays right now. I think they took about 8 of them in Arizona, and I'm not crazy about getting more radiation.

The thermometer hasn't gotten out of the 50's today, and it looks like that will be the trend of the coming week. What is it that makes some people long for cold weather and even snow when you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, but when it gets a bit chilly they wish for t-shirt and shorts weather? I'm one of those folks! I also wouldn't want to live where the weather is always the same, as I was raised in a 4-season part of the country and wouldn't want to miss a single season. Ya just can't please some people!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

From Arizona to Sacramento

On Wednesday afternoon I decided to leave Thursday morning for Sacramento. The pain I've been experiencing made me want to get back and get medical help sooner rather than later. Lady and I took our last walk out in the desert that morning, and hit the road shortly after.

The drive on AZ95 from Parker to Lake Havasu City was a beautiful one. That's the Colorado River in one of the photos. But the beauty of the terrain getting to Lake Havasu City was not matched by the city itself - it might as well have been Birmingham, Alabama from the looks of the malls on top of malls, same stores, same restaurants, and same fast food joints in between. I did get a glimpse of the sign to London Bridge, and although I didn't see the bridge itself it looks like they have recreated the looks of London row houses. If I hadn't been alone I might have enjoyed stopping to see it, but the traffic was heavy by the time I got there and I drove on.

I may have mentioned that I wanted to drive a portion of old Route 66, but it, too, was a disappointment. Miles of flat land, road straight ahead, and nothing to break the monotony. There were a couple of derelict buildings from the past but I didn't really see them until it was too late to stop. I still would like to travel portions of old Rte 66 in the future, maybe in eastern AZ and NM.

When I got to Amboy I didn't know if these were the original buildings and just kept up in a better condition - it seems that they are still being used, i.e., cafe, motel, etc.

I traveled on to the little town of Daggett, just before Barstow. Following the signs to Peggy Sue's Diner and RV Park, I came to the Desert Springs Camping and RV Park first, and didn't need to go any further. I remember from last year when I was pulling the 5th wheel, stopping at a KOA off I-15 that was down the road from Peggy Sue's. I didn't want to get on I-15, preferring to stay closer to I-40. It was a nice park with full hook ups although I only used electric.

What I did notice was the sound of train whistles throughout the night. In the past I've lived near enough to train tracks to hear them passing, and they don't usually bother me. But after two weeks of being in the desert with no noise at all, it was something I noticed.

The trip through the Mohave and up Tehachapi was easy with the TC. I decided to come up Highway 99 to Sac rather than drive way over to I-5. The lanes on Hwy 99 are much narrower (it is one of the original CA freeways) and there are a gazillion on and off ramps in all the little towns through the Central Valley. It brought me in the "back way" to Steve's house though, and I didn't have to drive the Friday afternoon traffic across the downtown area.

I took some things to my apartment this morning, and took a long hot shower by the way. I will pack up more items to take tomorrow morning and Lady and I will move back home. I hope to arrange a storage space on Monday, and Steve can bring the truck and camper over and meet me there, and he can disconnect it for me. I think Steve and Meg really like the camper, and I hope they will be able to take a few trips in it. I look forward to sharing it with any of my kids who are inclined to take a trip in it, and as they all love camping and the outdoors to begin with, I know they will enjoy it. I'm hoping summer will be a fun time for all of us.

My granddaughter gets home from college for Christmas break next weekend, and maybe we can get away for a couple of days in the El Dorado Forest or over on the Central Coast.

So I think that brings me up to date, and if I can get to the "Publish Post" button quickly before I lose it, I just may have an entry today. Thanks to the many readers who have suggested ways to post to prevent the accidental loss of all that work. A lot of folks recommended LiveWriter, and I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I am under the impression that it isn't compatible with the Mac. I actually prefer composing and adding my pictures directly into Blogger as it is the easiest and fewest steps, barring accidents such as I have had. I have been in the habit of saving my work every few minutes, and especially after importing pictures. Whatever cleared my screen and left me with no entry must have happened seconds before the autosave feature took effect, so I had exactly three characters on the screen and available for edit.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Back in Sacramento

I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented on my post about quitting my blog. I am between a rock and a hard place, because I love blogland and all the readers and commenters, and I'm reluctant to again put all that work into what I thought was one of my better efforts, just to have it go "poof".

I will try to reconstruct the last couple of days' travels and write it up in the next day or two. I'm back in Sacramento now, parked in my son's driveway and plugged in to his electric. Steve, Meg, the baby and I met a couple of their friends for supper at Hoppy's Brewery this evening and I had fish and chips that were so good, probably the biggest meal I've eaten in a long time. I feel great right now.

Tomorrow I will pick up the Rx my doctor sent to Costco's pharmacy, and sure hope it works as I don't really want to take a narcotic pain reliever unless I have to. I plan to pack up the things I want to take back to my apartment as well as figure out what I will leave in the camper, and I hope to get it into storage by Monday. In the meantime Steve will let me drive his car.

Lady is happy to be back, and Steve is going to take her for a long walk around the neighborhood tonight. I hope she doesn't get the idea that I will go out with her at nighttime! She has been a real champ through this trip, being cramped in the truck as well as not being able to move about in the camper. A dog will do anything for you.

I will leave you with a photo I took while driving on the approach to the Tehachapi Pass.

Thanks again for the support and suggestions, and just for having the patience to let me "vent" my troubles. I'll be back on track soon.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've had it with Blogger!

I was just finishing up a very long post that I started this morning, complete with lots of pictures. At the touch of a key, and I don't know what I did, I lost the complete post. I'm quitting!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quartzsite again

Made a quick trip to Discount Solar in "Q" today. I wanted to get an estimate for a system for my TC, but after thinking about it I decided to use the camper as is for now, plug into campground electricity where available and use the genny when I can't plug in. That's too much money to spend until I analyze my probable usage for the coming year. I use very few appliances although I might use a couple more if I didn't have to worry about electric, but I'm not likely to get enough solar power to run appliances.

The folks here at Snowbird West have all kinds of systems hooked up - big solar panels all around their rigs, and lots of batteries. I guess if you lived here 8 months or so out of the year it would be worth it to start accumulating the equipment, but I couldn't live in the desert for that long, plus it's difficult to say how much RVing life I have left.

I've decided to leave tomorrow and head back to Sacramento. I had thought I would stay at CalExpo while removing and adding items from the camper, with the capability of driving the truck at the same time. My son offered to let me park the rig in their driveway and use his car as needed. He added the comment that he could then "play" with my camper. Gotta watch that boy! Actually I can't wait for my kids to see it, and I hope they can use it from time to time for their own trips.

The baked potato I had last night was so yummy I am fixing another one with tonight's supper. I evidently did a good enough job cleaning out the oven because there was no smoke or odor.

Dave came by and told me the sunset was beautiful this evening, and here are a couple of pictures I took.

A few days ago I bought some film for my Minolta, and I've been taking photos with both that and the digital. When I get a roll developed it will be interesting to compare the scenes side by side. You sure can't beat the quick gratification of being able to import pictures right away onto the computer and see them, but the viewfinder can't be beat when it comes to seeing the shot you are taking. I'm quite a bit out of practice when it comes to composing though.

Lady is a real champ at traveling and accepting whatever is thrown at her. I think she will be glad to get back to Sacramento and the apartment where she has more room to move around, and I know she will be happy when we are back east and she can roll in soft grass again.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another trip to Buckeye

We drove to Buckeye today, mainly because they have a Verizon store there and I'm having trouble with the charger to my MiFi. It is under warranty but of course I didn't bring any paperwork. The clerk tried it on their charger and suggested the problem is likely to be in my charger and not the MiFi unit itself, and she recommended using my Verizon cell phone charger. I am back now and tried it and at first I didn't think it would work, but it did, and here I am.

I also bought a watchband at Walmart. Mine broke a week or so ago and it drives me crazy to have to look for a cell phone to see what time it is. While at Walmart I also bought an inexpensive wall clock for the camper. The best purchase I made was two small boxes of Arm & Hammer baking soda - one to replace what I dumped onto the oven fire, and another for spare.

I scraped almost all the residue from the oven floor, and it took me a long time to clean all the soot from every square centimeter of oven, racks, etc. I have a potato in there right now and so far so good.

My tailbone is still bothering me and the ibuprofen helps from about an hour after I take a pill, and it lasts for a couple of hours. I'm going back to Sacramento earlier than I had planned so I can seek medical help from my own doctor. With all the joking I've done about wishing I had an Rx for something stronger, I feel I really need something stronger for the pain.

I feel fairly confident that I can handle all the systems of the truck camper. I had planned to top off the propane tank today as well as the fuel tank in my truck, but since we didn't even start out until after Noon, and since my energy is usually lagging by 2:00 or 3:00, I didn't want to bother with it. I may go into Salome tomorrow and do the propane thing, and pay a bit extra for diesel, but I will go early.

I'm thinking about taking AZ 95 up around Havasu City and then I-40 into Needles. I'd like to try the stretch of old Rte 66 shortly after Needles, which looks to be about 75 miles. If anyone has done this section of road, and especially if there are any recommended campgrounds or RV parks along that portion of Route 66, please let me know. I hope I can continue to use the Mi-Fi with the cell phone charger until I get back to Sacramento.

I hope everything will work smoothly, but when I think of all the little snags I ran into with the 5th wheel, I know there will be some bumps in the road ahead. I began towing the 5th wheel with very little, if any, instruction on how to do anything. I was given a big 3-ring binder and told I could find all the answers there. A Good Samaritan Hitchhiker owner drove about 250 miles to help me hitch up because the owner didn't know how, and the Good Sam read my posts to a forum asking for help - I was asking for verbal instructions, but this wonderful guy drove all that distance to help me out.

Having learned the hard way about the 5ver, and probably getting more instruction from Dave than my brain can process in this short time, I think I will do OK. There will be glitches, but hey, that's the stuff of blog entries!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Another near disaster

Yesterday afternoon I decided to bake a potato to go with my dinner. This would be the first time using the oven in this camper, and before I lit the pilot I notice a sheet of that rubber mesh non-slide stuff that RVers often use to keep things from sliding around in the cabinets. I removed it, and then stooped down with the fire starter in hand to light the pilot. I didn't notice anything on the floor of the oven, but there must have been another rubber mat on the bottom, because in just a few minutes after I lit the pilot and closed the door, thick clouds of black smoke began pouring out. There was a strong chemical smell that burned my throat and lungs.

I opened the oven door and more smoke poured out, and I found the oven full of flames. I had visions of the camper and truck burning up within minutes. Remembering that Dave had left a little yogurt cup of baking soda in the fridge I threw the entire contents towards the flames and used a spatula to stir it around a little, and the flames went out. Lady stood at the door when we first noticed the smoke, and fortunately I had the door open with only the screen door latched, so we weren't completely without air. It took a while being outside to finally be able to breathe again without the burning sensation in my throat and lungs. Now today I have to clean the mess up!

Between my recent fall and now this oven fire, I'm beginning to wonder what message I'm supposed to be getting. I want to figure it out quickly before something else happens. And dang, I still want my baked potato! I had even bought some shredded Tillamook cheddar to go on top of it.

The main reason for relating this incident is to stress the importance of having baking soda on hand, and in the most accessible place. I always had a box in my 5ver, but it often got shifted around with the baking supplies and spices, and might have taken longer to locate it and take action. I couldn't have told you where the fire extinguisher was in my panic, and I have never used one so would have had to read instructions first. Baking soda doesn't need instructions.

I wanted to show a few pictures of the inside of my tiny house. There isn't much space to stand back and get a view of the whole thing.

I swept some of the baking soda and residue from the oven, but much of the melted rubber is stuck. I'll try scraping it when I get back to Sacramento, but I wonder if I will ever have the nerve to cook anything in it again.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

First time

This must be the third day (I fell on Thursday afternoon) and I feel worse than ever. The only halfway comfortable position is standing, and I sure can't stand all day. Will this ever get better?

On a much nicer note, I am posting some pictures taken by Tim, Snowbird West's roadrunner-whisperer.

My body may have been hurting but I was in a great frame of mind, so I asked Dave if he would like to go with me to Wickenburg. I needed a couple of things and didn't want to go all the way to Buckeye, with its traffic. What a pleasant drive it was! My first time driving the truck with the camper mounted, and it was just like driving the truck alone. No problems whatsoever, and the side mirrors gave me a good view of the road behind me.

There was barely any sway, except maybe for a bit of uneven roadway. All in all I can say I love it! I got a surprise when I brought my groceries out to put into the fridge - after all my experience with a 5ver and packing for the drive, I completely forgot about securing anything. Surprisingly, there wasn't much movement - just in a few items - and nothing breakable. I think I left in too much of a hurry to think about giving the inside a check out. I am definitely going to be a happy camper!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Third day must be the worst

Today is day #3 of my "troubles", and it is by far the worst. I can't seem to get comfortable in any position, and right now I wish I had a strong narcotic pain killer rather than the ibuprofen. Maybe by tomorrow I'll feel differently though.

My thanks to all those who have wished me a speedy recovery and who sympathized with my plight. I just wish I had been aware enough to avoid it - I can see in my mind exactly what I did, how I was doing it, and where I went wrong. I lay awake last night thinking of how I can do it correctly in the future, but never came up with a positive answer. Instead I got out of bed and began to write down all those things you think of in the dead of night, that you forget when you are wide awake and trying to make a list.

Here are some photos of the loading up process:

And here is what Lady thought about it:

Dave doing some tightening-up work:

Ready to test it out:

I should be out driving it around right now, but a couple of people came by to visit and that tired me out a bit, combined with being awake in the middle of the night last night and up earlier than usual this morning. To top it all off, the bright sun went behind clouds, and I see much better on a sunny day, so I will test drive tomorrow. Maybe I'm just too afraid to try it out yet? No reason for that, when I had no problems with towing a 34' fifth wheel. I think I'm slightly overwhelmed with the mounting process, and I know it is something I will never try to do myself.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Emergency care on the road

I left after 8:00 a.m. this morning, intending to find the med center in or near Salome that I had googled. I never did come across it or any signs to it, so I just continued to Wickenburg, another site found online. That is the long way to Wickenburg, around 85 miles or so. I went to the clinic first, to find out that it wasn't an urgent care center but that they could give me an appointment with just a 45 minute wait.

I opted to go across the street to the Wickenburg Community Hospital Emergency Room. What a great hospital! From the folks at the front desk back to the doctors, techs, admissions personnel, xray techs, etc., they were professional, kind, and caring. It is also a beautiful place, obviously new, with a decor in keeping with the southwest and not like most medical centers.

I was admitted promptly and the admissions person came back to the examining room with a desk on wheels, so I didn't have to move from place to place - they all came to me. I was seen by the doctor and then sent for xrays, which showed no broken bones or fractures. I am so relieved, and think how close I came to possibly never walking again. I left with a prescription for Ibuprofen, which I chose over a narcotic type drug. I would have loved a feel-good pill, but there will come a time when I really need one of those and I'll gladly take them - this time I can survive with the "vitamin I".

When I got back and later talked to Dave, he mentioned that I was so fortunate to have fallen where I did. Creosote bushes grow everywhere, and the site owners often trim them down to several short, bare spikes. I could have been impaled if I had landed on one of those. But I am so grateful to have had nothing worse than a really sore tailbone, and I'm noticing aches in my neck, probably because my head hit the ground so hard.

I took a short cut back to the Park, and it turned out to be about 60 miles. So my little accident cost me a 150 mile trip, but I'm so glad for the outcome I didn't mind it at all. I noticed that I was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable by the time I got to Wickenburg, which means that I really shouldn't be driving any distance for a while. I will know if I need to buy a step or ramp for the dog once the camper is mounted. She may be able to make it, but I notice she has more trouble climbing up steps or into the truck lately, but then so do I, at least for the time being.

So that was my day, at least 5 hours of it. I only wanted to take a nap when I got back to the camper.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Truck Campers can be hazardous to your health!

I had an accident today and will probably suffer from the effects of it for a while. I was trying to insert a full propane tank into the camper. It's a small tank and I can handle it fairly well, except that the bay is up a little higher than on a 5ver, plus the tank lies horizontally in the bay. So I stood on a small 4-legged stool and tried to hoist it up level with the bay so I could get in and situated. I might add that it's a very tight fit as well. (I originally posted that the tank is in the bay in a vertical position. Maybe the bump on my head got me confused, but it lies horizontally.)

I must have leaned back slightly and the stool tipped, I hit the ground on my tailbone still holding the propane tank which must have been what cut my lip, and then my head hit the ground really hard. I just lay still for several minutes wondering if I had broken something. Finally I was able to move both legs, then into a sitting position for a minute, and then stood up. I have been hurting ever since, but it's not likely that I broke a bone or got a concussion.

I'm going to look online to find the hours for the Urgent Care facility in Salome, and depending on how I feel in the morning I might drive the 30 miles and hope they can x-ray me. At least I would like a prescription for the pain, although I can't take Vicodin or Tylenol, which seems to be the prescription of choice. I'll live, but I might start back for Sacramento sooner than I had thought.

The truck is ready for the camper to be mounted, but if I need to go to get a medical check then it can wait.

On a much happier note, one of the campers in an nearby site came over to say that a roadrunner he feeds now and then had gotten into a structure where he stores water barrels, and which is enclosed in a heavy black netting. Of course I had to go see it because I've never seen a roadrunner in person, and I got some pictures of it. Tim said the bird had let him get some good photographs, including one that was close enough to show its eyelashes!

After I had taken the photos Tim lifted the netting on one side and I held it open on the other, and the bird flew right out. (The blue in the picture is the water barrels.)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back to Buckeye

I was up very early this morning as we needed to go to Buckeye and be back in time for the honey wagon I'd signed up for. There is some construction on I-10 that really slows traffic, as it is reduced to one lane in each direction, so Dave found an alternate route that was virtually traffic free. It certainly was more scenic.

We arrived in Buckeye at 8:00 a.m. Walmart had my reading glasses and so far I think they are going to be a big help. I did some shopping at my "unfavorite" store, mainly in the RV and tools section. Those little items such as connectors, hoses, etc., can really rack up at the cash register, but I felt I might as well get everything all at once. I'm not sure what I did with some of the small stuff from my 5th wheel but I probably left a lot of it with the RV, or else tossed it, because at that point I was seriously considering a teardrop camper that would be fairly simple to hitch and tow.

I had ordered a rubber bed mat for the Ford and it came in a day early, so we picked it up in the same shopping center as Walmart. Dave put it in the truck as soon as we got back, so it is ready for the camper to be mounted. I hope that goes easily. The original owner of the truck had installed a drop in bed liner that I will probably get rid of eventually, but there is really nowhere to dispose of it here. I doubt if I could sell it because there are cut outs where the 5th wheel hitch rails are located.

We went to Buckeye early in the morning to be able to get back so that I could dump the waste tanks. It was fairly easy because the two guys on the truck told me the sequence of the whole process, and it didn't take long. I'm familiar enough with emptying of the waste and grey water tanks, but they are in a different location and the set up is slightly different than my 5th wheel. Now that I've done it I shouldn't have any problems at all, I hope.

Today was a little more comfortable - not so windy and while it was cold overnight and this morning, it warmed up to a bearable level. I think the next few days are going to be warmer. I'm getting acclimated except for the wind, which is extremely hard on aging skin.

I hope I can get some good pictures of the camper mounting process, and take something suitable for my header picture.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drive to Wickenburg

Dave and I drove to Wickenburg today and stopped at a Safeway so I could get a few groceries, plus a general type store in the area. The route we took was pretty nondescript at first, but there was one section on Eagle Eye Road that was really pretty. I should have stopped to take a picture of the eagle-shaped rock, but didn't.

We would have gone to Buckeye but didn't know when my orders would be in - on the way back I got a call saying my glasses were ready for pickup, and since I've been home I got the call that the rubber truck bed mat is in at Auto Zone. We will probably go in early tomorrow to pick them up and then Dave can get the non-skid mat in the truck bed prior to mounting the camper. No matter what I have to be back by mid-afternoon when the "honey wagon" comes around, since I signed up for it. The tank is just about full and I'll be relieved to get it emptied.

So things are going pretty well except for my brother-in-law's declining health in Orlando. I got word that my sister is bringing him home this afternoon and they will have hospice care. If and when the time comes she will bring him back to Fresno (CA), so I may be driving there directly from AZ.

I have to concentrate on the present rather than try to figure out the future, so I take it day to day. I will be very happy to get the camper loaded so I can begin to practice driving with it. The user guides and literature that came with it stress driving slowly at first, and I don't think I'll have any problem with that. The thing that most concerns me is going up and over Tehachapi Pass, but I don't see why it should be a problem, as there was no difficulty hauling that 5ver up and over.

Looking back over this post it shocks me how many times I begin a sentence with the word "I". Sorry about that.

Today has been a much nicer day, with very little wind, and it actually got warm enough to sit outside with my down vest on. At the grocery I saw guys in shorts, and ladies in bare shoulders, but I still wore a couple of layers. I guess it's a factor of age.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Incessant Wind!

I don't know how much I can take of this wind. It seems much worse today if that is possible, and I know it can get a lot worse than this. A look at the weather forecast calls for 16 mph winds this afternoon, but I'm sure the gusts are way higher than that already.

Little by little I am getting used to boondocking, and although I can't say I would want to do it 100% of the time, I am dealing with it pretty well. The worst is on a day like today with no electric, required for running the furnace, and I don't want to run my little generator all day. The little propane heater works fine but I doubt a small cannister will last long, so I try to run it for just short periods of time. Actually it is a good thing to know what you can do and how you would react in a real emergency with loss of power, water, etc. I would be better equipped than most folks in the country, at least for a short period of time.

I want to say that the bed in this TC is much more comfortable than I expected, and more so than the bed in my 5th wheel. I still may get a down featherbed for a mattress topper, but there is no hurry on that right now since I get a good night's sleep without it. I'd probably be a very happy camper if the temps got up into the 70's during the day with little or no wind. That's not asking for much, is it?

Not much going on today because I've stayed indoors mostly. Yesterday was windy, but I was able to sit in a camp chair in the sun for quite a while. Tomorrow will be a shopping day as my list is growing - things for the TC as well as things for the pantry/fridge.

I have managed to do my weight lifting routine in the camper even though the space is limited, and I really feel so much better when I do. Life is pretty good for me at this point, although my b-i-l in Florida isn't doing very well. I doubt he will get a heart transplant but there is an artificial heart pump that can be affixed if they could get his fever down and clear up whatever infection he has. It has been a bumpy ride for him and my sister these past few weeks.

It will soon be doggy walky time, and then it will be Miller Time for me!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rainbow for good luck!

I have always loved seeing a rainbow, and no matter what my mood or the problems I have, a rainbow just makes me feel like everything will be perfect. It is my good luck symbol, and good luck always follows my seeing a rainbow. (Not the BIG good luck such as a winning lottery ticket, but the little kinds of things sometimes referred to as serendipity.

This morning I started out the walk with Lady, and looking towards the west I saw a beautiful rainbow. I could even see where it reached the ground, and thought briefly of going for the pot of gold! The sun was shining very brightly, although there were some heavy clouds in the northern sky.

If I was a good photographer I would somehow try to connect the following three photos - the rainbow made a perfect arc and could be seen from the ground on one side all the way to the other.

There was also a second rainbow forming to the right of the "big" one - Double Good Luck - and at one point it too reached the ground, although not when I had my camera handy. I'm trying to get in the habit of taking at least one of my cameras with me wherever I go.

I need to take 4 or 5 more shots on my Minolta and then try to find some fresh film. I know the film that is in the camera is old and the photos won't be good quality, but it is sure nice to be able to see what I'm trying to photograph through the viewfinder. It is a problem with my eyes, I'm sure, but with the digital camera I can see absolutely nothing but a dark screen - so I have no control over the set up of the shot. Very frustrating to have to trade off being able to download the photos immediately vs having to finish shooting the film and then taking it somewhere to be developed. I will probably try to use both cameras as much as possible and get the best of both worlds.

I'm writing this entry very early on Sunday morning, and I might possibly write another later in the day. I doubt anything exciting will happen though.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A few hours in Quartzsite

We drove over to Q about mid-morning, visited a few vendors (not nearly as many there as there will be in a couple of weeks), ate lunch, and then drove over to see Celia's Rainbow Garden. Quartzsite has a well-know vendor, the "Naked Bookseller" who is quite a character, obviously, but you may not know that he and his wife lost their beautiful little daughter, Celia, and they and many volunteers worked to build a memorial garden in her honor. The idea has grown, and it looks like others have created and tended little garden spaces in memory of loved ones. It is a fascinating place to visit. There are many kinds of plants and trees, all identified with a small plaque, and no doubt there are flowers in season.

There is all kinds of merchandise to be found at the various vendors' sites, much of it at a very good price. It was a little overwhelming to me as there were so many items I would like to buy, but I have to decide on whether I need them and, more importantly, where would I put them.

I bought an outdoor window thermometer just like the one I used in my 5th wheel. If you can get it in a window facing the proper direction, it is very nice to be able to estimate the outdoor temp before going out with the dog in the morning. I still have my old one, on one of my living room windows in the apartment. I also bought a folding resin table which will be perfect for setting between a couple of outdoor chairs. Both of these products were made in the USA by the way, which is a selling point to me although I know everyone might not worry about it. I think both items were competitively priced.

So now I can say I've been to Quartzsite. I haven't stayed there in an RV, but from what I see of it I don't think I would want to spend much time there. When the crowds start arriving in droves it will just be too intense and busy to suit me.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A few more photos

Today was spent by Dave installing the Torque-Lift tie-down hardware on my truck. I think I have the terms correct, but you get the general idea if I don't. It was really a time-consuming and difficult job doing the left side because the gas tank is right next to where the bolts go. There is a lot more to it but I can't describe it accurately, and it was a frustrating job (for Dave, I sat in my chair in the sun).

Here is a picture of the bed, and I'm sorry I didn't smooth down the comforter very well, but it is fine with me:

Here is a picture of Lady - you can see her bed is wedged in the narrow aisle way and it is difficult to get around her. I think her joints are bothering her and she has a tough time getting in and out of the camper, which will be worse when it sits up higher on the truck. I am definitely going to have to get a pet ramp.

While Dave was working on the tie-downs I walked around and tried to get some pictures to show how large his site is. Most of the sites are very large, and most folks have an RV or two, plus storage shed(s) plus a couple of vehicles.

His site is a huge wedge shaped piece of land, and his 5th wheel sits along one side; my TC is behind it. In the second picture you can see a white object on the extreme right, and that is his cargo trailer, which can give you an idea of how large the site is and how things are spaced well apart from each other.

I don't think I would ever be tempted to spend a lot of time in the desert, and I'm glad I have the opportunity to experience it for about a month. It is too thorny, sticker-bushy, dry, and windy. It gets down to freezing at night but still isn't short sleeve weather in the daytime, although the sun is bright. The two things I love are the absolute quiet and the sky full of stars. I think I have identified the constellation of Pisces in the sky, which I've never done before. I need a good star chart because everything I find online is not as good as the program that came with my telescope. I doubt the software would even be adaptable to my MAC, but I should check it out when I get back to Sacramento - I think I still have it but maybe not.

I've been in the west for a long time now and long for the green grass, trees and mountains of the east. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. I have to admit it is much easier to drive here and it seems like less traffic (except for cities, of course).

I think I am going to be able to adapt very quickly to being in a truck camper, but it really does take some adapting. There is much less space for one thing, but a lot more space than you might think. It will take some getting familiar with the systems and working out the easiest way for ME to use it.

I have finally found the justification I need to spend the money on a labeler! When I get back to Sac, my daughter is going to be helping me organize and pack and label everything. I might get my daughters-in-law in on the act as well, although the four of us would be bumping into each other!

Lastly, I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment on most blogs, although I try to read them all. I can run my computer and the MiFi off their batteries for so long, and then I need to plug them into an outlet to charge. Not wanting to pull from the batteries I just wait until I have several reasons to run the generator, so I have been weaned away from much of my computer use. Tomorrow we are going to drive someplace so I will be lucky to read my email. Be back online when I can - - -

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day, 2010

I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving Day.

Here are a few photos I've taken - a sunset and a morning picture:

And a couple that were taken while walking in the desert with Lady:

Here is my camper with the truck parked nearby:

We took a looonng walk around the Park, along the road, into the desert, and back into the Park this morning, and then Lady just collapsed on her bed. Dave drove me to a couple of little towns in the vicinity, but of course there isn't much going on Thanksgiving Day. Tomorrow we plan to start attaching the tie-downs to the truck that will hold the camper in place. There are still a lot of steps before we can load it on the truck, but this coming week will show a lot of progress. Meanwhile I'm learning to live in it.