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Friday, March 31, 2017

Nothing new happening

I just had an average day for me.  I like to take my time in the morning these days, and hate it when I have an appointment I have to rush to get ready for.  Like my 8am appoint for an echocardiogram this coming Tuesday.  I think I have had two of them in the past and only remember little bits about them.  I think I will have to walk on a treadmill for a short time during the middle of the test which should be a piece of cake for me, although if I remember correctly they set the ramp to incline a little more at a time.  I don't do inclines!

I went to the gym and walked, but didn't do much of a workout.  Maybe it's because I was by myself, although sometimes Jeannie, Ara and I are in the same area and other times we go to our favorite machines.  I wasn't motivated to do a full workout, which is probably just as well until I have the cardio done and can get some answers on my condition, what they plan to do, if anything, as well as what I can do and what I should avoid.  Generally speaking I think I'm okay with what I do at the gym because I'm more cautious and conservative than I used to be.

I drove to Target from the gym and saw something that horrified me, and the picture of it will stay with me for a while.  A young woman with a small toddler in a stroller was on the corner where I stopped for a red light, and  started across the street - 6 lanes of traffic plus a couple of turning lanes.  She tried to push the stroller with one hand and it kept going askew, but she never really straightened it out because her other hand was holding a cell phone to her ear; she was laughing and talking, and doing a better job of that than she did of getting her baby across the busy street.  That is disgusting and I think it should be illegal.  I wonder if a policeman would have even stopped to warn her if one had passed by.  Having raised four children I realize it's difficult to always give 100% of your attention to them, but phone calls can be returned when you get your child to safety.

(Stepping down off my soap box!)

I am just taking it easy today and will likely do the same tomorrow.  I will try to get to the market for some green vegetables; my appetite has been variable - mostly ravenous but sometimes not interested in food at all.  I'm not sure what is happening to me, but I wish I could put on at least 10# before surgery.  I can't eat hospital food and will surely lose at least 10# if I'm there a week or longer.  Maybe I'll be lucky and won't need surgery at all.  I think that is a possibility, although not likely.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hard at work!

I've done 2 more loads of wash and carried them across the street to the dryer; I still have towels & a set of sheets that I want to wash and hang dry, but today isn't the day.  It's breezy enough but I'm just too tired to deal with it.

As I've mentioned in the past, I am a Scorpio (according to the astrological sign at my birth) with Gemini rising.  I guess I get about half my traits from either one, but I can always tell when Gemini is ruling.  I want to make clear that I consider this all in fun although true in general characteristics, but I certainly wouldn't base my life upon a horoscope.

I bring this up because I'm laughing at myself - I've been making lists all day, which is a Gemini trait (to organize and write everything down.)  Gemini is also what makes me sometimes run this blog on too long for one post!  Sorry about that.  I can't seem to stop blabbing (or blogging) sometimes.

I have a really good list of questions to ask the cardiologist the next time I see her, or whichever doctor falls into my path first!   I can and no doubt will add to this list as questions arise in my mind.

I'm really worn out from all the laundry and changing the sheets on the bed.  I was going to turn the mattress but found out quickly I can't do it by myself anymore.  It never was easy, but now it's impossible.

I don't know if I want to go to the gym this afternoon and still haven't heard from either of my girls.  One of my legs still aches from the last time although I try to really moderate the exercises I'm doing.   But I know that light exercising is critical for me right now (can't count doing laundry as exercise!)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More weeding

Joe came this morning and spent several hours pulling the weeds on my side & back yards.  Rain is expected for tomorrow and the next day, so I'm not sure how much good it did.  I tried to help a bit and stay out of Joe's way in the process.

I called for an appointment to have the echocardiogram and somehow I let them talk me into an 8am appointment on April 4th.  I think I might stay at Jeannie's house overnight and she can drive me from her place.  It is fairly close to where she lives, but we will run into traffic no matter what.  I'm anxious to get it over with as it could be the determining factor on whether or not I will have to have surgery.

I am so hungry but I don't really feel like cooking anything, nor do I even know what I want to eat.  At times like this it would be so convenient to like fast food, but I never have and never will.

I finally got a load of wash done and took it across the street to dry it.  At least I have some clean clothes to put on - I was down to my last pair of "you know whats".  I still have a big basket of laundry to do, but if it rains tomorrow then I'll put it off for a while longer.

I really appreciate all the supportive comments I've received from so many people, and I thank you for your positive words and thoughts.  I have a hard time responding to each of them individually right now - because of grief as well as low energy, but I really do appreciate you all.  I will snap back soon. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New info

I'm going to just start a brief new post, and won't try to respond to comments made on yesterday's post.  (Haha, when am I ever "brief"?)

I saw the cardiologist today and I think I can get along with her just fine.  I've never had respect shown to me from other cardios and vascular surgeons, but this doctor was tops from what I can see.

I will be scheduled for an echocardiogram as soon as they receive the ok from my insurance.  This is something new to me - I've never had an insurance issue before.  This does not bode well for future medical practice, in my opinion.

I'm going to make it short and sweet, and really don't want to bring it up again until I have the echocardiogram, plus see the cardiologist again in about 3 weeks.   I have mitral valve prolapse, and I was given two possible options:  open heart surgery (which she said is the safest), and going through the groin.  That was how they inserted the stent in my left artery, but it wasn't far from the groin to the shoulder.  Going to the heart could be a different matter, and one I'll have to research.  Also, it's quite a different matter from inserting a stent into an artery, to repairing the mitral valve prolapse  I've already heard of a couple of folks who have had the procedure done with good results, but they were almost half my age.

So I will study my options and am in the process of writing down comments and questions as I think of them - right now I'm pretty much in the dark as to what I should  do.  There is probably a wide variance in recovery time between the options presented to me.

Right now I'm feeling  better than I have in nearly a year.  Maybe the iron tablet is kicking in - whatever is going on can just keep on helping me live a good life for a few (or a lot) more years.  I will face whatever comes and be grateful for the life I've lived, and the people whose lives have touched mine.

I hope I don't get many questions at this point becaue I have no answers.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Another Monday

I saw my chiropractor this morning and then came home and stayed in for the rest of the day.  I need to get myself in good mental condition for the appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow.  I swear I will not embarrass Jeannie, who is going to take me.   Whatever the dr. tells me I will act interested in and file it in in the filing cabinet in my head.  I will go home and do what I know is right for me.

Four weeks I still have to wait to see about my thyroid, which is slowly killing me.  It just doesn't seem right, but I guess waiting a while longer to see a doctor in my local area is better than having to travel to their main campus, even if someone drives me there.

I really ate well today, as I almost always do, and I feel pretty good.   I thought I'd be stuffed because I probably cooked double the amount of vegetables I thought I would eat, thinking I'd add the rest to an omelet tomorrow morning.  I ended up eating every last bite with my dinner.   Where are the pounds going?

Jeannie is due to arrive in a few minutes - she's bringing me some lemons and avocados - I've found I can tolerate avocados if I put poppy seed dressing on them!  I like the small ones, and wonder if one a day is too much.  They've never been a favorite food of mine, but since they have healthy fats I will try to eat them.

Until tomorrow - 
sleep well.


I'm not getting any better

If I don't have to go anywhere in the morning I usually eat breakfast and then go back to bed for a while, and I did that this morning.  My sleep patterns are still on the old time and I haven't been able to set my internal clock up an hour.

I took my computer and a crossword puzzle book and set them on the bed in case I felt like staying awake, but the sun shining in through my bedroom window makes it impossible to see the computer screen or to read anything else for that matter.

I got a text from Jeannie asking if Ara and I wanted to go to the gym.  I figured that since I definitely did not feel like going to the gym, this was exactly what I needed to do, so I joined them about an hour later.  I'm doing very light workouts lately - I may have mentioned this - I used to try to work up to a heavier weight setting each week, but now I just set it on the lightest setting and it's a lot easier on me.

I see the cardiologist on Tuesday afternoon and I'll find out about the results of the heart monitor.  I got a notice that the results were online, but when I checked it said something about not being able to show them.  It is a system for text and not for charts or graphs, which doesn't surprise me.  Since I doubt they found anything I have been content to wait until I see the doctor.  I really wish it was the other way around and I was seeing the thyroid doctor on Tuesday, as I think that is where most of my problems lie.  

One of these days I'm going to have to hire Merry Maids to come in and clean my house for me, although I'd feel like I would need to clean before I even let the Merry Maids in, that's how bad it has become.  And the scariest part is that I really don't care!

It is raining again and I can say I am so sick and tired of hearing the rain hit the roof and drip off the awnings, etc.  I looked out at the side yard and more huge green weeds have popped up!  So discouraging.

I want to thank everyone who has sent condolences on the death of my nephew.  I don't think the reality of what happened has sunk in yet.  


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sad News

A phone call at 8:30 this morning got me out of bed and I heard the sad news that my nephew, who just turned 31 on Mar. 4, died from a heart attack.  It's hard to believe.   He had just gotten married last summer.

Nothing else of interest to say today.

Friday, March 24, 2017

I Get the Blues When it Rais!

Does anyone remember that song?  I was listening to the unending rain falling on my house and in the street and it came to my mind, because I sure am about to get the blues!

I had planned to go outside and take pictures of what one day of rain does to all my hard work (plus my son's hard work), but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

I've spent a lot of time today watching (or rather listening) to YouTube videos.  Not the short ones that tell you how to lose 10# in 1 day, or the ones that are titled "Ten foods you should absolutely never eat", etc.  I've been listening to David Paulides who has written a number of books about persons missing from the National Parks, and the non-cooperation of the NPS to try to find solutions.  There are hundreds (probably thousands by now) of missing people, many of them small children, whose disappearance has never been explained, and if a body is found it is usually draped over a log where hundreds of searchers have already traveled over and over.

I even listened to a little bit of bad alien stuff; there are so many credible people who can talk about this, but some of them are really off the wall.  I started to turn one video off but decided I should try to keep my mind open just a little bit, so I listened.  At least these things take my mind off US and world politics, although it might be hard to say which is the strangest or worst!

So that's been my day - mind numbing info plus eating everything I can get my hands on.  For all I'm eating I don't think I'm putting on the weight I probably should.  I will eventually "eat myself out of house and home" as the old saying goes.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Not much to write about

I feel like such a slug - can't do anything for any length of time.

Today I drove over to Straw Hat to make arrangements for our group to come in when Mike & boys are in town.  We will have about 18 people, adults & kids.  The owners remembered me from last time and were very happy that I wanted to bring the group back.  I wrote my kids that the owners remembered us from last time and we are still allowed back in!

I stopped at Home Depot to try to find a stronger vinegar for the weeds, but couldn't even find regular strength (which I still have plenty of).  If the vinegar stuff doesn't work I'm going to Round-Up next.  I tried to pull some weeds & grass as I do for a few minutes every day, and in no time I had a 13 gal garbage bag filled.  There is no end to all this, and tomorrow will be a day of rain so more will just sprout.  I am ready to just give up.  I hope that if we can pull up all the rocks and lay down some heavy plastic, it will help in the future, at least while I'm still living here.

I'm going to drag myself to the gym when Ara is ready to leave.  I would really prefer to work out in the morning and then be able to go to bed early in the evening, but I enjoy going with someone and that takes precedence.  I don't know why I'm so wired after the slack work-out I've been doing lately.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Almost forgot to post!

I have been listening to a 2-hr YouTube video and nearly forgot to write a blog post.

I have been sleeping at least an hour later every morning, and don't know if it's just the time change or if it's me.  I don't like to sleep late because I feel my best in the first two or so hours of the day, and really enjoy having at least a couple of good breakfasts.

Joe came by with his girls this afternoon and we had a great visit.  There really isn't much for kids to do around here, and they always want to play in the back yard which is just rocks and a very small area at that.

I tried just wearing the older pair of glasses and after walking around Walmart for about 15 minutes I developed the beginnings of a headache.  So I went back to the Optical dept. and asked them to put my current lenses into the older frames and now I'm ok.  I will never buy the titanium wire framed glasses again - although these older frames aren't as bad as the ones I ruined.  Those hurt my head and ears from the time I put them on, and it was never possible to adjust them properly.  The older ones seem to fit and feel much better.

I just skipped gym today but since I did a moderate workout last night I'm ok with letting my muscles just rest for a 24 hr period.

Today was a mostly rainy day with some bright sunshine now and then.  It really came down all last night and well into the morning.  One part of the side yard that was weed free now has green stuff growing.  I think it's futile to think they can ask residents to completely remove the grass & weeds until after the rainy season finally ends, and looking at my 15 day forecast doesn't show it ending - maybe a week's relief, but we aren't finished with the rain.

I need to make a visit to Straw Hat Pizza and arrange for our family visit.  We had a group text going last night and concurred on some of the details.  It will be so good to have all my children and grandchildren together at one time.

This afternoon I asked Joe and the girls how the father-daughter dance went.  Evidently each year they have a theme, and this year's was "A night out in Paris".  I think the girls tried to wear pretty fancy clothes, but I think Joe would wear the same thing in Paris that he would in NYC, Shanghai, London, or in Sacramento!  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Now I've Done it!

I drove my car to pick up Ara for the gym trip this evening and must have dropped my glasses in the door frame and closed the door.  They are all bent out of shape, and first thing tomorrow I need to see if they can straighten them or, or put the lenses into a different frame.  When I picked my current frames out we discovered that they were the same ones I had the time before.  I don't know why I selected them because I really don't care all that much for them.  They are titanium which is lightweight and unobtrusive.  Maybe next time I'll get something a little more gaudy!

Most of the kids chose Straw Hat Pizza for our dinner together.  I think either place would have been acceptable (the other was Spaghetti Factory).  

I decided to drink my last bottle of beer that has been in the fridge all by itself for over a month!  It will still be good, but now I have to buy more.  The weather hasn't been hot yet which is usually why I like to have one at home in the evening.

These glasses are going to give me a headache before long, so I will probably go to bed early tonight.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Moping around on Monday

I slept late, no doubt due to the recent time change, and after eating quite a large breakfast, I went back to bed but couldn't go back to sleep.  I eventually just stayed up and did the minimal things I had to do.

Ara works out at the gym very early in the morning, but will usually ask me if I want to walk on the treadmill when she gets home. It  does me good to have someone to push me, and she is interested in not only getting fit but losing weight, so the extra time is an incentive to her.  I have gained some weight - only about 3 pounds in maybe the past 6 or 8 weeks, but I sure was grateful when the scale went above 120.  I wouldn't mind adding another 10 pounds or so.  Ara has lost several pounds, so she is happy too!

Mike and his boys are coming for a little over a week in April (their spring break) and I'm polling everyone as to where they would like me to take them to dinner.  Last time we went to Straw Hat Pizza, which to me is the perfect place because it's informal and kids are welcome and not shushed up, plus the food is excellent.  That would be my preference, but I will see what my four + Ara come up with.   I can't wait to get all my kids & grands together at once.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Yard work, YUK!

I went to the gym with the girls 1st thing and really enjoyed it.  I left way before they did as I knew Steve would be coming over to help with the yard work.

He brought the family with him, so I had some sweet baby-holding time.  What a gorgeous little girl - smiles all the time.

I helped off and on, and between us we pulled up many of the weeds and grass, and then he sprayed again.  I'll try to get out there at least once or twice a day and do as much as I can (which certainly isn't very much).  

March is going by pretty fast and April will soon be upon us.  I usually have filed my tax return by now, so I need to get on the ball!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Old Days

They sure don't make things like they used to in the old days!  When my mother-in-law died I took her kitchen timer - a plastic 60 min. (manual, of course) timer.  You turn the arrow to the number of minutes you want and you are good to go.  Over the years I have dropped that thing, and since it is essentially a plastic base with the plastic face that fits into it, I just put it back together and it never fails.  I just dropped it now, and after several bounces it landed in two pieces.  I thought to myself, "Marty, you've done it this time." but there were no chipped or broken spots in it, and I just tested it and it works!  Try that with a modern digital timer. 

Ara joined me in going to the market this morning - neither of us had a long list of produce to buy, and we were out of there in less than half an hour.  So for my lunch/dinner I just had a delicious combination of beets, green leafy vegetables, hard boiled egg, and a slice of artisan bread that I also bought at the market.  I threw in some 5-cheese tortellini for good measure just a few minutes before the greens were finished cooking.  Now I'm stuffed!

We had a sprinkling of rain this morning, enough to get the streets wet.  I looked at the 15 day forecast and it calls for temps in the 60's, plus some for-sure rainy days and the rest of them with a chance of rain.  This is for the next 15 days, and up into April.  I just read that we are also expecting a bumper crop of mosquitoes this year.  With holes in every screen in my house I am sure to have a problem.  I have not been bothered at all by mosquitoes in probably the last 4 or 5 years; they fly all around me and even land on my arm, but never seem to bite.  If I knew what I have been doing or eating something different then I could keep doing it, but as it is I have no clue.

I haven't yet been outside to pull a few weeds & grass.  I'm determined to do a little each day if I can, so as soon as my supper settles I'll go outside.

Thanks to Janet for recommending the 10% vinegar solution - I checked and all 4 bottles I recently bought are 5%.  I haven't opened the bottles, so if I can find my Costco receipt I will return them and look for the stronger stuff at Home Depot.

Friday, March 17, 2017

March 17th

I just looked at the calendar and saw the date.  Is it really St. Patrick's Day?   Quite a few years ago I would have been anticipating this date and making plans to go out with friends, drink green beer in large quantities, and generally make fools of ourselves.   I am continually amazed at how growing older produces such a huge change in a person, at least it did in my case.

I haven't heard any of my kids talk about going out so maybe they will be drinking their green beer at home.  I have one bottle of beer in my house, brewed in Belgium, that I think has been there for at least two months.  I don't believe I have any food coloring, so I'm just going to have to skip this years fun and games!

It looks like we may get some rain by the beginning of next week, so I went out and tried to pull up some of the grass I sprayed this past week.  It comes up easily enough but there is so much of it, and I get sick if I lean forward for any length of time.  I need to spend a little time each day, rain or shine, and try to get most of the stuff.

I came in from the weed pulling and declared that I was going to move into an apartment.   Just looking for a suitable apartment I can afford is depressing.  There was one that interested me - it was in an "Extended Stay" facility, sort of a motel for longer term visitors.  The monthly rent isn't cheap by any means, but it includes everything!  Then I realized it would be fine for a person who went to work during the day, maybe going out with co-workers for dinner (and a little St. Paddy's Day cheer), but to spend your entire day in a small place like that would drive me bonkers.    The kitchenette actually has a 2 burner stove top, but it isn't designed for the gourmet cooking that I do!  That is meant to be a big joke, so let's hear the laughter.  I've never been a gourmet cook - I'm a "down-home" cook

So a studio apt. is not the answer, nor is living in this place.  For now I'm stuck with the lesser of two poor choices which is to stay where I'm living now.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Still here!

I just looked out the window to the most gorgeous sunset - too pretty for me to be able to get a decent photo of.  

I met Jeannie and Ara at the gym.  I sure didn't feel like even getting out of bed today, so the gym was the only thing that motivated me to get dressed.   I'm desperate so I went to the pharmacy at Bel Air after working out and bought some iron pills as the Dr. had suggested I take.  I will try them for at least a week and see how I feel by then.

Speaking of the Dr., she has never let me know the results of the heart monitor, but then I already know and would be surprised if there is anything worth worrying about.

The traffic lately has really been bad, and at almost all times of the day.  I can only try to stay calm and not let it bother me, but I'm glad I don't drive as often or as far as I used to.

One of these days I will have something to write about besides how tired I am.  I compared notes with Jeannie about how she felt when her thyroid problems were first diagnosed, and how old she was.  It was probably around the time she was 18, and she said she has really never felt great in all those years.  I feel so bad that I had no clue, but I've always been so healthy it just didn't register with me how bad it is to be unhealthy.  On top of her thyroid, she was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, and I don't know how she deals with it all.  She puts me to shame!

No more health stuff, I promise.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Not a busy day!

I returned the skinny legged pants to Costco and then bought a pair of shorts for summer.  I suppose we will have a summer one of these days.  I have my capris and tank tops ready to pull out of the drawer on a hot day.  I tried the shorts on and they fit, but I have to say I look like such a dork in shorts!  When it gets hot enough to wear them I won't care what anyone thinks I look like.

I think I mentioned previously that I really dislike avocados.  I've been trying to eat one a day and find that my salad dressing makes them so much more palatable.  I forget why I'm eating them - maybe they contain iron?  I know they are supposedly very good for you.

I had decided I would play hooky from the gym today and forget the walk.  Ara texted me when she got home from work and asked if I wanted to go to the gym, so we spent about a half-hour on cardio.

You can see there is nothing exciting in my days lately, but I'm still breathing and that's good!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tire fixed and denture adjusted

I think I mentioned that my tire pressure warning light has been coming on - I had all the tires properly inflated and it was ok for a couple of weeks, but now the light has been back on.  A trip to Les Schwab this morning resulted in them finding a small screw or nail in the tread, and they fixed it.  Now I'm good to go.  It didn't cost me a cent, and you all know I'm a big fan of Les Schwab!

I then went to the dentist because I'm having problems eating.  It's more a problem with the bones in my mouth rather than the denture, but he is trying to make them a good fit.  I think it feels a lot better - actually it never bothers me wearing them, only when I try to eat.  I will go back in a week for another check.

Just got back from the gym.  I did what I felt like doing, and then left Jeannie & Ara to finish their workout.  My low energy just wouldn't let me hang around, and I had a good workout and walk, so I'm happy.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Warming trend

It got up to the mid-70's today, which is just about perfect.  I dread when it will get a lot higher than that.

No matter what state my health is in, it hasn't ruined my appetite.   I'm trying to eat mostly healthy with a little dessert now and then.  I just opened up my last box of girl scout cookies, and removed 3 cookies.  I hope I can stick with that this evening and not go back for more.

Since I had to return the heart monitor this morning and then go to my appointment with the chiropractor, I decided to skip walking at the gym.  Ara called me  when she got off work and told me she worked out at 6am this morning and would be willing to go back with me for my walk.  How could I refuse?  So thanks to my lovely and thoughtful granddaughter I got my walk done today.

Since I didn't do much I don't have much to write.  Have a good evening, and see ya tomorrow!


Relaxing Day

I nearly forgot about the time change.  I really detest it.  I still have two clocks to update.

The only thing I did today was to go to the gym with Jeannie & Ara.  We all sort of go our own way through the exercise routine we like, and then meet up afterward to use the hydromassage beds and massage reclining chairs.  I don't like the chairs - feels like rocks  on my spine, but I love the hydromassage.  

I found that I just couldn't keep up with my normal level of exercise, which isn't all that strenuous to begin with, so I just did what I could today.  It was enough to be able to feel it in my muscles, and I know when I've had enough.  I went out to the front desk area and sat at one of the tables out there - just "people watched" until my girls were finished.

I was ravenous when I got home - the time change had me missing my lunch - and I enjoyed a wild Alaskan salmon burger, beets, and cooked mixed greens (kale & chard).  I thought I would have some of the beets and greens left over for a snack tomorrow, but I went back and ate every last bit of it!

I hope we can all get a good night's sleep tonight - I just looked at the clock and then translated it to what it would have been yesterday, and it's way to early to be going to bed.  Darn, I hate this and from what I understand a lot of people dislike it.  Why don't we have a say in the matter?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pizza & Beer!

It is real relief to get that monitor off and bagged up to take back on Monday.  I didn't get a very good night's sleep but that may or may not be due to wearing the monitor.  I got up for about an hour and turned on my computer during the middle of the night.

I didn't get much at the market this morning but did find the yellow beets.  A man who was also buying some told me he roasted the ones he bought last week.  I have a bunch of about 6, so I might try roasting a couple of them in the oven.  Would you peel them first or leave the skins on until cooked?  They are right out of the ground and not spic & span and sterilized like the stuff you buy in the grocery.  

I didn't buy eggs at market this morning, but I got another one with a double-yolk for my breakfast.  Part of my breakfast I should say, as I'm enjoying strawberries, blueberries, sliced banana, and a handful of walnuts topped with whipped cream for starters.  Then the egg sandwich.  I will definitely buy another dozen next week, and in the meantime I will try to use most of the box I bought at Costco this past week.

Last week at Costco I bought a pair of cropped, skinny leg jeans.  I loved the color and was going to wear them out for pizza & beer with Jeannie & family this evening, but wearing them for about 5 minutes told me I no longer have skinny legs.  I guess the walking has done a good job.  I loved the way they looked though.  The hang tag showed a skinny woman wearing them with a pair of high spiked heels!  I can't maintain my balance in flat shoes these days!  I used to wear those high heels to work for years and walked all over downtown on my lunch hour in them - no problems - but no more.

I need to make an appointment to re-visit the dentist for adjustment to the denture.  They feel fine until I start to eat, and other than asthetics, that's the reason I need them.  I am SOOOO sick and tired aready of visiting medical and dental folks.

I tried to pull up some of the crabgrass that Steve sprayed last week - the ground is still soft enough they come up fairly easily.  I can't stoop over like that for long as I get dizzy and feel like I'm losing my balance when I stand up straight.   I don't know what I'm going to do about the lot inspection coming up.

I had no idea growing older was so frustrating.  When my Mom was about a year older than I am now, she moved to the east (N. Virginia & Maryland) to live with my sister and her husband.  I told her I would drive a U-Haul from CA to VA with her belongings, and the family packed it all up one day.  When I saw the size of that truck, plus there was a tow bar to take her car back as well, I didn't think I could do it.  But after about 15 min. on the road I realized I would be fine.  When I stopped in Utah for the night I heard about Princess Diana.  That was some trip, and like pulling an RV, much easier in the west, and becoming more difficult the closer you get to the east coast.  I think I could do it again if I had to, and I didn't even have a cell phone!!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

All Wired Up!

After my walk at the gym this morning I went to Costco, mainly to get more vinegar to treat the weeds and grass.  I was back in the produce section with healthy fruit in my cart, when I got a call from UCD Medical scheduling.  They wanted me to come in to get a heart monitor "installed" on my person.  I made arrangements and then went to checkout, half sorry I had only had time to pick up healthy stuff and no sweet treats!

As soon as I got home I received another call from UCD Med Scheduling making an appointment for me to see a cardiologist near the end of March.  She is located at one of the nearby clinics, near where Jeannie lives, which is much better than going to their main location.  Jeannie has already said she would go with me.

I had written my doctor asking to cancel the request to see a cardio, but she wrote me back and said she wanted me to make an appointment as well as to wear the monitor for 24 hrs.  I decided if I wanted to spend more years watching my grandchildren grow then I might want to see what my choices are.  

I've worn one of these monitors several years ago on two occasions but this one takes the prize.  I have never seen so many wires!  I should be lighting up like a Christmas tree.  But as before, when I put one of these things on I had no palpitations for the entire 24 hrs.

Have a good weekend.  I'm going to try, although the next 24 hrs is certainly a bust.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Morning Surprise

I thought it was an omen of a good-luck day when I fixed myself an egg sandwich for breakfast.  When I cracked the egg open it contained a double yolk!  I haven't seen one of those for absolutely years - they used to be common when chicken roamed the barnyard freely.  I  bought these eggs at the farmers market last week, and you can be sure I'll be buying them from the same person from now on.  I happened to have just bought a pack of 18 organic eggs at Costco, but I will boil several at a time and use them in salads when I can.  But for fried eggs, I'm going to be watching for another double yolk.

The day hasn't been too lucky, although I've survived it so far.  I did another load of laundry and when I opened the washer to load the clothes, the lid closed on my hand.  It really hurt and I almost shed tears, but it didn't hurt for long.  My knee and arm are healing very well, so I must be in fairly good shape for that to happen.  At the laundromat as I walked toward my dryer I totally missed the bright yellow "Danger" sign in front of me, indicating water on the floor.  There are more leaks in that laundry room that you can imagine, and always water on the floor.  I just didn't see the sign, and I'm lucky I didn't run right into it; I'm getting a little concerned about myself.

I'm going to the gym in a few minutes.  At least if I keep walking and lightly working out I will be in better condition than I would otherwise.

Joe stopped by with his girls this afternoon.  I hadn't seen them for a while since I've been feeling so bad.  He is escorting them to the school's "Father-Daughter dance" tomorrow.  I'd love to get a sneak peek at that event!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Walking Wounded!

I'm not too much the worse for wear since yesterday's fall.  My arm looks pretty bad but it hasn't hurt and I think I'll leave the bandage off at least until I go to bed tonight.  I haven't had the nerve to unwrap the knee, as it probably looks pretty mean as well.  It doesn't hurt although I detect a slight stiffness if I've been sitting for a while.

Today has been another beautiful day, getting up to 65 degrees.  Tomorrow will begin a long run of days in the 70's.  I did one load of laundry today but dried it in the dryer at the laundry bldg.  I think tomorrow I will hang sheets and towels on the line!

I've been assessing what I will have to do in each of my rooms for the guys to be able to install new windows.  It means moving a lot of furniture and other items around, but I'll just take one thing at a time.  I hope Steve can get over to take the measurements so we can get the windows soon.  Things never move as fast as I'd like them to, but if I want fast and right away I would have to pay about 3x what it will probably cost me to have family do it.  I hope I live long enough to enjoy the beautiful new windows without those awful cranks, and with screens that fit and can be removed easily for washing.  In order to wash the screens on these huge jalousie windows I currently have, I would have to remove the remaining window cranks (many of them were missing when I moved in) to get the screens out.  I would probably never get the cranks to work again and couldn't open or close the windows.

I'm sure it would be easier to move into a small apartment!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The dreaded fall!

Like many or most folks my age I dread falling.  It happens now and then but usually without anything too damaging.  This evening I was sitting at the table reading something on my computer, and wanted to go into the kitchen to check on my supper cooking on the stove.  I was carrying my computer and tripped over the space heater - not a terribly small device and it's a wonder I didn't see it!  I ended up with a big gash on my arm, and an even bigger one on my knee, which is really going to make walking difficult tomorrow.

On a happier note I'm looking out the front door at the most beautiful sky - all shades of red, a bit of gold and yellow, and a patch of baby blue here and there.  

I cooked some yellow beets for dinner that I had bought at the farmers market a week or so ago.  The farmer kept stressing that they were very sweet, and they certainly were very delicious.  The cooking water was also a beautiful shade of yellow!  I saved the largest of the three and will fix it tomorrow, and hope I can find the stall where I bought these beets next time I go to the market.

I got my hair cut this morning.  When I mentioned that I didn't know how long I would be able to drive to her salon, she said "Well then I will just have to come to you!   That is so sweet of her, but lord I would have to clean my house from top to bottom before I'd let her in it!

It looks like our weather is going to warm up for a few days.  I may even be able to keep the front door open and get some fresh air into the house.  I really need to go back to dealing with the weeds, but I'd first better worry that I can walk tomorrow!


Monday, March 6, 2017


I can't seem to get enough to eat today, and I've  been at it all day long.  I've eaten way more than what I usually do, and it's still early!  But I can't figure out where the energy in the food (calories) I've been eating is going if I don't gain weight.  I guess as long as I don't lose it.  I had steak last night, and I have to face it, I really don't care for steak.  It is tolerable and I'm hoping to benefit from the iron in it, but I just don't like it.  This evening I had baked beer-battered cod and it was delicious.  That is more my preference with lots of protein, but right now I'm trying to eat iron-rich foods.

I need to go back to Costco tomorrow or the next day to  buy more vinegar for the weeds.  I was there last night with Jeannie, but she went to see what kind of cell phone plan she can change over to, and I mostly sat on a comfortable outdoor couch and watched all the people going by.

Speaking of cell phones, what is the matter with most people who walk around with one in their hand?  I was going to turn into the driveway of the center where the gym is located, and a man & woman were standing on the sidewalk right in the middle of the arrow indicating "In", for vehicles of course.  The man moved, but the woman was so engrossed in looking at her phone she just stood in the middle of the drive.   I can't imagine how much further it will go until the whole thing implodes.  People can't go on like that - for one thing many of them are in potentially dangerous situations by not paying attention to what is going on around them.  And no matter how many laws have been passed outlawing their use by drivers in a moving vehicle, don't you know there are probably huge numbers of people who still do it.

Today was supposed to be rainy, but any showers that fell didn't last more than a minute or two.  The next two days look good, but who knows what will actually be.  I don't think they can forecast more than 24 hours at a time!  Evidently the really bad weather is going to bypass California, but we'll see.

We should all take heart as spring is just around the corner!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Still around not doing much

I spent most of the afternoon with my daughter, going to the gym, Target, and Costco.  I looked at Target for some slouchy socks that won't leave deep ridges in my right leg, but of course couldn't find any.  I haven't seen anything that I am looking for online either, so I'll have to try a specialty store, as soon as I figure out what kind of specialty I need.

I had a steak and spinach for dinner - lots of spinach, and I hope I gained a tiny bit of iron.  But dessert has been Girl Scout cookies - peanut butter patties.  There is nothing more delicious!

After spraying yesterday for grass and weeds, it rained for a few minutes in the evening, and then today on a couple of occasions.   Some of the sprayed area had already started to turn brown a short time after application of the vinegar/salt solution.  I need to get more vinegar since we will probably have to spray at least once or twice more.

I didn't take a nap today and am hoping I can get to sleep early this evening.  I may even leave the kitchen cleanup until tomorrow morning!  There really isn't much to do.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Attacking the weeds!

It has been cloudy off and on all day and was supposed to rain today and tomorrow, so I was surprised when Steve called and said he would come over with his helper (Liam) and treat the weeds in my yard.  The grass and weeds have grown like they are on steroids with all the rain we've had this year.  I pulled a few by hand, but since my gallbladder operation a couple of years ago I can't lean over forward for very long, and that's what I have to do to grab the weeds and pull!

Liam and I did pull a lot of the stuff along the back fence, and Steve helped as well.  By the time he left we could see parts of the grass and plants had already started to turn brown.  He will definitely have to come back and spray again.  We used vinegar, salt, and a bit of dishwashing detergent (to better make the solution stick to the weeds).

He talked to me about replacing the all the windows in the house.  They are all the old jalousie type windows and don't fit tightly to begin with.  Many of the cranks have been lost over time, and the ones that are still on the windows don't work very well, which means I open them in the beginning of summer and don't close them until late fall.  That allows a lot of dirt and dust to blow in, so I think a new style of window that is easier to open and close, plus screens that will be easier to clean, will make my life a lot better.  Most of the windows are very large which helps when buildings are so close to each other and block out the sunlight, but most people who replace the old windows seem to opt for much smaller ones.  I think I convinced Steve I need the light.

He and Joe will come over "soon" and haul all the junk away in the laundry room.  At one time it was an open porch which the owners tried to close off and make a ceiling to hide the aluminum porch cover.  It wasn't a good job to begin with, but I understand how it must have worsened over time.   So we will clean everything out and they will try to put a new ceiling up.  I have 220 electric coming into the room, so I would like to replace the old washing machine and add a dryer.  That will make life a lot easier for me when doing laundry, as I wash it here and carry the baskets across the street to the laundry room to dry and fold.  I will probably continue to line dry my sheets and towels, but might just accept using a dryer for everything else.  We'll see how long it takes for this to happen, and I understand they both have families of their own.  They both are excellent fathers who spend a lot of time with their children, and I don't want to cut into that time unnecessarily but will appreciate anything they can do. 


Friday, March 3, 2017


I think I'm going to Costco this evening with Jeannie, and I'm waiting to hear from her.  We went to the gym last night and told me that Donald has "walking pneumonia" and was on 5 days of antibiotics.  I knew he wasn't feeling up to his cheerful self, but didn't realize it was that serious.

I'm going to get only healthy stuff to eat, which means I have to bypass a couple of aisles that hold products that are tempting to me.  As I drove to the gym this morning to walk on the treadmill, I made up my mind that I am going to get my health back asap.   They say the mind is very powerful, and I will just have to pit the power of my mind against wanting to sit back and feel sorry for myself because I'm not up to par.  I FEEL GREAT!  My current outlook is a happy one so I'll live or die happy - whichever happens!

Have a good evening everyone.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

More of the same!

The highlight of my week so far was going to the gym with Jeannie last night.  I feel a lot better when I work out, but don't think I'll make it today.

I had appointments with my dentist and chiropractor this morning.  The dentist has done a beautiful job of getting rid of the sore spots and while it's not like having natural teeth, I'm amazed that I've gotten used to the lowers as quickly as I have.  It's only been about a week and I have heard many horror stories about people not ever being able to wear them comfortably.  The cost is just about double what I've know some people to pay for a full set of dentures, so it wasn't cheap by any means, but if it works and I can use them then I will try to not complain.

My chiropractor explained some of my blood test numbers as they relate to Hashimoto's.  I haven't yet heard from Endocrinology, but the dr. said to give them two weeks to get back to me.  In the meantime, I'm thinking about how I will treat the low iron with diet rather than iron pills, as well as other dietary changes I need to make.  Actually, if I could get back to my old way of healthy eating I think I'd be a lot better off.  I've missed my green vegetables and have already begun to eat them - I'll get a good supply on a trip to the market and to Costco within the next few days.

Evidently the Hashimoto's is not as bad as it could be, nor have I probably had it for over a year.  That's my estimate because a year ago I felt like I was on top of the world, and blood tests from 2 years ago show that I was, in fact, in very good condition.  All my other thyroid functions are great.  I really don't understand much about it, but that's what they tell me.

One of the things I need to quit eating is ice cream, so in the interest of getting it "out of sight, and out of mind", I finished the whole container.  I will pay for it before the end of the day!  It really doesn't help my digestion.

Because I've been reading how dark chocolate is so good for you I bought a bag of dark choc. chips as well as a bar of dark chocolate.  I note that I've been craving chocolate more in the last 2 or 3 months.

I hope things turn around for me soon because there are a lot of things I've left undone for a while.  And I want to get back to sketching and painting, if the weather will just warm up a bit more.  I can't do anything when my fingers are cold.

My son, Steve, was born in 1975 on Mar. 1, and Mike was born in 1971 on Mar. 2nd. It doesn't seem that long ago.  Happy birthday to my "boys"!

I had said I wouldn't write any more about health issues, and I apologize.  I just want to explain in advance that when I miss writing a blog or two it's because I'm just not feeling up to it.  I appreciate all the good wishes coming my way.