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Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's quiet today

Not much going on. I went out and bought dog food - should last a month - and also bought a storage container for the waste hoses. I keep buying containers and then when I get them back here I realize they are too small. So now I think I have one that's large enough. The storage bay is a real jumble of stuff, and I hope Steve will be able to find time to organize it. I could do it myself, but my kids all take after their dad in their ability to organize and pack things efficiently, so I have relied on them to the point that I'm not sure if I have forgotten everything I know. I've been working on storage inside the rig, but still haven't figure out what I will do with my desktop. I'm hoping I can wrap it and lay it on its side, and disconnect a minimum of cords. The new printer will go back in the original box, and the monitor will be surrounded with pillows on the bed. I worry more about protecting the destop and peripherals than anything else.

I bought myself a sundress today. When and where will I have occasion to wear a skirt, you ask? Probably never, but it is cute, fits and flatters me, was cheap, and I just decided to get it. I will be back in Sacramento before fall, and when it gets really hot here - 100F or more, a person has to wear less clothing but still look decent. Oh well, I've convinced myself and that's what matters. My thermometer reads that it is currently 84F, and for the first time this season I'm wearing shorts. The bad thing about shorts weather is that now I will have to shave my legs! I always wondered why a guy with a pretty face would want to hide it behind a grizzly beard, but I guess that is why - shaving is a pain!

I've been working a little at a time trying to clean the exterior, but I just can't get enough elbow grease to do it well. I think I really love RVing but I certainly dislike all the maintenance that should be done.

I think I will pop open a can of beer and go sit outside in the shade of my rig now. This weather is too gorgeous to stay indoors.

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