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Monday, March 2, 2009

One More Month at Cal Expo

I just got the ok to stay here one more month and I'm relieved to not have to move. I have had a really difficult time trying to get things ready to move - especially difficult when you can't lean over, lift anything heavier than 15#, and have two scroungy mutts under foot all the time.

The family all went to Steve & Megan's for "The Dinner" last night. They fixed jambalaya, crab cakes, greens & diced ham, and for dessert served bananas cooked lightly in a rum sauce over ice cream. I don't know what I like best, but I sure returned for seconds of everything! I consider myself a connoisseour (had to consult the dictionary on that spelling!) of greens and I will give these the gold medal of excellence!

AND THEN---Sarah said "Gee Marty, it's a shame you will be leaving California in September because you will miss your grandchild's arrival in October. We were all surprised and overjoyed by the news, although I think Jeannie & Donald knew but were sworn to secrecy. So Alyssa will have a little sister or brother, and Grandma will have two new grandchildren, counting Jeannie's little girl in July.

My offering for "The Dinner" will be on March 17th, and I will do corned beef & cabbage at Jeannie's house.

Now I have boxes all over the RV that I got out for the move - the coffee maker box, the toaster oven box, the electric heater box, etc. But to look on the bright side, I have one more month to attend the harness races just over the fence.

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  1. Hi Gypsy, Congrats on your expected new grandbaby.
    I went to school in France so it struck me, the different ways folks have of spelling things.
    It is spelled 'connoisseur' there.
    Bananas sauteed in a little butter with rum as a flambe, is one of my favourites, too.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX