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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Vets and Doctors!

I got Rocky's meds into him - there are four of them he takes, with 3 only once a day and a tablet twice a day.  I put the tablet into a spoonful of peanut butter and he's happy as a clam!

We went from the vet yesterday to my med clinic where I had blood drawn for my oncologist.  I missed my last appointment with her and couldn't get another one until January, so I decided to at least get the blood tests done.  She wrote me and said everything looks great except for one test the results will take another week to process, as well as my B-12 levels being low.  She wants me to start taking B-12 tablets which is fine with me, and maybe it will give me more energy to deal with Rocky.

My energy has been flagging a bit lately but I just chalked it up to being too old to raise a dynamo puppy! 

I have a craving for ice cream, and have 1/2 gallon in my freezer.  A certain little friend of mine can hear the silent freezer door opening which will even wake him up from a sound sleep.  I often wonder if he hears it or reads my mind and knows I'm trying to sneak ice cream  past him.

Well, we are on the downside of another week.  My life is going by too fast to suit me.

The weather has been beautiful the past few days, and much cooler.   The forecast for the next few months is so vague and difficult to know what it's going to be over the winter.  I remember a lot of rain last year, but that may have been after New Year's.  I doubt we'll be lucky enough to get good rains two years in a row.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Visit to the vet

I'm relieved that the worst outcome I feared is not a problem.  According to the vet, Rocky has a  case of giardia plus a few other problems.  I recall hearing about giardia when I backpacked on the Appalachian Trail in 1997, and at the time it was always water related.  I filtered my water from all sources and didn't have a problem.  My dog (lab) Smoky drank from rivers, streams, etc., and didn't have a problem.  I think we were extremely lucky!

I have a number of medicines to give him several times a day, and I hope I can keep it all straight.   The prognosis is certainly 100% better than I dared hope, and I think we will eventually get it all straightened out.  I have special food I will be feeding him for a week or so, and since a Lab isn't as fussy about food as most dogs, he will love anything I set down in his food bowl!

I am so relieved and hopeful - I was really worried that I might lose him, when I didn't yet have the diagnosis from the vet.  

I'm tired and will make this a short (for me) post.  Back tomorrow.


Monday, October 29, 2018

Another vet visit scheduled

We go back to see the vet tomorrow, and I sure hope I get some answers and recommendations.  Rocky still is having problems with diarea (I know that is mis-spelled, but you know what I mean).  I'm supposed to keep him on the same seafood diet for a few more weeks, but I can't keep walking to PetClub to get it, and a small bag doesn't last very long.  Also, he seems to be getting worse, not better.  So I called this morning and couldn't get an appointment until tomorrow afternoon, at which time I'm going to press them to do a test or two to see what's wrong.  He's lethargic much of the time, although still eats his food with gusto, and still chases his toys around the house, obviously enjoying all the noise and chaos he is making!  He's not up to the longer walks we've been doing, and I have to admit I'm not up to it either.

After years of not going "out" much, Jeannie & Donald are taking me to a Napa Valley winery that is a favorite of theirs.  We will be joined by my brother & his wife who live closer to San Francisco and will meet us in Napa for the day.  I've also committed to spending New Year's Eve in a cabin in the Sierra, and I think I've mentioned it in a previous post.  I might have to get a new wardrobe to replace my old "hanging out" clothes. 

Today is cool and breezy, and I love it.  I wish this was our year-round weather.

I don't have anything else to write - my day has been dog-watching and cuddling!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Fingers Crossed!

The new charger arrived a few minutes ago and it is working fast!  I just hope it holds up.  The last one I had wasn't all that old, but I dropped it and it never worked right after that - also, the cords aren't very sturdy and develop rips and tears in the casing.  I'm going to find one outlet that I always use to plus into, and not move the charger anywhere else.  Maybe it will do better this time.

Using the iPad has messed up some of my usernames and passwords, and I will have to straighten that out.

I'm still having the same problems with Rocky's diet, although he eats everything with relish and acts pretty much the same - maybe a little more quiet at times.  I'm not buying another bag of salmon/trout for him and will go back to the chicken, but I'll call the vet first of all.  Rocky and I walked to PetClub to buy a small bag of food for him, crossing 6 lanes of traffic and I was more frightened than Rocky was.  I don't want to do that again.  I will probably order his food online from now on.

Our weather has been pretty nice lately - warm in the daytime, but not too warm - and very cool after the sun goes down.  I don't like the hot weather and never did.

I hope my computer will not crap out on me again, and I can continue to post on a regular basis.  I've always thought I would quit when the page views reach 1Million, and I have about 40k to go.

Have a good week ahead, and I'll be back.

Friday, October 26, 2018

All is Well!

I'm sorry I disappeared for several days.  My computer completely stopped working.  I bought an iPad thinking I could use it to communicate, but  could never figure the damn thing out!   I'm disgusted with it as I just wanted something simple, but spent 4-5 hrs after I brought it home, and still hadn't set it up properly.  To make it worse, there is an obnoxious voice called "Siri" that wanted me to talk to it, and I absolutely will not!

Donald got my computer working and brought it back to me today, and I have tons of emails stacked up to read.  I wanted to let everyone know I'm ok and sorry if any of you were worried.  I had absolutely no way to communicate for much of that time, as I left my cell phone in Jeannie's car:  so no TV; no phone; no computer; nada!

Rocky is growing every day and is so sweet most of the time, so I can deal with a bit of devilishness once in a while.  I spend a lot of time laughing at his antics.

I gotta start reading through about 100 emails, so see ya later, and have a good weekend.

Friday, October 19, 2018

To Buy or Not to Buy

That is the question!  For someone who is opinionated (as I usually am), I sometimes let people talk me into buying what I don't want.  I shopped at Pet Club last night (a local CA business centered in San Francisco).  I like that their prices are great, their selection is overwhelming, and their employees are knowledgeable.  But I wanted a bag of puppy food for large breeds, and the woman kept talking me into one that she swore was good for ALL dogs.   I knew better.  How can the same food be the best for a doxie, yorkie, lab or golden retriever, boxer, etc.  So now I need to return the bag of puppy food and get what I was advised by the vet.  It makes sense that a puppy who is growing into a big active dog would need stronger legs, bones, etc.  I could train this dog to be a hunting dog which would require him running through the woods, retrieving, swimming, etc.  His needs are definitely different than a lap dog!  (I won't be doing any of that training by the way, because I don't have the legs for running through woods, retrieving, swimming, etc.)

Right now, as I'm trying to type this blog, he is looking for trouble to get into!

I haven't mentioned the possible move in a few days, and I'm still not certain but I'm leaning toward the duplex with the big fenced back yard.   I like the fact that I have stores near me such as Pet Club, Dollar Store, Sportsman's Club, and Smart & Final (which I rarely shop at), but since I had to turn back when Rocky got closer to the traffic noise and congestion, it doesn't matter that it's close.  I can't walk him there.  With the duplex I would be at least a mile from shopping but while there is traffic, there are also sidewalks which should make Rocky feel more secure.

The current tenants of the duplex are expecting their first child and would like to move back closer to family.  They have 6 months on their lease, but may move sooner (or later) than that.  I'm really not in a hurry especially with winter and holidays approaching.   I could also change my mind during the waiting period.

I love lazy mornings, but it's time for me to get dressed and possibly do some cleaning before Rocky needs a walk.  T.G.I.F.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I cooked today!

I don't often do it, but when I do I make enough for several meals.  I recently saw a Youtube video of a man cooking chicken ala king, and it sure looked and sounded good to me.  So I ordered a few ingredients I normally don't have on hand, such as mushrooms and heavy cream, and the order was delivered late yesterday.

I couldn't put this off because I had thawed the chicken and had to use it, so today was the day.  I haven't eaten any yet, because Rocky is getting close to his afternoon feeding time and I just wouldn't eat in front of him.  But I tasted the sauce and it is wonderful.  I don't know how it will reheat when I have the leftovers, but the flavors are great.  

I started to walk Rocky to Pet Club and the dollar store this morning.  As soon as we left the park, there is a short street, fairly busy as In 'n Out Burger is here, plus one of the entrances for Shell gas station.  This bit of street leads to a 6 lane divided blvd., Sunrise Blvd, which is heavily traveled all the time.  We didn't get half way down the short street to the blvd when Rocky started getting nervous and didn't want to go on.  I decided I wouldn't put him through that at least at this age.   The sound of trucks and cars were too much for him.

I changed his food yesterday for a brand without many ingredients, and selected a bag with no chicken - but it has salmon instead.  He has been having trouble as I mentioned, and I noticed every one of his "treats" plus his food contains chicken.  Poor little thing -  one thing I wanted to get at Pet Club is some treats he can have - some beef, bison, etc.  He also needs a new collar as well as a harness - I'm not sure whether to get both but want to talk to someone at the store about it.  Several people we meet in the park recommend a harness over the collar for all times.  He walks like a perfect gentleman when he's with only me, but the minute a person appears he goes crazy.  I'm afraid he is going to hurt his trachea with the excessive pulling.  Do any of you who use a harness take it off when they are settled inside the house?  I can't imagine it being comfortable for a dog when they are sleeping, and we all know that's their favorite thing to do next to eating! 

 I have 2 pills left for tomorrow, and one for the following morning, and then I'm finished with that prescription.  It seems to be working but I'll see.  It could be the sandals I mostly wear, that rub across my toe.  I'm wearing athletic shoes now and Rocky loves to sneak up and untie the laces and chew on them.

Time is flying by, folks.  We passed the middle of October already!  I'm looking forward to cooler weather and hope we get some here, but I'm sure not looking forward to 2019 which isn't all that far away.   (I will be another year older by the time we reach 2019!)

By the way, next-door neighbor Ed is alive and well and bought himself a car!  That's why I thought something had happened to him and he had to have someone stay with him.  I sure wish I could find an inexpensive used car!

I'm still waffling back and forth about whether to stay here or move.  At least I don't have to make up my mind immediately, although I need to start weeding out stuff I don't want to take to another house.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Remarkable Memory!

When Rocky and I are out walking and a vehicle approaches us or comes up behind us, I always make sure we are close to the curb and then stop.   Rocky sits, and we wait for the car or truck to pass, then go on.  I do this for our safety but also to let the driver know we see him or her, and that we will "stay" until they are past.

I'd forgotten about that this morning and on our walk he stopped near the curb and would not move - Duh!  I realized there was a car coming up the street in back of us.   I often  wonder who is training who!   Sometimes I am struck with awe as to what he retains and how quickly he learns.  I'll keep trying to fix the jumping and barking, but it might just be one of the stages he'll go through.  Even kids go through stages during  their childhood.

 Night-time lows are in the 40's lately and I love it.  I have a lightweight thermal blanket plus my comforter and I'm warm and snug.  Rocky has his labrador double coat so he doesn't mind the chill at all and sometimes snuggles up against me, but on top of all the covers!

I was supposed to visit the oncologist this afternoon, but Jeannie just realized I didn't have the blood work done.  I called for another appointment and the first available is Jan 8.  I can wait.

The dog park was empty so I took Rocky over after lunch.  I don't like it at all.  There was no one else there, but it seems depressing to me.  Such a relatively small space, with  a couple of big tables and lots of chairs for socializing.   Two folks who live nearby take their big dogs in when no one else is there, to throw a ball to their dogs.  I tried that a couple of times with mine and he went for the ball, but dropped it and found something else to do.

The Park has taken some of the available space in what is a very small area (especially with 10+ dogs in it) and made it even smaller with big stone planters surrounding the large trees; making a pathway with some sort of very finely crushed stone, plus big concrete areas for the people to sit and socialize, and just generally trying to cram something in too small a space.  I may try it another time.

It's walky-walky time according to my little timekeeper!  Have a good day.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Still Hobbling Around

As prescribed, I'm taking the antibiotic twice a day for 10 days, and I'm now on Day 6.  I don't notice a whole lot of difference, but then I am rarely able to sit with my foot elevated.  I still have to walk Rocky several times a day, and there are just things I need to do which require being on my feet.  I'm so depressed about this I could cry.

I found a small plastic container I can use for a foot soak, have the epson salts ready, and as soon as I try doing that I'm going to be fending off Mr. Nosey who will not "leave it".

Speaking of Rocky, I have been working with him and can really see improvement.  But it all goes out the window when we meet someone on our walks, and even more so if they also have a dog.  It's so frustrating to see him put his worst paw forward, when he can be so good when no one is looking.

Class No. 5 out of 6 this evening.  If they want an evaluation at the end of the series, I'm going to ask Jeannie to fill it out.  She does better with what they are teaching, whereas  in certain areas I do much better with my old "tried and true".  I sometimes find good Youtube videos, but this morning I started to watch one on keeping  your puppy from jumping.  I didn't watch long, when the trainer started talking about "markers", "clickers" and such.  Sometimes I feel like I'm too old to be alive, and I'm not even 78 yet!  (Too close for comfort though).

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Trip to Urgent Care

I've had a large inflamation on my big toe for the past few days - it only hurt for one day but the redness and slight swelling is constant.  I have no idea what could have caused it - it started out as a tiny little spot that itched, and then became much more problematic.  Last night Jeannie drove me to an Urgent Care center near their house - I've been there several times and was always happy with it.  The doctor prescribed me a round of medicine - I think it's an antibiotic and told me to stay off my feet as much as possible while keeping the sore foot elevated.  He didn't blink when I told him I had a puppy to take care of, go for walks, etc.  He just went on talking.  I have to walk Rocky but I'll try shorter walks at a time, which I had already started doing.  I am so sick and tired of doctors and medical issues I could   scream.

I was full of plans for walking Rocky and had several ideas for training him in areas he definitely needs training.   The woman who does the training classes is nice and means well.  She often mentions her dog and uses him as an example, but it's a small dog.   I don't think she has a clue in the world of what a lab is like to live with.   He's absolutely adorable, but he's also absolutely maddening when it comes to something he has a different idea about.

My neighbor on one side has had a visitor for several days - probably a daughter or d-i-l.  This morning there is a "For Sale" sign in front of the house, so whoever is there has probably been getting the house ready to sell.  Ed is in his early 70's I think, but has had a lot of health problems over the years I've lived here, and he is brought home from a bike ride, or taken away in an ambulance, more times than I can count.  Last time a huge fire engine pulled up in front of his place and he walked from it to the house.  A fireman pushed his bike for him.  He's always been pretty active for the shape he's in, but I've often wondered about the wisdom of riding a bike at his age and condition - he'd be better off walking.  He has always been a good neighbor and is very friendly to all my family when they come by.  He thinks my two sons who trim the bushes, work on the roof, etc., are the greatest.  When Joe trims the bushes in my yard he will usually go do Ed's as well.  It looks like a for sale by owner situation, and I hope it doesn't stay on the market long and end up being snatched by a real estate agent.  If and when I sell mine I told Steve I'd let him handle everything and take a commission!  When I see the grim details in the news about the economy, I think I should stay put right where I am, continue with the plans for fixing up the back yard for Rocky, and forget paying an extra $600+ a month for additional rent and utilities.   

My dear puppy is barking at me and I haven't figured out yet what he wants, so I'd better go try!  

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

What does the future hold?

I wish I knew what to do.  My 3 kids here in Sacramento met with me last night at our favorite local craft brewery.  The dog behaved fairly well, and the kids love the playroom there.  

My kids want me to move and have a place in mind, which is owned by Jeannie's next door neighbor.  She owns several apartments and duplexes in the area - in fact, my niece Tammy rents a duplex from her, and the one in question for me is in the same area.  It has more rooms than I need but the back yard is grassy and HUGE!  There is room to even grow a small garden, plus lots of room for Rocky to play.  The neighborhood is close to Jeannie & Donald, and is very walkable.  I was against it because of the rental cost until Steve showed me the back yard on his phone, and then I was sold.  

The people who live there have 6 months on their lease, but may or may not leave before the lease is up.  That would give me time to fix what needs to be fixed to sell my house.

Six months is a long time although it will probably whiz by, as does my life in general these days.  In 6 months I hope to have  Rocky trained a little better and he will be close to a year old - still a puppy for a lab, but maybe a little better behaved.

Speaking of Rocky, he is certainly a handful, and a typical labrador retriever - energetic beyond belief, extremely intelligent, funny and beautiful to look at, and lots more.  When he sees me having difficulty he spots it right away and is visibly concerned, and it's a special feeling that I couldn't have imagined.  On the other hand, I don't know how he does it, but whatever room he is in, asleep or awake, he can hear the freezer door open and he is there in the blink of an eye.  I have never had ice cream last this long!

I just heard something rustling in the background, and looked up to see ol' Rocky working on a roll of paper towels with the same enthusiasm he  attacks a roll of toilet paper.  I am absolutely stumped at how to correct this behavior - but I suppose I should correct myself first.  I had been doing some cleaning and must have left the paper towels within his reach.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Jeannie and I ran a few errands early this evening, taking between 1 and 1-1/2 hrs.  I figured Rocky would find something to do to get in trouble.  The video isn't the best, i.e., lighting etc., but you get the idea.

He ruined two rolls of toilet paper - fortunately they are from the dollar store and are 4 rolls for a dollar.  So 50 cents worth of t.p. kept him occupied while I shopped.

Earlier this afternoon I found a single dollar bill in his crate with about 1/2" torn off the side, which I also found near the crate.  I have no idea from where or how he got it - I can't imagine him getting my wallet from my purse and taking a single out of it.

Life with a puppy is never a dull moment.

Monday, October 8, 2018

A lot of training needed

I certainly wish the puppy training class had started with the most important behavior problems, jumping and barking.  I think they saved them for last, and will no doubt recommend taking the second series of classes to get the full training for these two obnoxious habits.   Right now he's on my list for an incredibly bad walk, as well as for chewing things he shouldn't.  It's pretty funny because he has that "guilty dog" look that could break your heart it's so cute, except you'd like to beat him for what he's done!  (But you don't.)

After the strong winds the past two days I have mounds of leaves and debris in my yard and driveway that I need to clean up.  I can't do it with the dog around because he makes a game of trying to get the broom.  Of course when I tie him up, he barks.

I wish I'd hear something good in the news for a change - it's been a long time since I've been able to read the news and not be depressed about it.  And I'm almost depressed about the cold coming into the northern plains and even stretching into Colorado, but the far west continues to be warm.  I would like a taste of cold weather now and then.   I haven't had to wear my parka or boots for years, it seems.  (I hope I don't regret saying that!!!)

Maybe the class this evening will be one that I can be happy about.  I'm reminded of the old saying, "Hope springs eternal".   As long as I can hope, I can be satisfied, if not ridiculously happy!

Have a good day!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Such a good dog!

If you can stand one more post about my dog ----

We went out via the side door and down the steps.  It is awkward, to say the least, and I have to be careful and hold the railing when I'm going down the stairs.  Today, Rocky actually went down two steps and then stopped and turned, and then waited for me to continue on down; then he followed me.  It's as if he knows I need to take my time and hold on to the railing, and he was watching to make sure I was ok.  It was a sweet moment and gesture from such a young dog who hasn't been trained as yet to do things like that.  He and I are going to be close partners.  It's also a good thing that he and Jeannie have bonded as they have, because she gives him something that I can't.  It's win-win all the way around. 

I know many dogs are watchful and careful of their owners, and it doesn't take a pedigree to make a dog into a fine and watchful companion.  But of all the different dogs and breeds that I've been around over the years, there is something "extra" with this one.  He and I are on the same wavelength and I've said many times that he can read my mind - literally.

Jeannie drove me to Bel Air this afternoon to pick up a prescription, and while I was at it I did the shopping that I planned to have delivered.  It was so nice to walk and gaze at the shelves, to chat with the pharmacist, and then the cashier.   Before we left my house I put everything up and out of reach of the dog, and if he found a way to get something I didn't want him to have, then so be it.  I didn't want to put him in the crate and then lock the door, as he then barks the entire time.  When I got home he hadn't destroyed anything or found a way to get into mischief, and he barked when he heard us coming but I'll have to ask my neighbor if he barked the whole time I was gone.

Jeannie brought me the new dog food that had been delivered to her house, and it was good timing because I don't have much of the old stuff left.  I fed him the new kibble for large breed puppies and he loves it!  I had planned to mix some of the older stuff with it but will save that to give as treats, and go straight to the new food which will be much better for him.

Rocky at about 8 wks:  (Click to enlarge)

Rocky at 4+ months:

I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day than today, and it looks like the next week will be great as well.  I love the cool breezes although it gets really warm in the sun. 

I'm really tired this evening but have a little longer before going to bed.  Rocky is stretched out on the floor sleeping already.  Have a nice weekend - I just found out today that Monday is a holiday.

Friday, October 5, 2018

My house!

I can only imagine what this place looked like when it was set up in the early 1960's.  Remember the clothes back then, and the psychedelic colors?  Well, I've figured out that this 1963 mobile home was lime green!  I know this from the walls in the laundry area, which is a converted back porch with awful green walls.

I've since discovered that they painted everything in sight with the terrible green color:  the driveway (the green paint is now showing through the black paving); a small concrete patio between the shed and the side of the house, just crammed in there with nothing to look at , and the green paint has mostly worn off but is still visible.  Can you picture a lime green house with driveway, patio, etc. to match?

I never did like the 60's to begin with.  It was an era of turmoil and civil unrest, and I hated rock & roll.  I love just about every kind of music including jazz, rhythm & blues, classical, and hillbilly, but never rock & roll.  Yes, this house would have fit the 60's very well.  I think I recall sewing myself a pant suit of green polyester - I did a darn good job on the sewing and it wasn't quite lime green, but I shudder to think of some of the clothes back then.

I forgot to mention that the outside of the house has long since been painted in a light gray.  Every part of the inside, including ceiling and walls, every room, every closet, etc., was paneled in a cheap wood paneling.  Talk about depressing.  I painted each room a different color with white on all the ceilings.  I probably went a little overboard, but ugly cheap wood paneling was really overboard!

I ordered a big bag of Wellness food for large breed puppies and it is supposed to be delivered today.  I am anxious to see if he likes it and what, if any, changes I notice.  I'd hoped to mix a bit with his dinner but just looked at the delivery schedule which promises that I will get it by 9PM this evening.  He's usually fast asleep by 8 or so, and we'll have to try it out at breakfast.  He is doing so well with the extra feeding at Noon - I had been giving him two meals a day plus a lot of kibble in the way of treats.  Now he gets 3 meals plus the treats, and all I have to do is mention the word "treat" and he knows exactly what is coming!

Enjoy your weekend!  

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Back to his old self!

I just got back from walking Rocky and I can say he seems to be fully recovered from the recent injections.  The rain has stopped but the wind is blowing in gusts, and on our walk he seemed to be chasing the wind!  He's a sight to see.

In his exhuberance he just jumped over the computer on my lap and his claws tore the skin on my arm.  It's going to take a long time to heal as he got me in two places.  I avoid clipping his nails (Joe usually does it but he hasn't been feeling well the past few days).   I may just have to try it.  Rocky holds still very well, something a lot of dogs don't like to do or have anyone touch their paws.

I really enjoyed hearing the rain last night.  I haven't heard how much fell overall, but I think we got a good soaking.  Now all the little flowers and buds have fallen off the crepe myrtle trees  and are clumped in  driveways, on the street, and everywhere you look.  I hate that tree even though it's beautiful when flowering, but would prefer it in a large yard away from the house.  It's such a nuisance in a mobile home park and there are a lot of them.  I believe they belong to the park so I  don't think I could cut it down and replace it.  The roots have cracked the small slab of concrete in the front, and is probably causing the house to need re-leveling.

This has been a beautiful day except that my arm hurts so bad where Rocky tore the skin.  I put a large band-aid on it immediately, but have no idea how to stop the pain in it.  I don't have anything for pain except baby aspirin, and that is the main reason why my skin is so thin and tears easily to begin with - that daily baby aspirin.  How I hate it!

Another weekend is nearly upon us and I don't have a date!   Haha, I remember when that was a huge disappointment! 


Wednesday, October 3, 2018


It is unusual for the Sacramento area to get rain this time of year.  It's absolutely pouring down and streaming down the windows.  There is even thunder.   Rocky is staying close by.  Darn, I wish I had my new sod down, but maybe we will get some rain throughout the winter.

This puppy is so funny sometimes I just sit and laugh at him and his antics.  He still isn't back to his old self after the shots, but he's doing well.  And he loves getting 3 meals a day now, plus still gets the treats in between.  He knows the word "treat" very well.  And today he has conned me out of a couple of teaspoons of vanilla ice cream.  I know I shouldn't but I do anyway. (It's the only way I can get ice cream for myself!)  I ordered a large bag of puppy food for large breeds as the vet recommended.  She mentioned it emphatically several times, so I am not waiting.  He has about 3 days left of his regular puppy food, so I'll finish that off.  I don't think it will be difficult to switch him over, as a lab will usually eat anything put in front of them, and make you think it's the best stuff they ever tasted.   

I can't stress enough how happy I am that I got what I wanted in a puppy.  He's a lot of work and hassle, and his independent nature often really irritates me, but he brings me so much joy it isn't even a question of putting up with the problems that go along with raising a pup.  The hardest thing is doing it alone, although I get valuable help from my kids and grandkids.  Being tied down is the most difficult aspect.

I got an email from Costco notifying me that they deliver groceries, so I will check out exactly what is available for delivery.  I knew they were working on it but I haven't ordered from them yet - I'll let them get their system worked out.  I will repeat that home delivery is a great thing for someone who can't get out to the stores.  I would far rather shop in the actual store, but since I can't I'm so grateful for this service being available.  Costco has a lot of items in large quantities, so if it's something you like to eat and have the space to store it, the price is really worth it.

It sounds like the rain is slowing down so maybe I can open a few windows again.  It's good to not have to use the fan or cooler, and not have the electricity costs that go along with them, but we will be back up into the 80's in a few days and that will require some cooling.

I have a hungry puppy so I will close and go feed the mutt!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Got the rabies shot! & Update

Donald drove me to the vet this morning so Rocky could get his rabies shot - the last thing necessary for him being able to go to the dog park.  I didn't know it would take so long to take complete effect, but the vet said to wait 2 weeks, so that's what I'll do.  It's tempting at times to give him a run in there when there are no other dogs, but I can't rush it and take a chance on his health.

The vet also said I should start feeding him more, so that will make him ecstatic!  He gets so excited whenever I start to pour his food into the bowl that he leaps up in the air in excitement.  

I  knew Donald and the gang wore Rocky out a couple of days ago when Jeannie & I went to Costco and they took Rocky to the park.  Two men and 3 or 4 kids wore that poor baby out, and I noted that he was tired all the next day.  Donald told me this morning that the kids ran him around the park and finally he pretended to not hear what they were saying or see them trying to coax him back into the "game".   I wish I was young enough to run with him, but since I'm not I am lucky to have family that will play with him.  We all have our special place in the chain of life.

I'm tired and think I will grab a little nap as long as Rocky is snoozing. 

UPDATE:  After a nice nap Rocky is awake but not feeling very well.  He really doesn't want to  walk which is totally out of character.  I gave him a big treat that he can chew on for a little while and he's happy, but he seems to have a small fever, not unusual for having the shots.  I told the vet today (and have told them every time) that I don't want them to give him two major injections at the same time.  So what did they do?  He got the next in a series of shots for the usual - leptospirosis, etc. - plus the rabies.  No wonder he's not his usual self.

Monday, October 1, 2018

A few hours to myself!

I really needed some time away from Rocky and was so happy when Jeannie suggested we go to Costco, Target, etc., while Donald and a friend of his took their children and  Rocky to the park to play.  I love the little guy but sometimes I just need a break.

Tonight is the 3rd of 6 sessions in the puppy training class.  So far I haven't been impressed at all.  I think this evening is going to be about either barking or jumping, but I'm not looking forward to it being any more productive than the previous two classes.  I will say that Rocky is doing better on our walks but it is no doubt just his getting a little more used to it.  When we meet someone, especially men who seems to want him to jump up on them, then it all goes to hell in a handbasket (saying, courtesy of my mother-in-law).   These wonderful guys just want to play with the dog and Rocky loves it.  But it's too rough and he doesn't discriminate when he's jumping up whether it's a middle aged healthy man, or an older woman who nearly gets knocked over by the exhuberance.  It's difficult for me to control him and I know everyone means well, but it's not easy for me and it certainly isn't easy for Rocky to become a well-behaved dog that anyone would love to be around.

I've been having a very rough time the past few days and I know it will get better eventually.  I may eventually hire a private trainer to work with Rocky.   I've been told over and over that it's his age and that he will outgrow it.  But in the back of my mind I wonder, "what if he doesn't outgrow it?"

On another note, I don't recall if I mentioned it, but my son Steve is going to help me do something with my back yard, tiny postage-stamp size that it is.  We will move the rocks to the side of the house, build a small patio with paving stones, plant grass everywhere else, and install fences on both sides making a grassy enclosure for Rocky to enjoy.  I already see myself sitting at a patio umbrella table sipping a beverage of my choice and enjoying being outside with the dog.  I'm also thinking about some planter boxes for growing tomatoes and a few other vegetables. 

I need to get busy and do some laundry today.  I've been putting it off but it's piling too high to let it go any longer.  

Have a good day, wherever you are!