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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Beautiful Sunday

We are having a warm day today and I'm glad I can open windows!  I'll probably be saying that all summer long.

I went to Costco with Jeannie & her family this afternoon.  I didn't buy much, but somehow a container of imported French brie cheese made its way into my cart.  What could I do but buy a box of cracker varieties to spread it on.  After eating my fill of brie & crackers, I opened up a bag of gourmet honey pretzel & nut mix, and I'm snacking on that now.   I love days like this.  This stuff is more nutritious than you might think, and is relatively low in carbs & sugars than other similar items, and you know how I like to eat healthy!

It's nice to be able to open the windows & doors, but the yapping is awful.   If I had TV I would turn the volume up.  I've been looking to buy a radio for several years but they are too hi-tech anymore to be of interest to me.  When you need a complete set of instructions to turn on a radio, then it's time to go back to basics.

I just tuned into Pandora and have some good music turned up as loud as I can get it.  I understand that the macbook pro doesn't get a high volume because for some reason the system gets too hot.  That sounds like an unlikely reason to me.  I just want "Music to Drown Out Dogs By"!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Market Day

I always look forward to Saturday mornings, and especially now that the spring & summer crops are starting to arrive.  I bought cherries that are so good and sweet, and I'll be filling up on them each week while the supply lasts.  It's not a very long season.  The strawberries & blueberries are also beautiful, and I got a bag of navel oranges as well.

A young man, probably 10 or so, was in front of me in the line holding a head of cauliflower.  He must really like it - he held it out to show me, waved his hand over the top and simply said "Cheese".  That's exactly the way I like my cauliflower, lightly cooked with a good layer of shredded cheddar on top, so I bought one for myself.  I just finished my dinner and it included half a cauliflower!  I also bought farm fresh eggs and some swiss chard.  The egg yolks are such a beautiful deep color and I don't think there is anything like a recently laid egg from a chicken that can peck and scratch the soil and wander about.  All I'm missing is my Grandma's hot biscuits to go with them.

My health must be improving a bit as I have been doing jobs that I've neglected for months.  My kitchen counter top is spotless, as is the stove.  I almost hate to cook anything on it! 

I have beautiful breezes coming in through the windows I've opened (I can do that now that I have decent screens!).  We are just short of 80 degrees today, but I'm afraid our wonderful 70's days are in the past.

I didn't get to the gym today, but maybe tomorrow.  No hurries, and no worries for me!


Friday, April 28, 2017

My day

I am not sure what I accomplished today but I sure haven't stopped except to eat lunch.  I did take care of a couple of things, like cancelling the DEXA scan I had scheduled for next Tuesday.  I don't know why I agreed to do the scan at least until I found out where I'd have to go.  I'm not driving to that area - it used to be a snap for me, but now I just want to drive close to home.  I don't want or feel like I need a bone scan at any rate.  I don't have any problems at all with aching bones - just aching muscles when I work out - and that's a good ache!

I did my walking on the treadmill, and went to Costco.  I wanted to get a pair of Serengetti sunglasses that I dropped and stepped on last year - best glasses I've ever had in my life!  For all the years I wore them they still fit like a glove.  I could try to get them fixed, which I should have done right away.  I looked for a replacement pair at Costco today, which is where I bought the original pair, but they only had one Serengettis and the rest were all Ray Bans.  

It has been very windy today so that even though it's about 70 degrees it doesn't feel hot at all.  I'm sneezing a lot so there must be a good deal of pollen in the air.

I just hung one of two sets of venetian blinds at my kitchen window, vowing to keep them raised all the way up except when the afternoon sun shines in.  I hung the set and then washed them by hand - a real chore - but they look good.  I also washed the big window inside and out.  The other set of blinds doesn't want to extend, so when Steve comes over I hope he can get it to work.  I hate to buy new ones when I really dislike them to begin with.

I think I've been on my feet and moving around more today than I have in a long while.  I'm tired now but hate to nap because it just makes me stay awake later in the evening.  A beer really sounds good now, but it would put me to sleep for sure!  I'll just keep refilling my water glass.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  It sure seems like I just wrote that a couple of days ago - has the weekend really rolled around already?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Long morning

I got up early this morning and was at the mechanic by 8:15, and Ara's car was taken right away.  The vehicle ended up needing two filters that I certainly wouldn't have known about, a "cabinair filter" and the "air filter".  The tires were rotated and just about everything was taken care of that needed to be.

She has a tire on the rear that doesn't match the rest, and told me that she had a flat tire and put this "other" tire on the vehicle.  Then the original "flat tire" was stolen, so she left the unmatching tire, which is far more worn than the other three on the car.  I thought about buying her a good tire, but since both sides should be replaced at one time it would mean buying two tires.  For the time being I let it go.

I was thinking about the long line at Target and realized that I normally don't mind lines because I talk to people who are also waiting.  This time the woman in front of me wasn't very friendly, and no one was in back of me.  Check out lines usually don't bother me and I couldn't figure out why I was so irritated - of course with all the employees just standing around they could have opened a couple more registers.

It's already 73 degrees and heading up to the 80's by the weekend.  That is more depressing to me than the rain!

When I get this DEXA scan over with next Tuesday I've decided I'm not having any more tests, just so they "can see if anything has changed".  I have also decided I absolutely won't even consider any medical procedures or surgery.  They take a long time to recuperate from, and at my age I have used up all the "recuperation time" I was allotted!  I can't believe I agreed to have this stupid scan, and at the main hospital that I have trouble driving to and parking.  To show what?  If there has been a change.  Well of course there must have been a change in the 5 or 6 yrs since my initial scan, but what are they going to do about it anyway! 

I guess I get b*tchy when I'm tired, and I woke up from a nap still tired and not feeling all that great.  Better stop before I put my foot in my mouth about something!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Customer lines at Target

I'll stop short of writing a full-on rant about Target, but I'm considering boycotting them for good.  I probably waited in line for half an hour today.  There were several cashiers open and quite a few employees just standing there observing the checkout area.  I have no idea why one or more of them couldn't have opened another register.  There were 4 self-check registers which I refuse to use and obviously a lot of other customers do as well.  If they want me to spend my money there, then they should treat me like a valued customer and check out my merchandise.  They certainly don't offer the slightest discount for people who do it themselves.

The groceries have the self-check outs as well and I've even had employees offer to walk me through the process to the point of checking my items out themselves, but I refuse to use those registers.  Again, I feel that the ultimate goal is to get customers to do the work themselves and maybe they can hire fewer people to assist shoppers.  I will never go for that.

I thought many times about just leaving my cart and walking out of the store, but since I had carefully shopped for items on my "trace of iodine" list I didn't want to have to do it again somewhere else.  I should have just gone to Bel Air but Target was on my way home from the gym where I walked a little over a mile.  I have to return to regular exercise - it's so easy to get out of the habit of going and I'm the ultimate loser when I don't.

I'm going to switch cars with Ara this evening so she can drive mine to work in the morning, and I'll take hers in for a very much needed oil change.  She has waited way too long as it is, so I'm happy to do it for her.  It will give me a reason to get dressed in the morning!

It has felt chilly all day, indoors and out.  Things will start to warm up to the 70's and even into the 80's by the end of the week.  When it hits 80 that is my level of tolerance.  I am definitely not ready for summer.  We talked about a camping trip last weekend, but if there is a forest fire anywhere in this part of CA I won't go camping.

I took a short nap earlier which just makes me feel sluggish the rest of the afternoon.  The mail just came, so maybe a trip outside to retrieve it will make me feel more awake and alert!  Then I'll be depressed that it's just advertising and requests from charities for money.  I hate it when they send items along with their plea, because if they are decent you hate to throw them away.  I received one yesterday that contained a carefully folded large carrier bag - really sturdy and very nice quality.  I didn't want to throw it out so I will probably send them a donation, but with a letter telling them if they send me anything else it will go into the trash unopened.  I doubt if anyone reads letters like that but it will make me feel better by writing it!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Good News!

The visit with the endocrinologist went well, in that there is nothing to be done at this time.  She told me I had no doubt had the problem with the thyroid for many years and showed me test results from 2013 where the numbers spiked a bit but went back down by the next test.  I will have blood tests every six months from now on rather than yearly.  In the meantime she wants to find out why I'm anemic.  I wish I liked red meat but I don't.

So I will have follow up visits, and probably more tests than I'd like - I'm already scheduled for a Dexa scan for bone density - but it could be much worse.  I feel pretty good right now, and am still feeling the happiness, so I'm just grateful for the good things and good people in my life.  I very much appreciate the support I've received from so many  blog readers.

I went to the gym straight from the doctor's office, and was a bit early for Jeannie and Ara.  I finished my workout and left before they did, but I did get to chat with them for a while.

I think I'll just stop here and hope I have something to write about tomorrow that isn't necessarily health related.  I am tired of feeling tired, and really want to resume my former pace of life, if that is even possible.

I hope everyone has a good evening and a great tomorrow!

Monday, April 24, 2017

No news

I saw the chiropractor this morning, and feel really good from that standpoint.  I get a re-test in 2 weeks, when they can measure the progress I've made and will recommend future treatment.  I will only go once every 4 weeks next time because I just can afford more.

I stopped at the grocery on the way home as I was out of milk AND half & half.  That just would not do to be without cream for my coffee tomorrow morning, although I've substituted whipped cream once in a while.  I put whipped cream with cinnamon & nutmeg in my coffee but usually just when I'm sharing with Jeannie & Ara.  Coffee is such a social drink but even by myself in the morning I love it.  Can't think of a more enjoyable way to begin my day.

I got up early this morning because I was plagued with leg cramps all night long, so I took a nap after lunch, thinking I would go to the gym when I woke up.   That never happens - I seem to be able to make one trip out a day, and then when I return home, I am home!  

Tomorrow I have the long-awaited visit with the endocrinologist about my thyroid.  I've been wanting to find out more about this condition and what I can do to alleviate some of the symptoms, if possible.  Now it is almost anti-climactic.  (I had to check on the correct spelling/usage of climactic vs climatic).  I sure hope the doctor doesn't want to do any more tests.  I hate setting them up, waiting for them, worrying about being on time, and then not really knowing any more than I did.   I think many times tests are a way to generate income for the medical center or practice.

I'm hungry so I think I will throw some leftovers together and see what I come up with.  It's too early to eat supper as I will be hungry again before I go to bed.    

Sunday, April 23, 2017

An Evening Out

Yesterday afternoon Ara and I drove across town to Steve & Megan's house for dinner and socializing.  I hadn't been there for quite a while because I certainly could never drive it myself, and because I'm turning into an old lady and usually prefer to stay close to home, if not inside my house!

I truly enjoyed every minute we were there - catching up on the latest, enjoying a couple of beers and good snacks, and just the conversations, the kids and the dog!  Steve fixed dinner - baked salmon filets (my favorite seafood), and some delicious side dishes, followed by chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert.  We ended staying and enjoying being together for some time after dinner.  

In the light of day this morning I see all the disarray in my own house and wonder if I'll ever get it all straightened out.  There is no sense in me trying to move things that the guys left, such as tubes of caulk, tools, etc.  They will need much of it to finish the job and I am not going to mess with it.  I can ignore it all when I see the light coming in the beautiful windows.  I've washed the curtains that were hung previously and just to have a more finished look I re-hung a panel on each side of several windows.  That will do me until I decide what I'd like to hang as a decorating item.  Up to now I have no idea what I want, but these panels will suffice in the meantime.

After not using the gym for well over a week I am excited to be going this morning with Jeannie & Ara.  I'm going to vow to at least walk every day I can get there from now on.  I need the exercise badly.

I am so happy to report that the probiotics and tumeric seem to be working.  Last night, after only two days of taking these supplements, I didn't need something for indigestion before going to bed.  I usually either drink baking soda in water, or apple cider vinegar in water in order to be able to sleep.  It's too early to be sure that it's the probiotics, but this is how quickly I noticed the good results when I initially started taking them.  It's incredible how fast they work and what a difference they make.  You can buy antacids for way less money, but you have only masked the problem and not done anything to solve or cure it.  It amounts to the requirement for good gut bacteria, to put it bluntly, and we don't get enough of it in our diets these day due to the large scale farming and food processing removing nearly every beneficial aspect of our foods.  That's not even considering the depletion of the soil, toxic substances that end up in our soil, and ultimately in our food.  I shudder to think of the radiation from Fukushima alone, and we will never be told of the true scope of the problems from that.

Let me get off my soapbox - I didn't mean to climb up there this morning - and get ready to leave for the gym.  Wishing you all a good day today as well as the coming week.

Friday, April 21, 2017

One of those days!

Everyone has one of those days now and then when nothing seems to work right.  Well, today is my day.  I bought a small jar of paint to match that in my art/computer room, as the new window has a strip of unpainted area, about a inch wide, all around the window.  I figured it would be an easy job, but was stunned to find I might as well not try to do it (I did try on a small strip of the wall), as my eyesight is too poor to tell when I'm straying into the frame of the new window!

Then I took one set of curtain panels that are in pretty good shape to place temporarily at one of the windows - just one panel at each side - and for some reason the panels are way too long.  I can't figure out where I hung them in the first place as I'm sure I had nothing that dragged the floor, which these do.  It could be that they will fit the driveway side window as the ceilings are a bit higher on that side of the house, but they will still nearly reach the floor and I don't remember them doing that before.  The wall on that window had severe water damage from years ago which was always covered up by the drapes, so Steve has promised to replace the paneling on much of that wall, which means of course that the new stuff will have to be primed and painted.  I was going to ask Donald to paint around the window that I started on because he has such a steady hand and a good eye, and is meticulous about his work, but I don't know about the big section of wall that will be replaced.  It's pretty obvious that I can't do it.  

What a bummer - I always enjoyed painting, and this is one of those things I mentioned in a previous post that I find I can't do any more.

The temperature is on its way up to 76 this afternoon, and I finally don't have to wear a jacket in the house!  I even have the front door open to just the screen.  April has been a delightful month so far, weather-wise, more like what I remembered it being like in the east.

My probiotics were delivered this morning so I've started my daily dose of them and the tumeric.  I sure hope I see results.  It occurred to me while I was suffering with awful heartburn last night that what I eat has a lot to do with my problem.  I do eat a good and healthy diet.  I am also addicted to sweets and have a supply of those on hand that I get into during the early evening.  After dinner yesterday I also drank a beer.  I'm not sure about the one bottle of beer, but I am sure the sweets are not doing me any good.  Ironically when I eat out, which is rarely, or go to one of the craft breweries, also rarely, the draft beer never has an bad effect on me.  In fact, it has quite the opposite effect and I feel great!  I noticed that on the two occasions I went out to dinner with all the kids while Mike was here.

I hope to have a good weekend coming up, and wish the same for everyone else in blogland!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Simplest Things

This morning I wanted to hang a new shower curtain liner that I had bought.  I got the old one off easily enough, although it took me a great deal more time than it would have just a few years ago.  Putting the new one on was nearly impossible and I ended up having to straddle the tub, standing precariously on the sides, to be able to see and hang it.  My kids would have killed me had they seen me standing on the tub sides!  Thank goodness for the grab bar and it was helpful for steadying myself.  It's all over and done with, but I wonder about the next time I need a new liner.

I've noticed that the simplest things I used to accomplish so easily now take forever.  I guess there are trade-offs with everything and getting old is offset by the fact that I am much happier and more contented.  Certainly I'm much wiser except when it comes to being stubborn about doing the simplest things for myself, but which aren't simple anymore.

The tumeric I ordered was delivered this morning, and I've already started the regimen of taking 2 of them daily.  The probiotics will no doubt be delivered tomorrow.  They aren't a brand that I've seen in my Costco store, so they probably had to have it shipped from somewhere else.  I got notice that it is on the way.

I think I want to resume painting soon, and doing a couple of small canvasses with acrylics.  I got an art set for Christmas that contains oil paints as well as other mediums (this set is huge!), but I will have to get the house in order before I start on any of it.  I still need to do one more fruit or vegetable for the kitchen and a few days ago I thought about sketching some beets I had on hand.  They didn't look right though, as I had cut off the leafy tops since they were starting to yellow.  I will try to find some pretty ones at the market on Saturday.  Another one I might try are avocados, and I can see in my mind how I'd like to arrange them.

It's good to get excited about upcoming projects - the practical ones of finishing the windows and surrounds, which result in beauty, as well as the ones for the benefit of the soul, which I find in painting, also resulting in beauty to me, at least.  I know my limits as an artist and will always be critical of what I do, but I enjoy doing it so much and it provides me with satisfaction so that I'll do it anyway.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Feeling Better

I noticed yesterday morning as I was driving to the library that I felt pretty good.  (Pretty good is a relative term, and my pretty good might still be pretty awful to a healthy younger person.)  Even though I tire easily, I continued to be happy the rest of the day, and woke up this morning still enjoying the "Me" I haven't seen for a while.

I've been researching gluten free diet, as I think I may feel a lot better if I eliminate gluten where possible.  I will miss my bread, but it's worth a try.  At least dairy and eggs are ok, and I can eat my fried egg wrapped up in a corn tortilla!  It is so difficult for me to even think about following a particular diet because in my entire life I've pretty much eaten what I like, and don't touch the stuff I don't care for.  But I think there will still be foods that I can enjoy.

I laundered the two pairs of lace curtains this morning and two of the panels (1 pr of curtains) were ripped to shreds in some places.  I don't know if it happened in the washing machine but I think it did.  The panels are wide enough that I can still use two of them on one window and still bring them together in the middle if I want to.  I have a fairly decent pair of sheers that I bought a couple of years ago although I don't like them because they wrinkle in the laundry/drying process.  If I keep them pulled to the sides maybe the wrinkles won't show and I will still have a large window space to look at.  I can't believe how much difference the windows make in letting the daylight in while keeping much of the outside noise out.

I haven't been to the gym for a while and need to get back to it.  It's just a habit that I have to get used to again.

There is another topic that I wanted to blog about but can't think of what it is for the life of me!  Next time it comes to mind I'll try to jot it down.  In the meantime, have a great week wherever you are.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Problem solving while asleep

I woke up with a start about 2 am this morning and realized I must have been dreaming about several problems and discovered solutions, I suppose while still asleep!  That is the weirdest thing that ever happened to me I think.  The solution I'm most happy about is the one for relieving the unbelievable indigestion/heartburn I have been having for several weeks.  I realized it was after seeing the cardiologist and having her tell me to stop taking all my vitamins and supplements.

Not knowing how they might be affecting my heart I stopped just about everything, including two things I take religiously every morning - a probiotic and two capsules of tumeric.  The probiotic has many more useful features than just helping with digestion, including skin conditions, preventing allergies and colds, and much more.  Tumeric is marvelous for treating pain.  So after realizing in my sleep that the lack of them might be my problem, I decided to start taking these two supplements again and see if I notice an improvement in a short time.  I got up very early this morning and ordered both supplements from Costco - they are organic and free of all additives, and they work!  I already received a notice from Costco that they have shipped, so I hope to be back on the road to digestive health very soon.  It has been the worst few weeks of my life because even baking soda/water and apple cider vinegar/water have become less effective and I still wake up throughout the night with heartburn.

There were also two solutions to other problems I've been wrestling with.  I remember going to bed early and trying to relax my mind so I could fall asleep.   Maybe the relaxation is the key - sort of like meditation.  Whatever it was, it worked!


Monday, April 17, 2017

No News

I went to the mechanic early this morning to beat the crowds, and Jesse was able to look at the battery and couldn't find anything wrong with it.  So he told me to bring it back if it happens again and they will put it on some type of analyzing machine.  I kind of hoped they would do it this morning, but I was happy enough to be able to start the car and drive away.  I was very low on gas and that was the first thing I had to do.  I ran some other errands and came back home.

I've just been doing things around the house such as laundry and think tomorrow I might wash two pairs of curtains that I bought when I moved here.   Who knows how old the other ones are and I'm going to toss them out.   I hung 2 prs at each window in the past so they were nice and full, but now I'm just going to hang one pair and keep them pulled back so all the window shows.  If I want to close them I think the two ends will meet in the middle, but without any fullness.  I suits me until I figure out what I want to do.  Meanwhile I sit and wait for my "workmen" to finish the job, and I don't expect anything to happen during the week.

Tomorrow I will open some paint cans and see if any of it is usable.  One of these days I'm going to get rid of every can of anything I haven't opened in years, including some that the former occupant left.  I'd love to have some room in my shed to store summer furniture and some of my larger camping items.  

I sometimes wonder about myself.  I love clean lines and uncluttered empty spaces, yet I never throw anything away!  My right brain needs to talk  to the left (or would it be vice versa?)


Sunday, April 16, 2017


I have had a fairly relaxed morning although I did clean up a few spots here and there.  Since there is still work to be done on some of the windows I might as well not worry about getting things back in order completely.  Tomorrow I hope to find usable paint in the cans so that I can do some touch ups around some of the new windows.  

I've been looking at ideas for window treatments online, and found several that I might like - ones that don't cover the windows unless I want to pull them closed.  I will talk to Ara about some of the ideas I like as she has said she would make the curtains for me.  Right now I'm enjoying the uncovered windows.  Even on an overcast day like today, my house is so much brighter!

Jeannie invited me to come over to their house for dinner.  Donald's Mom has an Easter ham that she wants to bring over, so I will enjoy the company.  

I went out and started my car, which worked perfectly.  Just in case though, Ara is picking me up and driving me to Jeannie's.  It may not be the battery at all, and I don't know enough about cars to understand the ignition system, etc.  I think I will take it to Jesse's Neighborhood Garage; Jesse is undoubtedly the best mechanic for miles around and I hope he can find and fix the problem.

Enjoy the day, and I'll be back tomorrow!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dead Battery

Ara and I drove my car to Costco this morning and when we had loaded the groceries in the back, the car wouldn't start.  No sound, no nothing.  Fortunately we were parked right across from the Tire Center and a guy came out and jump started it for us.  I'm safely parked in my driveway now, front end facing out to the street, and will just stay put until Monday morning.  If I can drive it to Les Schwab I will see if they can test the battery to find out if that was the cause of my problem, or if it is something else.

I have had an iMac computer for several years, sitting in my little office-art room.  It is a huge screen on a stand and whatever runs the computer is not noticeable.  Ara's computer is probably not fixable after spilling orange juice on the keyboard, so I offered her the iMac.  She already has it switched over to herself and took it home with her this afternoon.  I'm glad to know someone will be using it - it's nice but I found the screen just too big.  

I'm really tired from all the last week's activity, and think I may take a day next week where I don't even bother to get dressed, but nap off and on all day long!  I probably won't be able to do it for some reason, but it sure sounds good to me now.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Modernization in progress

I thought I'd show some photos of what has been done so far.  All the windows are in, but need caulking and trim applied, so there is still a bit to do.

Here are pictures of the front kitchen window, old and new, followed by the side kitchen with old window removed, and new one set in.  (Click to enlarge)

And this is the window on the driveway side of the living room.

You can get an idea of how much better it looks - I didn't get the "before" of the old jalousie windows except in the kitchen front.  Gosh they were ugly and the new ones are so much better!

Now I need to decide what to put up at the windows; I love white lace curtains (and have them in my bedroom) but this is not a "white lace curtain type of house", so maybe I should try something different.  I had sheers at all the windows before, and like them because they let in light but give some privacy.  Ara has offered to make me some curtains, but I just can't decide what type, fabric, pattern, etc.  I will think about it for a while.

Weekend coming up - have a good one!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

More Rain!

It is coming down pretty heavy and I'm getting so tired of it!    At least it is keeping the temperatures down.  My sister called when they reached Carson City NV yesterday afternoon, and said they were expecting 9-12" more snow in the mountains.   What a run-off it's going to be when all that stuff melts this year.

It was really nice going back to the gym last night.   I forget how much good it does me to exercise regularly.   I didn't realize it but Jeannie told me Mike has a membership at Planet Fitness in NY, so he could have been going with us.   Ara has been getting up early (like 4am) and going for a workout with Sarah (Joe's wife), and then meeting us in the evening as well.  So she's getting double the workouts and has lost 12#.    That is an accomplishment and I compliment her on her determination!

Last night on at least two occasions I was at one of the machines and had a very young man come up to me and tell me how to better adjust the machine for my height and comfort.    I don't usually bother because it's difficult for me to see where and how to adjust some of the machines, but I thought it was so sweet of them - sort of like how a grandson might want to help his grandma!   It's usually the very young men who are so helpful and considerate, although I have no gripe with anyone there.

Two weeks now until I see the endocrinologist, and I'm hoping she can give me some advice on foods to eat and foods to avoid with regard to the thyroid problem.  I read a lot of websites and articles about it but they are all so confusing as well as contradictory.  I think for sure I want to try to go back to low carb-very little sugar in my diet but that leaves out most bread which I love!   There just isn't a decent substitute either.

I have just 5 minutes if I want to be dressed by 10am this morning!  I don't know where the time as gone, but I'm being lazy today.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A bit of a scare!

When we were at Straw Hat on Monday night, Baby Quinn was recuperating from a bad cold/lung congestion/pneumonia, or some such.  On Tuesday they took her to the pediatrician who did some sort of treatment, but then sent her to the hospital in Roseville where they kept her overnight.  Steve & Meg were able to stay in the same room, which is so much better for families than to have to leave their young baby or child.

She was checked out every which way and pronounced ok this morning, so was released from the hospital after the overnight and seems to be doing fine.  Poor baby has had a bout with some sort of respiratory thing, and I hope she is back to normal.  Even through it all, she retained her happy disposition for the most part.

My sister and her husband have been in town since the Straw Hat get-together, and they left just a few minutes ago.  I met them as well as Mike and the boys at a local restaurant for breakfast before they took off for home in Nevada, and I hope the snow doesn't make the roads too bad.  I had already eaten my healthy breakfast so I just had a giant cinnamon roll which was very tasty, but now I have indigestion from it!  

As we were leaving the restaurant we met Steve, Meg, Liam & Quinn coming in to have their breakfast.  They came straight from the hospital, picked Liam up at Jeannie's, and wanted to get a decent meal.  Evidently the hospital food was terrible, which has always been my experience with it.  I think the smells of a hospital mix with the smells of the food, and the combination is almost lethal to me.

I was up early enough this morning to know that I need a nap about now.  I need to make a quick trip to the grocery but just can't stand the thought of having to get in my car and drive the mile or so to get there.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Straw Hat Pizza

Taking the family to Straw Hat for an evening of getting together and good food was the highlight of yesterday.  The adults enjoyed the conversation and good natured ribbing, and the kids were off on their own and enjoying it as well.  I hated to see the evening come to an end, but there's always next time when Mike and family visit us and I can get us all together.  

For the most part people didn't keep their cell phones in front of them and had mostly good eye-to-eye conversation.  Once in a while I saw one of them sneak out their phones but it was just a quick look so I didn't make a big deal of it.  I did tell everyone to begin with that no phones were allowed, and I said it in a joking manner so as not to offend anyone.  I'm a dying breed and connectivity is probably the most important thing to younger people (as well as many oldies), and I accept that even if I don't like it.  I am proud of raising a good bunch of kids though.
Jeannie & Ara want me to meet them at the gym this afternoon, and I surely need it.  But my sister and her husband might stop by for a while before going back home in Nevada; Mike & his boys will be here for some part of the day, and I just don't know if I'll have the energy in late afternoon.  I'll just see how I feel.

The longer I go without hearing from the cardiologist the more hopeful I am that I won't need surgery at this time.  The report indicates there is good news and bad news, and I will just focus on the good!

I was stopped at a traffic light on my way to Straw Hat, and watched a grown man, probably in his 30's, who was dancing around, gesturing, and swinging around the light post, obviously high on something.  He was in his own world, for sure, but I was laughing to myself that I needed some of whatever it was he took to put him in that state!  (Only joking, that is the last thing in the world I would ever want to do.)


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Slow Sunday

Although it's been a slow Sunday, the time seems to be flying by!  That seems to challenge the laws of physics, or something like that.

The family is in the Sierra today going snowboarding.  They signed up all the kids for lessons this morning before they actually came down the slopes on their own.  I think that's a good idea.  They are all going back tomorrow morning, but assure me they will be home in time to go to Straw Hat. 

It's a sunny day but I almost wish it was pouring rain, and at least the yappy dogs wouldn't be out across the street.  There are several people there with their dogs, one of which barks incessantly.  Evidently that is ok with the owner.

I hope everyone has a good week ahead, and I hope to as well. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

A little gripe session

I probably should stay away from everyone these days.  Mike and the boys came over and visited with me this morning and then we went to lunch at Jasper's.  Joe and his 2 girls met us there.  In all fairness, the guys were trying to arrange trips for the next 2 days to go snowboarding in the Sierra, but once Joe got there, he and Mike were looking down at their phones the entire time.  The kids sat at an adjacent table so it was just the 3 adults, but I felt like I might as well not been there.

In all fairness, they were contacting Steve & Jeannie to include them in the snowboarding fun.  I think they will all meet at Joe's later, along with Jeannie & her family plus probably Steve, and I think I will just stay home.  It seems that no matter where you go or who you are with, people are hypnotized by those damn devices and can't take their eyes off them.  I've about had it with most of humanity!  It's not just my family - everywhere you look people are together but not really with each other - something more important is taking place on their phones!

I find myself wishing something would blow up the entire cell phone system world wide and people could go back to relating to each other.  I'm only wishing for the destruction of cell phones, not anything else, mind you.

Everyone else took the kids to an indoor miniature golf & other games venue, where I'm sure the adults will still have their phones to their faces while trying to also communicate with each other.  They mentioned something about getting together later for the evening, but I'm staying home.  Multi-tasking just doesn't do it for me.

End of gripe session.  I'm glad to get it off my chest because it is something that has been bothering me for a few years now, and I find it getting worse, not better.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Nothing new or different

Nothing has changed and I've stayed pretty much immobile today.  It's probably not the best thing for me to do but I lack energy to do anything else.

The weather and other flight problems caused my son & his 2 boys to be arriving in Sac tonight rather than yesterday as originally scheduled.  We've had some terrific rainstorms this afternoon - I think it's the worst I've experienced so far.  It looks like NY has better weather than we do, with a couple of days in the 70's coming up.  It's 50's and 60's here, but I still prefer that to the 90's and above that we will be experiencing soon enough.

I may not post for a few days, depending on if I have anything to write about.  Just writing that I'm cold, tired, and unwell is getting old to me, so I can understand that none of you want to read the same old thing either.  I will post if I have even a small tidbit of interesting news to relate.  Meanwhile, have a nice weekend.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Results in

I got my echocardiogram test results but I can't really understand much of it and will need to see what the doctor says.  It sounds like there are problems but not to the extent I feared.  But then what do I know.

I'm trying to think about more pleasant things now.  I'm going to the gym in a couple of hours and that will be the best part of this day.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Checking in

Just checking in to say nothing is happening here.  I feel so tired, and every now and then I go in an plop down on my bed for a rest/nap.  This isn't normal and I hope it will get better soon.

I wanted to go to Target today and maybe even to the gym for a while, but couldn't seem to move after I got a shower and got dressed.

Mike and the boys will be here tomorrow evening, so I have tomorrow to clean up the kitchen.  I think the windows in that room will be replaced first, so I have to have a clear space for them to work in.  I'll take some photos if I remember to do it.

Hope everyone is having a good week, and looking forward to the rest of mine.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Test Completed

Now the wait!  I was told by the tech who did the test that I might not get the results until I next see the cardiologist which is in 2 weeks.  I sure didn't think I'd have to wait that long, but thinking about it now, no news is good news.

After the early morning test I drove to Bel Air to pick up a few groceries, but stopped first at the little cafe/bakery in the front of the store.  A cup of coffee and a cream cheese Danish has me feeling pretty good.  I had given up Danish pastry quite a while ago and hope this doesn't hook me again.  Although, when I think of it, life is short and I might as well enjoy some of the small pleasures.   Which I do, by the way.  I have decided no matter what the prognosis I will not give up my coffee with half & half, although I might cut my intake by 1 cup a day.

Tonight is a gym night with the girls, and I'm looking forward to the treadmill which I have skipped for several days.

I doubt if I will know anything about my test results for at least several days, if not weeks.  Of course I'll post them if I get them sooner.  The more I think about it the more I realize I really don't want to have surgery, especially the major kind with a long recovery period.  I have a few years left to live, I hope, and I want them to be as productive as possible.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Waiting around

I'm just killing time this morning until I start getting ready to go to Jeannie's where I will spend the night.  We need to be at the Med Ctr a little before 8 am tomorrow.  I will be so glad to get this over with, and wonder how long it will take for me to get any results.  The doctor I had several years ago always got back to me asap, but she left practice for personal medical reasons and I find that most of the doctors now just let you sit and cool your heels for a while before releasing your results.   It shouldn't matter much to me, but I'd like to know.

I had a wonderful day yesterday visiting with most of my siblings.  When you come from a large family (8 kids) and most everyone eventually goes their own way with their own families, it is a shock when you get together and realize you are still the same kids you were "back when".  It was a sad occasion to start with, many tears shed by all, but eventually it turned into interesting conversational groups, reminiscing, etc.  Now we only get together for weddings and deaths, but I felt much closer to all of them yesterday even though the occasion was sad.

I've been recording all my crazy irregular heartbeats, time of day and duration, as requested by the cardio.  I think I was supposed to also say what I was doing at the time but I forgot that part so haven't recorded it.  I can just say during all of them I was "just sitting around".  For yesterday afternoon I tried to give an approximate number of occasions and duration, and lumped them together.  I couldn't carry my little pen & notebook into the serious and/or fun conversations I was having.

I think I will start to get ready and hope I feel like eating some lunch.  I'm hungry enough to eat, but taking the time and effort to throw it together doesn't seem worth it!

I think everything will go smoothly tomorrow and I am really not worried about it, although I probably am stressed about it but keeping the stress tamped down and under control.  Mike and his boys will arrive in a few days and I can look forward to that.  I'm taking everyone to Straw Hat Pizza for an evening, and I'm going to enjoy a few brews!  I don't drink very often or very much any more, but think I need to let loose pretty soon.  Probably not with all the kids there - maybe Jeannie & Ara and I can go to one of the craft breweries within the next few weeks and I can just relax.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Family Gathering

I will be going to Jeannie's early this afternoon where several of my family will be gathering.  My brother and s-i-l from Wisconsin will be there and I'm anxious to see them.  I often stayed over and visited them on my yearly cross-country trips, and I sure have missed them.

My youngest brother and his family, will be here from the Livermore CA area, as well and the parents of my late nephew.  Both my sisters will be there along with a few other assorted relatives.  Should be an interesting gathering, and would normally be a fun get-together, but I expect this to be a toned-down visit.  As I'm not used to being in crowds I'm already beginning to get a little stressed

I don't have a clue what to wear, as it is supposed to get up to around 78 degrees today.  I am usually cold and try to dress for comfort, but I'm at a loss as to how I will feel in a house full of people.  Also, I live in jeans or sweats and t-shirts lately, and don't like dressing up any more.  

I slept late this morning and as there is nothing I have to do today except to be ready a little after Noon, I am not really concerned.  I guess I need more sleep lately.

Now that the weather is better the dogs are back in the dog park in larger numbers.  I recognize some problem barkers, plus at least two new ones who do nothing but bark.   I'm already sick of hearing them, and can only hope that new windows might keep out some of the yappy noises.  I have never had a dog that barked incessantly and don't understand how their owners deal with it.

I wish everyone the best for today as well as the coming week.  I just want Tuesday to get here and get that darn echocardiogram over and done with.  I absolutely HATE the thought of having to plan the next few months and even the coming year based on health issues, doctor visits, etc.  I want to be healthy again and get back to living!