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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Time Marches On ---

--- and I'm keeping up with it, if just barely.  I regret that I sold my mobile home.   At least I met people when I walked Rocky, and most were friendly so I had a lot more human contact. 

Ever since I've moved away from the mobile home I keep watch online for what is on sale and details of the homes.  A few months ago there was a house for sale by owner with a relatively low asking price, that I had been following for several months.  After sitting on the market for a while, it was advertised by a real estate agent at a much higher asking price.  It sold in less than a week (for the higher price!).  I could have kicked myself for letting it go.  I could have paid cash for the house!  The monthly cost of site rentals has gone way up, but I still could have comfortably afforded it.  There's an old saying:  "He who hesitates, is lost!", and I sure lost out on a good thing.



Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

 I can't wrap my mind around the fact that it's 2023!   Life is slipping by.

I haven't written an update, because my life certainly hasn't  been anything to write about this past year.

I'm living with my daughter and her family about 30 miles outside of Sacramento.  They bought a house that has a very nice "in-law suite" consisting of a living-dining-kitchen area in one large space, a decent sized bedroom and full bath.  I also have a stacked washer/dryer and a full sized garage (no car, however).  There isn't much of a front yard or porch - people don't sit out on their front porches and talk to folks who go by.  There is, however, a nice patio off my bedroom and a huge back yard for Rocky and Tito (Jeannie's dog).  To tell the truth, I would like to run away!

It's very nice and I appreciate it, although I would rather be around folks my own age, or at least more friendy folks.  I think my age is off-putting to younger people (and younger, to me, is anyone under 70).  I totally appreciate that my daughter wanted to find a place where I would be comfortable, and I am comfortable in my spacious apartment, but I have no friends or even acquaintances.  When the weather is good, I walk Rocky twice a day on a path through some nearby woods.  There are a few people I encounter on these walks, but I'm lucky if I get a response to my "hello".

 Right now the weather is not good for walking, so I spend my days alone for the most part.  It's a dilemma for me whether I should try to find senior housing, but I would only go into that if I could take Rocky.

I haven't written a post for some time now, and don't know if anyone ever looks to see if I've posted a new blog entry.

So much for my update.  I hope you all are doing well, and that I can get back to reading blog posts again and keeping up with everyone.

Best wishes for the coming year!