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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Betty, you are right!  They made me go back and shop some more until my bill came to about $150!  (Just kidding).  I bought some stuff for New Year's Eve, including a moderately priced bottle of champagne.  I also filled my fuel tank at $2.29/gal.  Not sure if it has been lower during the past couple of weeks - I don't have to fill it as often when I just drive locally.  There were many days in December that I purposely stayed home so as to not be immersed in the "buy-buy-buy" mentality.

I also paid the January rent this morning - my bill includes gas, elec., and water for the past month.  It has been so cold and I've run the  gas furnace more often, plus use the small electric heater when I'm sitting down at the computer or to watch TV.  I haven't had bills this high for a long time, but I just can't deal with the cold.  

After my travels this year I hope to put some money toward replacing my windows, which should make it easier to heat (and cool) the house.  These windows are 1960 vintage and not one of them shuts tightly, and there isn't a decent screen in the bunch.  The biggest drawback to getting new windows is that it might be difficult (and expensive) to replace them with the same size and expanse of glass.  I've noticed on similar mobile homes in the park that they often replace a large window with two smaller ones.  I don't get a lot of natural light because of the layout of the houses and streets, so I want the big windows.  My son Steve has said he will do some work on a few things I need, and I'm torn between updating kitchen, bath or windows. 

One of my resolutions for next year is to use up or get rid of all the cleaning products I've accummulated.  I could clean a hotel with all the crap I think is going to give me a sparkling clean house!   Lately I've begun using vinegar, and sometimes baking soda & salt to clean, and they work just as well if not better, with no harsh chemicals.  I light a couple of scented candles to get rid of the vinegar odor though.

Ara finally got home but it wasn't until about 7:30 in the evening.  She had to take a train from the airport, transfer to a bus and then to a trolley that stops at her house.  I would gladly pay the cab fare for her, but as long as it's not the middle of the night I'll let her travel her way! 

I could sure use a nap by now, but still have some papers and clutter to get out of the way.  I wish it was easier for me to throw things away, but I've always held on to things "just in case".

Just one more day until we are in the year 2016, folks!  I wish you all a happy and prosperous year ahead! 


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Weather woes!

Poor Ara, went to the airport last night and was told the flight had been delayed until this morning.  Today's flight left, but there was a delay of several hours in Houston; I haven't heard if it finally departed, but I hope she is home by now.   Oh how I hate the thought of air travel!

I really enjoy working at the library.  My boss wasn't there today but she had given me something to do, and the time passed quickly.  The job is something I love doing and am extremely good at, if I do say so.

On my way home I stopped at the grocery for a few items, which turned out to be more than a few.  Before leaving home this morning I checked my bank account online and saw that reimbursement checks for about $200 from Medicare (chiropractic care) had made it to the bank and were in my checking account, so  I transferred $200 to savings (my travel fund), leaving me a little over $60 in checking.  Wouldn't you know the groceries came to $71?  After several tries I asked the cashier to debit $60 and let me pay the balance in cash.  I was frustrated as I saw the line behind me getting longer, but we finally got it squared away.  I didn't expect to spend as much as I did.  I need some things from Costco as well as to fill up the gas tank, but will have to wait for the Jan. retirement check to hit my account!    I did pretty well on the Christmas shopping this year - I can only think of one gift that I charged on the credit card.  But my wallet and checking account are certainly depleted!

I drove to a nearby Fed-Ex place on Christmas morning to pick up a box from Mike that should have been delivered days earlier.  There were a few people ahead of me, and since things were moving slowly we eventually began to chat with each other.  Several people made comments about grandchildren, and that 5 minutes with them was enough, glad when they went home, etc.  Everyone was agreeing and chuckling, and I decided it was time to speak up.  I said "Grandchildren are the best part of my life".  I swear everyone glared at me!  What was that all about.  I can't figure it out.

I'm going to work out at the gym with Jeannie this evening.  Looking forward to pumping iron!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

A relaxing day

I went to Jeannie's house today to spend the day with Ara before she heads back east.  Jeannie, Ara and I put toether  a big jigsaw puzzle, and worked 5 NY Times crossword puzzles.  With three great minds together we just couldn't fail.  Donald came in and assisted with the jigsaw puzzle for a while.  

I will miss Ara and love having her here, but I'll see her again when I go to NY for Justin's 1st Communion in April.  I'm still debating trying to drive or get back on a plane, and I've about ruled out taking Amtrak.  At one time Amtrak was the best choice but the service has greatly deteriorated over the years (although the airlines has had the same decline as well).  I don't have to decide for another couple of months, and just hope the weather is fair on my travel days.

Today I don't think I would even attempt to drive across country, but if I can get a new prescription for eyeglasses in January that will improve my vision, I might attempt it.  So far the macular degeneration doesn't seriously affect my view of the road ahead while driving under most road conditions, and if I can avoid large metropolitan areas (such as Chicago) I think I might be 

I work at the library tomorrow and I think I'll be working in the non-fiction, which is my favorite.  I'm getting tired of the kids' section and need a break.

I've looked ahead at the 15 day forecast for my area, and it is likely our days won't rise above the 50's.  Tonight it is going down to 30 - I sometimes wear an extra shirt under my pj' s to keep warm.  

I'm going to try to go back to walking at the gym on a daily basis, and hope to work out at least twice a week.  The hardest part of getting back to healthy living is to quit eating the carbs and sugar that go with holiday treats!  I have an unopened growler (64 oz) of golden ale in my fridge, and it needs to be consumed within 24-36 hrs of breaking the seal.  I will need some company to accomplish this, and when it's gone I'm going to get serious about my diet.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

See you next year, Santa!

Another Christmas has come and gone, and I'm still reeling!   Our family had a wonderful gathering, with lots of love and laughs.

I am drinking a super tasty cup of coffee this morning, made possible by my new Mr. Coffee.  One of my gifts was a model with an on/off switch and no bells & whistles.  Just what I have always liked, and this model makes a great cup from the very first time.  There is definitely a difference.

I also got a North Face jacket with a warm liner.  I've always wanted one of these but never  could afford a North Face.  There is definitely a difference!  

I got a growler of beer from American River Brewery, a couple of bottles of wine, a gift certificate from Straw Hat Pizza, a book "Women Who Run With the Wolves",  and a spiffy wine bottle opener that looks so easy to use.  I have always used the old style corkscrew and can barely get the cork out intact.  

I also received plane tickets to Alaska for July/Aug, and will travel with Joe, Sarah & their girls.  Sarah has family there and I'm looking forward to just being there.  This will be my 50th state, and I never thought I'd be able to do it.

Yesterday was a lazy day for me and I'm thinking about getting out and about for a little while today. 

I have an appointment for the first week in January to see the opthamologist and hopefully get a prescription for new glasses that can make my vision a little better.  The mac degeneration will still be a problem but I hope to be able to see a little better without straining.  It's getting difficult to read street signs until I'm right upon them, reading anything on the TV screen, etc.

I hope everyone has had as happy a Christmas as I have, and look forward with me to a good 2016.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rest in Peace

This will be a short post, but I wanted to show a couple of pictures taken at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia.  The scene is stunningly beautiful in its simplicity.

(Click on a photo to enlarge it.)

All the presents are wrapped and I feel a big relief.  I had to run out and get more gift tags - who would think they are so difficult to find.  I can remember in the past having to buy a package of 100 when I only needed about 10, but this year they are scarce!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lucky Day

I've felt great today and now realize I feel lucky as well.  I got another reimbursement from Medicare for my chiropractic treatment, and I still have a few more treatments to go, and to bill Medicare for.

I'm mentioning this in case any readers who are under Medicare are also under chiropractic treatment, please be sure the office submits the request for reimbursement to Medicare.  My treatment plan is for approximately one year, and I paid the total amount to the doctor in the first 3 months.  Medicare sends me the checks and I'm not sure how they dole them out but I expect to receive another check or two before I'm finished.  It looks like I might get somewhere around 1/3 of the total and possibly a bit more.  So be sure to check with the chiro's office personnel to see if they will submit the payment request for you.  I think Medicare pays for the manipulative treatments but not xrays or just an office visit  to discuss the treatment plan or other options.  Note that there is a deductible amount set by Medicare.

I've wrapped some more of the kids' Christmas presents and realize that one of the kids is 1 present short.  I got them all some little inexpensive things to unwrap along with the primary gift.

Work at the library is going well.  The Volunteer Coordinator and I discussed my working a few more hours a week if I want.  I'll extend my shift after the New Year.

The sunset today is about the most gorgeous I've ever seen.   I snap pictures like crazy but they never come near to the actual sight. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Fun Sunday

The day spent at Steve's house yesterday was really nice and relaxing as well.  The Bengals game was on the TV, but the guys just cast their eyes on the screen once in a while and the sound was very low.  A friend of theirs came with his two beautiful little daughters (Mama wasn't feeling well).  They left after Cincinnati won the game.

The Cincy chili was so good - I eat mine plain over spaghetti while most people dump cheese & onions all over it.  I also set aside my avoidance of processed meats and had a Coney Island - hot dog on a bun with Cincinnati chili and if you like, cheese and onions.  I had mine with just the chili.

My sister Amy and niece Katy were there as well, and it is always a joy to get together.  The kids play so well together, and the dog (Sammy) was all over the place.  He started out looking like a boxer but after a year or so he has a decided pit bull look.  I have never met a sweeter and better tempered dog; of course he loved following the kids to the bowl of chips as they obligingly dropped one for him now and then.  He tried his best to get up in my lap but couldn't quite make it into the chair.  It was nice to have a dog around for a change.

I'm essentially finished with my Christmas shopping, and will pick up one of the gifts on Christmas Eve.  I also might look for a couple of small items for the kids.  I haven't sent a Christmas card in years and intended to for some of my elderly relatives this year, but never got around to it.  I'm not really into Christmas and it's only because of family that I even mark the day.   The hard sell that begins the day after Halloween really turns me off, but that's just part of it.

This morning looks like it will rain all day.  I checked the 15 day forecast for Sacramento and it looks like only one day out of 15 will get above 60F, and barely above at that.  I have been absolutely freezing here in my house.  There is no way to keep it warm - no doubt due to lack of proper insulation, windows that let air in, etc.   I hate to think of what the gas and electric bills will be for this month.   The only time I'm warm enough is when I go to bed and crawl under the down comforter!  I'm tough and can deal with it though. 

I have to leave now for my chiropractor appointment.  I hope the traffic is light especially in all this rain, but I know better.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Alive and Kicking! UPDATE

I am still around and just socializing a bit with family.  Yesterday was Autumn's birthday party at the roller rink.  I skated 4 turns around the rink without falling or making too much of a fool of myself!  I debated long and hard about it as I sure don't want to think of a broken bone or anything that would make me have to seek medical help!   Steve helped me with the first round and I was fine from then on.  I need to find an ice skating rink as I know I wouldn't have any difficulty with that.

Today everyone is gathering at Steve & Meg's house to watch a football game.  I thought about not going because I'm not the least interested in football, but just couldn't miss the chance to be with everyone, as well as sample the Cincinnati Chili Steve is making.  My niece Katy is in from NY and it will be good to see her again as well.

I didn't take any pictures of the skating party, but if I can get a couple from Jeannie I will post them next time.   Meanwhile, I'm off to the football game! 

UPDATE:  I just corrected the post title.  Why I didn't see "Alice" I don't know.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Not feeling well

I have done very little today except go to the post office and mail a package.  I woke up early feeling very queasy.  I sipped a bit of water and was in and out of bed - standing in the hallway by the bathroom, taking deep breaths, and trying to will the yukky feeling away.  I finally got up and made my coffee - the first sip of coffee did it, and from then on I felt better, but couldn't get the energy or motivation to do anything.  

On the way to the post office I have to pass the junior high school, and saw a soccer ball that had found its way into the street.  I went around it and then pulled over into the right lane and got out of my car.  The guy behind me went around the ball, but the next car in the lineup stopped and waited until I had retrieved the ball and thrown it across the fence.  That was so nice of him, and it put me in a positive mood.  Believe it or not the mood just got better at the post office where there were two separate elderly people who were obviously handicapped, and they were encouraged (by the patrons) to go to the next available clerk without waiting in line.  Maybe it's the season, but I think one kindness encourages another, and it just grows into many kindnesses.  One person can't change the world but they can certainly enhance the world for those around them.

Speaking of coffee, I returned the Mr.C to Costco and I'm so relieved I did.  It was an all around bad design, and I'm considering writing the company although I may never get around to it.  Making the coffee with the Melitta system is so easy and the coffee is so good, and if I ever decide I want to use a machine I can just get the old one out again.

Thanks so much for all the helpful comments and suggestions about the coffee maker.  I just came to the conclusion I could never really learn to like the model.    

Monday, December 14, 2015


I must be pretty distracted this morning.  I washed my hair in the shower and decided to use a drop of conditioner, which I don't do very often.  It is made from hemp and I love the way it makes my hair glisten.  But this morning I rubbed the drop of conditioner between my hands and started smearing it over my face!  I realized what I was doing and managed to get some of it on my hair, but then I'm thinking - "If I got stopped and given a drug test this morning I wonder if I would pass."

My face feels smoothe and hydrated, and if it stays this way all day I might start using it regularly.  

I used my Melita coffee system this morning and it wasn't too much of a bother.   I have an electric kettle that heats the water very fast, and while the water was seeping through the grounds I heated more water to fill the thermos so it would warm up.  When I dumped the water out of the thermos I poured the extra coffee into it and I'm now having my second big mug of wonderful coffee.  I think this will work much better than the huge Mr.C machine, so I will return that to Costco.  I'll still have my old Mr.C in case I feel the need to use it.  Clean-up is surely a breeze - just rinse or wash the glass decanter,  lid, and the filter cone.

My granddaughter Autumn will be 9 years old this weekend, and her birthday party is being held at a roller skating rink.  You may remember that I survived a couple of turns round the rink on grandson Justin's birthday a couple of years ago.  Do I dare try it again?

I'm off to the gym, the chiropractor, the post office, and maybe even Costco.  

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Getting the Christmas Spirit

I accompanied Jeannie & family to the Sacramento Fine Arts Center today where about 50 members of Autumn's choral group from school gave a concert.  The kids ranged from grades 3 through 6, and were incredibly good.  They had a good variety of Christmas songs plus even a Hanukah song.  Autumn has to be at school for choir practice by 7:15 am (I think it's 2 or 3 days a week they practice).  I am surprised so many kids are enthusiastic enough to get up so early on these cold mornings.

We then went to her soccer game - on an indoor court.  I think there might be another game or two in the rest of the indoor season.  I admire Jeannie & Donald and all the other parents who expend so much effort to get their kids to practices, games, etc. 

The jury is still out on my Mr. Coffee.  It's ok, but I can't believe how the mfr didn't allow much room to pour the water into the well.  I spill a bit every timeYou would think that manufacturers would test their products with real users before releasing a new version.  I'm amazed at some of the nearly useless functions on many products that were obviously not put to a practical test.

I think maybe the worst part about this coffee maker is that there are several "buttons" on the front that you press for various functions, to set the time, etc.  I can see the buttons but can't read the tiny little print that indicates what they are for, so every morning I have to get my flashlight (even though I have the overhead light plus the light on the stove vent turned on) to read which button starts the brew cycle.  I think every single appliance in this world ought to have an on/off button that is separate from all the others and is clearly marked.  I know younger people and older folks who still have good vision don't have a problem with distinguishing the buttons on an appliance, but your time may be ahead of you.

When I began writing this post I had no intention to complain so much.  But this is what I deal with every day.

Last night I didn't feel like cooking.  I try to eat my main meal of the day at noon because I often don't have much of an appetite by evening.   A while back I ordered a container of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough from Autie, a fund raiser for girl scouts I think.  I took delivery of it when I returned from New York and stuck it in my freezer.  Then I determined to cut down on carbs and sugar, so it's been sitting there.  Last night I got it out and baked a dozen cookies.  Fortunately you can re-freeze the dough so I have the unused portion back in my freezer.  I ended up eating the dozen cookies for my evening meal, and even sampled some of the raw cookie dough.  I'm sort of reminded of my binge of caramel popcorn, but I thought I was dying when I ate all that - I have no excuse for the cookies!   I felt a lot better this morning than I did the morning I found myself alive after eating all that caramel popcorn!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Starting over

As suggested, I decided to give the coffee maker another try in case it just had to get rid of the "brand new" taste.  So this morning I brewed in the new Mr. C.  The result was pretty good, so I suppose I'll keep it, but I'm putting the old one on a shelf for now just in case.  The new one is so much larger and takes up way more space on the counter, plus it's heavier to move around.  Also, it is much more difficult to pour water into the well without spilling some of it on the countertop.  I guess I can cry all I want about simplicity, but it ain't gonna happen anymore!

I do have a Melitta system that I take with me when traveling/camping.  It requires water to be boiled and then poured over the coffee grounds into the carafe.  It makes superb tasting coffee, but there is no way to keep the glass carafe hot.  When I'm camping I pour a big mug of coffee and then pour the remainder of it into a thermos so it stays hot.  I guess I could do that here at home, and I might just consider it if the new Mr. C drives me crazy!

I didn't have leg cramps last night, and it may have been that I upped the Calm (magnesium powder) by 1/2 tsp, up to 1-1/2 tsp in a cup of water.  It is really good, with a lemon raspberry flavor.  I am being conservative with the amount of powder so I avoid unwanted side effects of magnesium!

Regarding mustard, I don't think I would try that because since about February I have been taking two capsules of tumeric each morning, and I also sprinkle tumeric liberally over scrambled eggs when I make them.  I don't want to turn yellow just to avoid cramps!  Maybe I should try one capsule in the morning and the other at night, except I try to keep it as simple as possible or I will forget one of the doses.

I just cooked a package of fresh organic cranberries into sauce, which is so delicious I eat it with everything:  meat, fish, eggs, etc.  Last year I bought several packages that I froze so I could make sauce throughout the year, but I notice that Bel Air carries them most of the time so they must be coming from wherever they are currently grown.  The cranberries I just used are from Canada.

We had some rain early in the morning but it is now clear and the sun is bright.  I think there is a big storm coming in a couple of days - the weather forecasters seem to be chomping at the bit to predict doom from El Nino, and with the forested areas damaged and weakened by fires it could be disastrous in many parts of the state.  I just hope the Sierra get inundated with snow - they can make some money on the skiers and snowboarders, and we might get some snow melt for our reservoirs next spring.  

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Staying healthy

After walking at the gym this morning, I came home and decided to do some juicing.  I've been out of it for several days, and believe it or not I really crave it.  But what a mess it makes.  I always clean everything up immediately afterward, which just adds to the backache, but that goes away quickly.  I should raise one foot on a small step stool, but I move around too much and would probably trip myself.  I have a small kitchen, and it's a few steps from the counter where I keep the juicer to the sink where the veggies and fruits are all rinsed.  In between is the cutting board, so I'm constatly moving.  I have beautiful green juice (kale, chard, etc.), and orange (carrots), all sweetened by the addition of celery, cucumber, and apple, and I always add a little kick of ginger and lemon.  Some other items may find their way into the mix now and then, such as zucchini as well as some fruits like pears or melons.  The pears and melons have too delicate a flavor to compete with the boldness of the other stuff.

My son and d-i-l (Steve & Meg) gave me a kit for making kombucha for my birthday, and I'm anxious to try it out.  I will have to wait until the weather warms up though, because my house is just too cold for the fermentation to take place properly.  I buy a couple of bottles at the grocery now and then.

I thought my leg cramps were gone but have had them again the last two nights.  I wish I knew what caused them.  It's not alcohol because I rarely drink alcohol at home any more, and it's not a lack of exercise or stretching because I walk on the treadmill several days a week plus any steps I take while shopping, running back and forth to the laundry, etc.  The worst part is having to get up out of my warm bed and stand up in the cold room!

I decided to give the new Mr. Coffee a second chance, but not this morning.  I was in the mood for a good, satisfying cuppa - maybe tomorrow I'll try the new one and then return it if it's no better than before.

I wish I'd get something in the mail besides advertising, and the same goes for email.  Some companies send me more than one email a day.  There isn't much I can do if the advertising is part of a company or website that I subscribe to - their policy is that a subscription gives them the right to bombard the subscriber with whatever they want to send out.  There isn't much you can do, however, if you want to stay subscribed to the website for your own reasons.

But part of staying healthy is not letting things like that get me down, so I'll try to just stay positive!  Have a good day, wherever you are.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Another day on the job

For right now one hour at the library goes by quickly and keeps the stress level down, but pretty soon I'm going to ask if I can add another hour or two.

Today I was straightening up the kids' play area and felt a tap on my hand.  Looking up I saw the most beautiful little girl who tapped my hand again and then pointed to one of the book sections.  Not a word was said by her, but I followed her, and when we were in front of the shelf she pointed to a book on the top which was on display.  I handed it to her and then she handed it to her little friend who was with her.  I asked her if she wanted a book for herself and she pointed to another one, so I took care of that.  What a couple of little sweethearts!  Of course my heart melted.

It has been foggy off and on today but no rain as yet.  Maybe on Thursday we will see some precip.

I'm going to return the Mr. Coffee maker to Costco tomorrow.  I followed all the directions and brewed my coffee in it yesterday.  I have never had such tasteless stuff, which is beyond my comprehension because I've always found Mr. Coffee to brew delicious coffee.   To me there is nothing like that first cup of coffee every morning.

I don't know what the problem is, but I got my old Mr.C out and used it this morning.  There is a distinct difference and I'm not wasting my money on the new version.

I also bought a heavy duty hand can opener at Target, which is much more substantial than the one I have been using.  I appreciate all the comments on this issue, but I decided that for the rare times I use a can opener at all, I can provide the energy to turn the handle.  The only thing missing is the "church key" (bottle cap opener) that the old opener has on the end of one handle.  I only need it to open the occasional bottle of beer, so I should search for one of the two Swiss Army knives I have somewhere.

I want to mention that I'm treating my nightly leg cramps with the Himalayan pink salt and a product called "Calm".   Calm is magnesium powder so I'm using about half the recommended dose and so far it works pretty well.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Quick shopping trip

There aren't many things I like better than a Costco shopping trip!  I actually didn't buy much this trip, but did get a Christmas present for one of the kids, and bought myself a new Mr. Coffee.  I hate the old one I have, although any Mr. Coffee makes delicious coffee.  What I dislike about the older models is that  it is difficult to get the coffeepot back on the burner because something on the filter basket gets in the way.  I spill a lot of drops of coffee that way.  So the new one has a lot of features I doubt I will ever use, for one thing, I don't leave electric appliances plugged in unless I'm currently using them.  So I can forget clocks, automatic timers, etc.

Upon entering the store I saw a display of the Fit bit, which I often think about getting.  But I only want something to tell me how many steps I've taken in a single day, miles, etc.  I don't give a fig about calories burned, and don't want anything that synchs with something else.  That is just more complicated than I'm interested in.   I love SIMPLICITY.

But another good reason to not get a Fit bit became apparent when I looked at the contents of the box.  Ok, only 4 items in the box which means it should be fairly simple to use.  But wait, one of the items is a "dongle".  I'm sorry but I can't even consider buying something with a dongle.  For one thing, I don't have a clue what it is, and for the second thing - what if I should lose it or it drops off.  In a million years I could not announce to anyone that "I've lost my dongle".

On the way out I just had to stop at the gas pumps because the price for a gallon of regular is $2.19.  That may not impress anyone who is lucky enough to find cheaper gas, but for California, I'd say it's something you can't pass up.  (Of course, this is a Costco pump - forget getting a good price at Shell or whatever other brands there are).

It is a fantastic beautiful day - the streets have dried up from overnight rain and the sun is brilliant.  I am wearing sweats and a cotton turtleneck, and had to remove my jacket.   There are some cloudy and rainy days in the next 5-day forecast, and they will be very welcome.  In the meantime, the sunny day is a gift! 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Will I ever learn?

I remember posting on this very blog a number of times that I hate the sound of rain pounding on the metal roof.  I always have.  I find it soothing to hear the rain hitting a shingled roof, but metal just drives me nuts, especially if I'm trying to sleep.

Well, we have rain this afternoon and the rain hiting the metal roof now has a musical quality.  Nothing like several years of drought and wondering if everything beautiful about California is a thing of the past to change one's perspective!  Of course the little bit of rain we've had since the beginning of November isn't enough to relieve the drought, but every little bit sounds good to me!

As I've mentioned previously, I lived in rural Ireland for three years, and in that time I became accustomed to not having some of the conveniences we take for granted, but which are totally unnecessary to a good life.  Today I'm thinking about the electric can opener.  I didn't have one there, and when I returned to the U.S. I resolved to live a simple life without a lot of electricity being involved, so since 2003 I have been using the old fashioned can opener that you turn by hand.  It has always worked well for me, and since I buy mostly fresh foods anyway, I've never had a problem.  This past week I bought several cans of chicken chunks, organic free-range chickens that were non-GMO, gluten free, and raised on a family farm.  I decided to make chicken salad for lunch and got out my can opener.  I had a terrible time with it, and it probably took me 15 minutes to get the lid off.  During this time I decided I would buy a cheap electric opener.  Now I'm not too sure, but I just cut my finger on the metal lid while disposing of the can.  Maybe I should eliminate all canned goods and skip buying the opener.  I should probably buy a decent hand can opener instead of the cheap thing I have.

By the way, the chicken salad was delicious and a good variation to the tuna salad I often have for lunch.  I'm getting used to not eating sandwiches since going lo carb.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shopping helper

I took granddaughter Autumn with me to Barnes & Noble this afternoon to do a little Christmas shopping.  We are both fanatic book lovers, and always trip out over a visit to B&N.  She was an invaluable help to me in checking off my Christmas gifts,  and I got a lot of my shopping done.

There were a couple of books that are on order and when I get the call that they are in the store, I will take Arianna with me to shop for Autumn's books.  I don't know how I managed, but this trip was spent entirely in the kids' section.  Some day I will go back and take at least a couple or more hours to properly browse for myself!

Barnes & Noble is such a wonderful store to browse (and buy), and it is so much more fun than ordering online.  They have an incredible selection with very knowledgeable salespeople who are happy to offer suggestions, and I'm so pleased that I had a companion with me who appreciates the ambiance of a bookstore.

I just looked out at the most beautiful sunset yet.  The sky is a brilliant red color like I've never seen before.  

Jeannie & Donald gave me a bottle of red zinfandel for my birthday, and I'm enjoying a glass right now.  It is called "Old Soul", which fits me to a "T"!   Jeanne and I went to the gym last night and when she brought me home we broke open the bottle and enjoyed a small glass each.  I'm getting to like red wine, and I drink it more slowly than the heavenly Gewurztraminer, a spicy German white wine.  I always seem to go back for a 2nd glass of the Gewurtz!

A couple more sips of Old Soul and I will start fixing my dinner.   I've had such a wonderful peaceful day beginning with my first cup of coffee to the glass of wine I'm enjoying right now.  I couldn't ask for a better life!


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Check-in; Updated

I thought I'd better let everyone know I'm alive and well.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I ate a bit of everything on the table.  Didn't feel very well during the night but figured it was that I'm not used to all the carbs and sugar.  It was worth a few difficult hours for all the wonderful food!

I've been listening to and watching YouTube and online radio lately, and rarely even turn on the TV.   I've discovered some mind-bending stuff, and it's always good to keep an open mind.

I'm getting ready to leave for the Library and my first experience volunteering there.  I ask myself what the hell I got myself into, and don't have any idea how it will go.  I will keep my options open though, and may end up actually enjoying it.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their old sayings.  I've heard most, but there were some I never knew.

So that's about it for me - I'm still plodding along at my own pace! 

My hour at the library passed very quickly, and I'll have to say, "Dang, I'm good!"  Or at least "I'm OK!"

Mostly what I did was to sort books, and I'm sure they want to make sure that I know "C" follows "B", and "2" comes before "3".  It's actually more complex than that but I think I did fine and I feel good about it.  I don't know what came over to me to doubt my own capabilities in the first place, but it's good to get that first work session over with.