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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cal Expo - 2nd post Thurs. Mar 26

Steve came by to drop off the dogs this morning and he told me that Cal Expo is having an RV show and a sewing or quilting show. The workers who are living in the RV motels are workers who evidently travel around the country and set these types of events up. Before I left for SD I saw a lot of folks arriving and it was like old home week - they all obviously knew each other and hadn't been together for a while - seemed to be a joyous reunion for many of them.

The city of Sacramento (or some governmental entity here) has decided in their wisdom to remove the homeless who have created a tent city along the riverbank, and to get the folks there to move into shelters. I think there is also some talk of allowing a few to camp permanently on the grounds of Cal Expo, but that certainly won't be in the RV Park because tents are not allowed in this area.

It is a highly controversial issue and I personally feel that there is no one hurt by allowing homeless people to camp along a riverbank. It could possibly be a problem if they are kept in too tight a space for their numbers, but if they are dispersed in areas away from housing and people who are offended by seeing them, then what is the problem. Should we execute them for being homeless? Force them into shelters where there is likely to be drug related problems? Maybe do a swap with Mexico for their people who would like to work here?

A lot of people should read (or re-read) John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath", for an inkling into the lives of people who find themselves without homes or jobs, due to elements beyond their control in many instances. I've never been homeless and I've never been unable to get a job. Does that make me better than anyone else, or just damn fortunate. I won't judge the homeless unless I've been there and done that.

Sorry to get on a soap box here. I hate it when reading other blogs that touch on political and economic issues, and I promise I'm off anything controversial from now on. RVing is supposed to be fun (mostly) and an RVving blog should be fun to read (mostly).


  1. Gypsy - When I heard that Sac was talking about moving tent city to CalExpo I wondered if that was what the mobile motels were about. Sorry we can't make the RV show this weekend. Sounds like lots of fun! Glad your trip went well. - Natasha

  2. Good points Gypsy. Grapes of Wrath...my fav. book. We even lived in Salinas,CA...his old stomping grounds. Bob