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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Simple Things in Life

A warm shower, water running all over your head...how sweet it is, especially when you have had eye surgery and forbidden to get water in the eye for a couple of weeks. This morning I really enjoyed the water, although I still kept my eye closed! It is something to think about, that real pleasure in life doesn't usually come from something you go out and buy (although I sure have to keep buying the propane to insure hot water).

I finally got my stick-on thermometer stuck-on the kitchen side window. It is large enough that I can easily read the numbers, and it just informed me that the temperature on the outside (the shady side) of the rig is 65F.

A little while ago I drove to a nearby Trader Joe's. Normally I just don't care that much for TJ's, but I love to snack on dehydrated fruit - banana chips, apricots, cranberries & pomegranates, and the like. Not wanting to drive to the Sacramento Food Co-op and try to find parking for just those items, I thought I'd do the Trader Joe's thing for once. I think I ate half the stuff on the way home! I wanted to buy bread there, but like anywhere else, it is nearly impossible to find the bread I want that doesn't use a sourdough starter. I really detest sourdough bread but I must really be in the minority, because most bakery type bread is sourdough, and that goes for everywhere I've been the past few years, with the possible exception of NY.

I am about to make plane reservations from Sacramento to Sioux Falls, SD to get my driver's license, leaving the 24th of March and returning the next day. I hope I'm allowing adequate time for a possible snafu, but I don't want to stay an extra day if I don't have to. I think it will be too cold to enjoy strolling the streets of Sioux Falls, SD, although March did come in like a lion this year, so maybe it will be a good little lamb the last week of the month. I haven't yet been hit with the reality of actually going to an airport and all the crap it requires to get on a plane to go somewhere, and then to have to do it all again coming back.


  1. Well, that makes 2 of us. I don't care for that sour dough bread stuff either. Or sour lemmons. Or sour power hours. Don't even like to be a sour puss. For some reason I think this comment just went sour....Toodles:))

  2. Gypsy - I've been living in the Bay Area (sourdough bread capital of the world) for nine years, and I have to admit...Like you, I really hate the stuff!