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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ford Recall Work Done

Well that's taken care of. The defective part was the Camshaft Position Sensor, and I don't have a clue what that is or if it is a critical part of my truck. I am relieved that I won't lose any more sleep worrying about it. I had planned to leave the truck at the Ford dealer and walk back to the RV, which is only about 3 city blocks. I hadn't gone far when I realized the keys to my 5th wheel were on the same key chain as the Ford key, so I just sat in the waiting room drinking coffee and eating the donuts they so kindly provide for customers.

I had the time to read the entire newspaper while waiting, and saw an ad for a Brother color all in one multifunction printer. I currently have a Brother monochrome laser jet that I love, and I think I am going to go for the all in one version. There is a $50 mail-in rebate offer that will sweeten the price even more!

Now I want to sit outside my rig on this beautiful day, but first I am going to go buy the carpet I saw at Costco yesterday. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to run out of money before I run out of month.

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  1. Oh, I hope you're going to include a photo of the new carpet - sounds interesting. I really enjoy reading about your rig modifications (along with photos), and I'm so happy you decided to design and decorate to meet YOUR desires, instead of the imagined value of an imagined trade-in or resale!

    I've started reading your blog recently, from a link on the Bayfield Bunch, I think. We lived in Sacramento before we started fulltiming six years ago, and will be at Cal-Expo for a month beginning 4/6. Will you still be there, or gone?

    Safe travels,
    Laurie (msking52 (at) yahoo.com)