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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I got the license

Yay, I did it. This morning I walked over to the Department of Public Safety and exchanged my NC license for a SD one. It is 27F this morning with a breeze, and let me tell you it is a cold day to be out walking. The round trip is 1.2 miles, and this distance is going to get longer with each re-telling. And as anyone who is familiar with Sioux Falls, SD knows, from here to there and back is uphill both ways. The entire trip from start to finish took approximately 50 minutes!

They took a pretty good picture for the license and I think I could pass for a few years younger than I am, except I wish that I had worn a turtleneck shirt, which I had planned to do but it was too bulky to pack. All of us aging love goddesses know that the neck creases give you away.

I obviously passed the eye test although I had to take it slow to get some of the letters. Following me was a young twit who raced through the letters so fast you'd have thought he was going to a fire. Oh, and I couldn't register to vote without a residential address, even though they put my mailing address on the license. I know there has to be a way to register, but I'll do it at a warmer time of year. Maybe when I come back through SD in September I will stay at a Madison campground long enough to do the voter registration thing.

So now I have the day to kill and the only place in the vicinity is the Empire Mall. Being nearly flat broke this month I guess it will be safe for me to walk around and window shop. The taxi will pick me up at 4:00 pm at the motel for the trip to the airport, so I have a lot of time on my hands. I should have slept in this morning with no dogs to walk, but I didn't. I was awake often during the night with leg cramps, probably from sitting so long in the plane yesterday.

I may post again today but it will be from the airport if I do.


  1. Great Gypsy, that was an accomplishment.. I assume you got the truck and trailer registered as well..

  2. Gypsy -- Glad to hear from you and know you got the license okay.. Good luck on your return home.. I see leg cramps bothered you--maybe you forgot to take your bar of soap with you. If you sleep with a bar of soap in your bed (can't be Ivory or Dove but anything else works) you won't have leg cramps...I have been doing it for years.