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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Overdoing it!

Like I do with many things, I jumped into the walking just rarin' to go and to ever increase the distance.  I think I've overdone it a bit, so I'm going to slow down.  It helps that I have Jeannie & Ara to work out with, so I can walk a shorter distance and then do a workout approx. 3 times a week.  I don't want to be such an old lady but I have to face facts.

Ara has a job but they told her upfront it seems to take forever to get all the clearances and things they require.  I'm enjoying having her nearby and besides going to the gym together, we often just sit and talk.  She seems to be settling in finally, after being away from Sacramento through college and two or three years after.

I walked 57-1/2 miles for the month of January, a little short of the 2 miles a day goal.  It doesn't matter because I'm going to cut back anyway, and I think the workouts will be as important to my health as the walking.

Jeannie is now driving.  I told her it's like watching my baby take her first steps, sort of bittersweet because from then on they move further and further away from you.  I'm glad to see her able to be independent though, as I know how I would feel in her position.  Now when I go someplace in my car with Ara I hand her the keys first thing.  It's so nice to not have to drive and watch the traffic.

I'm still waiting for my house to warm up.  We are in for some more rainy weather, but I swore I wouldn't complain about rain.  I wouldn't mind a warm rain once in a while!  


Monday, January 30, 2017

A short one tonight

I will try to keep it short, but when I get started ....  I saw my own chiropractor this morning and did nothing else until Ara and I went to the gym this evening.  I'm going to be a few tenths of a mile short of my 2-mile a day goal for January, but that's okay.  Jeannie is going tomorrow night to sign up.

We thought Monday night was pizza night, but it turns out it is the first Monday of the month; and the bagels are the first Tuesday of the month.  So next week we will probably be fighting the crowds to even get in.  It was more crowded this evening than I've seen it, but I normally go in the morning.  Ara and I have both decided that we do our treadmill/elliptical work best in the morning, so we will head over there early and then go back later with Jeannie for her sign-up and a workout.

I have a long list of vegetables to buy at the market this coming Saturday.  At the chiro's office I picked up a recipe for Slow Cooker Tortellini Soup that looks really good.  I have never cared for cooking in a slow cooker but I suppose I can make an exception one time.  I don't see why I couldn't adapt it to the stove top - I make soups a lot and there is no problem to it.  Most things I cook don't take a long time and I doubt this one will either.  The more I think about it the more likely I am to cook it on the stove.  I love not following directions!  (At least most of the time.)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Took advantage of the sun!

But the sun just wasn't hot enough today to dry my towels on the line, so  I had to put them into a dryer for 10 minutes.  I did get another load of clothes washed and dried (in the dryer), so I don't feel like I wasted the day.  

My first order of business was to head out to my new gym and walk 2.25 miles.  I'm trying to make up the day I didn't walk at all, and another day I only walked 1 mile, but I might be a bit short this month.  I went by myself this morning as Ara is out of town - she went to Napa yesterday afternoon to stay with Liam and Quinn while Steve & Meg attended a party connected with Steve's work.  I don't mind walking by myself even though it's just nicer to go with someone.  I wonder if she will bring some good wine back.  I haven't had a glass of wine for ages  (nor have I really wanted one).

The depression that was beginning to settle on me a week or two ago when it was raining so constantly and heavily, is starting to lift now and I feel the joy and hope that comes with spring which is my favorite season.   Winter hasn't shown us its final insults yet, though, and I'm sure we'll have a few rainy days before it's all over. 

I got my rent bill yesterday which included the utilities for the past month.  As I expected I'm going to pay dearly for the extra electric and gas I've used.  I have turned on the furnace way more than I have in past years, but I just can't deal with the cold when it goes below a certain point.  Today has been a beautiful day, but not as warm as it looks.   I don't want to complain about the rain because it was desperately needed, but I could have done without the wind.  From some of the blogs I've read, there may be folks who had worse winds than we experienced here.  I'd hate to be in an RV of any kind during those heavy driving winds.

I am definitely not a car buff and never have been, but I saw a car parked next to mine when I came out of the gym this morning that really impressed me for some reason.  It was a Fiat, very small, with sort of an updated WW-II look.  Remember the old movies with scenes of Paris streets?  Well this car reminds me of something like that although probably smaller and much smarter looking.  It was gorgeous to be exact!  I want one.  I'm usually more likely to lust over Ford trucks - I saw an F-250 with dually wheels yesterday that made me do a double take.  I'm lucky to have the car I own, but every now and then I dream of driving something new and different.

My legs hurt and I ache all over.  I think that's an indication the exercise is doing me some good.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Three generations

Ara and I took her mom (Jeannie) to the gym with us this morning and I think we have her convinced to switch to the one we signed up at.  She can go with an individual membership which is really inexpensive; Donald really only went to play basketball and this one doesn't have a court; the kids got tired of the "Kids Club" and didn't want to go any more, so I think it will just be "the girls".  

We went to Costco today and when we got in the car to return home Jeannie told Donald she wanted to drive.  She did fine as far as my house, and I'm sure she made it home okay.  I think it's been 10 weeks since her surgery and she is glad to see the end of having to rely on others to take her anywhere.  I'm worried, of course, being a mother.  I'll be glad to take her from her work to the downtown chiropractor anytime she wants me to, but I can see how it is difficult for an independent person to have to rely on others for everything.

Donald sent me a photo of his last cake, which was for a two year old and is a farm scene.  (Click on photo to enlarge it)

He said the child was excited when he saw it. 

The afternoon sun shining  in makes the windows look as bad as they actually are.  I believe we are getting more rain next week so I won't wash them yet.  At least the temps are forcasted to be in the 60's, which is perfect weather to me - 65-78F being ideal!  Over 80 is getting hot.

I went into the grocery this afternoon to buy some lemons, and the guys in back of me in the line were talking about what kind of beer they like to drink when the weather gets hot.  I realized it doesn't make any difference to me - hot weather or cold, I drink the same beer - but I don't think I've  had a beer in a couple of weeks.  I sleep so much better when I don't drink one in the evening, but maybe while the sun is still shining ????   I may as well wait until I really want a beer, which I don't right now.

I hope all of you in blogland have had as good a day as I have.  It seems that I have met nothing but kind and patient and friendly people today!


Friday, January 27, 2017

New Gym

I signed Ara and me up for the new gym this morning.  It took a while getting everything into their system but we finally received our membership cards and began a workout with walking (me) and elliptical (Ara).  We then checked out the various exercise machines and I worked on things like triceps, upper back etc.    We didn't spend too much time on these - I definitely need to get back into it gradually.  I expect a few sore muscles but will be back at those machines in two days.  I plan to continue my walking every day.

The treat was the hydromassage table.  You lie on your back and something moves up and down slowly from your ankles to your neck, and then back again.  The table is set for 6 minutes, and I think it may be heated slightly as well.  It is really relaxing.

From there we tried a much touted thing that you step into - it looks sort of like a shower stall.  They warn you of the intense light and give you something to put over your eyes if you don't have dark sunglasses with you.  I got into the device and immediately dropped and lost one of the eye protectors.  They were right about the intense light though.  So I stood there the whole time with my hands covering my closed eyes, and could still see the light!  I waited for something else to happen, and the light kept getting warmer.  If I had been able to open my eyes I would have realized I needed to punch some keys on a device that activates the vibrations, so I didn't get any of that.  It is supposed to break down and get rid build-up of lactic acid in your muscles.

I may try that vibrational/heat lamp/shower stall next time if I remember to wear my sunglasses.  I had my eyes so tightly shut I couldn't see a damn thing!   It's not like I don't have enough problems with my eyes!

I am going to love this place, and we have already agreed to go in the evening on Monday.    Monday nights are pizza nights - the gym orders in a bunch of pizzas for everyone's enjoyment; Tuesday mornings are bagel mornings, so you know where I will be on Tuesday morning!

Thanks to Phil for the info about Silver Sneakers (or whatever it's called).  I called my insurance program (BCBS) as well as checked with Medicare online.  It looks like Medicare is the one that might pay for a portion of gym membership, but it looks like you need "Medicare Advantage".  I don't know what that is all about and I just have a Medicare card - no Advantages that I know of.  The cost per person at this gym is only $20 a month  because we got in on a special that ends Jan. 31.  I was paying $53 a month at the old gym, so I'm getting a membership for Ara and me for less than what I paid for myself only.   I think we will encourage each other to exercise on a regular basis, and I certainly will benefit from that.  I loved exercising with Jeannie and Donald, but when they had to suspend their membership I quit doing anything but walking on the treadmill.

I am really fighting a nap right now because it will mess up my sleep patterns, but I don't know how I can avoid it.  I like to get up early on Saturday mornings, drive over to the market and  back, all within 20-30 minutes.  I know exactly what I'm looking for and which stalls I like to buy from.

The sun is shining so brightly it seems awful to think about sleeping through the light!  I hope everyone has a good weekend - I certainly plan to.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Gym

I walked at the gym this morning and then cancelled my membership.  It turns out I can use the facilities until some time in March, so I guess I was paid up in advance.

Ara and I went to tour the gym on Folsom Blvd.  It is in an old familiar shopping center that has really been spiffed up, repainted in southwest colors, etc.  I go there once in a while and have never felt the least qualms about my safety.  It was in its heyday when Mather AFB was at its peak, but the area deteriorated in the years after the closure of the Base.  Are there any readers who were stationed at Mather, and I'd love to hear your feelings about it.

The gym is an absolute jewel.  Very modern equipment and we even got to sample the hydromassage bed and chairs while we were there.   Jesse, who showed us around the facilities, is as wonderful as the reviews say about him.  The premise of this place is that everyone is welcome and no judgements are made about anyone, no matter what their weight, body shape, etc.  We looked over all the machines and work out areas, and I love the place.

Jesse gave us passes to come back and see for ourselves how everything works before committing to a year's membership.  Even at that, I can buy two memberships, one for me and one for Ara, for less than my monthly fee at the current gym I belong to.  I think I will enjoy working out with Ara, and I can always go on my own especially to continue my 2 mile a day walks.  I'm really jazzed about this place, and there is no feeling of being pushed or coerced into anything.

The two-piece outdoor furniture set I gave to Ara looks so nice, and I can't believe how immaculate it still looks after sitting outside for a week or more.  If I had it in my driveway, porch, or anywhere else on this lot, it would have been covered in dirt and dust within a day or two.  I suppose she doesn't have the same problems I have here, and I don't know if it's the traffic on Sunrise Blvd, on the nearby Freeway 50, or just in this mobile home park, but it's the filthiest place I've ever lived in!  

This evening is Arianna's "ancestor dinner"; I'm not sure what Jeannie is contributing, but I think they are making something that originated in the Canary Islands, where Donald's Mom's family came from to move to San Antonio.   It should be an interesting gathering.  I wish I knew what I was going to wear, but I'll keep it simple.  After all, I'm one of the "ancestors".

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Big Difference

What a difference it makes in a person's mood when the sun is shining.  Today has been a beautiful day and should be so for the rest of the week.   I love it, but we take what we get!

I looked at my checking account this morning and found that my gym membership had gone up by a few dollars.  I asked at the desk and was told the notice went out, and she gave me a copy of it.  I don't know how I missed that one.

That set me to looking at other less expensive gyms nearby.  There are two, one on Folsom Blvd although not the nicest part of Folsom but the ratings for the gym and personnel are excellent.  It is about 2 miles from me.  There is another one maybe a mile and a half to two miles, but across the bridge in the opposite direction.  Compared to that, I could actually walk to my current gym although I probably wouldn't because of having to cross 6 lanes of Sunrise Blvd. and waiting  an interminably long time for the Walk light to come on.  

So I will think about it for a while.  I always enjoyed going with Jeannie & her family, but I don't think she is going to be going for a while yet.  Also to meet them at the gym near their house is about a 5 or 6 mile drive, and since she goes after work and is usually late, I end up driving home in the dark even in summer.    I think I'm going to make a visit to both gyms in the next few days and ask some questions, especially the one on Folsom Blvd about the safety of their parking lot.   Everything else about that one has the highest ratings except for location.  I think it might be the least expensive if I sign up during a promotion.  I'm in the habit of going every day but I don't have to drive far; will I drive a mile or so out of my way every single day?

 Arianna's class recently had to verbally present a report  to their class, together with their ancestor charts and info.   From being so shy she could hardly speak in front of anyone, she has blossomed and could be heard in the back of the room.  She hated every minute of it although she gave an excellent report!  Tomorrow evening the school is having an "ancestor dinner" for the families of her class.  I remember going to it when Autumn had to do the same report.   I wonder how dressed up the parents get for this - I would probably be out of place in my "Grandma" t-shirt, although I don't normally worry about being out of place.  I've reached the age where it's okay to be eccentric, and I play it to the hilt sometimes!

I'm leaving in about half an hour for the drive downtown, so I'd better get myself together.  I ate an early dinner (or late lunch, whatever) and am almost too comfortable to move.  I chopped up a hard-boiled egg and added it to my mashed potatoes for extra nutrition, and it is really good that way.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Doing nothing

That's what I've decided to do (or not do) for the time being until the weather warms up.  I'm talking about the weather inside my house, where it is still too chilly and my fingers hurt!   So while things need to be done around me I will just wait until a warm day comes along.

It's a beautiful day today, sun shining from the time I woke up, and no hint of rain although the forecast calls for it today.  Just what my thick carpet of weeds needs - rain and sun.

I'm hitting that point in the day where I feel like taking a nap but will be sorry if I do.

Thanks to Phil who responded to my blog yesterday about getting blood tests without the orders of a physician.  I found a lab that sounds easy enough to deal with and is near Jeannie's house, so I shouldn't have difficulty in driving there.  Of course insurance doesn't pay until a doctor is involved, but it's worth not having to deal with all the drama of having to choose a personal physician and an office visit.  I will probably look for a local doctor that is not affiliated with a large hospital group, but I'm in no hurry to find one.  I feel sure that once I can eat my normal diet I will be back to A-OK!   

Monday, January 23, 2017

Another week begins

I can't believe how far along in January we are.  Where do the days go.  You may remember I missed one day of walking so far this month, so I am trying to make it up with an extra .10 or .15 each day.  I have it figured out I can come up with the 2 miles I missed.

Today I tried to find a doctor so I can get blood tests ordered.  Not that I think anything is wrong, but it's probably been 2 or 3 years since my last one and I'm curious if I am healthier when I don't see doctors!   I want an osteopath or homeopathic doctor but they are all filled up, and I don't intend to go far from home.  I also need a podiatrist and was told I would have to get a referral.  I mentioned that the day I signed up for Medicare they told me I no longer needed a referral to see a doctor.  The woman on the phone said they require it because they don't know if I have an ankle problem or a foot problem.  Well I know, but if that's the way they want to be - they just want to rack up a charge against medicare for the referral - then I'll find an independent podiatrist as well as an osteopath.  

The trip downtown with Jeannie went well - I told her if I complained about the sun being in my eyes while driving west, to just hit me over the head!  It was dark coming home and I don't like the glare of all the lights, but I probably won't be doing it much longer.  She wants to try to drive, but still has some pain on the bottom of her foot.  I hope she waits for a while, or at least just drives locally a few miles now and then, but not in traffic.   I've offered to switch vehicles with her as I think my Highlander is a lot easier to slide in and out of than her old Honda.  But then I'm taller than she is.  Being the independent woman she is, she will do what she damned pleases!  I like her style.

The one nice thing I can say about the rainy days is that I didn't hear any dogs barking.  At the first glimpse of sun their owners must feel they need to let off some steam and bark themselves silly.  I refuse to let it bother me any more, although it can be annoying.

I am going to try to get to bed earlier this evening, and hope I can do something constructive tomorrow, like clear some of the clutter in my living room.   I looked around today and thought what a mess I make when I confine myself to one room in the house.  I sit in front of my little space heater and don't do much.  I've made a little "nest" here!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

I tried!

I just woke up from the most wonderful nap I've had in a long time.  I thought about the couch but went in and slept on my bed under my wonderful down comforter.  What bliss!  There are some winters where it isn't cold enough to use the down, but this winter it has been supremely welcome.

Well, I tried.  After the gym I drove over to the turn off to the American River parkway (walking path) thinking I would take some pictures.  I dove forever over a winding path until I came to the entrance to the park area - a self service kiosk was there informing me that I had to self register and pay $5.00!  No way am I going to drop $5 to drive back and park for maybe a half hour at most.  If I hadn't been so mad about it I could have driven to a number of places where I'm sure I could have parked for free, but I just said "the heck with this" and came home - to a great nap!   As I was driving back across the bridge I noted that the water levels have receded somewhat, no doubt let out through the flood gates so as to have the capacity to hold the winter snowmelt when it hits.  It is still snowing at the high elevations - I think I mentioned my sister in Carson City got 8 to 10" of new snow as of yesterday.  The official word is that there is still 40% drought in CA, although they grudgingly admitted it wasn't in Sacramento but in other parts of the state.  There is no doubt a desert part of the state that never gets much rainfall and is in a constant state of drought, so why include that in the statistics.   They just get skewed, but then, isn't that government entirely?

So I thought I would have some photos for today's blog  but I'll have to think of something else to take pictures of.

I intended to make a list of words and phrases that are in use - no doubt more with younger people today - that make no sense to me.  I only wrote down two, but maybe someone could shed some light on what in the world they stand for, and I'll add more as I come to them.

The first is "Steampunk".  I can't even think of an example how this is used, although I think it describes something.

The second is "hack".  We all know the normal meanings of hack, but this seems to be used in such a way that it isn't all that bad.   I just saw a youtube video called "42 Nail Hacks" and refers to a DIY video.  That could make sense but there are times when its usage makes absolutely no sense at all.

Who is making up these ways to use words in a different way?  I certainly don't think it is you or I.  So if you see something that looks incomprehensible/ridiculous to you, please post it in a comment or write me an email.   I'm only speaking of us oldies here, but we may need a new dictionary!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Just taking it easy

I've had a fairly easy and uncomplicated day today.  I drove to the farmers mkt and bought myself some green vegetables and potatoes which I made a sort of soup with today.  Aidell's mini chicken meatballs added a delicious flavor and kick to it.  I ate half for lunch and will finish it off for supper.

I then went to the gym, placing myself where I wouldn't be able to gawk at the TV screens, and actually enjoyed the walk.  I went a little bit over the 2 mile mark and plan to make up the distance for the day I lost this month, little by little.  I could actually walk for a longer time but it starts to get boring after 2 miles and I want to be able to look forward to the walk.

Last night we drove from Jeannie's chiropractor to a Thai restaurant that seemed miles away but probably wasn't all that far.  She brought home 3 dinners called "drunken noodles", with chicken and vegetables.  I haven't tasted anything like it for a long time - wonderful food!  I ate mostly the noodles, and no, they didn't make me drunk.  

Speaking of drinking (not drunkenness) I enjoy nursing a bottle of beer in the evenings, but I noticed that every night my leg cramps got worse and worse.  One night I skipped the beer and didn't have any cramps, so I tried it again last night with the same result.  I probably shouldn't drink beer right up to bedtime, but I usually don't want it until 2-3 hrs before I go to bed.  I guess I will be doing without it except for now and then.  Those leg cramps are awful and I sure don't want them to return.  You can never really tell what is going on - for a while I noticed that having a protein shake every day eliminated the cramps, but then they returned.  Maybe I will eventually go one week with the protein shakes and one week with a beer each night.  Best of both worlds!

The sun kept trying to peek out from the clouds today and it was so good to see it.  Right now it is grey and cloudy with periods of rain expected.  From the look of the palm trees swaying there must be a good breeze.  My door stayed shut and locked last night.  I'm a bit concerned about why it opened during the middle of the night in a wind/rain storm, but I won't lose any sleep over it.

With all the things wrong with my house I've lost complete interest in doing anything with it, even to getting rid of some of the clutter.  I'll have to do something about the grass and weeds before lot inspections come up, but that's it and I won't do anything more than absolutely necessary.  It's disheartening but it isn't going to take away my happiness. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

I got a shock this morning when I got up and walked to the kitchen.  The side door was blown wide open and I guess the wind had jammed it against the railing so hard that it was difficult to close it.   The lock was set and the last thing I do before going to bed at night is to check that both doors are locked.  I even pull the handle on the side door because sometimes it isn't shut tightly, but I can remember checking it last night.  That is so weird, because I remember hearing the wind during the early morning hours sounding like a train rushing through the house at times.  

The rain stopped for my visit to the gym.  I found a treadmill that wasn't close to Fox News or CNN stations - I think the one closest to me was on a sports channel.  I got rid of my TV during the early days of the campaign and I don't ever want to watch another program about anything political for the rest of my life!

I was thinking that if I walk 2 miles a day until the end of January, only eleven more days, I will have walked 60 miles for the month!

I'm ready for some clear weather.    We are supposed to have sunset around 5:15 pm, but when the rain clouds are overhead it gets dark way before that and I end up driving to Jeanne's appointment in the dark as well as home in the dark.   I guess there is a good side to that because if I drive toward town in strong daylight, the sun is so bright that I can't see very well at all.   When it is going down into the horizon I can't even block it with the sun visor.   They say another storm is coming in tonight, so if only I can get home before the worst of it hits.

I'm getting to know some of the chiropractor's other patients and they certain are a friendly bunch.  I'm known as "the woman who works crossword puzzles."  I may as well try to enlighten my mind while I'm passing the time.  There is an exellent library of books in the waiting area but I find I just can't read regular print any more.  It's a wonder I can do the puzzles.

I'm hoping for a dry safe trip for myself as well as any others who have to be on the road in bad weather.  It could be a lot worse if it was colder, with snow like they are having in the midwest and east.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Back to my walk

I returned to the gym this morning and really enjoyed the walk, although I'm ready to quit at that 2 mile mark!  The sun came out for a while and I did a load of laundry which is across the street in the dryer right now.  I may be carrying it home in the rain, from the looks of the sky.  I would like to get down by the river while it is still high and get some photos.

Speaking of photos, I have one for you today.  The t-shirt arrived in the mail yesterday - it was a late Christmas present from Mike and Sandy and their two boys in NY.  I hope you can enlarge it by clicking on the picture, and are able to read the names.

I wore it when I took Jeannie downtown last night, and I love it, especially the sentiment of it.

I stopped at Bel Air on the way home from the gym to pick up a few items I need, and had so much trouble inserting my card into their new device that they had to help me.  I feel so old and inadequate - when I can't go to the grocery and get it right, I don't know what comes next.  For a long time I withdrew cash at the beginning of the month and paid cash for everything, which I still prefer to do.   There is only one ATM network that I know of to which my credit union belongs  and that's at Target.  I try to stay out of Target and especially when I'm nearly broke!

I wanted to buy a small bag of Red Mill flour because I'm going to make some scones.  There were probably 15 different kinds of flour on the display, including coconut flour, almond flour, and even garbanzo beans flour!  I ask you, if you can buy garbanzo bean flour why in the heck can't you buy wheat flour?  I suppose I could have bought a 5# bag of it but I only wanted the small one because I don't use flour much any more since I try to limit carbs.  That intention sure has gone by the wayside with all the dental issues, along with some other good intentions such as avoid ice cream and the really good stuff (such as scones!).

The rain got me - I just went over to get my laundry and took the sunshield from my car to place over the laundry basket on the way back.   I think everything stayed dry.

Thanks to everyone who responded with info on Magic Jack and other ways of having a land line in one's house.  I just looked at my cell phone usage and it seems I used 298 minutes the past month.  So you see I don't spend much time on the phone and I don't know if it justifies paying anything extra for a house phone.  I'd love to go back to the good old days in that respect, but it's not like that anymore and will never be again.

The next few days should see the last of the rain.  We may have cloudy skies and a drop or two now and then, but it looks like decent weather ahead - if you consider mid-50's decent weather.

Take care whatever your weather, rain or shine, warm or cold!  It's a good day to be alive.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tired of rain!

It has been raining steadily since the middle of the night, and I will say I'm getting pretty tired of it.

I drove to my opthamalogist in the rain, which is about 12 miles one way with fairly heavy traffic.  I really wanted to come home and change shoes so I could walk at the gym, but the rain is just too heavy right now and I want to stay home.  I have to pick Jeannie up at 4:30 to drive to her chiropractor, and I hope the rain lets up by then.  

So I might miss the walk today, but it can't be helped.  I didn't mind a full day's schedule when I was younger, and driving from one thing to another, but I don't care for it now.  One thing in the morning and one thing in the afternoon is plenty for me.  I walked 22 days in December, and 17 so far in January, and I'll get back on track tomorrow.

No good news about my eyes, but no bad news either.  I see him again in 6 months.

Check my blog tomorrow for a picture I hope to post (it hasn't been taken yet, but Jeannie will get it this evening!).

My weather widget is showing -6F in Wasilla right now, and going to a low of -14 tomorrow.  School children don't have to go outside at recess when it gets below -12!  

Stay warm and dry, if you can!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dental woes

I had impressions taken this morning for the partial lower denture.  After weeks of not being able to eat the healthy foods I like, I find out that the first fitting won't be ready until Feb. 6, and it will likely be a month before it is finally ready.   It seems like an intermanibly long time, and I probably could have pushed him to start the process sooner than now, but I wanted to be sure I was properly healed.   From what he says, it is much more difficult to get used to lower dentures, which he has told me before.   He had mentioned implants in the beginning as being a possibly better solution, but having know two people who had to have their implants removed I decided I would just go with the old tried and true.  I am not going to like it, but I will get used to it.

To  treat myself for acting like a big girl in the dentist chair, I came home and had my dinner at lunch time, including a large russet potato, mashed with butter, milk, cheddar and sour cream.  It was enough for a good sized serving plus a potato pancake for breakfast, but I ate the entire batch and loved every bite of it.  If all the dental woes have had a positive effect it would be that I've been reminded of how good mashed potatoes are.  I got lazy to the point of just boilding them and topping them with the cheese, but there is nothing like having them mashed.  

We are coming to the last of the rain-free days for a while.   I think the next week will be rainy and colder.  While driving to the dentist this morning I had to cross the American River and can see water clear down the river - trees and bushes had grown out where the water receded in past years.  I also see the footbridge that is just about a foot above the water level.  Jeannie said that last week it had been covered.  As long as we have a day or so to dry out once in a while, I certainly welcome the rain.

It's kind of boring sitting at home so much, but I don't dare go into any of the stores except for the grocery to buy milk & the like.  Entering Target or Costco would be like opening the floodgates!  When I start running low on funds during the latter part of the month I have to just stay home and try to hold on to what little I have.  My travel money account is going to be wiped out for the dentures, but thank goodness I have it!  I would at least love to do some camping but it's no fun alone any more since my sidekick is gone.  I think I miss that dog more now than ever.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Nice easy day

I didn't overwork myself today, for sure.  I stopped by the gym on my way to the chiropractor and then picked Jeannie & the girls up to go to Ara's house.   She had printed out the Sat. and Sun. puzzles, both of which are pretty difficult.  We worked the Sat. puzzle and then Steve, Meg came over with Liam & Quinn.  That baby is growing so fast and is sooooo cute - smiles all the time.

By the time they left I drove on home because I was getting hungry, although we snacked enough today.  Ara was planning to drive them back home.

I gave some porch furniture to Ara - a two seater and a chair; she cleaned it all up, painted it a beautiful blue color, and has the two pieces sitting on a little concrete space in front of her house along with a glass topped table.  It really looks welcoming, although I don't know if she will leave it there.  Many improvements have been made in several rooms of the house, although there is one room that you can't see the floor of - that's where everything goes until she finds a place for it.  She has so many projects going at once and I don't know how she keeps track of everything.

Two more medical appointment days to go and then I'm going to have to do something to declutter the house until I decide what I'm going to do with it.   I felt pretty good today until I walked back into my house, and then started sniffling.   There is no mold on anything in the house (except for the laundry room), but I know the air must be full of something I don't need to breathe in.  At this point I just don't know what to do, or even what I can do.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pay no attention to Einstein

I read somewhere a few days ago that many great minds of the past have relied on a "power nap" each day, including Albert Einstein.   So I figured if it helped Einstein then maybe it will clear the fog from my mind.  

I took a half-hour nap yesterday, although a little too late in the day, and was awake until well after midnight, causing me to stay in bed until 9am this morning.  I hate that kind of schedule as I want to be awake in the early morning and asleep in the early night.  Today I tried Einstein's nap a little earlier in the day - about 2pm.  

I will see if it messes up my schedule tonight.  I usually find that I feel worse and not better after a nap although sometimes it is just plain necessary.

Next week is turning out to  be "medical week" for me.  I see my chiropractor, dentist, and opthamologist the first three days, and then I'm going to have to find a doctor so I can have some blood drawn and see what is making me so itchy.  The worst is in my ears where it's impossible to scratch.  I tried doing an online search but they really don't give any information of value.  I think it's been about 3 years since I've had bloodwork done, although the worst part is that I will have to select a doctor to analyze it, not that I couldn't do that myself.  For pete's sake, they tell you if you are above or below the norm and by how much.  I could compare it to my results in the past, which I will do anyway.

I'm beginning to wonder if there is something in my house that is causing me problems.  I don't have downright symptoms (except for the itching) but things are definitely different and I feel different when I'm away from home all day.

Here is to a good week ahead for all of us!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Without a phone

How does one survive without a phone?  Easy.  I had dinner at Jeannie's when I took her home from her chiropractor last night, and somehow the cell phone came out of my pocket.  I looked all over for it when I got home and sent a text msg to Jeanne asking her to call my number so I could tell where it was.   She answered that she had already tried to call me and realized I had left my phone on the couch.   

She wanted to drive it over to me but I told her I'd get it today.  This morning I decided I didn't want it badly enough to drive over for it, and she wanted to  bring it to me.   I agree the phone is good for an emergency, but I have text message capability set up on my computer to my kids' phones, which I'm pretty sure have become permanently attached to their hands 24/7.

The end result is that I will get my phone when I get it, and I'm not making a special trip nor do I want them to.  I really wish I could get a plain home phone that doesn't do all sorts of things having something to do with blue teeth, or syncing, or cell phone calls going simultaneously to the home phone, etc.  What a bunch of crap when you just need a device to communicate with family, friends, or businesses (of your own choosing) once in a while.  I briefly had home phone service with AT&T but the entire day it was ringing with unwanted sales calls.  

I've tried to search the internet for something plain and easy to set up, that doesn't do all the tap dancing that most devices do these days.  What ever happened to simplicity.   All the searches come up with references to cell phones, so I suppose a simple land line is no longer available.   I also looked at phones on the Costco website, and the minimum you can buy is a set with 4 phones.  That would be a phone for every room in my house except the bathroom, although the rest of their phones include 5 and 6 devices!  Talk about overkill - I'll just enjoy being unconnected for a while, although the computer prevents me from being truly unconnected.

That's my rant for today and hopefully I won't have anything else to rant about for a while.

Statistics for the month of January to date:  In 14 days I've walked 28.65 miles!  I used to go a bit over the 2 mile mark but now I just stop at 2. 


Friday, January 13, 2017


I want to get the blog written a little earlier since I'm picking Jeannie up from work this afternoon.  Thank goodness the rain has stopped for now - it makes such a glare on the streets, especially in the dark.  It should be mostly sunny through next Monday, and I'm very happy about that.

So you may wonder how a person manages to walk two miles every day in a gym environment, trying desperately not to look at the TV screens everywhere.  That is when I try to do my thinking, and I think about a lot of things and solve some of my problems.

Today I thought about the subject that probably everyone in the country has thought about more than once:  what would I do with the money if I won the lottery.  As you know I don't buy lotto tickets, and the last time I tried the machine jammed up on me and kept my dollar!

Of course, we all piously think about the good works and charitable gifts we would make.  You have to think about that or the lottery gods will put you way down on the list as being stingy.  Can you imagine all the pleas for help you would get once your name was made public as a winner?  Right now I get a begging letter every day for a contribution from $5 to $25 (or more, of course).  I can't even think of the begging letters I would get in the event I suddenly came into money, and  wonder if they would come with specially printed return address labels and all the little junk that is usually sent with those kinds of letters.

After I make my charitable donations and take care of my family, it only comes down to two more things for me regarding where to live.  I could fix up this place I'm living in, no doubt at way over what a new unit would cost.  I do love this house in some ways - there is a very kind and happy spirit about the place.  But oh, the shape it's in.  If I spent some of my winnings on a new house (or at least new to me), I would have to buy all new furniture and the things that go with owning a house.  I hate to think of that because I have become a minimalist, which I think I've always been but it's a stronger feature with me at this age.

I took me 2 miles and about 36 minutes to ponder this dilemma, and I still don't know what I'd do if I suddenly came into a lot of money.  Probably die on the spot with a heart attack, so no thank you lottery gods, give the money to someone who needs it more than I want it!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Same old thing

I could just cut and paste any recent blog into today's entry as nothing has changed.   Some sun, a lot of rain, a run to the gym and then back home!

Every day I mention I'd like to take a nap and today I succumbed to the siren call of the couch!    I needed that and hope I can fall asleep at a decent hour tonight.

I know Sacramento isn't the only place with crazy weather - my sister lives in Nevada and reports heavy snow; I saw on the internet that snow storms had hit the Rockies; it is certainly cold in much of the country. I like to think we can still be surprised at the unpredictability of the weather .  I hope you enjoy whatever is happening in your neck of the woods - this will be a winter to remember for a long time.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A day to dry out!

It is supposed to rain tomorrow and then there will be several sunny days in a row, but it's nice to see the sun today.  It turned out the wind must have blown so fiercely the water came in through the swamp cooler, which is securely covered with a tarp.  Fortunately I saw it before I went to bed and was able to mop it up.  I also placed a big piece of plastic in that area but after I dried the plastic up this morning it seems to be over with for now.

I also was visited by an old leak around one of my windows that I thought was fixed.  That window will be the first one I replace, if I can ever get the money to replace it. 

As bad as the wind was, another area of Sacramento had some trees damaged by a tornado, of all things!  And I think I mentioned in a comment that several ski resorts in the mountains reported 4 ft and more of new snow fell.  They can't allow skiing though, because of avalanche dangers.   The skiers must be bummed out about that.  I took the kids skiing once and I tried it but hated it.  A couple of my kids became decent skiers, but the younger boys mostly prefer snowboarding.  

Enough of this weather, as I am ready for a bit of spring.  I need to treat my weeds soon or they will take over the entire property.  I have some heather that I cut way back last fall, and it must have loved it as it has now spread way out.  There was an empty spot near it that I was going to plant my lemon tree, but I'm not sure if the heather would be compatible.  

When my house warms up enough I can hold a paint brush in my hands, I'll get back to finishing my oranges.  I actually want to do one more fruit or vegetable, and then I'm going to do something else, such as birds.   I've already sketched a decent black capped chickadee and a crow.   I loved watching the chickadees when I lived in NC.  The other birds would fight over the seeds, but the chickadees would line up on a tree limb and then take their turn going to the feeder.  Such manners and congeniality - you sure don't always find it with other creatures, including people.

My legs are a little achy from walking this morning, so I need to stretch them out, preferably on the couch!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nothng but rain!

It rained and the wind blew all night long and hasn't stopped by mid-afternoon today.  They expect it to go on through tomorrow at least.  The wind is blowing it in waves and I'm getting a little tired of hearing that sound!  Here is what the water is doing to Folsom Lake, one of the reservoirs in the American River system.

“In the last 24 hours, Folsom gained over 60,000 acre feet.” (An acre foot of water would cover an acre in one foot of water.) "

It's actually very interesting what the water managers have to do to decide how to handle it all.  With all the storms in the mountains we will be getting a lot more water in the next few weeks.   They are diverting much of it to farmland - rice paddies and row crops.  I remember that from the 1980's when we lived here during a monster rain/flood season in about 1986.  But I knew it!  They are still talking about future drought; can't they just let us appreciate all the rain for a while?

I didn't get the lemon tree today - the rain was too heavy to be putting a tree into the back of my SUV and taking it out again.   I did go to the gym, thinking, "I'm only going to walk 1 mile today; well maybe a mile and a quarter or a mile and a half.  I may as well go two miles!  I think I'm becoming addicted, but that's not a bad addiction when you think of it.

The wind has picked up and is blowing open doors that shouldn't come open.  I would take a lot rain in place of the wind.  It is getting ugly!

Hope everyone out there is safe and sound.

Trip to Home Depot tomorrow

 I am going to buy a lemon tree.  Ara was there today and she told me they have some that are already bearing fruit.  I have always wanted to plant a lemon tree in the back yard and hope it grows well.  Ara has one in her back yard that is full of fruit, they are small but very tasty.  I will love having my own.

I've given Ara some outdoor furniture I never use.  For one thing I rarely sit outside because it is so dusty and dirty out there, plus there is so much noise.  I will keep a couple of camp chairs because Joe often brings his girls over when he does any work for me and we sit in chairs in the driveway.   It will be interesting to see what Ara does with the furniture as she is so creative it's sure to look beautiful when she gets finished with it.  She agreed to help me pick out a lemon tree tomorrow.

Looking at the extended forecast through about Jan 17, all but 3 days have rain; most of the days have a very high percentage of rain, until towards the 2nd half of Jan. when it becomes a 10 or 20% chance.  They are talking flood, and have opened the floodgates on the river for the first time since 2002.  I don't think it will hit my area, but my son Steve is in an area that could be susceptible to flooding.  We will see.

I will be so happy when the days are noticeably longer.  It's hard to tell now because the dark rain clouds in the skies make it gloomy most of the day anyway.

I think I may either skip my walk tomorrow or only walk half as much.  My legs are so tired.   I know it is recommended to skip a day between gym workouts with the machines and weights, but I doubt if that applies to walking.  I love the walk and it's getting so much easier, but it also makes my muscles ache.  I think I need to buy new shoes also, and good walking shoes always end up costing me a fortune!

That's all for tonight, folks.  I'm trying to get to bed a little earlier so I can get up earlier in the morning.   Sleeping late in the morning puts me off kilter for the entire day.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Too tired to write

I worked the NYT puzzle with Jeannie & Ara this morning - it was a difficult one but we got every single letter!  We stopped on the way over at the world's best donut shop and took a dozen donuts.

My granddaughter Alyssa's birthday was a week ago and neither Jeannie nor I had managed to get her presents to her, so Ara and I drove over to Joe's house with the gifts.  We stayed for a while talking, and I was becoming concerned that I wouldn't be able to walk at the gym.

I did manage to get there and did my 2 mile walk, and now I'm exhausted.  I hope I can sleep well tonight.  The rain continues for a few more days and so far it hasn't kept me awake for long, although I can hear various drips, splatters on the roof, and the winds blowing.   I hope you all get a good night's rest.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

I feel a nap coming on!

I was up early this morning and went to Ara's after my 2 mile walk.  Ara has moved into a house owned by Donald's Mom, who had been renting it for a while but has left it vacant for the past few months.  She offered it to Ara which was wonderful for her, as it was sometimes crowded at Jeannie's house.  Ara is now just a mile or two from where I live.

We did some shopping at Target and Costco, and it was so nice for me to let her do the driving, pump the gas, etc.  We talked about getting together at her house tomorrow, and maybe I can pick Jeannie up.  We will work the NY Times Sunday crossword together, drink good coffee with whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg - a tradition with us that I love and hope we continue.

Not having TV I really don't know what is happening with the rains.  I know my son Steve got sandbags for the back part of his lot that is close to a creek, but am not sure when they expect the worst of the rains to occur.  Today it seems like they are worse to the south of Sac., i.e. Stockton & Modesto, but I'm sure our turn will come as it's supposed to rain for days on end.  I really don't mind it because it has "warmed up a bit" into the 50's, but I hope no one suffers losses from flooding.  

For some reason I'm tired and think I might take a short nap, even though I got plenty of sleep last night.  It's amazing how much easier it is to walk that 2 miles on the treadmill now.  Maybe by February I will try to increase it with the goal of 3 miles in mind.  Not sure if I will be able to do that much in one go, but it's only a potential goal and not set in stone.

Not much else going on today - I may or may not get that nap.  I'd rather just get back into the habit of getting up and going to bed earlier.  Maybe now that the uncontrollable surge of energy in the evening seems to be slowing down, I can get back to normal!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Sunshine welcome

It's amazing how everything looks so much better when the sun is shining on it.  Today is our 2nd day of sun, although the temp is still at the 40F mark, so it isn't as warm as it looks.

I'm taking Jeannie to her chiropractor after work and she invited me to stay for supper when I bring her home.   Donald is making hamburgers, but it doesn't matter what Donald makes, the result is always the best!

The absolute only thing I've done today is go to the gym, and I find it is getting easier to reach that 2 mile mark.  I'm in no hurry to go above that, however.  My legs don't ache as much today, but yesterday I got out the heating pad for some comfort.  Looking ahead for the next two weeks the weather doesn't look much different - mostly rain and cool.

The monthly booklet published by the Mobile Home Park office has an ad for Jan 12 next week for a "paint party".   While they don't say what kind of paint they mean, or list anything to bring except to "bring your smiling face" and create your very own masterpiece.  I need to find out more about it before I think about going.   It's at the clubhouse and starts at 5:30, but I notice they have Bunko at 6:30, so unless they have different rooms it doesn't give much time for painting.  Most events are scheduled at least 2 hrs apart.  I have no intention of getting into a Bunko group - I've heard it's fun but I am the least competitive person on the planet when it comes to games, and it doesn't appeal to me.

I just took a little nap so I can be alert and awake for the drive downtown as well as the dinner!  I hope I can get to sleep at a decent hour, but I can sleep late tomorrow if I feel like it.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

I decided to do that when I woke up and saw sunlight!  I started the first of two loads of laundry before I even had coffee.  Got it dried and folded, and then went to the gym for another 2 mile walk.

I drove to Home Depot to pick up a few items, including a grab bar for the back wall of my shower.  I am so happy to have the one in the front, and finally picked up another one for the back.  Everything seemed more difficult to find at Home Depot this morning and I did a lot of walking up and down aisles.  I bought new cord for the "Lady" lamp but will let Steve find the hardware to hang it.  I don't know where Ara intends to put it, but when we have it updated then it's hers.  Goodbye Lady.  It's funny how comfortable I am with that big old lamp sitting right in the front of the room, and I smile when I think of my dog.

When I went to pay I realized I had no credit or debit cards with me.  I keep them in an aluminum holder I bought on Amazon, that is supposed to prevent anyone from scanning your card number as they walk past  without you knowing it.   The clasp that hold it shut broke after only a few weeks use, and the cardboard dividers for separating the cards are starting to fall apart, but I'm still using it.   I put the card holder in my coat pocket the last time I used a card and didn't wear anything but a jacket this morning, so I had to run home from HD and retrieve the cards, and back again.  I'm glad I don't live far.

While I was in that neighborhood I drove into Les Schwab (right next to HD) to see if they could turn the light  off that indicates low tire pressure.   The service man checked and properly inflated all the tires and knew exactly where to find the switch to reset the indicator.  I love that company and find them so trustworthy.  

What a beautiful day it is, the first of two sunny days, and then we will be back to rain.  It's perfect - we get the water we desperately need, with a little sunshine now and then to restore our spirits.

I'm debating whether or not to take a nap.  I feel like snoozing for a little while, but I know it will mess up the rest of my day and keep me awake until way too late. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What a night!

Last night the rain poured off and on, really heavy at times, and the wind was blowing all night.  I could hear things being bashed around outside, and I've heard of cars being damaged by fallen trees in other areas.  I don't see any real damage around here, but it was a noisy night.  The rain continues and will continue for days.  Not having TV I have no idea what the reservoirs and rivers are like, but the weeds are almost out of control by now.  I bought a 2 gal. pack of vinegar and 2 boxes of salt, so when Steve brings over his sprayer maybe we can get started on eliminating some of them.  My little sprayer hurts my finger after just a few minutes using it.

I saw my chiropractor this morning and then stopped at the gym on the way home, which I like better than the one near me.  That climb at mine up two flights of stairs tires me out before I start, and makes my heart rate about 5 points higher before I've done anything.   I know it is recommended to skip a day between workouts with weights, but I wonder if it's the same with walking.  Probably not my luck!  I thought about cutting it short today but if I start that then it will be downhill from there.  Gotta keep up the momentum!  I noticed quite a few women in my age bracket (although I'm most likely at the top of the bracket) at this gym today.  They all seem friendly and committed.

I've been thinking about buying a treadmill and saving the $50 monthly membership fee (Costco has them on sale until the latter part of Jan.), but I suppose it requires motivation on my part to get in the car and go to the gym, which is good.  I'm looking forward to being able to walk outside soon.

I put fresh nectar out today for the hummers and they are loving it!   I think I will definitely try to find a small bird feeder and hope I can hang it someplace the feral cats can't get to it.   It isn't as if they are even hungry as many of the neighbors feed the darn things.   I know it's instinct, but I'm on the side of the birds!

Driving home today I saw the funniest sight a few streets from where I live.  A woman was walking a big black dog that looked to be a lab mix, and she had a big bright yellow raincoat on it!  Labs love water and don't even mind the rain, at least in my experience with the one I had.  It just struck me as comical. 

I'm so cold except when I'm snuggled under my down comforter, but I don't really mind it as I know what the hot dry spring and summer will be like.  But I'm cold!  As a reference I just looked at the 5 day calendar for Wasilla AK, and it is sunny all week with temps from 10 to 20.  In contrast, my brother in Wisconsin has a week of temps from 7 to 14.  I guess I should count my blessings!  (48 up to 60 on Sunday!!!   All with rain.)


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Plans rained on!

I had a number of things planned for today but the rain has put me in the mood to stay home if I can.  I did drive over to my hairdresser this morning and just before reaching home I noticed a lighted symbol on my dash.  I drove straight home rather than doing any errands on the way, looked it up in the user manual and discovered I had low tire pressure.  I had to take care of that immediately, so I went to my local garage and was told that all the tires were underinflated.  Since I was only a block away from the gym, I did go on to there and got my walk in.  I hate to miss a day because then it will be easier to skip one now and then, although I know I will eventually.

I thought my correspondence with HeartsForPaws was finished, but I received an email today listing dogs that desperately need homes.  Also listed were several in dire need of foster homes - one was a 4 yr old black lab female, who was at a county shelter and couldn't be released unless a foster home is found for her to go into.  The way they word it is they want to get her out of "doggy jail" where she is in the timid ward, whatever that is.

I really don't know much about fostering, but I wrote (the same person I corresponded with on the male puppy) and told her I would be interested but that I couldn't drive to that county to pick the dog up.  If someone can bring her to me I would give her a loving foster home, with a possible adoption if things work out.   So far I haven't heard back from them, but maybe they want to see if they get a response from someone closer.   There is a photo of her that shows a beautiful totally black lab - I didn't see any markings at all.  Someone named her "Star" and I don't know if a foster is allowed to change a name, but I'd like something different.  Why am I doing this to myself?   If she is 4 yrs old she is out of the chewing stage, but if she's been in a shelter for very long, and depending on the environment she came from, she might need reminding of house-training rules. 

I had a long shopping list for Home Depot today but it looks like it will have to wait for another day as I'm not going back out in this rain.  I'm glad to see the continued rain though - maybe we can drop all the talk about drought.  From my experience living here in the 1980's, there is always talk about drought in CA, even when there is severe flooding.  Drought is always the specter in the background!

So far 2017 is off to a good start for me.  I'm going to do my best to make the most of the good things in store for me.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Catching up on rest

You may wonder why I would need to catch up on rest when I rarely do anything, except of course, walking my 2 miles a day.  That does tire me out and still makes my legs ache.

I got up a little later than I had planned this morning, eventually got to the gym, and went to Costco this afternoon with Jeannie, Donald, and Autumn.  (Arianna was at a friend's house.)  Jeannie is still suffering from the foot surgery and has rented a little scooter that she can kneel on and put her her injured leg up, and push with the other foot.  Several people asked her about it, one who was going to have foot surgery himself, and his daughter was having it on both feet.  I have seen these little scooters but didn't think of how much the mobility means to someone who can't walk while recuperating.

I didn't get a thing at Costco myself, but pushed their cart while Donald and Autie were busy filling it up.  At the checkout we ordered brisket sandwiches to pick up at their outside food window.  They were as good as I remembered, and twice as messy, but definitely worth it.

The woman ahead of us was paying for her order and her little boy, no more than 3 or 4 yrs old, ran behind the cashier and grabbed the cart.  The cashier told him, "No, I'll push it to your Mom", and he answered very emphatically, "No I'll push the cart.  I'm a man!"  I don't think many people heard him, but I was ready to burst out laughing.

Not much else to write about except to say that the sky was stunning this afternoon.  Big dark clouds one moment with the sun's rays coloring the tops of them the next.  The formation was always changing as well as the colors, and it was a beautiful sight.

I'm getting my hair trimmed tomorrow.  The time seems to roll around so much faster these days - I just had my hair trimmed!

I hope you all have had a good start to 2017.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A strange evening

I left the gym this morning and was driving to the grocery when I was overcome by an extreme feeling of happiness.  It was the endorphins, and I love it when I get that feeling.  It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough that I keep hoping.

Now for last night.  I first should mention that I have a Tiffany style hanging lamp sitting in front of the door, just where Lady used to snooze and make sure no intruders bothered her nap.   I cleaned it up to give it to Ara after I replace the old cord.   The colors are amber, brown, etc., just the color of Lady at first glance.  But I never thought anything about that - it's just the lamp sitting there waiting for me to go buy a cord."

You can click on the photo to make it larger.  Now I know all my eagle-eyed readers will immediately say, "She's hallucinating, that's a LAMP!

Last night I was sitting here by myself playing mahjong on the computer and carrying on a texting conversation with my kids now and then.  They text and I do the same only from my computer.  There were a lot of thumps and bumps, especially after 11 pm, and it sounded like something was on the roof.  I hear birds up there now and then, but last night they had their Army boots on!

The sounds became more strange and I wasn't sure where they were coming from, but I kept glancing at Lady to see what she was making of it.  Of course Lady is actually that lamp!  At 11:30 there was a sound as if someone took a heavy bat and swung it at the front of my house.  Again I kept glancing in the direction of what my imagination was telling me was the dog.  I don't understand how I kept thinking it was anything but the lamp, but every time I heard a loud noise I looked for the dog's reaction.

I must add that the people in this park are not late night people.  There is never a sound after 9 or 10pm unless a helicopter flies overhead, or a fire engine is running their siren.  I have never, ever, been afraid in this house.  I feel totally safe here, no matter what happens all around me.  But I was nervous.  The popping sounds eventually became louder and  I realized they were fireworks going off in the municipal park, about 3 miles from me.  Just a few minutes before midnight I looked through the blinds and saw the fireworks display, and then I could settle down.  I wasn't expecting them because the city of Sacramento made such a big deal about not having fireworks this New Year's Eve.

The mind can play strange tricks on a person - I knew I have no dog, and I knew I had a lamp sitting there, but I kept glancing with every noise to see if the "dog" was reacting.  I couldn't control whatever part of my mind was being the joker! 

What a way to start the New Year!  I'm planning on having a great 2017, but I wonder if I am going to be tricked now and then.