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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Day After...

...and I feel fine! Considering I only had one beer the entire day (well, at least until I got home at 11:00 pm and had one more), I should be feeling fine. The dinner was great, everyone loved it and had a good time.

Jeannie & Autumn are shown here.

Donald made the green hats. He is very creative and they looked so good.

Joe and Alyssa. I don't know where Sarah was when the picture was taken and I don't think she is on any of them.

And here are two of my leprechauns:

And one of my little leprechauns:

Steve was late because he had to attend a meeting of the local food co-op board of directors, and Megan was sick and couldn't make it. Amy and her daughter, Stephanie, were there also. I wish they were on some of the pictures, but when things get going with this crowd the picture-taking gets set on the back burner.

Steve came over today and quickly figured out that my coffee maker overloaded the circuit and all that was needed was to push in the button on the outlet. I don't know why I didn't see that. He also took away the big TV and converter box, and will try to find someone who wants a tv. I'm glad that big old thing is out of the way. After looking at all the possibilities, I think the easiest and best solution for me is to find a small computer table or desk to fit in the corner, and then to take the entire entertainment center out. I know it will shoot the resale value of the 5VER, but it is a 2004 model anyway, nothing has much resale value today, and why should I live with something I don't like so my kids can inherit a better resale value. They certainly aren't looking for resale, and I know for sure I won't be able to afford anything newer or better, plus the fact that I LOVE my rig, I'm going to live in my rig the way it suits me.

After the corned beef & cabbage dinner yesterday I am cooking pinto beans tonight. Frijoles y arroz is on the menu for tonight!

It has been a beautiful, warm, sunny day today and it's nice to have the windows open.


  1. Glady it all went well for you on St Patty's Day.. No green beer for you...I missed having corned beef. In Boston we always had grey corned beef and we can't find it anywhere else..

  2. Great attitude about the rig Gypsy. We have to be comfortable and have things the way WE want them, not the way someone else may want them.
    Are you set for your trip to SD? Bob