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Monday, October 30, 2017


Everywhere I turn I'm seeing advertisements.  I'm speaking of my computer - first I noticed it on youtube.  I am not always happy with youtube content, but then I think much of it is more reliable and honest than the print and televised media today.   I hope I never get tempted to go back to watching TV, so youtube is how I keep up with current events, and sometimes, just plain entertainment.  

This morning I noticed that everything I tried to do on youtube was preceded by a 25 second ad, which allows you to click on "Close ad" after you've been subjected to 5 or 10 seconds of it.  

I opened up my email account and at the top of my list of emails (in AOL) is an ad for wine.  It's still there, and I wrote to the AOL Help desk to see if I could get it removed.  The answer I got back was entertainment in itself - the message stated in part that "we are excited about our new ad-free service".  The old service was exciting to me, and didn't cost anything extra.  The new exciting service would cost me $5 a month plus tax!  In the mid-late 1990's I used AOL and paid $24.95 a month for it, but there were a lot of features that made it worthwhile - in those days, anyway.

So I don't know what to make of it - on the same Monday morning AOL and Youtube (a Google product) have started running paid ads that put a damper on my internet experience.  So far Gmail hasn't shown me any ads but that's not to say they won't.

I went to Costco this morning and also filled up the gas tank.  The price of gas is supposedly going to rise soon, and not knowing what exactly is going to happen this coming weekend (Nov 4-6), I want to be prepared for any possibility.  I didn't get many items at Costco - I put things into my cart and then ended up taking them out before I checked out.  I did buy a new Lasko ceramic tower heater and hope it doesn't blow my electric.  I've had problems with various space heaters in the past, so I just try to find one that doesn't have any bells & whistles and hope it works for me.  This one did come with a remote, which I don't care for at all.  Everything comes with a remote these days, and I just toss them because I never use them.   I sit too much as it is, and any excuse to get up and move a bit is a welcome diversion to me. 

What a way to start the week.  In addition, I missed my chiropractor appointment,  which is usually every other Monday.  When the appointment is changed to Wednesday for some reason, I get totally confused about when the next one is.  I feel bad about it, but will pay in the long run because they offered me an 8:15 am appointment this coming Wednesday.   How in the world will I ever get there by 8:15!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

A new reason to dislike Amazon

I don't care how convenient it is to sit at your computer and click on an item at Amazon.  I can do the same thing with Costco, but I like Costco a lot more.  Note that most items can be bought at the local Costco warehouse although some items are available online only.  They are almost always delivered within two days of placing the order.  I still prefer to shop at the local store as I hate to return things, and buying without seeing up close, holding a piece of clothing up to oneself to check the fit, etc., means that I often have to return them.

I just tried to access the weather.com site; I tried it several times and kept getting the Amazon.com page.  There is no reason why they should take over my computer like that.   I have disliked this company for a long time, for one thing, they should have stuck with books and related items instead of expanding into food (and now weather?).   Seriously, I think they operate to the detriment of local business which pay local people, pay local taxes, and very often can be accessed online just as easily as Amazon, if that's your preferred method of shopping.   And now they want the key to your house for delivering packages in case you aren't home?   I can't believe anyone would actually do that.

Last night I stayed up a bit later and slept in a little later this morning, all because I thought the time was changing this weekend.  The joke was on me, and now I've been confused all day long!

I was all set to start painting my bathroom but hit a brick wall it seems.  My energy levels took a dive, so I will wait a week or so until I feel more like getting started with the paint job.

A new week and a new month is coming up very soon.  The big "77" is looming!   Have a good week ahead.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Quick Hi !

I just wanted to say hello, hope you are all doing well, and tell you not to worry if I don't post for a couple of days at a time.  I seem to be sliding back into the total lack of energy phase, and if my experience is correct I should be climbing back out of it in a week or two.

I again wrote a message to my doctor asking if she would re-test me and possibly prescribe a low dose of something for the Hashimoto's.   The last test I had  came back "abnormal" but evidently it wasn't abnormal enough to warrant meds.  Funny how doctors normally whip out their prescription forms at the drop of a hat but will ignore the serious illnesses until your numbers reach above abnormal level!

I miss going to the gym but just don't have the push to get moving, so I'll wait until it comes back.  Meanwhile, I hope everyone out there is happy and well.   I'm ok, really, don't have a pain in the world but just can't get my act together!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

More paint preps

I haven't posted for a couple of days but I didn't have anything new or different to write about (still don't have much).   My sister and her husband stopped by yesterday on their way south; we visited for a while and they took me to lunch.  I haven't seen them for a while and it was a real treat to get together.

I made a trip to Home Depot this morning to get some "Kilz" to use as a primer on my bathroom ceiling in the tub/shower area.  Like everything else in the house, there is wood paneling there which was exposed during the remodeling.  I don't even remember what had been slapped up to hide the paneling.  Can you just imagine this house when it was new, with laminate wood paneling on every wall, ceiling, floor, closet, etc.  I had to contend with it when I moved in which is why I painted everything!  It wasn't even nice looking paneling -  probably the cheapest the manufacturer could find.  I wonder how many mobile homes are still out there with that horrible paneling!

I'm looking forward to starting the paint job but then I'm not.  I will want to be extremely careful to not drip any paint on my new fixtures or floor.  I'll just take it slow and easy.  I also don't look forward to the stretching which I know I'll pay for in aches and pains.

After a few weeks of feeling pretty good in the mornings, I seem to be sliding back down.  Someone sent me a website about Hashimoto's, and one thing it stressed is that I shouldn't eat grains, sugar, or dairy.  I really enjoy a bowl of cereal and fruit in the morning but I will give it up when the cereal box is empty.  I never add sugar to anything, but have become addicted to sweet snacks, so they won't be replaced.  I will miss the dairy, but without cereal it won't be too bad except if I want to make a protein shake.  Try as I might I cannot stand the thought of almond or coconut milk.  I'm told it is really good, especially the almond milk, but I'm not buying it one bit!   I absolutely won't give up the 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee though!

As usual, I have to get up about every 2 hours at night, and on my way back to bed I look out the window at the night sky.  I can't believe how dark it is until 3 or 4am when Orion appears along with a few other bright stars/planets.  Then before dawn the sky is totally void of anything and is dark again.  If I had a view of north or south I might see more - in the west is downtown Sacramento and thus more lights, although a really bright object appears sometime (I'm thinking of Venus).   I have a telescope that I used when I lived in Ireland, and then gave it to one of my sons when I came back.  He returned it to me but I doubt if I could properly assemble it again  or even if I still have the instructions.  I should try it and maybe take it out in the back yard.

I need some lunch.  The lunch I ate yesterday with my visitors was so filling that I never could even think about supper.  (I had chicken enchiladas with all the delicious sides that come with them.) 

So here we are coming up on another weekend soon.  I would love to slow time down just a bit because it seems to be accelerating out of control lately.

Monday, October 23, 2017


Things are always changing - just as I was getting to love the 60 degree weather and cold nights, here it is back into the 80's for a while.

While I looked for the meteors approx every 2 hrs for the past 3 nights, I didn't see one of them!   It's been a long time, since I was in my mid 20's, that I've seen meteors.  I'll just tell myself, "When you've seen one, you've seen them all".  I probably get more enjoyment just looking at the stars throughout the night, and traveling the skies with Orion the Hunter!

I'm so pleased with myself and the painting job I did on the replacement paneling, I'm beginning to think about painting the bathroom walls & ceiling.  It's a very small room and the biggest job will be to cover and tape everything so the paint doesn't splash, especially my new tile and bathroom fixtures.  I think I can deal with being on a small ladder, but it's getting down low and around the pipes that has me worried.  I don't like to get on my knees because it's so hard to get back up.  Add to that the problem that I have difficulty seeing well unless what I'm looking at is directly even with my eyes.  Maybe I should buy the paint and just get started, and do what I can.  I guess I need to buy a new paint roller rather than try to brush it on, although much of it will have to be brushed because of the small spaces.

At one time Ara was going to paint it for me, but she's gone back to PA where her old employer offered her a supervisory position with a very good salary increase.  I need to get back to doing things for myself as long as I can.  I did notice that I got very stiff & sore from the last painting I did - guess I stretched muscles that hadn't been stretched in a long while.

I really miss Ara being here and look forward to when she come back for Christmas.  At her age she needs to focus on career opportunities, and the job she had here couldn't match the one in PA for advancement and salary.

I don't know which is worse - the dogs barking across the street or their owners who sit in a circle and laugh & talk - one woman cackles and it could drive me nuts if I let it.  .  Everything can't be that funny, but she cackles constantly.  I'm sitting at the kitchen table now, so maybe if I move back a room it won't be so bad.  I loved it when I could keep the windows closed!


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Nothing happening here!

Not much new lately.  Yesterday morning I went to the market, and left smiling.  I think the farmers who sell their wares at that market are some of the friendliest and kindest people I've ever met.   You can't help but be in a better mood when you leave than when you arrived (and I was in a pretty good mood to begin with!)

I just went straight to the gym - the weather was cool enough and I found a place to park in the shade, so didn't worry about leaving the produce in the car.  I found the same thing at the gym - smiling, friendly people.

Didn't do much for the rest of the day except try to sweep off the driveway.  I think I've mentioned that because of the orientation and location of my house, all the wind and dust and dirt blows right into my place, and the driveway is like a wind tunnel for blowing leaves and dust.  The recent rains had left unspeakable clots of dirt on my car and all over the driveway, so I set about trying to clean all that up.

I was at Costco several weeks ago and spoke in passing with a woman who was selling spas - the large porcelain kind you might have in your house (if your bathroom was large enough).  She was polishing the spa with windex and I commented on it.  In our subsequent conversation she said you could even clean your car with Windex - she said her family had always owned an automobile business and that was their secret to shiny new cars!  I don't have the energy to clean my entire car with Windex, but while getting the  grime off the windows I did use Windex on the driver's side door.  It cleaned it very well and left it sparkling and shiny.  I'd do the entire vehicle except it's a losing battle when "they" are spraying crud at least 3x a week here.  I might try doing a small part at a time though, and see if it may help repel whatever is coming down.

This morning I am really taking it easy, after getting up much later than I usually do.  The only thing I plan to do is go to the gym for my walk, so I can be as lazy as I want! 

I bought some beef marrow bones from the vendor who sells organic farm-fresh beef at market, so I think I'll get my slow cooker out and start a batch of bone broth.  That stuff is so delicious, and from what I read, it's very nutritious.  The only downside is leaving it plugged in and running overnight and when I go out.   If I had a newer house with an up-to-date electrical system I might not worry, but I'll try to not worry anyway!

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.  Next weekend will be here in the blink of an eye, as it seems to me.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Last Night's Storm

I woke up when I thought a train was barreling through my house!  I have never heard such wind in my life - it really did sound like a train, and for a few moments I became a little worried about what might be happening.  Figuring I couldn't do a thing about it I stood looking out the window and watching the trees in back nearly bent to the ground.   Fortunately for me it didn't last long, although it was long enough, and I was able to drop back off to sleep before it subsided.  It didn't sound like any storm I have ever heard or seen.  Those black clouds in the sky last night were like no other I've ever seen!

This morning I went out to my car to drive to the gym and the mess the rain had made on my car windows was disgusting.  The water caked up the crap that the planes spray from the skies several times a week and it was really bad.  I did get it off with Windex and a lot of elbow grease, and cleaned the door on the driver's side with Windex as well as the tail light and head light  covers.  I hate to spend money on a car wash when the stuff continues to be spread around by the military (or whoever is operating the planes that drop their chemical climate engineering - chemtrails.)

I did my walk and decided to continue on to Costco.  I kept careful running total  of the cost of items in my cart (and found later than I miscalculated how much money I had by $20!).  Fortunately I had enough to pay for my purchases.  I did get some healthy fruits and vegetables but a lot of what I brought home was sweet and snack type items (lots of chocolate!).  Most of it is not unhealthy when eaten in moderation, which I need to keep in mind.

I need to go out and clean the outside of my bedroom window as well as take out the screens to clean them, but I hesitate to get on a ladder today.   I used my little one-step ladder when painting the paneling the past two days, and I realize I should no longer be on ladders - even if only one step!  I just don't have the balance these days.

My sister-in-law just lost her mother, who fell and hurt her arm, was taken to the hospital with sepsis, and never pulled out of it.  The older I get the more I worry about falling, and I know I'm not alone in that fear.

This morning (and most of the day) there have been big puffy white clouds in the sky, but the temperature has remained in the low 60's.  I just love it while it lasts.

I wish everyone a good weekend, and those in the northwest take care because I think they will be getting more storms. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Yet another good day!

I don't know how or why, but just keep 'em coming is all I can say! 

I decided to paint the second coat on the paneling after breakfast, before going to the gym, and figured I'd add the 3rd coat in late afternoon.  I think 2 coats will do it, and as far as I'm concerned I'm finished.  I'll let my one of my kids check it out because with my eyesight maybe I'm missing something. 

 When I originally painted all the paneled walls and ceilings in the house, the paneling had probably been up at least 50 yrs.   It was dirty, greasy and it took me a lot of elbow grease to wash it with TSP, then use a coat of primer followed by 2 coats of paint.  The new paneling was a bit lighter in color and I had no difficulty in covering it completely with just 2 coats.  

I looked for the paint roller and never could find it so I just brushed the 2nd coat on.  I'm pleased with what I've accomplished, and while the "old perfectionist me" would not have been satisfied, the "new, glad to be on this side of the ground me" is perfectly happy with it.   I hadn't painted but a few brush strokes when I was hit with arthritic pain in my right hand.  I managed to work through it, but I was surprised by it.  Dang, getting old is a real PITA.

Storms are coming in from the west this evening and are forecast to be really bad for Seattle and Portland.   I just went out and took a couple of photos of the western sky, and you can see it looks pretty ominous right here.  We are expecting rain in Sacramento tonight, but it won't be as bad as Washington & Oregon, I hope.  The pictures were taken at about 6:50 pm, pacific time, and these are clouds - not the night sky.

I'm on a roll with 5 straight days walking at the gym, and  I'm aiming for a full week.   I should spend some time working on the machines, but after walking I'm ready to get in my car and drive home.

I hope those of you who live near the Pacific coast stay safe.   And I hope some of that rain makes its way to the California fires.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What has come over me?

I think I've had the most productive day today in the last year.   It started with a visit to my chiropractor; then to the gym.  I'm walking 1-1/4 miles at a time now.  

I came home and did a few odd jobs around my house that have been bugging me for months, including applying the first coat of paint on the replacement paneling in the living room.  There isn't much actual paneling to be painted - about 3 to 3-1.2 ft wide above and below the window, but Joe can't finish up the trim around the window until the painting is done.  I did the first coat with a brush because I didn't want to deal with splatters, but will need to apply a 2nd and 3rd coat with a roller.  I might even try the 2nd with a brush again as it is a lot easier to clean up.  This job may not seem to be all that big of a deal, and it shouldn't be, but it has really been driving me crazy!  So I started it and patted myself on the back when I finished the first coat.  (Actually I said, "Damn, Marty, YOU ARE GOOD!)  I even dug out a pair of sweat pants that has paint spots of them, that I just recently found in one of the drawers.  

That sort of did me in so of course I took a nap!  I just hope I can get a little bit of energy and motivation several days a week, and I might see a big difference.  I've let things go for so long I'd be embarrassed for anyone but my kids to visit me. 

The house has been so cold in the morning that I dug out the small electric heater I use to warm the bathroom  before taking a shower.   I have another electric heater for the living room, but haven't been able to find it.  This is a small house and there are only so many places it could be hiding, but I sure haven't found it yet.

So I'm quite pleased with my day today.  It wouldn't seem like much, but for someone who has been unable to do much of anything in the past year it has been very good for me.  I wish I knew what is giving me a little extra boost - I'm always tweaking my diet but unfortunately I don't know of anything that would have increased my energy, and I don't know if it will last.  I'm grateful for every little bit though.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A different kind of sky

At first glance this looked pretty weird until I realized the sun was just barely beginning to shine on the clouds.  I really wish I could get a straight shot of anything from where I live without all the poles, houses, wires, etc. in the way.   As the sun rose higher it shone on the tops of the clouds first (making them look like half of an Oreo cookie?) and then worked its way down.  I think because the sun is coming from the east and has to climb over the mountains and foothills, it casts a different perspective - first from above and then eventually  over the whole subject.

I'm pleased with myself for going to the gym this morning.  I had planned to make a trip to Costco afterward but came home instead - I hadn't made a list and all I could think of to buy were sweets and snacks. 

I've been noticing pain in my muscles and joints for the past few days, but it seems to be gone today.  In fact, I feel pretty good and wish I could continue like this.  I've been tweaking my diet and will try to reduce the gluten, but gluten free bread is expensive beyond belief!  A loaf that is about half the size of a regular loaf of bread costs $7 and up!  Costco in Folsom was carrying a fairly good tasting brand but Jeannie told me she couldn't find it on her last trip there - I don't want to make the drive there unless I'm sure they carry it.  

I want to do some touch up painting in the house, but every day  I find an excuse to put it off.  I get sidetracked too easily.

I've eaten a very good meal for lunch and now I think I want to go sit in an easy chair and put my feet up.  I think I'm running out of steam, which I normally do every afternoon. 

Have a good day, folks.

Monday, October 16, 2017

They're at it Again!

I slept late this morning - didn't wake up until 8am.  I looked out the window first thing and saw that the chemtrails were at least 2 hrs old, but I went out and photographed them.

Some of the chemicals look different than usual as they aren't in a straight line but seem to be disbursed in a large mass.   My apologies to anyone who is not interested in hearing about this - I am going to be adding  more photos to my blog as it is a way of keeping a record of what is going on.  I'm trying to mentally compose a letter to my congressional reps and senators and will attach the photos.  If I keep it up they might get the picture, although I'm sure they have been steered off this subject. 

On another subject, I learned this morning that the results of my test for Lyme disease turned out negative.   So that is a big relief to me, because once Lyme becomes chronic it is almost impossible to cure.  I really feel sorry for people who have this problem in their 20's and 30's, as life is going to be so difficult for them.  As I mentioned yesterday, at least I've had about 75 fairly healthy years to look back on, but I'm also too young to feel this bad and to wonder if it's all over for me.

I've lost track of the time this morning and I do want to get to the gym before I run out of steam.  I also need to shop for groceries in the near future - my fridge is so empty and it would be a good time to clean the shelves, drawers, etc.   Even the freezer is empty!  This morning I got out some grapes and cherries that I had frozen when they were in high season - they are still delicious.  

Have a good day, and I wish you clear skies!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Chemical Engineering (Chemtrails)

I got out of bed at around 7:30 this morning, and as I usually do I look out the window first thing.  The sky didn't look right to me, and as I looked closer I saw them.  The color of the sky as it actually was - a light hazy blue that didn't even look like sky - isn't so obvious from these photos.

At first I couldn't find my camera so I took some pictures with my cellphone.  Since it is a Jitterbug phone and not a very good camera, I can't seem to access the photos unless I send them to Donald, who sends them back to me as an email attachment.  One of these days I'm going to have him take some photos with my phone and see if he can access them easier than that, but for now, I'll post those photos when I can get them.  One of them shows the plane which is very high in the sky.  They usually fly much lower - maybe they are afraid of getting shot at by someone on the ground who doesn't like what they are doing.

Click to enlarge the photos.

I wondered why I haven't seen the planes lately and the answer is that they are doing this early in the morning so most people aren't even aware of it.  These pilots should be doing something constructive like dropping water over the fires burning in CA, rather than taking part in the criminal activity of poisoning the citizens. 

I had a terrible day yesterday and promised myself things would be much better today.  Then I find something like this when I look at the sky!  I think I will go to the gym this morning and try to walk off my anger.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hypothyroidism vs Lyme Disease

I went to the lab this morning where they drew yet another vial of blood to test for Lyme Disease.  While it's mainly prevalent in the northeast, I was surprised when I searched and found it is also present in California, although via a slightly different variety of tick.  (Note that I requested this test on Oct. 3 and the doctor finally got around to ordering it ten days later.)

So I've been doing a lot of research on Lyme, and simply can't believe the similarity in symptoms of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (which I've been tested positive for) and chronic Lyme disease.  I won't receive the results from my test until next week, but I've watched several youtube videos made by a young man who suffered throughout his young life, through his teens, all the way to age 28 when he was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease.  I could totally relate to many of his symptoms, and was nearly brought to tears when he described his mental state just before the Lyme diagnosis - one of being ready to give up and just die and get it over with.  I have gone through this in the last year or so, but at least I have mostly healthy 75 years to look back on. 

I doubt the test will be read as indicative of Lyme disease because even though it occurs in California, there isn't enough of it to even warrant most doctors' serious consideration.   I have actually considered going to NY to see a doctor who is more familiar with the disease, but absolutely don't want to get on a plane and I don't think I could make that drive these days. 

It just makes a person wonder how many illnesses and diseases are misdiagnosed because they don't fall within the strict parameters set by the medical field.  I'd sure love to find a doctor who doesn't mind thinking "outside the box" when warranted.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Everything is about the same with me as it was yesterday, except I talked myself into going to the gym for a walk.

I haven't noticed the smell of smoke in the air, although my sense of smell isn't what it used to be.  I've heard it is noticeable in some areas of the city.  From what I've been reading, the fires are continuing to burn and decimate homes, businesses, belongings, etc.   With so many devastating events going on all over the country it's easy to wonder if at least some of it is due to geo-engineering.

I managed to do two loads of laundry this afternoon, and everything is folded on my bed and waiting to be put away.  I will hold out until I'm almost too tired to deal with it and want to go to bed!

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying temps in the 70's this week.  We may have a day that reaches 80 or so in the coming days, but I think we're heading for winter.  Because I'm always cold due to the thyroid problem, I've been wearing sweatpants and a jacket, even in the house.  And I have windows open so the house stays cool.  Love it!

Triple A in this area is offering a free class on what to do in an earthquake.  I don't know if I want to take the class or not - the info sent to me describes what I should do in case of a quake, so I don't know what else there might be.   My area isn't in an earthquake zone per se, but it IS in California, and I suppose all bets are off!

I hope you are all comfortable wherever you are, and stay safe!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fires everywhere!

I guess the fires are still burning in the Napa area but already so much has been leveled.  My middle son, who is an executive in the wholesale grocery business, had several stores in that area burn to the ground, as well as many employees burned out and displaced.  He went to Napa today, and here is a brief msg he wrote to me:

"Well, there were a fair amount of people out and about.  Although I stayed clear of much of the area.  Several of our stores are without power, so even the areas that are not ablaze are still powerless.
There were wineries, houses, and cars that were just decimated.  It looks like a war zone.  The main fire that spread into Santa Rosa traveled 16 miles in about 5 hours.  This is extremely fast and didn't give much notice to anyone.  Several stores are closed and we can't make contact with them.  But several stores are up and running. "

I read in this morning's paper that an area about 40 miles northeast of where I live had about 25 acres burned (as of the time the article was written).  I haven't heard anything else about it so I guess the fire was put out.   We had a very wet winter so the grass & foliage grew very well, and then when the summer's extreme dryness hits it dries out to become tinder.  Sacramento has always had this cycle of wet and dry seasons, and when I lived here in the 1980's I don't remember there being such a terrific problem with fires in this area.   The southern part of the state has always been prone to terrible fires in the fall/winter because of the fierce Santa Ana winds. 

Nothing was visible in the night sky except for the moon, so I think the haze from fires is making the difference.   I hope we get some rain this winter - for one thing the dust and grime on my driveway is horrendous.  I have no doubt it's from the dry conditions as well as from the chemical spraying that has been so prevalent.  I don't understand how pilots and the personnel dropping the chemicals can go home to their families at night.   I think I'd want to find a different line of work!

I made a trip to the dollar store today - I love that store!  I spent $17 so I had 17 items to put away when I got home.

I took a nap today and hope I can still fall asleep before too late tonight.  I don't like to nap but sometimes my comfortable bed just calls my name - "Here, just lie down for a few minutes and rest your bones!"  I answer "Okay, but just for a few minutes."

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

CA fires

The latest I've heard is that there are 15 dead and 200 missing in the wine country wildfires.  One of my sons is in the wholesale grocery business, and I believe he lost two stores to the fire.  This morning's newspaper shows acres of rubble - nothing standing at all.  I just wonder how it can all come back to something near normal, but then we can say the same about Houston, Puerto Rico, Mexico City, etc.  You just never know when or where or how the next disaster will strike, but this seems to be a year of disasters.  My heart goes out to all those affected by them.   I just read that looters are robbing homes after their owners flee from the encroaching fire.  I can't imagine anything more despicable!

After going back to bed after breakfast yesterday and accomplishing very little for the day, I did it again this morning.  I know it must be my diet - I've been eating cereal and fruit in the morning, whereas I had been trying to eliminate wheat where possible.   Also, I know I'm drinking too much milk with the cereal every morning.  I will finish what I have on hand and then try to eat other kinds of foods.  

Did I write yesterday that today I was going to deep clean my kitchen?  Not a chance today!  I haven't started sticking to the floor yet, but I know it will happen soon if I don't scrub it.  

The sun is descending in the west and it's a huge orange ball.  Really beautiful although I can't look at it for more than a second.

Have a good evening, and I hope to be back tomorrow.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Hazy skies; ants

Skies are pretty hazy in the west, but the setting sun is really making it impossible to tell much about it.   The sunsets have been beautiful the past few days, and I wonder what it will be like this evening.

I have been noticing ants in my kitchen, just running up the side of a cabinet in one area and so far they aren't taking over my entire kitchen.  I sprayed some bug spray on a paper towel and ran it over the corners where they are traveling - hope that stops them.  I think tomorrow I am going to do a deep cleaning on my kitchen.

After breakfast this morning I had intended to make a quick trip to Costco and go to the gym.  I thought about it for a while and decided I didn't need to do either one, so I went back to bed!   Last week it seemed I had more energy in the mornings, but it certainly has dissolved!  I honestly don't know if it's what I'm eating (or not eating), or what makes me feel like that.   

Being a sucker for some sales pitches, and ever hopeful of finding the "miraculous solution", I recently ordered a month's supply of powder you mix with water - it's called "Vital Reds".  It is supposed to be chock full of energizing vitamins and minerals, and certainly wasn't cheap.  The damn stuff is a total waste of money and I'm expecting to get emails any day now urging me to get a refill.  If you ever get urged to buy Dr. Gundry's magical cure, please ignore it.  It's only magic for Dr. Gundry's bank account! 

Joe stopped by before picking his girls up from school this afternoon.  We ended up going out to my shed where we filled a huge garbage can full of items that I believe were left on shelves when I moved in.  I've always wanted to get rid of most of the stuff in that shed.   When he was cleaning it out he found the hitch from when I had my truck - since he recently bought a new truck he asked me if I was going to use the hitch and I told him it was his.  I am glad to see it being of use again.

I think the sun has gone down enough now that I can go outside and look at the western skies.   We usually have a brilliant sunset,  but nothing like that this evening.  I started to watch a youtube video on the fires burning in Santa Rosa but couldn't even bear to watch it for a half a minute!  It's awful.

 See you tomorrow. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I'm Bored!

I have been so bored the past couple of days, and maybe that is why I want to sleep so much!  I have no TV (thankfully) but I do watch YouTube more often than is good for me.  I switch to a variety of topics though, not wanting to watch any topic exclusively.

There is a 1 hour video that is published every week on Saturdays, featuring Dane Wigington, called Geoengineering Watch-Global Alert News.  The program features Wigington reading the relevant geoengineering news of the week, and there is a lot of it!  One of the things he covered in yesterday's video is about chemtrails, which he said should be referred to as "climate engineering", as that is what it actually is; I guess the word "chemtrails" isn't taken seriously enough.  I agree with him and will now try to refer to climate engineering, so you will all know what I mean if you read about it in my blog.

What I can't figure out is why no mention of it is made in any of the media, everyone seems to know it is there, should realize that it is dangerous (to drop metallic particles and chemical substances on a population, poisoning our air, the ground our food grows in, etc.), but no one seems to have an idea of what to do to change it.  I don't think we even know who is responsible for it, except that it is the "U.S. Military".  Who authorized it, and more importantly, who can explain it in depth to the people who are suffering ill effects from it, as well as how can we stop it.  No one in Congress has ever referenced it that I know of.   

I alternatively watch videos of animals, both domesticated and wild, and that reminds me there are great people in the world who want to help animals, such as lions who have been held for decades in small cages by circus operators in South America, which were rescued and eventually returned to Africa.  Watching a huge lion finally getting the nerve to walk outside his enclosure, feel actual grass under his feet, and experience the relative freedom of acres of open land to roam, made me end up in tears.  

I can't say that I miss CNN or MSNBC or the like, and the youtubes I watch are a lot more uplifting than American politics these days!   These are my opinions only, and you might agree or disagree.)

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Busy Sat. morning

This morning I went to the farmers market, where I spent a lot of money but didn't get many items.  For one thing I bought a good sized bottle of olive oil which should last me for a while.  I also got corn on the cob - I don't eat it often, but it looked too good to pass up.  Eggs, walnuts, and soup bones to make bone broth rounded out my purchases.  I haven't figured out the total I spent and I don't think I really want to know - my wallet is lighter though!  I still need a few things from the grocery as well as Costco.

I did my mile & a quarter walk at the gym - I never feel like doing it which means I really need to do it!

The skies were weird last night.  I saw the moon earlier but most of the stars visible throughout the night were not to be seen.  I could see one bright star or planet in the south, but that was about it.

We are in for some days in the 80's but the temp should go back into the 70's by next Wednesday.  It's always subject to change, I guess depending on how much chemtrailing is done this week.  My car was a total mess from what they are spraying so I went to an automatic car wash this morning.  I usually select an option with several features, but this morning I got the plain old car wash.  It was a waste of money when I see all the grime left on top of the car and in other spots.  I feel like I've been "had" by the Shell station car wash, and need to find another place to get it done, although this one is so convenient - right outside my mobile home park.  The automatics are probably all alike and I can no longer afford to go to the wonderful car wash where they do your car by hand, inside and out.  The cost of groceries is going to ruin me!

I just read where they have now closed the old Tappan Zee bridge, a 3.1 mile span across the Hudson in NY.  It is being replaced with a new bridge which I would love to drive across except for the fact that my drive-to-NY-days are over!

Hope you all have a good weekend.  I will probably take it easy unless I hear from Jeannie about going to Costco.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Harvest Moon

Every time I think of the harvest moon I want to sing "Shine on Harvest Moon"!  I looked out my bedroom window at about 8:30 and saw it in the east, and checked it out a few more times before I went to bed.  At one point I woke up to go to the bathroom and when I got back into bed I saw the moon cast its beautiful light right in a silhouette where I sleep!  There is a magical feeling about the moon casting its shine directly on you.

I'm feeling a little better and certainly more awake than I was a few days ago.  I don't know why but I had two consecutive days where I kept going back to bed and never did get dressed all day long.  I've changed my diet somewhat and now I have to go back and figure out what I might need to resume eating.  Sometimes it seems like just too much trouble.

The water was shut off in our entire mobile home park yesterday, from about 2pm to 10 or 10:30.  I have plenty of water on hand so didn't worry about running out of drinking water, but hate to use my drinking water for handwashing!  When it finally came back on it sputtered and splashed all over, and was an ugly rusty brown color.  I let the taps run for a while and the water finally became a decent color.   It is still sputtering some of the time when a tap is turned on.

Situations like that make me think of all the problems experienced in the past month or two of people who have been hit by hurricanes and were without power.  Puerto Rico is an especially sad story as they say it could take months to get power up and running in some places.   For most of my life I have tried to be prepared with extra supplies on hand, always thinking of shortages that an emergency could bring.   Of course in the case of the hurricane in Puerto Rico, I doubt that any kind of preparation would have helped most people. 

Venezuela is another sad story which we aren't hearing anything about lately - the media likes to keep moving on to something new for a day or two, and then they have to find another "breaking news story".  

I wish everyone a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Night out

I went with the family to Straw Hat Pizza last night - enjoyed the food, the beer, and the company very much.   I also suffered with indigestion all night long!

Yesterday and today I am back to where I was a few weeks ago - so tired I can't get up and get dressed.  I just went back to bed this morning after I ate breakfast, and I can tell I won't get much done today.  I need to return two books to the library - never got around to reading either of them.

Thank goodness for the night and early morning skies, which fill me with awe and wonder.