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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A slow day

I can tell this is going to be a slow day so my blog will probably be very slow as well. Last night about 9:30 there was a lot of commotion outside the rig, with at least one big RV and several cars that seemed to stop next to me. I could hear the loud "boom-boom-boom" from a radio, and my first thought was that I sure hoped they weren't going to be pulling into the space to my right. I tried to see out the window and think it was a big toy hauler. They finally started moving and looked like they were trying to find a spot they could pull into easily, as they drove around more than once. I saw that the man in the rig in front of me came outside to have a look, and probably to complain if they should try to pull in next to him.

They must have ended up in front just across the fence to the racetrack, and I heard no more from them. Someone left the park in the middle of the night as I woke up with the sound of gravel crunching, so it was either the toy hauler or maybe another RVer who didn't care for the company. It's a good thing I sleep well, being that the main driving lane for this section is right outside my bedroom window. I hear vehicles coming and going over the gravel, and even people walking by, but I go right back to sleep so it really doesn't bother me. I decided right then and there that extended stays at RV parks are definitely not for me.

I took some pictures of my "office" arrangement. The first shows how I have extended the leaf in the table and then turned the table sideways to have better access. It really works out so much better, especially for my back. I was developing aches & pains from twisting at an angle to use the keyboard and to view the monitor. You can see all my boxes stored under the table and chairs. I need to find a better place, maybe under the bed.

Next I took a picture of the entertainment center to indicate what a problem I will have converting it into a usable computer space, unless I tear out the entire cabinet and start from scratch. The keyboard pullout would be most comfortable about one-third the way down from the top of the boom box, but that would not leave enough space for the monitor above it, unless I removed all the shelves including the one holding the TV. While I really doubt I will ever sell this unit and buy another, I hesitate messing with radical modifications at this point. Right now it mainly serves as a catch-all, and when you think about the amount of prime location taken up as a catch-all, it is a shame not to get better use out of it. Suggestions welcome.

Of course I am embarrassed at the messy cabinet, but hey, I don't worry about stuff like that any more.

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  1. Gyosy: We have a HH Discover America which we love. The main reason we chose it is for the desk/tv arrangement. Our previous 5th wheel (other brand) had a similar tv arrangement (in a different location) and the computer was always on the dining table--caused us no end of grief. You might want to think about taking out the tv and leaving it with one of the kids and then rearranging the shelves to suit your computer needs. Perhaps you could get a smaller flat screen tv and mount it on a swing arm which could cover some or part of your computer screen when you are watching tv. You could use a bungee to secure the tv when you are moving down the road. I wouldn't worry too much about changing the entertainment center to suit your needs as far as resale. That would be kind of like getting a carpet color you hated in a house because it would be better for resale value. After doing that in two houses, we finally got the carpet we liked and offered a "carpet allowance" to the buyers. YOU are living in the RV now and it should be set up for your comfort.

    Dione (from the NuWa Forum)