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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good day to stay indoors

Ok, Florida and New York, you can take back this cold weather! After a few warmer days I was shocked at the chill this morning. At least I was able to get the dogs out and back in before the rain started again. We've had enough rain that the boating restrictions have been lifted at Folsom Lake and most if not all the boat launch sites are open again. I hope the drought is over this year, although other parts of the state haven't been as lucky.

I am trying to decide how and when I can go to SD to get my driver's license there. A plane into Rapid City makes the most sense. My insurance company is giving me a little more time before they add a surcharge because I'm not licensed in the state, and it would make me feel a lot better having the license to match my vehicle plates. I have been agonizing over this since I started fulltiming last December. It's just the wrong time of year to be tripping to South Dakota!

I forgot to ask the eye surgeon last time I saw him whether I should still avoid getting water in my eye. I phoned this morning and found that I only needed to avoid it for 10 days, and here I have been worried every time I wash my hair! I'm still not supposed to lean over for 4 weeks, and that won't be much longer.

All of the sudden the sun came out and I can see that my windows need cleaning again. I might as well wait until the rainy season is over, although I do like clean windows. I should get busy, or at least get dressed.

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  1. Hey Gypsy--- I got dressed today too---Finally!! Great to be retired.