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Monday, March 9, 2009

The subject is still printers

I took the Lexmark back to Target this morning. Then I went to Office Max and bought an HP. Got it back home and realized I had lost my reading glasses, so I had a terrible time installing it. Why is it that they would give you a booklet explaining in three languages how to print, scan, etc., but the installation instructions are on a cd? To top that off, no where in the cd is anything mentioned about how to install the ink cartridges, or even where the ink cartridges are located. I finally found the compartment but the only clue as to how to insert the cartridges properly is a series of pictures, or icons if you will. An icon is a picture, and in this case it is certainly not worth a thousand words. I was ready to smash the whole thing before I finally got it to work. It prints ok as far as I can see, but every time I turn it on it wants to print an alignment page for me as I have just inserted a new cartridge. I'd like to know how long this will go on because it's wasting my paper and ink! It's too bad we don't manufacture anything anymore because this stuff from China is just crap.

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  1. Gypsy,

    Every time you install new "ink" cartridges, you need to run the alignment software, and after choosing the right settings, select "OK". These settings will remain in memory of the printer, until you install new ink, then you'll have to run the alignment setup once again.

    There must be a step your missing along the way in the setup, so it will continue to print out an alignment sheet every time it's turned on, until you run through the complete setup.

    Good luck!