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Friday, June 30, 2017

Resting Up!

Ha!  Like I need to rest up!  I haven't done anything today except feed myself.

I got an email from my oldest grandson, Joshua in NY, who has spent a week at a S.T.E.M. camp.  The initials stand for Science, Technology, Electronics, and Mathmatics.  He loved everything except the cafeteria food!  I told him that's what he can look forward to in college!

Another month will roll over tomorrow and I can't believe 2017 is half over.   I really had hoped to go camping this summer but so far everyone in my family has done some camping except me.   I never minded striking out on my own but only when I still had a dog.  I know I've said it before, but camping has never been the same without a canine partner!

It is so disheartening to see the weather forecast for the next 15 days in Sacramento, with temps in the 90's - a few in the lower 90's and some in the upper limits.    I'm still reading about global cooling, which most people don't understand that it doesn't begin with drastic drops in temperature all over the earth, but just a few degrees Celsius average is enough to make a huge difference in the climate.  It's hard for me to wrap my head around it.  And from what I can tell there will still be pockets of extreme heat in parts of the world although I don't know if they will eventually cool as well.  There are differences of opinion on this subject, but I am convinced it is real and that we are due for another cooling period (or mini ice age).  

Jeannie is driving me to my late nephew's service tomorow, and I'm going to wear the long blue dress that I recently hemmed.  I'll wear a sweater with 3/4 length sleeves for the early morning which should be cool, and when I'm at the chapel service.  Did I mention I'm doing a reading of Psalm  23, and have been practicing it off and on for a few days.  Remembering to slow down is something I need to work on.   I haven't done any reading in church for probably over 30 years, so I hope I don't get nervous.  This service will be for just immediate family; in August there will be a large celebration of his life that everyone will be attending.  My son and his family will fly in from New York.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Writing/Reading blogs

It seems like there has been a change, or drop off, in the blogging world.   Maybe it's just my circle, but I notice that bloggers I read are no longer posting as often and it just seems as if a lot of folks have gone away.   It seems to me there has been a world change and it's evident in the news and just what is happening all around us.  Maybe it's just the weather.

Which brings up a topic I've been looking into lately:  global warming vs. mini ice age?   We've long been conditioned to think that we are in a period of global warming, and that may be true in some places, but I've been reading more and more that we are beginning a mini ice age and will soon be able to see dramatic effects in the food shortages that are predicted (and already happening in Europe).  I read that some food stores in Europe are rationing the vegetables you can buy.  I can't verify that, but it's a scary thought.  The long-term forecast for California is drought.

I'd be interested to know the thoughts of my blog readers, and if you think there is a change coming, how do you plan to deal with it.  If I had a regular house I think I would start a large garden, or maybe a greenhouse.  As it is there isn't much I can do where I currently live - very little privacy and virtually no place to start a little garden plot.

Jeannie is driving me to a service for my late nephew this weekend, so I got the gas tank filled at Costco at $2.559/gallon.    Now to figure out what to wear as I have nothing but ultra casual clothes, except of course, the 3 long dresses I recently hemmed.  I'm thinking of wearing the blue one, but don't know if it is suitable for a chapel service unless I wear a lightweight sweater over it while indoors.  And then there is the problem of footwear.  The only shoes I have that I am fairly steady in are my gym shoes, and that would really be a clash with my long blue dress!   I've reached the stage of my life where I usually don't worry about such things, but considering the circumstances I should probably worry a little.

I can't hear myself think because a helicopter is circling above, so I'll stop here.  I don't like those things at all.  There is entirely too much noise pollution these days.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Back to hot!

it was just too good to be true or to last - I'm referring to the couple of decent cool days we've had.  The heat is back, and my desktop widget that shows a 5 day forecast isn't working.   I'll have to find something else to keep me informed.

I met Jeannie at the gym this evening for an abbreviated workout.   I feel a lot better than when I left for the gym at 4pm.

I've been watching YouTube videos but get tired of the same old stuff.  When you watch one or two vids on the same subject, they inundate you with similar ones.   I recently read a very good book about the fact that the earth is actually cooling, which is difficult to reconcile with triple digit temperatures, but remembering our cold spring that lasted well until the middle of June (very unusual for Sacramento where the heat usually appears in April or May at the latest), I'm ready for a cool down.  Not exactly, as the implications could be devastating to food production world wide.  But it is food for thought!

I just have a fan running in the living room which doesn't do much to cool things down, but I'm not going to turn on the swamp cooler at 7pm - I'll just deal with the warm air.  I should check outside and see if it feels any cooler on the driveway, but that is a dismal place to sit for a while.

Hope you are all keeping comfortable in whatever your weather is dealing you.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


I haven't been able to figure out why I'm almost comatose today.  I just want to sleep the day away.  It dawned on me that I have been nibbling pieces of Donald's cake trimmings every time I go into the kitchen, and I think the effects of the sugar are getting to me.   I've really cut way back on sugar the past month or two - not completely quit, but use much less of it.  It's an addiction that is coming back pretty fast.

Today has been relatively comfortable, reaching 90 at the hottest point in the afternoon.  I would rather shave another 10 or 20 degrees off that number, but it is summer and I don't think we've hit the mini ice-age yet.

I'm often tempted to get TV service again.  On evenings like this I could kick back and watch a program like "Ancient Aliens" or something like it.  But I would eventually scroll through the channels and run past the idiotic news channels saying the same thing over and over, maybe from a slightly different perspective, but they are really all alike.  No thanks, I don't even want to be tempted.

I know I've talked about getting an antenna of my own for local channels, but the only thing I would like about them is the weather - the news feeds just come from the networks.  Plus I am technologically challenged (and purposely want to stay that way), so no explanation of how easy it is to hook up, install, watch, etc. will make me want to be bothered with it.  Sometimes ya just can't please a woman! 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Celebrating a birthday!

Yesterday was my granddaughter Arianna's 8th birthday.  This morning I drove over to their house, and Jeannie took over the driving duties in my car to take us to the mall.  Note:  I could easily drive the kids in an emergency or a tough situation, but I prefer not to do that anymore unless it is necessary.  I would never forgive myself if one of the kids was harmed while I was driving.

Arianna (and her sister Autumn) are both voracious readers so I knew we would be going to Barnes & Noble.  It took her a while to decide but she ended up with 4 books.  It would have just been too difficult to narrow it down in the time we wanted to spend there.  Armed with the books we drove across the lot from B&N to Chipotle where we had an excellent lunch.  That is about the only place I enjoy eating out because their food is of the highest quality, all organic and no additives.

I think we then went to Target (still in the same center); I wanted to go to the mall across the street to have a new battery put into my watch at the Sears Watch Dept., but we didn't want to fight the traffic, so we decided to go to Costco.  I still need to get a watch battery but it can wait until next week.

I had gotten up at 7am this morning, made a quick trip to the farmers' market, and then to Jeannie's, so when I finally got home I turned on the swamp cooler and hit the couch for a quick nap.  I'm so glad I went to the market because I found out there is only one more week for cherries.  I bought a pound for myself and one for Jeannie's family which I will do again next week.  I love cherries and there is nothing like knowing they have just been picked and aren't all sanitized and boxed up. 

Donald was working on a cake while we were gone.  He often has to trim places on the rounds if he is doing something special (I saw some pictures of a cake he made for Jeannie's boss who retired and loves to go on cruises.  The case was decorated like a cruise ship!)  So i brought home a bag of cake pieces he trimmed off and if I don't suffer from a sugar overdose I won't understand why.    He offered me some frosting to go with the cake pieces, but I declined - that would probably put me in a coma.  Just kidding - I might have melted with happiness at the very taste of it!

I had a wonderful day and it is so nice to have someone else do the driving.   I hope you are all staying comfortable if you are in a hot area - I think our coming week will be in the 90's which is more warm than I like it, but much better than triple digits!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Heat Rolls On

I think we have about two more days of triple digits and then it will hopefully go down.  I remarked yesterday that when I lived in Cincinnati there were always heat-related deaths in that part of the country - probably the worst was St. Louis.

The Sacramento Coroner's office is investigating the deaths of 3 people this week for hyperthermia, or heat related death. 

I just returned from the grocery and think that may be my last trip out today.  I don't even feel like going to the gym, or driving anywhere.   I made an impulsive purchase of a long roll with prosciutto and brie cheese, with fig sauce and arugula!  I'm not kidding - I looked at the ingredients when I got home and can't wait to try it.  I will probably eat half for lunch and the other half for dinner, and simply forget cooking anything.   To make matters worse the swamp cooler doesn't sound "right" when I turned it on.  I'll let it run for a bit to see if the air coming out gets cooler. 

I've eaten 2/3 of that sandwich and it is the best thing I've tasted in a long time.  I haven't yet looked at the ingredients list and food values, and I know I've blown "gluten free" today.  I probably won't do it again soon so I'm just going to enjoy it now.    It will be interesting to see if I can tell a difference with the gluten.

 I've been texting with my daughter who is worried about me in the heat.  I told her I only went to the grocery and probably won't go anywhere else today.  This morning after showering and styling my hair, I dressed in a great combination of shorts, shirt and socks.  I told Jeannie I thought I looked so darn cute it was a shame I wasn't going anywhere!   Just kidding, but the clothes are cute and go together well!

I've been listening to some weather reports from the Gulf of Mexico and Hurricane Cindy, and worry about my friends and readers in the states adjacent to the Gulf, but it looks like the moisture and possible flooding could extend north as well.  Please take care, all of you.  If you'd like to write to me relating your experiences in this storm and how you are weathering it, I'd love to hear from you in the comments section or in an email addressed to me (address at the  top of the blog just under the picture).  Stay safe.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Swamp Cooler

Chuck (of Chuck & Anneke's RV Travels) asked about my reference to the swamp cooler.  I wrote a fairly lengthly explanation on how it worked, but thought a photo would be a good reference as well.  I would have to walk way down the street to get mine in a photo, so I took a picture of my neighbor's swamp cooler from out of my side window.  I would imagine that most of the older mobile homes in this Park have them, but no doubt the later models have gone to A/C.  To tell the truth I much prefer the cooler to an a/c unit.

(Ed's house isn't quite as close as it looks, but I used the zoom feature to get the cooler as close as possible.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

Earlier this morning (when it was cooler) I decided to go to Costco, the library, and to the gym to walk; laziness and the heat took over and I figured I could do without any of those trips.  About 2 hours later when it had warmed up even more, I made up my mind to go to the gym.  I'm so glad I did - I've been neglectful about going but it is really important to my overall health to walk a mile or so every day.  So I just went to the gym, and am asking myself if I really want to go out of the house again.  I'll need to get milk and 1/2 & 1/2 tomorrow, so maybe I'll just wait and go out as early as I can make it.  Costco doesn't open until 10am so that throws a wrench in the works, and I'll probably just make a quick trip to the grocery.

I've been thinking about trying to use most of the contents of my freezer with the intent of buying a new fridge soon.   Then I keep buying more items that go into the freezer, so I may as well not worry about it.  The fridge still keeps everything cool and the frozen stuff frozen, but it makes some weird noises lately and I would hate for it to go out suddenly, leaving me with a lot of food that would go to waste.  The fridge is just one of several big ticket items I need and I hate to spend the money just now.  I need a new dishwasher although I can always wash dishes the old fashioned way if I have to.   Living on a fixed income sure ain't easy most of the time!

I think the couch is calling me for a rest, if not a nap.  Have a good day, whatever you are doing.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I Don't Remember This

I've lived in Sacramento for a number of years, and visited during the summer for many more, but I don't remember it being this uncomfortable.   And it's only going up to 105 today, whereas I pity anyone who lives in Phoenix where it's too hot for some planes to fly!  I didn't realize that could happen.

I started to go to a credit union this morning to deposit a couple of checks, then changed my mind and put them in the mailbox!    I will be shocked when I get my electric bill this month - running the swamp cooler in the afternoons doesn't usually cost too much, but I have to have it on from mid-morning until I go to bed at night, plus run a fan to circulate the air somewhat.  I'll still be better off than if I had to pay for A/C.

It's too hot to hold my laptop, so I'll stop right here.  I hope you are all comfortable wherever you are.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Beyond awful!

It is 101 and on its way up to 107 today!  I'm wilting fast.   Went out earlier at 10am and didn't stay long - took care of business and came quickly back home.  The swamp cooler has a much harder time cooling in this heat than when it is in the 90's.

I am suffering from pain that I should have known better than to risk.   My chiropractor's office gave me a  paper describing two exercises I was supposed to do some ungodly number of times a day for 14 days.  It included a video to watch although I'm familiar with the exercise.   Both exercises involve being on the floor in a downward facing position, something I've had real problems doing since I had my gallbladder removed.  I don't now why it should bother me, but I've cut out any exercises like this, even at the gym, and only do the walking and upper body workouts.

I watched the video and decided I would try it - after doing one such exercise I realized I couldn't do it at all and quit.  About two days later I started having pains in my middle back, as well as in my stomach, but thought it might be due to standing so much while Jeannie was here to hang the pictures.  As it worsened it dawned on me what is was, and I've been in such misery I even took an Advil, which is rare for me to do.  I try to never take any kind of pain medication, but I was desperate as I couldn't breathe properly and every time I twisted my torso slightly it went into spasms of pain.  To say I'm furious about this would be an understatement.  

I can understand the value of doing exercises on a regular basis, and understand that some of the strengthening exercises would help in keeping my spine aligned properly, but for god's sake, I'm a 76 year old woman with a lot of health issues, and have no business getting down on the floor to do any kind of exercise.  I need to calm down before going back to the chiro next week, as I think it was mainly my own fault for even trying something I knew I shouldn't and couldn't do.   In the end we are all responsible for our own actions, and I am furious with myself for this one.   I had hoped to start doing yoga again but this makes me realize there is no way I could do those forward & downward positions.

So those are my gripes today - same old gripes as always - the heat and my not thinking things through to their logical conclusion before jumping into something head first!

Here are my 3 dresses that I worked on yesterday.  I haven't tried any of them on to see if the length is correct, but it's too hot to be slipping in and out of dresses!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Wilted by 9:30am!

I thought I'd start this post a little early today as it's too hot already to do anything but sit!  It was already 80 degrees by 9am, very unusual for Sacramento.   I never get in water but if I had a pool I think I'd be in it all day today!

I thought I would start hemming a dress this morning and I'm glad no one saw me trying to thread a needle.  I got to the 4th needle in the pack before finding one large enough that I was finally able to get the thread through the eye.  My heart sank when I thought of how many needles I am going to have to thread before I finish the 3 dresses.   Don't ask me why I'm doing this - I don't even like wearing dresses, much less long ones, and don't have a clue where I'll even wear them.

Jeannie and I made a trip to Michael's yesterday to find a frame I needed for one of the photos on my wall, and 3 frames for her girls latest school pictures.  We stopped at a brew pub and had a delicious lager plus we split an appetizer.  The heat really affects my appetite so that was enough for me.  We finally got all the photos hung and I enjoy looking at them every time I go into my bedroom.  They bring me such joy and I'm so happy to finally have them where I can see them often.   Jeannie is a perfectionist (as I used to be), and was constantly worried that they weren't hung evenly; I thought they were perfect long before she finished.  I kept telling her "my house is not level and neither is my vision, so don't worry!"  I love that girl and always love spending time with her. 

Steve and Donald both came back with their kids from camping, arriving in late afternoon.  Joe and another friend plus their kids stayed an additional night.   There was snow on the ground and the lake was way too cold to swim in but the temperature was warm enough they were all wearing shorts.  Donald and his girls shared a tent but Donald is so tall and had to sleep scrunched up - I'm sure he enjoyed being back in his own bed last night.  Joe and his girls "cowboy camped".  They spread some pine needles, laid a tarp on top, then their sleeping bags, and went to sleep looking at the stars.  I think I've done that once, maybe twice, but always preferred being in my tent.   I might try it again if I do any camping this summer. 

I just looked at the temps in NY and in Wisconsin (where my brother lives)  and they both are having stellar weather - much cooler than here but maybe cloudy with some rain.  I would welcome rain right now.  Wasilla in Alaska will get to 60 today, which couldn't be more perfect in my opinion!  Summer has come on to Sacramento with a vengeance!

Take care, stay comfortable, happy Father's Day to all you dads out there, and have a good week ahead.


Friday, June 16, 2017

I Never Learn!

You would think in my 76 yrs I would have learned a prime rule, and that is to Never Say "Never".  I have quite a few sewing supplies that I rarely use anymore.   My d-i-l Meg gave Autumn a sewing machine she had used, but Autumn really didn't have the supplies she needs, so I thought, "I will NEVER sew again" and gave her most of my sewing supplies, including all needles.  I did keep a box of straight pins, my good sewing scissors, and 3 spools of thread, but no needles.

I have three long, cool looking dresses and in the 2 or 3 years I've had them I haven't worn them.  They are all too long, and I can't stand to see someone in a long dress that is sweeping the floor and picking up whatever dirt and dust get in its way.  This morning I worked on two of the dresses, measuring where I want the hems, cutting excess fabric off, pinning and pressing the hems - I even got the iron and ironing board out!  The 2 hems are ready to finish but I have looked high and low and cannot find a single needle in my house.  I think I must have given them to Autie.   So knowing how I procrastinate, I might be lucky to wear one of those dresses before the end of the heat wave - say September or so, if we are lucky!

Since the guys and the kids are all up in the cool mountain air, Jeannie and I are going to a pub for supper and a beer when she gets off work.  We are going to try one in Old Fair Oaks Village, which is where I lived in an apartment for a year after selling my RV.  I'm looking forward to it, but won't have a long, summery dress to wear!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Old Windows Hauled Away!

I awoke this morning to the sound of voices in my yard, and discovered the maintenance men were hauling the old windows away.  I had moved my car back on my own driveway, so they took the windows out the other side on my neighbors driveway.  They are gone now and it's a relief.

Jeannie and I met at the gym this evening, but we did a very abbreviated workout because she had a migraine headache.  I hope it doesn't last long.

Tomorrow morning early the guys are taking the kids (except for baby Quinn) backpacking  and overnight camping.  I am not sure if they will stay out for one or two nights - I think Steve will bring Liam back after one night but the rest could possibly stay out there where it has to be cooler than it is down the hill in Sac.  If Jeannie gets rid of her migraine we will have a lite dinner somewhere and a pint of beer to go with it! 

That's it for today; there are always things I think of later that I wish I had added to the blog, but you really aren't missing much!   

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Heat wave has started

I don't like the weather at all, and it's only going to the lower 90's today, but getting hotter throughout the week.  I just wilt in this kind of weather.

I hung a load of wash on the line this morning and just took it down.  It certainly dries fast in this weather, and I got all the sun I need just being out there a few minutes.

I'm still waiting for Maintenance to pick up the old windows.  I told them I was leaving 3 old camp chairs as well - they got the chairs but not the windows, which are in back of my house.  They are just too heavy for me to carry out, although I must say I haven't tried.  Maybe I should go out and see exactly how heavy they are.  My car is parked on the other side of the dog park in guest parking, and I don't want to leave it there another night and day.  

I just went out and checked, and can't even budge the bigger windows.  There are a couple of smaller ones but they are in the middle of the stack and I can't get to them. 

Today is Flag Day if you like a bit of trivia now and then.  I get the date mixed up with July 14, which is Bastille Day (the day celebrating the beginning of the French Revolution, sort of like our July 4th).    But June 14 is the day we honor Old Glory, although nothing on the internet or Google News even makes mention of the fact.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What's going on?

I am wondering what's going on with our men?  After losing a nephew at 31, and the son-in-law of my cousin in his early 30's, both from heart attacks, I discovered the chief of maintenance here at the mobile home park died of a heart attack at age 57.  That is entirely too young.  Mike, the man who died yesterday was one of the most fit and able-bodied men in this entire place and worked every day.  Maybe it has always been this way but it seems to me I'm hearing more and more about younger men dying from things that should be preventable.   Is it the accumulation of all the chemicals in our food and the soil they grow in, or something in the air or water, or just a less healthy life style; it seems unusual to me.

I finally made it back to the gym this morning after skipping my walk way too many times in the last two weeks.  

I have had such a time lately getting mistakenly signed on Facebook, and then having one heckuva time getting off of it permanently.  I made a comment to an email I received by clicking where the email told me I could leave a comment.  The site I was directed to told me I would have to sign in, and while I thought it was strange I really wanted to leave my comment.  I soon found out I had reinstated my old F.B. account that I quit years ago.  I swear it's like the song "Hotel California" - "You can check out any time but you just can't leave!"  I think the Eagles recorded that song but I've never been much into that genre of music so I'm not sure.

Speaking of music, I listen to Pandora on my computer once in a while and I regret that I can't turn up the sound on my Macbook Pro - which I've heard limits the volume due to heating up issues.  Why don't they just fix those issues that cause the laptop to heat up, and allow a little more volume?  I turn on Pandora when the dogs really get at it across the street in the evenings.  My favorite is African music with a New-World Latin beat - I enjoy it enough that even though I'm sure the dogs or their owners can hear it, I  listen to it and don't care about the outside noise!  

I missed my chiropractor appointment yesterday morning and it was rescheduled to 5:30 this afternoon.  That's an awful time for me because I'll be driving across the bridge in heavy commute traffic, but I'll make it ok. 

I hope you're all having a good week.

Monday, June 12, 2017

If you want a job done ...

And you know the rest - "you do it yourself"!  Which is what I just did, and had to repair a fingernail I split in the process.

When the boys installed the windows, I moved my queen size bed which was under the window, straight back to the opposite wall and that is how I've been sleeping on it.  Since I've painted around the edges of the window and washed and hung my lace curtains, I wanted the bed back in place.  I'm a firm believer that if you ask someone to help you, you wait and do whatever it is at their convenience and not your own, if at all possible.  Well, I got tired of waiting so I did it myself!  (And that was my choice.)

I had gotten a new bedskirt, and after putting that on I turned the mattress 90 degrees so it wears evenly.  I don't do that as often as I should because it is nearly impossible for one person to accomplish.  I then added a new mattress pad, and finally the sheets I just bought (and don't like the silky feel of), and the comforter, and then pushed the entire thing back under the window.  I don't quite have it centered under the window but I'm finished for today.  I have done this by myself before and it was darn near impossible then, but I'm years older now and it is really quite a feat.  BUT I DID IT!

The bedskirt is just a fraction of an inch too long, but it's going to stay that way for all I care.  I know every time I walk into the room I will notice that it is a fraction of an inch too long!

Another biggie for me today (and anyone just a few years younger than I am probably won't "get it" just yet).  I drove to the Folsom Costco this morning which necessitates getting on Freeway 50 for about 8 miles or so going away from Sacramento.  There was a good amount of traffic but I fortunately got myself in back of a big truck that was traveling about 60 mph, 5 under my speed limit and 5 above the truck limit.  I left enough space that I could see his rearview mirror so I knew he could see me, and it was perfect.  Found Costco with no problems as well as the items I went after (they don't carry the hazelnut coffee beans at my local Costco, and I like to blend them with my regular organic coffee beans).  Coming back the traffic was heavier and I couldn't find a big truck to follow, but I made it with no trouble.  I don't like to drive that trip but sometimes you just have to do the job yourself if you want it done right now.   In my younger years I was never known for my patience, but now I have to be patient most of the time and up to a point.  So I've done my Costco shopping and my checking account is about $165 lighter - of course while I was there I found things I had to have.

I desperately need pants and or shorts to wear during the coming heat wave, and Costco usually has a great selection of shorts, capris, and long pants.  But when the picture on the hang tag shows them on a person from the waist down, and you can see a belly button above the waistband, I know they just aren't my style.  I don't know where I can shop for reasonably priced pants for a woman my age.  I like style but cannot see that anyone's belly button is attractive enough to be shown in public, except only on the very young, or maybe on a beach! 

That's enough of my complaining today.  I have all my windows open and am enjoying the last day in the 70's; tomorrow will be in the 80's; and it will be 90's and triple digits after that.  I'm sure not looking forward to the heat.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Attachment to a fish!

I've never had a pet fish.  My younger brothers and sisters brought a goldfish home once in a while after "winning" it at a local festival.  Within two days my Mom would announce "Well, the fish died" and that was the end of it.  I think the kids always knew that meant she flushed it down the toilet, and I don't blame her for that because what kid ever takes complete care, feeding, and cleaning up after any pet.  Evidently other mothers in the Cincinnati area did the same thing because I heard stories of the Ohio River having giant goldfish who had survived the trip through the system!  Of course there was no way to verify it because no self-respecting mother would have admitted to flushing a little fish.

My granddaughters had a very small fish in a large bowl which they found on the bottom of the bowl last night.  It hadn't been acting very well lately, so it was a fact that the fish had died.  Do you think my granddaughters would let their mom or dad flush the remains down the toilet?  Perish the thought!  When I left their house Jeannie & the girls were digging a hole in the yard and intend to bury the fish, although some animal will probably dig it up in the near future, and enjoy a fish dinner.

I'm more like my Mom in that respect - I would have just flushed the thing when it was acting sickly.

We were going to make a trip to Target but were delayed by the fish drama, so I came on home to fix my supper.  I probably saved myself some money by not going, although the list of things I need from Costco is growing at a rapid pace. 

This has been an absolutely gorgeous day to me.  At 4pm it is about 66 degrees, and might rise a point or two.  I'm loving it while it lasts because the rest of the summer doesn't look so good. 

Here's to a good week ahead!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Slow day

The most exciting thing I did today was to fill up my gas tank and go to the market.  The market is always a highlight of my Saturday mornings.  I haven't really felt like doing much since then, and I don't have anything to write about.   The weather is some of the best we've had this year - cool, breezy, sunny, and just a fine day altogether!

With the afternoon sun shining in my windows I can see I'm going to have to wash them soon, which means carefully climbing up a few rungs of a ladder.  I guess I'll take my chances and be very cautious while doing it.  Joe is working the weekend so if I get out there tomorrow he can't catch me at it!

Note to Ms. Belinda - I bought regular gas at Costco for $2.699/gal.  California's summer gasoline formulation is in effect now so the price will be slightly higher than it would normally have been.  It is closer to $3/gal at some of the gas stations in my area - Shell, Arco, etc.

That's all folks!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Response to Becki's request

A week or so ago one of my blog readers asked me to re-post the Energy Stimulation Exercises given to me by my chiropractor.  Here it is, and just skip this post entirely if you aren't interested.  I may post again later today.

Warm-Up:  Rub hands together to stimulate circulation - about 10-20 seconds.  (I never remembered to do this).

1.  Chin tucks and neck extensions (5-10x)
Look up; Look down.

2.  Head clock movements
Start at center.  Move head to 12:00 then back to center.  Then to 1:00 and then back to center, etc.  Proceed around the clock once.  Always come back to center.  (I've just realized I always moved only my eyes, not my head!  I guess I gotta start doing it this way.)

3.  Arm curls (5-10x)
Curl arms from side to shoulder height.

4.  Wrist extension (5-10x)
Arms at side, extend and flex wrist.

5.  Arm extension (5-10x)
Arms above head, bend at elbows with both arms dropping backwards.  Then straighten.

6.  Finger exercises (5-10x)
Grip fingers, open up, grip fingers, open up.

7.  1-4-2 breathing (5-10x)
Deep breath in through nose (belly breath), hold for 4 seconds, exhale out of mouth.

8.  Arm crossovers (5-10x)
Arms at shoulder height, cross in front, back and forth

9.  Twisters (5-10x)
Sit up straight, look forward, twist torso side to side (Make sure to keep head looking straight forward)

10.  Chair curls (5-10x)
Tighten stomach muscles, and then straighten up.

11.  Leg curls (5-10x)
In seated position alternate raising knees toward chest.

12.  Leg outs (5-10x)
Seated position knees bent, push legs out then back together.

13.  Leg ups (5-10x)
Straighten legs out in front of you one at a time.

14.  Toe Curls (5-10x)
Curl toes and open up.

15.  Rotation of hips (5-10x)
Stand up and twist side to side.

This entire routine only takes a few minutes, and can be done while sitting on the side of the bed before getting up.    I did stand for a couple of them, but mostly sat on the side of the bed.  I only did each exercise 5x and it is amazing how quickly you can get through them, for the benefits you feel right away.  At least I did.   I have a mirror on one of my sliding closet doors and I sat where I could observe in the mirror what I was doing.

I don't know why I ever stopped doing these, but I'm going back to them tomorrow morning!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cold and rainy!

I just woke up from a nap and it's no longer raining, but we had several hours of it starting in the middle of the night.  It's 62 degrees and I love it, although I was so chilly I just went back to bed and wrapped up in the comforter.  I had come from the gym and library, and had other things to do, but haven't felt well so I just came home.

My son and his two girls stopped by - he just texted me that they knocked and even rang the bell but I didn't even hear it.  I can't understand why it didn't wake me up.  I haven't been sleeping well at night which makes me so tired throughout the day.

That's it for today.   I hope everyone is having a better day than I am, but I hope to be out of this slump very soon.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Drawing a blank!

I just can't think of a thing to write about.   I've just been going about my days, with nothing new happening.  

I'm invited to Jeannie's for dinner tonight and then they will be leaving tomorrow to complete Autumn's field trip that was cancelled midway through due to flooding in the area.
So I will enjoy seeing them tonight; I'm going to stop at American River Brewing Co. to pick up a growler or two of beer (growler is 64 oz) .  It will last through tomorrow so I'll bring home and enjoy any that is left over.  I'm so glad I don't have to cook tonight!

Tomorrow starts an enjoyable few days in the 70's and I'm looking forward to it.  I don't even care if we get rain! 

Here is a photo so you can see what a couple of growlers look like!   One contains an IPA and the other is Golden Ale (my choice).

Monday, June 5, 2017

Visit to the chiropractor

Today was the day I got the results and xrays from my last retest.  I've been going to this chiropractor for about 2 years now, and thought I might want to cut back to only once a month or so to save money, for one thing.  But I recently was so surprised when the endocrinologist said to me "You have such good posture".  I have never been told that in my life, in fact, it brings to mind a humorous event of my high school years.

I was a senior at a very small Catholic girls high school in the mid-late 1950's.  The principal taught our class, and she was a very strict but loving old nun (I thought she was old then but she was no doubt middle aged).  My desk was right in the front row, immediately in front of her desk so she could keep a sharp eye on me.  She was always telling me to sit up straight, and one day I came to class to find a poster affixed to the front of my desk so that it stood up and was visible to me as well as to the entire room.  It showed a stick figure at a desk with the big caption "Sit straight and tall".    So that is how long I had been slouching when I first saw a chiropractor.

My xrays showed a huge improvement, as did all the measurements taken.  In some way they can tell how off balance you are, and when I first went my head was 18# to one side, the beginning of the second year it had been corrected to 8#, and today it was down to 2# off.  I don't really understand those measurements, but they make an impression on me nonetheless.   I decided to sign on for another year's contract, going every two weeks.

We talked about my thyroid and he is going to work on that (beginning with today).  Everything in the body is connected in some way to the spinal cord, which is how he can affect the thyroid.  I'm not saying he will heal it entirely, but I look forward to improvements.  Sister Owen Marie would be proud of me! 

Since I sit with my computer on my lap for so much of the time, I'm going to see if Staples has one of those tables that can be raised/lowered so that I can stand and see the computer at the right height.  As it is, I'm usually looking down at it which isn't good posture. 

I had several things i thought I might do today, but I decided to just walk at the gym and return home to make a list of what I need to do, rather than wander into stores and spend money on things I don't need.  I feel very good right now and realize I ALWAYS leave the chiropractor's office feeling better and in a much better frame of mind.  That's worth a lot.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Another step completed

Just a small step, but we all know that every big job starts with a small step.  I've been complaining (not too much though) about needing the paneling replaced around one of my windows so we can finish the window installation.

Steve came by today with Quinn, and while we spent most of the time talking and catching up, we did go to Home Depot to get the paneling.  He had them cut it to the sizes he needs.  You can see on the photo below the water damage from a long ago leak.  It was like this when I moved in, and I hid it with a curtain.  Out of sight, out of mind, and there were more pressing things I had to take care of.

Though not quite as bad as the bottom of the window, a section of paneling on top also needs to be replaced.  As soon as the sections are in place then I can paint them with a coat of primer and one or two coats of yellow paint.  

You can see how close I am to the house next door, and it's the same way on the other side.  I get along fine with both neighbors.

I also bought nails and picture hanging items and want to hang some photos of the grandkids & their parents in my bedroom.  I have a big expanse of wall that has always needed something, and I can group the photos by family.  I've also asked Autumn to paint me a couple more small canvasses to go with the "Dream" she painted for Mother's Day.  I've been trying to think of words to go with Dream, such as Hope, Laugh, etc.  I would like to hang a group of three, and if anyone wants to suggest a word to accompany Dream, I'd be glad to hear your comments.

Now I need to get Jeannie to help me group and hang the pictures.  I can probably do it but it would look off kilter - at least anything I've done so far looks uneven to me but it could just be my vision.  More likely it's both vision and a poor job of picture hanging!

It is amazing how being with one of my kids, even for a short while, just brightens my day.  Last night Jeannie & I went out for an hour or so to a craft brewery/restaurant near her house.  We both just got an appetizer or soup and a pint of brew.  I had two crab cakes, which were pretty good, and we brought back a big container of french fries for Donald and the girls who were just sitting down to a supper of turkey burgers! 

Speaking of my kids, Joshua, my oldest (living) grandson is 11 today.  (Joe and Sarah had twins, a boy and a girl, and my grandson Owen lived for only about 7 months.  Reese was stillborn).   I think Owen would be a year and a half older than Joshua. 

I didn't know what I'd write today when I set out to do the blog, but here it is and I've droned on and on.  I'm wishing everyone a good week ahead.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

I Still Don't Remember

I've been trying for the last 24 hrs or so to recall what in the world I had so much to write about yesterday before blogger whisked it away.  I can't think of anything, but I remember I wrote quite a bit about something more interesting than what I usually write these days!

Now I'm waiting for the Muse to visit me again so I can come up with another interesting post.

Friday, June 2, 2017


I just finished writing a post and was adding a couple of words, when POOF!  The whole thing was gone.   I'm finished for today! 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Going back to hot weather

It's getting warmer each day, and looking ahead for 2 weeks we will be mostly in the 90's.  I'll try not to gripe too much, but you know how I hate hot weather.

Joe returned my car this morning - he had put gas in it and had it washed, neither of which he had to do but I certainly appreciate it.  He didn't stay long  because his buddy came by to pick him up, and it was nice I didn't have to drive him home.   I thought I should go somewhere now that I had my car back, but will only go to the gym this afternoon.

I'm always trying to stay away from the stores because they only entice a person to spend money, but now I'm determined.  I've  put my credit card away and hope to get through the month spending only cash.  When that's gone, it's gone!  I'm tired of carrying a balance on my credit card and am determined to whittle it down.  I think about that old saying, "The best laid plans . . . " and hope I can avoid any hitches in my plan.

There was some excitement behind my house this morning but I didn't hang around to see the outcome.  Three of the maintenance people were in my backyard looking through the gaps in the fence.  Across the way is a paved walk/bike path that runs over to the river, and beyond that is a sort of field backed up by a lot of small trees.  Then there is a canal, although I've never been that far, and finally some light manufacturing buildings.  The homeless often sleep overnight in the field under the trees.

There were two young women who were shouting at each other and cursing, and one man said that one of the women was throwing rocks at the other.  So the law was summoned and the guys were just waiting for some entertainment.  I just came on in the house after a short discussion on the homeless.  My feeling is that I don't care if they sleep under those trees.  They aren't in anyone's way, and while I can sometimes hear voices I think the dogs are a lot more of a nuisance (and I told them so).   The men said that the homeless sometimes come across the fence and have been known to steal from back yard sheds.  I let them know I have NEVER had a problem with theft or the homeless.  And how do they know the people stealing things are homeless anyway. 

So if the police came they didn't have sirens wailing, or else I missed it all which is unlikely since it is so close to my house.   I hope everything was settled amicably.