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Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Not much to say today. I found a nearby Ford dealer to do the recall work on my truck, and will take it in tomorrow morning. The woman who sold the rig to me sent me a copy of the recall letter, and evidently it had not been the first notice. I made a photocopy and took it to the dealer - there will be no problem with them doing the work and I can rest easier in my future travels.

I made a quick trip to Costco. I know the rule about not shopping when you are hungry, so why do I do it so often? Not having anything planned for lunch I was drawn to the prepared foods section where I spied a box of sushi that looked delicious. I ate half of it for lunch and it was just ok, not even close to what my sister makes. She learned to make sushi from her Japanese mother-in-law.

I also found a nice outdoor mat that I didn't buy yet, but plan to on my next trip. It is about 5 x 9 and has a nice soft pile - surprisingly it is "crafted with pride in the USA" from recycled plastic bottles. Each mat is said to remove 50 plastic bottles from the environment, so I can feel virtuous every time I unroll it. It is really much nicer and less expensive than any others I've seen, and can be sprayed with a hose if I need to clean it.

It is another beautiful warm sunny day, and I think the couch is calling my name to lie down for a nap!

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  1. Sound Green to me. We noticed the "On the Road Again" it's on our bus. All the Best, M&C