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Friday, April 29, 2016

I "Heart" New York

If I knew how to add the heart symbol I would have done it, but have to spell out the word because I'm not all that computer literate!

I really do love it here.  Spring is just beginning and there is lots of green on the trees, but of course nothing like it will be in another month.

Sad to report I have seen no trace of a fox this year.  My son filled in the cavity with rocks which may have prevented Mama Fox from making her den under the shed as she did last year.

The weather here is definitely cooler and I didn't pack very well.  I should wait and pack everything just before I leave, instead of trying to get a head start and then forgetting what is in the suitcase.

My niece Katy, and granddaughter Ara, should be arriving later on today.  I will be very happy to see them.  I just love the energy they exude.

Now I'm off to walk on the treadmill.  I probably won't get a chance to walk tomorrow but hope to do it every morning for the rest of my stay.  If I had a basement back in CA I would certainly buy a good treadmill, as it is so convenient and accessible.  I walk in my pj's!

There isn't a whole lot to write about because I'm not driving about and visiting historic sights this trip.  Everyone have a great weekend.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quick Update

After being totally stressed out for several days before leaving, I spend the night at Jeannie's and by the time i went to bed I was completely serene.  A couple bottles of Stella and good conversation really helped.

The plane left on time yesterday morning, arrived in Chicago on time, and my connecting flight was also on time.  It was a perfect trip.  The weather didn't interfere although wind turbulence made for a bumpy ride off and on.  I never mind the bumpiness, and this was no exception.

I flew 1st class to Chicago and what a difference that makes!  Unfortunately, leaving early in the morning meant I didn't take advantage of their totally free beverage service.  While others around me were enjoying Mimosas and the like, I stuck with coffee and water.

Breakfast was the most wonderful huge slice of quiche, with asparagus , potatos and chunks of ham, and a good sized bowl of fresh fruit.  It took me a while to finish all that food but I managed!    My daughter-in-law was waiting for me at the airport, and we had great conversation for the hour ride to their house.  My, how my grandsons have grown, both in height and in their actions.  They seem so much older and more mature, but Sandy assures me they still fight and bicker.  They were ready to help me make my coffee this morning, taking turns scooping the coffee grounds into the filter.  

I think I will start the day with a walk on the treadmill in the basement, and then run a couple of errands nearby.  It is a beautiful sunny morning here.   Thanks to all who sent me good weather and airport vibes yesterday.  I couldn't have imagined a nicer trip.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Pre flight jitters

I always spend the week before a trip in a complete fog, and this is worse than usual.  I misplaced a key I need; I woke up an hour earlier than usual this morning and arrived for my chiropractor appointment an hour early.  This is the worst day so far and i can't even think straight!

If anyone would like to focus on great weather in the midwest, especially Chicago, I would appreciate it.  The bad stuff starts this afternoon and goes well into tomorrow, which will mess up Chicago flights for a while.  

My fridge looks like a bachelor lives here.  I removed one of my water pitchers and lined up the beer bottles.  I bought two cases at Costco yesterday which should last them through the remodel, or at least until I return home.   

I'm tired but afraid if I take a nap I won't get much sleep tonight.   My eyelids are getting heavy though. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Taking a work break!

I took a good look at my fridge and saw grime and fingerprints all over it, but it doesn't come off with regular cleaners, so I brought out my heavy duty stuff.  Fridge front is now as white as snow.

I then decided to clean my oven and found the can of oven cleaner - but I couldn't get the damn child-proof cap off.  I tried every which way and it wouldn't budge, so I used the heavy duty cleaner mentioned above.  I sprayed the oven floor and the door, for starters.  I'll still need to do the sides, but only if this break revives me.  I probably should also put on a pair of rubber gloves.

The name of this spray cleaner is "ZEP Commercial" (Professional Strength Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser).  I can't remember where I bought it, and I don't use it often, for one thing, it doesn't have a very nice smell.

I've been amassing snacks that I can repackage in zip lock bags to take on the plane with me.  I talked with my son earlier today, who asked me if there was anything I wanted them to get in for me, and I replied "lemons".  I don't want to do without my warm water/lemon drink first thing every morning.  I would recommend to everyone to take the 28-day challenge.  Although I noticed a difference in about 1 week,  I would try anything a few weeks before  giving up on it. 

This morning I put a large section of paper toweling in the bathroom sink, and trimmed my bangs.  Looks good enough to me and I saved a bundle of money!  I'll see how long I can last with long hair - I don't look all that good in long hair, and look even worse when I pull it back and secure it with clips or other methods.  But I've just about lost all worry about how I look - I'm not out to find a boyfriend after all - so I will just wait and see how long I can stand it.

Here is a picture of the two photo boxes I bought.  You can see how the photos fall back because there is nothing to hold them upright.  You can also make out the white dividers that accompanied the boxes, plus the yellow dividers I did myself.  (Click to enlarge the picture)

I've about decided to clean the oven sides after I return from NY.  Tough decision, but I should never have taken a break and sat down.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Dark clouds in the west

The rain has been coming in waves today, with sunny periods in between.  I just looked toward the west and see the ominous dark clouds moving in.

It really irritates me that the newscasters in this area are now saying that we are still in a drought - the snow pack wasn't nearly enough and the snow melt won't be what we need, and the reservoirs are too low.  That's a far cry from what I've seen and heard from those very same news people.  I was driving somewhere recently and saw a huge illuminated billboard by the side of the road that said we are in "extreme drought".  

So what are all those drops that have been falling from the sky for the past few months?  I wonder if this is an excuse to tamper with weather, chemtrails, and god knows what else they can do.  Something weird is going on behind the scenes and I don't like it one bit, nor do I trust the government that is causing it.  I'm not the only one who notices that something is different, the skies are different, and it is strange to say the least.

I didn't do much today - just little jobs and little bits of packing for my trip.  I watched some TV shows that I've recorded previously, including the two genealogy series.  My favorite of these two is the one hosted by Henry Louis Gates.  I don't care for the shows that feature commedians, however, as they are constantly wisecracking and laughing about every little thing.  It gets old.  Maybe it's their way of dealing with life events they can't control.

My fridge and freezer are really down to very basic items, and I have no idea what I want to fix for my dinner.  I think I will go through the fridge this evening or maybe tomorrow, and declutter the contents.  I have already thrown out most items that are out of date, but I can probably find a few more.

I've been roughly following the Marie Kondo method of decluttering, but there is another one whereby you collect 30 bags of trash in 30 days, just going through every room in the house, all the junk drawers and the like.  Any size bag, and in no particular room order.  I think the end result of all the decluttering should be a vow to not accummulate so much stuff to begin with.  It doesn't do to throw out items you don't need or use, and then replace them with more useless things.  I wasn't kidding when I originally predicted I wouldn't be finished with all my decluttering until the end of the year.  The photographs alone should take me up to Thanksgiving!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Win some, lose some!

Yesterday was a very good day.  Everything seemed to go well, but that didn't mean that I was on a roll!  This morning my iCalendar told me I had an appointment to get my hair cut, so I was out the door at about 10:15.  I took the 50-Freeway as I usually do, and traffic seemed to be heavier today but I made it with no problems.  When I arrived at the salon there was a sign on the door saying that they had moved a couple of miles away, still on Howe Avenue (one of the busiest streets in that area).  Many businesses in the Center were vacant and it looked like a major renovation was about to happen.

I wasn't sure how far down Howe avenue I had to go, but as it would be on my right, I didn't think I'd have too much trouble.   I finally found it, parked in a terribly crowded lot, and went into the salon.  My hairdresser came out to tell me that my appointment was tomorrow morning.  It wouldn't have bothered me so much, for one thing it was my error as to the date of my appointment, but I couldn't figure out why someone didn't call and say they had moved.

I drove home thinking about what to do - I certainly didn't want to think about driving over there in the traffic tomorrow morning, and decided by the time I arrived home that I wasn't going back.  I have no idea how to even begin finding a new hairdresser, but it will definitely be someone close to home.

Then I drove to Jesse's Neighborhood Garage to check a noise I've been hearing.  Someone told me that it sounded like a fan belt, so I wasn't too worried about something expensive - hahaha - I was told it was the A/C compressor, and I am looking at approx. $350 for the part.   So I will be driving with the windows open and the A/C off for a while.  When I moved to Sacramento in 1983 I drove a 1982 Toyota, with an after market a/c that didn't work all that well.  I never did like a/c so I just drove all over Central CA in the hot summers with the windows open.  I did it then and can do it now, although I don't look forward to it.  My remodeling definitely will take precedence.

So I'm going to deal with my hair being longer than I like it, and see if Jeannie will trim the front so I don't have hair in my eyes.  

A person can't always have great days, but most of mine are pretty good, so I have to take the downers as well.   I'm not happy about it though.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trip to Home Depot

Steve, Joe, and I went to Home Depot this morning and bought the tub, toilet, window, backerboard for the wall tile, and misc. items such as grouting.  They were doubtful about it fitting in my living room, but I moved a chair, coffee table, etc., and there is room for two more of everything.  (Click to enlarge)

It was fun spending time with them, and they did some other jobs for me such as getting the swamp cooler operational, trimming the deadly oleander bush, and such.

It looks like they will start the demolition of the old tub and wallboard, and window, and install the new while I'm gone.  I guess it's better for me to not be here.  The one thing we didn't get today was the sink/vanity top.   We will wait until I get back, and if the top can be removed without tearing up the vanity base, then all we need is the new sink top.  Otherwise, I might have to buy a whole new set, in which case I might as well go wider.  My current vanity is 30" wide whereas the space is 48"  I would prefer to go with the width in between the two.

I've begun to pack but still am not sure about what to take.   

It's been a fun day and even Mike got in on the action.  Steve was on top of the roof and needed some piece of equipment, but Joe and I were sitting on  the driveway talking and didn't hear him.  So he called Mike in NY, and Mike called Joe on my driveway, and the rest was brotherly, good-natured ribbing for the most part. 

I went to the gym last night, came home and ate an organic ice cream bar, drank a bottle of Sam Adams lager, and slept like a log all night.

Steve and I took a good look at the back yard while we were waiting for Joe to arrive, and he has some great ideas on how to redo the entire yard and rock that is currently there.  The space is absolutely of no use the way it is.  He proposed removing the rock and laying a foundation of crushed granite, then building boxes for gardening around one side and along the back fence.  I would like to plant a couple of lemon trees as well, and growing vegetables in containers sounds better to me than to have a big plot of ground devoted to gardening.  He also suggested putting up lattice along one side and planting something like jasmine, or even grapes or other vines.  In the end it will depend on how much money I have left over from trips to NY and Alaska, and the bathroom remodel. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Just a little stressed

I always get stressed out at least a week before leaving on a trip, and it seems to grow and grow, knocking out my memory, good sense, motivation, and a few things.  I'm smack dab in the middle of this "stress week" right now.  

I have opened my suitcase and started packing a few things, but I'm not even sure yet what to take.  Will the weather hold or will it get hot?  The 17 year locusts are scheduled to break out by the millions just about mid-May.  That means there will be some who jump the gun and will emerge early enough to plague me.  I remember them in Cincinnati and it is like something I have never experienced before or since.  They make me think of the poor midwestern farmers facing the hordes of grasshoppers decimating their crops during the Great Depression, which was no doubt only the beginning of their troubles.

I worked at the library this morning and it's nice to not have to go back for a few weeks, although I still enjoy the work I do there.

I can't say enough good about how I'm feeling since I started drinking a glass of warm water with half a lemon 1st thing every morning.  It's been about 3 weeks so far, and it was in response to a 28 day challenge.  I will keep it up indefinitely.  There wasn't a specific moment that I felt the improvement - just a feeling of well-being that creeps up on you and suddenly you realize how much better you are.  I was a little surprised to hear from a number of commenters who are also drinking lemon water in the morning.  It is a good start to the day for me and others.

I've only seen a few hummingbirds during the last month or so.  I don't know if I should  put out fresh nectar before I leave or just take the feeder down.  I don't have a clue what has happened to them, as they have always been here year around.

I've been playing around with different ways to index my photos.  Every time I go through the ones I've put into the box I toss out a few more.   A few co-workers I didn't care for much to begin with don't need to be in my collection.  On the other hand there are certain people I backpacked with who are very dear to me and I want to keep the memories.  This whole business of tidying up has been a revelation to me about what is important to hold on to, and what is not. 

I can now see the floor in my computer/camping/storage room, and I sometimes enjoy just sitting quietly in my fantastically comfortable office chair, looking at my wall maps (one of the world and one of the U.S.), and just thinking about the great life I've had.  Can my life get any better when so many parts of me are suffering the ailments of old age?  I think it can, and is getting better, although I've had to change the emphasis a whole lot.  I always feel joy these days, and more often than not I also feel happiness.  Can't ask for better than that! 


Saturday, April 16, 2016


I'm coming across old photographs that evoke some really good memories.  In 1960 I went to a jazz festival in Evansville, Indiana, and just across the aisle from our seats was the Dave Brubeck Quartet.  I didn't catch Dave's picture, but I got Joe Morello, the drummer, and Eugene Wright, the base player.  Also appearing at the festival were Dinah Washington, Benny Goodman, and Cannonball Adderly, but it was Dave's quartet that I remember so well.

I loved the jazz from the late 50's/early 60's, before every instrument was electrified and amplified to the point of bursting eardrums, and became too influenced by rock & roll for my taste. 

In summer of 1959, when I was 18 years old, I went to Miami Beach.  The only photo I took was certainly not even good photography, and is a shot taken from our hotel balcony during a storm, and shows the palm trees waving in the wind.  Our hotel was right on the Atlantic Ocean.  I vacationed with 3 girls in my carpool.  All they wanted to do for the entire day was to work on their suntans.  I've always hated being in direct sun, especially the strong Florida sun, so I never stayed on the beach for very long.  I remember wandering around Miami Beach by myself quite a lot.

I had hoped to catch a flight to Havana and spend a weekend in Cuba, but since it was the one-year anniversary of the revolution, some guys from our hotel who had just come from Havana told me not to go - everything was in turmoil.  When I've looked back on it over the years, it was the stupidest decision I ever made - to be talked out of that trip to Cuba, and I've always regretted it.  Now that it might be possible to go, I don't know if I would want to do it alone and I certainly don't know of anyone who would go with me.   I would love to go while Fidel still lives -  I have always admired him and his overthrow of the brutal dictator (who was backed by the U.S. by the way).  At least now all Cubans are entitled to health care, education, etc.  I am sure the so-called "lower class" is much better off.

I probably shouldn't publish the above paragraph, but what the hell!  I'm 75 yrs old and I will do and say what I want, which I've mostly done all my life but using a little more discretion because of my job.  I'm retired now and I say I don't give a crap!

You can see the power of a photograph, even one that isn't all that well set up.  The palm trees, ocean, and beach is the only picture I took during my entire trip!  My Mother always insisted that a photo should have someone in it - not just scenery.  I'm sure it was because film and developing cost money, and those who lived through the Depression were very conscious of avoiding waste.  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Donations taken away

I woke up shortly after 6 am this morning.  I could have gone back to sleep and probably would have stayed asleep until 8:00, but I was supposed to have all the donations out by 8:00.  So I just got up and at 6:30 I was hefting boxes and bags out to the short walkway up to the steps, and to the porch.  I also had to get some bags out of the car that Jeannie had surreptitiously put in there, so as to keep the kids from knowing what she was giving away.

The truck finally got here at about 1pm.  I had hoped they would be early because I wanted to go to Costco when they opened, but by early afternoon I lost all interest in going anywhere.   I didn't have to be here, but I didn't want to think about anyone rifling through the bags to see what I was giving away, and having things strewn about.

I wrote Steve that I now have room in my living room for a tub, toilet, vanity top, etc.

My photo boxes came this morning and I think I will like them enough to order more.   Everywhere I look it seems I find more photos.  They are in every drawer, closet, nook, and cranny in the house.  Just sorting them into broad categories is so time consuming.  When I get my camera that I left at Jeannie's I will take a picture of the boxes.  They look similar to Michael's but I think they are a little taller, have a place for a label on the front of the box, and of course the tabbed dividers for the inside.  The dividers won't work unless I have enough photos in the box that they will all stand up.  I may end up doing my own dividers, maybe for major titles and subtitles.

I went to another homeowners' mtg last night, although I discovered there are TWO organizations and this isn't the same one that I attended recently.   Some of it was interesting, but the speaker let two men at one table completely take over the discussion.  Even though others had their hands up to ask questions, they were ignored until the two loudmouths decided they said enough for the time being.  And when they stopped to breathe, the president of the association peppered the speaker with her own questions.   That happened more than once during the hour and a half that I was there.  I think I left at a break before the meeting was over, but I had about had it.

I never did care for clubs or organizations, and this group is no exception.    I'd like to find a compatible group to belong to, but at my age it's not likely.  Like Don Someone-or-another used to sing, "Oh, Lonesome Me".

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sometimes I'm so clever!

For a long time I've been putting up with the charger for my laptop, which is twisted and nearly pulled apart.  It was actually close to being in two sections when I did a Rube Goldberg job of splicing and taping it - actually it has worked splendidly for me for several months although I often have to adjust the electrical tape holding it together.

Today I was rummaging around in my spare room looking for additional items I can set out to donate tomorrow.  I came across my original Apple laptop, which I ruined by spilling a full glass of something or other onto the keyboard.  I took it to the Apple store and they were able to salvage most of the hard drive and copy it onto the new Macbook Pro they happily sold me.  I still have the old computer.  It is heavier, with a 17" display which my aged eyes would certainly appreciate.  Apple corporation would be the most expensive option for trying to get it fixed, but I'm thinking of taking it to a local computer refurbisher to see what they think.  I loved that computer and would give anything to have it back, but meanwhile I am using its power cord.  Now I'm wondering what took me so long to find and try the old charger.

The sciatic pain continues to lessen, but when I start thinking I'm completely over it my body lets me know I'm not.  I'll be sure to feel the aches and pains when I start moving donations outside for tomorrow morning's pickup.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow and I just hope it holds off until mid-morning at least.  I have a big tarp that I will use as a ground sheet and cover, if necessary.  Some of the items will be left on the porch, so if I start the trail down by the curb and work it up to the porch, I'm sure UCP will take it all away.

Enough of staying at home - I'm going shopping.  Lord how I hate to shop!  I need a nice top to go with a good pair of, as yet unworn, slacks I bought a few months ago.   

I found a top at Marshall's white lace that will go nicely with black slacks.  I feel like a ton has been lifted off me.  I hate shopping!


I'm going to bed soon, but have been nursing a beer for a while and still have a couple of swigs to go so I'll post a short blog tonight.  Ha!  I can hear you saying "She can't post a short anything".   I do tend to get wordy.

I cannot tell you what a difference the ice has made with the sciatic pain.  When I walk, get in and out of the chair, etc. I still feel twinges of pain, but nothing like it was yesterday.   I don't like using an ice pack so the last time I had this ailment I told myself that heat would work just as well, but of course, my chiropractor was correct when he insisted I'd do better with ice.  I've not done much else today except to go to the post office to mail my CA tax return, and then use the ice pack.

I worry about getting all the stuff for donation outside by 8 am on Thursday.  The bags of clothing and such I can handle, but there are several items that are heavy - the boxes of books, and the portable elliptical machine that has been sitting in my living room for months and months.  If I can push it to the door and get it over the threshhold onto the porch, maybe the driver will be kind enough to come up to get it.

OK - beer is finished, I'm sleepy, and the ice pack is melting.  G'night!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Oh No, Not Again!

I have a good case of sciatica, and hope I can get over it before I get on the plane for NY.   I realize what causes it, and it's all my fault.  With my worsening eyesight I need to hold my laptop closer to me, but my arms get tired.  So I twist slightly and rest my left arm and the computer on the arm of the chair.  Right now I'm using ice, 15 min. on and 15 min. off, and hope I can beat it before it gets too bad.  It's hell trying to sit down, stand up, and forget getting in and out of bed!  The most annoying part is that I can't take any kind of OTC for the pain - they all give me terrifying side effects due to my heart disease, so I hope the ice works, plus my attempt at focusing my mind on healing.

I had a re-exam at the chiropractor today, and my scoliosis is nearly completely cured.   The Dr. took an X-ray which he will show me the along with the xray taken by Dr. Bergman in Huntington Beach last June,  and I can see the difference in my spine after treatment.

I looked for photo storage boxes at Michael's yesterday.  None of the boxes is acid free cardboard, nor do any of them have tabbed dividers.  Michael's doesn't sell any tabbed dividers that I can use, and I don't want to have to make my own or modify something to fit.  I have ordered two photo boxes with tabs, from an online company.  I hope to get them soon, and if they work out I will order some more.  I have continued to weed out photos from the thousands of paper photos I have, plus I recorded the ID's of the digital photos I'd like to have printed.   

I'm feeling pretty good about what I've accomplished and can't wait to see how things look when all the donations from my living room are set out on Thursday morning.   Steve and I are going to Home Depot and Lowes later this week, so I may end up with a bathtub in my living room!  He's going to start with the tile and tub, plus the new window, the grab bars (don't need them yet, but probably will eventually).  The toilet, sink top and floor can be done while I'm in NY, and then when I get back I will need to paint the walls & ceiling.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Blueberry Muffins! + Update

One of the vendors at yesterday's market sells walnuts, and I saw that he had bags of walnut meal as well.  I thought of the recipe I found for muffins using almond flour, and figured I would try it with walnut flour.  I don't have honey, stevia, or maple syrup on hand, so I just used 1/4 cup of sugar.  I thawed out a cup of blueberries, and mixed the batter in late afternoon.  Out of 12 muffins I ate 5 of them while they were still warm.  I've had one this morning and I'm sure there won't be many left by the time I go to bed.  The texture and flavor aren't like the blueberry muffins made with white flour, but has a definite nutty taste.  I used half the bag (2 cups) of walnut meal/flour, so I will be able to make another batch soon.

One thing I don't understand is that the recipe calls for 2 eggs, plus an additional 2 egg whites.  I followed the instructions and can throw the leftover yolks into an omelet or scrambled eggs, but wonder what would be the difference if I just used 4 whole eggs.  The batter would be a little looser, but other than that I'm not sure what would happen.

I mentioned yesterday that I saw the space shuttle when I was at a SAC Air Force Base in Omaha back in 1986 or so.  In going through my photos I found this.  (Click on photo to enlarge).

I actually have 3 different photos and thought I moved them from my iMac to a thumb drive, but can't find the other two.  This shows the shuttle pretty well though.  I think it's the same one that exploded several years later.

Rain today off and on, but I think I will try to get over to Michael's to see their photo storage boxes.

I've heard a lot lately, mostly on YouTube, of the benefits of drinking a glass of lemon water every morning.  I decided to try it after watching a video called "The 28 day Challenge".  Every morning while my coffee is brewing I pour filtered water into a glass, pour half of that into my electric kettle, squeeze the juice from half a lemon into the glass, and as soon as the kettle starts making noise I pour the hot water into the cold water/lemon.  I have it down so that the glass is full of comfortably warm lemon water.

According to the video there are many benefits to this practice, including improved digestion, and of course, weight loss.  Everything recommended in this country stresses weight loss, so I decided I would take this challenge for 28 days and monitor my weight so that I can quit immediately if I start losing weight.  I think I've probably been drinking this stuff for about 10 days and think I weigh the same, but I've noticed I don't have the leg and foot cramps I was plagued with, and I seem to get less indigestion.  It's worth it for the leg cramps alone, so I will continue at least until I leave for NY later this month.

A while back my chiropractor recommended drinking a glass of warm water first thing in the morning, and I find it to be much more palatable with the lemon.  If anyone is interested in this video which is only about 2 minutes in length, here is the link:

A week or so ago Carolyn (Am I Going Someplace) updated her blog and mentioned drinking lemon water every morning.  I might just write her and ask what benefits she has noticed, and will post them in my blog.

You'd think I'd be so damn healthy with all my attention to this stuff, but I wish I'd find something to get rid of belly fat.  I never had it until my gallbladder was removed, followed a couple months later by an umbilical hernia repair.  I don't actually worry too much about it - at my age I am what I am and don't bother trying to cover up the flaws - but this is one area that I'd like to improve.

After wracking my brain trying to remember the name of the AFB in Omaha I looked it up.  Offutt AFB, and I wasn't even close to remembering it.  I don't know if it is still an AFB or if any part or all of it has been decommissioned. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Rainy Saturday Morning

I'm going to enjoy just sitting here for a little while and drinking my coffee.  The rain has begun but I still hope to get over to the market for a few items, even if I have to carry an umbrella.

I've kept busy this past week looking through some of the photos - I need to return two of the bins to Jeannie as I think I removed all of my pictures.  I've sorted mine by decade (or era) and some are in more specific categories, such as my TDY trips when I worked for the Army.  (TDY stands for temporary duty, and for civilians refers to a business trip.)  My memory is starting to deteriorate - one of my first trips was to Omaha, and while there the team and I went out to the military SAC base on the weekend.  I can't for the life of me remember the name of that base!  They had nuclear devices there, one of which was on display.  The highlight of that trip was the unexpected joy of seeing the space shuttle and plane taxi over to the roadway we were on, turn around, and take off in the opposite direction.  Again, I can't recall many details, but I did get to see it up really close.

Thanks to Kathy who recommended the photo boxes for storage.  I found a website (you can't get them at Staples, which I checked), and I ordered two boxes.  Supposedly they hold up to 1100 photos each, so I think I can get a good start on my monumental task of photo storage.  I do have some albums, and found one with pictures from my various hiking trips in the east.  I discarded quite a few, and was eventually able to get them all into the album (with space for a few more photos that will certainly turn up.)

I also sorted through the sentimental items and feel satisfied that I'm keeping the ones I can go back to and enjoy from time to time.

The most important task I've accomplished is that I arranged for a pickup of items I'm discarding - the truck will be here next Thursday.  Everything is piled up in my living room, and the spare room I was using is looking better and better, with space to actually walk across the room.  I bought some special cleaner for laminate floors which I am anxious to use in each room, once I get the mess cleaned up and everything I'm keeping put away and in its place.  

I've been getting daily updates from my sister, Julie, who is traveling with husband Paul and their golden labradoodle, Tallulah (the dog who loves pearls).  They left Nevada and finally arrived in Cincinnati yesterday.  She wrote me that they stopped at a city park in Oklahoma City to have lunch a few days back.  There was a lake in the park.  Paul was throwing a frisbee to Tallulah, but as it was very windy the frisbee sailed over her head and into the lake.  Lulah didn't miss a beat and went into the lake like a shot!  Traveling with a dog can be so much fun, and I've never really enjoyed it as much after Lady died. 

I don't hear any more raindrops, so I might dash off to the Market in a few minutes.

I did want to ask if anyone has had experience of transferring select digital photos that are stored on a computer (a Mac, preferrably) and having pictures printed.  I rarely go back to look through photos stored on the computer and probably won't look at the printed photos very often, but it sure would be a lot simpler to enjoy them in printed form.  I can find all sorts of instruction online for transferring them from print to the computer, but not the other way around.  I welcome suggestions.

Have a good weekend!

Monday, April 4, 2016

I sure don't like the weather

Today has been bearable, but tomorrow will be 82, followed by 86 and 81.   Then rain is predicted by the weekend along with much cooler temps.

I'm humming right along with organizing and discarding stuff, and today I dug into some of the photographs.  Since mine were mixed in with Jeannie's I mostly tried to separate mine, and discard those I couldn't identify, dark or out of focus, people I didn't remember, duplicates, etc.  I have months to go with this job and I still haven't come up with a way to organize and keep them.  I think it would require too many photo albums, and I have quite a few albums that I haven't even gotten into yet.  I want the photos to look at - not pictures on a computer.  I already have plenty of those, but to tell you the truth, I would much rather hold a photo in my hand and look at it.

I did the sentimental things - cards, etc., but as yet I haven't been able to read them because I know I will cry.  One card that particularly struck me with joy was a birthday card from my young adult kids.  Each one of them wrote a little paragraph rather than just sign their names.  I know that is going to send my spirits soaring when I read it.  

On watching TV - I've heard a lot lately about the re-release of some of the old "X" Files movies.   I found 10 programs on my recorder this morning and played the first one.  That lasted less than 5 minutes!  I don't care for movies and dramatizations, although I like to read the book, so I just erased all 10 episodes.  I still don't understand all the fuss about "The 'X' Files", and guess I never will.

Even at 7 pm the sun is still shining brightly, which just shows how dirty my windows and screens are!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Another Friday gone!

The weekends seem to be getting closer together now.  The next 3 days are supposed to be sunny and 77degrees.  That's getting awfully close to 80, which I consider the "hot zone" and I much prefer the 70's.  With all the rain here and snow in the mountains, the weather service is predicting another drought summer for us, whining that the snow pack is below the traditional average, and yada, yada, yada!   I have always tried to not waste water or anything else, but I sure hate them constantly beating the drum about it.  Was all that rain only good for making weeds grow?

I just cleared out some of the cookies on my computer.  I try to do it every week or two, but it has probably been 3 or 4 wks since I last deleted a bunch.  This time I deleted 380 cookies!  That is truly a bunch of crap, folks.  I hate it that companies can put something on my computer without my permission or knowledge.  In some cases they are obviously companies I do business with, but many are no doubt just advertisers on a page I visit.  My computer is running very poorly lately.

I finished lining the drawers in the kitchen, first pulling off the old sticky liner.  I used to like geese and ducks but this liner features geese with silly blue ribbons and bows around their necks.  It was a self-stick product and who knows how long it has been there, so it was difficult pulling it all up.  I managed it though and the kitchen drawers look spectacular, but I never want to see a cutesy goose again!

I had to go back to Costco this afternoon to pick up an Rx for my eye drops, and asked them about rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.  It is a mistake to buy it there because they don't just sell one of anything.  Not only were the bottles of both products in a package of two, but each bottle contains a full quart.  I had hoped to find something in a smaller quantity, so I only bought the peroxide and will look for the alcohol somewhere else.  Costco had individually wrapped alcohol soaked pads, but they were packaged 100 to a box and 4 boxes together.   It's nice if you can split the packages or bottles with someone else, which I often do.  I sure don't need 400 alcohol pads!

I have developed an infection of some sort on the arm where I was stabbed by the oleander bush.  Yesterday it became a blister and if I had alcohol to sterilize a needle I would have lanced it then.   Today it looks different and still hurts.  When I discarded all my meds and OTC's I must have gotten rid of the ointment I now need, but all those products were out of date anyway.  I hate to buy a tube of something I will use once and then let it sit in a cabinet for years.   I think a big bowl of ice cream would make me feel a lot better, but I don't have any on hand.  

I came upon a Youtube channel for a woman who cooks and bakes using alternatives to wheat and sugar.  I'm intrigued by blueberry muffins made with almond flour, although I'll have to go over to Whole Foods to find the flour.  I hate the thought of driving into their parking lot as it's not easy for me to navigate.  If I make these muffins I won't use Stevia but will probably try with a quarter-cup or half-cup of sugar, and then taste the dough to see if I need a bit more.  Hopefully it will be good  with less sugar than most muffins have.  I don't have any idea how almond flour will change the taste of the muffins, but I heard that they are pretty good.  Now to find a low-carb, low-sugar croissant or danish!