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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cincinnati, nostalgia

Yesterday afternoon Jeannie called and said they were making Cincinnati chili and invited me to come over. Of course I could never refuse. It was delicious - I like mine just chili spaghetti style, while most people seem to prefer 3-way (chili spaghetti with finely shredded cheddar). There is also 4-way (add onions) and 5-way (add beans). I usually make my chili the regular down home way, but I will always love Cincinnati chili.

Later in the evening we drove over to Fry's electronics, a huge store with just about every kind of electronic item available. They have some old railroad cars rehabbed and on display, and a replica of an old steam engine as you go in. My grandaughter loves to go there and calls it "Fry's Choo Choo". So I shopped at Fry's Choo Choo last night. I saw a nice little computer table that I might be able to use, but wasn't sure if the wood would match the oak in my rig. Next time I go there I will take a sample with me.

Again, I drove home in the dark without any problems, but it is a well lit route and I am familiar with it, which probably helps.

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  1. Don't forget about IKEA (in West Sacramento) if you are looking for possibilities for a computer table or similar. They have a wide variety of tables, cabinets, shelving, etc...

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