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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Sioux Falls, 2nd post

I knew there would have to be a problem with airlines or security. After passing security in Sacramento with no problem, I went through the same process in Sioux Falls and they took my tube of toothpaste away from me. Thank God Americans are now safer in their travels. I wish TSA would take a flying leap! And by the way, no one will ever convince me that this isn't just some bored inspector who wants to stir up a little sh*t and make someone have to put up with it. I am a fair-skinned white woman and cannot imagine what a person with hispanic or arabic features must go through. I will never get on another plane again, and you can write that down.



  1. Oh no, NOT THE TOOTHPASTE!!!! Geeeezzzzz, I hate when that happens....

  2. Marty,

    I have a crummy feeling that I might know about the long trailers at Cal-Expo. I saw in yesterday's news that Arnold (the gov.) was going to move all of the people from a closed down tent city in Sacramento to new digs at Cal Expo. I hope I'm wrong! Check with Jean or the Boys to see if they've heard anything.