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Sunday, February 27, 2022

The End of a Blog

I just want to say that I am going to discontinue this blog.  It originally began as a way to document my travels, but I haven't traveled for several years now.  It has mainly become a way for me to document my days, and to continue the habit of writing something about my day on a regular basis.  

I think it's time to change the title and focus of the blog as it seems to have been attracting a few readers expecting to read about travel, or whatever, and they are disappointed in what they read.

I will try to think of a general focus for a new daily recount of my thoughts and activities and will publish something soon in that regard.   I'll also have to figure out a new title. 

I hope to keep in contact with friends I've made over the years, who also initially wrote about traveling, but who are no longer on the road.  I want to stress that I will write about my days, what I think of certain events, etc.  I am not writing to attract new readers, nor am I interested in criticism of my efforts, whether constructive (is there such a thing?) or non-constructive  criticism.  I have read many blogs in years past that held no interest to me, or which I found to be irritating in some way.  I simply did not read that particular blog again, but I certainly didn't write nasty and critical emails to the author.  That is beyond decent adult behavior, and I want no part of it.

So, if you have had any problems or criticisms of my previous efforts at blogging, please simply take me off your reading list!

To those wonderful people I've been blessed to come in contact via the blog world, I hope to continue our association.  Helpful hints and suggestions will be welcome, but I never did believe there is any kind of "constructive criticism". 

To me the blog has become a sort of "daily diary" and a way to record my thoughts and activities.  It also satisfies the urge I have to write about the thoughts and activities.  So I won't expect many folks to keep reading my posts, and I urge those folks to find other blogs to their liking.


Saturday, February 26, 2022

My best friend, Rocky!

Rocky had a session with the groomers yesterday, and he is absolutely gorgeous right now.  Of course his lab personality is always gorgeous, but now his beautiful black coat is so clean and shining!  There's nothing like a clean dog, especially when they share your bed!  

Right now he's off running somewhere in Jeannie's part of the house, while her pup, "Tito", is sitting here beside me gnawing on a bone.  Tito is a small dog with a very pronounced and dominant personality.  Sometimes he takes advantage of Rocky, but I try to not interfere as I will never understand doggie etiquette or dominance.  Of course there are times I get tired of Rocky's easy going nature being used against him, so I take care to see that he gets what he wants/needs.  Those two dogs probably have a pact together to take advantage of my human motherly tendencies!

My left hand is still hurting badly, but I'm determined to try to do what I can to use it.  Typing is not easy but I think I'm doing a fairly good job of it!   Much of the swelling has gone down, but much of the pain still remains.  I don't think it will ever be "normal" again.

I'm going to take a few photos of my little "apartment", but I will have to straighten things up a bit so it doesn't look messy.  Right now I'm only doing what is absolutely necessary while I still have so much pain.  I will try to post some photos during the next week.


Thursday, February 24, 2022

As IF I needed a little more pain!

I was so shot up with novocaine (or whatever they use these days) that I didn't feel much pain.  I got dental work done, and it was the serious kind that takes a long time.  I'm worn out from it all, but I'm hoping I will start to feel better - needing dental work can really cause all sorts of pain that you might not associate with teeth.  I had thought the dentist would just pull the tooth, but he must have thought it was worth saving.    (It was a molar and I'm sure I'll be glad to still have it.)  And now I'm worn out completely!

So the dental work, along with my injured hand, has me pretty "down".  The hand is by far the worst although it's looking better. 

It was actually nice getting out in the car and seeing all the signs of life around me!  Donald took me and waited all that time!  We all go to the same dentist, who is absolutely superb!  

I'm going to enjoy  a scotch & water this evening.  I make them pretty weak, and in a big water glass with mostly water and ice, as  I just enjoy the hint of the flavor of scotch.  The younger Marty in her 20's and 30's wouldn't know me now! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Not the best situation

I hate to say it but I'm not exactly thrilled to be here, and wish I was back in Rancho Cordova.  That is where I lived in my mobile home, and while I wouldn't want to be back in the mobile home, I liked the area.  I feel stranded here.

I can't go for a walk because I'm terrified of falling - my hand is still in a lot of pain from my last fall. 

I could go into senior housing, and while some will allow you to bring a pet, I'm sure there are weight limits.  Rocky hangs out at Jeannie's place anyway, and comes home to eat and sleep.  I'm really fed up with the situation.

If the pain ever eases in my hand I might try walking for exercise and for something to do, but I won't take the chance of making it worse right now.  Actually, I don't know if my situation could get much worse!  I shouldn't say that, because of course it could get worse.

I might go into senior housing somewhere and be with others in the same boat as I am in! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

I'm finally moved in

I am moved into the new house, and I love my space!  Hope to get some photos posted soon.  I recently fell and hurt my left hand very badly, and it is difficult to type which has no doubt contributed to my not posting lately.

 I just wanted to check in and let everyone know why I am having so much difficulty getting a post out.  My hand is still swollen and hurts something awful!  I'm going to ask Donald to take some photos for me, and I'll post them as soon as I can.


Monday, February 7, 2022

Hitting close to rock bottom!

 That's where I think I am about now!  I will be glad to move, and although I have quite a few boxes I never unpacked when we came here, I have quite a job ahead of me organizing and packing!

I haven't been feeling well at all lately and stayed mostly in my room for about a week.  Jeannie wondered yesterday if the room had something that is making me ill.  No one else in the house has noticed anything but I sure have.  I'm up and about today and trying to stay away from it, but I need to be getting things together as we will move this coming weekend.  On top of everything else, I need to have blood drawn as well as to visit the dentist.   My health needs will be pushed behind the rest.

Last week I noticed that my ankles were pretty swollen, but I think it was because i didn't get out of bed and walk around enough.  It was boring as hell to lie in that room looking at four walls, but I couldn't muster up the energy to do anything about it.  I'm up today and feel much better than I did, and I'm trying to stay out of my room as much as possible.

As anyone knows who has read my blog, I don't care much for new ways of doing things.  This time I'm talking specifically about locking one's doors to the house.  I think our new house will have all sorts of new and different things including door locks, and while it will no doubt keep us much safer, I don't like the idea of having to do much more than to stick a key in a lock and open or lock the door!  I never feel unsafe since I have my wonderful burglar alarm/protector, and I'm talking about my beautiful black lab!  In fact, I've had a dog for most of my life and have never felt unsafe.  Any burglar with half an ounce of sense would just walk away and not want to tackle with whatever is barking behind that door!

I ought to close today's post and go finish packing up my room.  I'll close for now but I doubt I'll pack!

Friday is the day!

I'm writing this on Sunday, so I have about 4 days to go until we move.  I've packed several boxes and the rest should be fairly easy.   I have a lot of potted plants and they could be a problem to move, but I'll just have to move them carefully.  I have two plants that are in dire need of being divided, but I think I'll wait until I'm moved into my new place where it will be a lot easier to do.

I need to shop for my patio furniture.  I will probably buy it at Home Depot as I have seen what I want online.  I will wait and try to view it in the store before deciding for sure on a set.

The patio is off the bedroom and isn't a large one, but Donald is planning to extend both our patios out several feet.  I want to keep my furniture under the original covered patio, and maybe set my plants out on the extension.   I'm going to love having my morning coffee out on the patio! 

I have been waffling about the move for the past two days  - I'm anxious to move-I don't want to move!  I know I will love it, but I'm so weary of moving and just hate the thought of doing it again.  I've already gotten rid of a lot of my possessions, so it may be a bit easier.  Also, there are several boxes I never bothered to unpack when we moved here temporarily.

My son, Steve, assures me that it will all go well and he will take care of me.  So that relieves me a bit.  A good woman can plan and pack for a move; a good man can accomplish the move!  I'm speaking in generalities, but for the most part I think our genes have a lot to do with what we are good at.  I can remember my late ex-husband and how I could totally outdo him in something like planning for a move, but he completely outdid me in carrying out the plan for the move!  The reverse can be true, but working together can accomplish so much.

I am starting to get a bit excited about it, and I don't recall that I've ever moved into a brand new space.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Making Lists!

I'm sure there are other list-makers out there, and probably many of you are as good, or as driven at it, as I am.  My bedside table has several lists on top of a stack of papers, and I just keep on making more!

 Of course a lot of my lists are concerned with my upcoming move - what must I take, and where will I put the items I take.  Everything is grouped by rooms in my space, or the patio, etc.  And I have lists of things I need to buy for each of the spaces.

Now and then I come across lists I have made on previous occasions, including what I will grow in my garden this year, placement of furniture, and so on.  I get as much enjoyment in the planning and list-making as I probably will in the execution of all the items in my lists.  I think it's a way to collect my scattered thoughts and put them down in writing.   I also get a lot of enjoyment in composing the lists, and of course one of the best things about it is being able to cross off "things accomplished"! 


Another Week to Go!

My son Steve just sent me a note to let me know he is planning on helping me move.    What a relief to know that I have a dedicated helper!  Most of my furniture and belongings are in storage, and I will be over the moon to see them again!

Thursday, February 3, 2022

A New Leaf

OK, you will hear it first!  I am planning to turn over a new leaf, from now on.  No more negative thinking.  No more letting little things get me down.  No more suspicions of people's motives.  And on and on and on!

I am lucky to have a loving family and a beautiful place to move, where Rocky and I won't be alone.  I will no doubt be able to meet many new folks who are living in some of the "NextGen" homes all around us, and I won't be the only "oldie but goodie" in the neighborhood!  I know I am damn fortunate, and I need to start acting like I believe it!

It's going to be harder than I thought to pack up what little I have here, and then I remember I have lots of my furniture and belongings in storage.  It will be fun to get it all together in my new home, but it will certainly be a big job for me to deal with.  I can never remember dates any more, but I think it will be about a week to ten days until I move in.  I have historically put everything off until the last moment, and up to now I have been lucky that it's all come together.  Now, I think I need to be a little more careful and practical, but I don't know where to start!  I'll figure it out, and in the meantime, I am anxious to begin.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The Move is Drawing Near!

Jeannie & Donald went to the new house yesterday to tour all of it and make sure everything was the way they want it.  The builder, Lennar, seems to be very attentive to the home buyer and wants to ensure complete satisfaction.  I've been impressed with them from the beginning.  I believe that most of the items we have here in our temporary quarters, plus everything in storage, will be picked up this weekend and moved to our new house.  I'm not clear about the logistics, but I think that is what will happen.  I don't have much here in my room, and most of it is in several boxes that will be easy to move.  Of course, it will be all the little stuff that isn't packed that will give me the most trouble.