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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Continuing Search

I am still searching for the perfect printer. Yesterday I bought an HP, and after installing it twice I decided it was not for me. In the first place it takes too much memory. I really don't know how much memory I have on my computer (nor am I very much interested in knowing) - I'm just sure that since I've had this computer the memory has been adequate, so I'm not about to let a printer gobble up what I have. I even tried a custom installation whereby I should have been able to load only those elements I wanted, namely printing, but I still ended up with "Shopping for HP" on my computer. I printed a one-page document with the HP and it was satisfactory, but when I tried to print a 3-page application form in Word, I was informed the margins were too wide to fit in the available space, or something like that. I attempted to modify the Word document but the computer kept freezing up so I just un-installed, returned the box this morning, and I am currently looking for something that will work for me. I think either the Epson or the Lexmark which I bought and returned would have been satisfactory, however, the Lexmark was missing ink cartridges, and the Epson had a problem recognizing an Epson ink cartridge. I don't want a printer that polices my ink--I think they should tell you straight out on the box that the printer will not work with any other cartridge except theirs. Of course, if they can't even recognize their own cartridge.....

I JUST WANT A PRINTER THAT CAN PRINT, COPY AND SCAN!!! One that doesn't take up an entire table and is lightweight, i.e., 10/11# or under. I don't fax and I don't print photos. Is it asking too much?

Random Observation: You don't want to let an opened package of cookies sit very long in an RV because they tend to absorb the dampness, but sometimes only the cookie on top of the stack is soft, so eat an entire stack at a sitting or else you will waste them.

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