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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday Woes - UPDATE

I was sitting at the dining room  working on the latest puzzle.  The washing machine and dryer were going and I could hear them as background noise.  I must have flushed the toilet and it never stopped running, but I didn't hear it over the other faint noise.  When I finally went to see if the dryer was finished I heard the water in the bathroom.  The thingy that stops the water when the tank is at the proper level must have gotten stuck, and there was water ALL OVER the floor.  Good thing it's a tile floor.   I immediately turned the water off at the source and began to clean up the sea of water all over the floor.  Not a good way to spend the morning.  I think I have all the water cleaned up.  Rats!

I think I need a good workout on the treadmill, but since I just ate my lunch I should wait a little while.  Now my back hurts, and I want some chocolate!

Mike, Sandy and the boys came home from soccer practice and pizza about 8:30 this evening.  Water had gotten most of the floor wet in the garage, as well as the plaster walls and ceiling.  I can't believe it caused that much damage because it couldn't have been running more than 45 minutes, about the wash or dryer cycle, and I was listening for them to stop. 
The insulation is going to have to be pulled out of the garage ceiling and replaced, as well as some major plumbing work.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Great day, so far!

I drove to Sears this morning to find they didn't have a watch repair dept.  A friendly clerk told me about a kiosk on the lower level, and I had a new battery in about one minute!  It cost about double what I might have paid for the battery in Rite-Aid, but getting the darn thing inserted was worth the extra.

I made an amazing discovery yesterday.  I have been out of my glucosamine-chondroitin supplements for a couple of weeks now and thought I might be able to get along without them.  It dawned on me that the worsening pain in my knees might be arthritis, and mentioned it to my son.  He offered me some of the supplements he has, Osteo Bio-Flex, and I couldn't believe that the very next day after I had taken them my knees barely hurt when coming up the steps.  I've taken the Osteo Bio-Flex now for two days and the pain is gone!

I started taking glucosamine after I had to quit backpacking because of severe arthritis in my right side.  It took 8 weeks to become pain free, and I've continued taking them.  I guess I can't stop, but it's worth it to not have the pain.  When I was first diagnosed with the arthritis, the doctor prescribed Elavil (yes, an anti-depressant!!!).  I think I might have taken one or two of those and the side effects were horrendous, so I threw them away.   Another backpacker recommended the glucosamine to me, but he stressed it takes 8 weeks to be effective, and it did.

I'm not sure what is in the Osteo Bio-Flex as it is a proprietary formula, but I'll take it until my glucosamine arrives - I ordered it from Costco and expect it any day now. 

It's a beautiful day here - 69 deg. now but going up to 74!  I love this weather!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Just a normal day

I drove out to get milk and a couple of other items I forgot yesterday, and decided to take some pictures of the creek - it runs behind the houses across the road, but I got the photo from the small bridge on the way out to the main road.  I wish I had taken these a week or so ago as it was much higher.  Click to enlarge.

Looking upstream:

Water under the bridge:

On the way downstream:

A few years ago I saw a blue heron wading in this creek and I didn't have my camera handy.  I've always regretted not getting the picture.

While I'm showing photos, here is the finished "Coca Cola puzzle".  We are now working on a very difficult puzzle which just shows a collection of Ukranian easter eggs.  They are beautiful but the puzzle is difficult at first.  I'm going to work some more on it after my treadmill walk and then lunch.

I went to Rite Aid yesterday to get a new watch battery, figuring I'm a fairly intelligent woman and should be able to change batteries.  I couldn't get the back of the watch off, and the woman at Rite Aid spent about 15 minutes with different tools trying to pry it up.  No luck, and I brought it back home - my son couldn't find a tool that would remove the back.  I will have to go to Sears and hope they can do it, but I'm not driving that far in traffic just for a watch battery, unless I have another reason to go in that direction.  So I'm doing without my watch for a while.  Life was easier when a watch stopped because you forgot to wind it!

I just made a protein shake and think I broke the blender.  I added some frozen berries and probably should have let them thaw a bit first. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm still here

I haven't felt much like blogging lately.  Sunday went very well, except that Sandy's grandmother has been in and out of the hospital with heart problems so Joshua's great grandparents were absent.

My grandson did an excellent job of reading the scripture passage he was assigned.  Mike and Sandy have worked very hard with him, and he remembered to speak more slowly, enunciate the words, read with expression and feeling, and stand straight and tall and speak into the microphone.   (Click the photo to enlarge it.)

I'm sorry I'm not adding any more photos of the day.  Mike doesn't like pictures of his kids posted to any kind of social media, and I usually try to select a slightly out-of-focus picture, but this is the only one I can find.

My niece Katy (lives in Brooklyn) and granddaughter Ara (from Philadelphia) were here and I just love being with them, as always.  I'm always energized  around them.  I'd like to make a 2-day trip to the city and stay at Katy's place but I'm not sure yet.  It's been  at least 10 years since I've been there, and I'm sure it's even more crowded now.   I've always found New Yorkers to be friendly when they see you are confused about which train to take, or which direction you should be going in.  Sometimes they just give you a smile and a friendly greeting for no reason at all.  Katy shares the upstairs of a house with several girls her age, and there are several young men who live on the first floor.  They get together to share a meal once a week, and the boys do the cooking.  So many of their friends have heard about it that they are now showing up to join the group.  It sounds like a sitcom, doesn't it.  I know I would love being there and meeting all these delightful people.

My watch battery died over the weekend and I need to go find a replacement.  The last time that happened I went to Sears Watch Repair and they put the new battery in for me.  K-Mart used to do that but then they stopped and said I had to do it myself.  I probably could, but I don't want to!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Appointment made

I'm way ahead of myself but I've made an appointment for the latter part  of June with a chiropractor I've been wanting to see about my possible scoliosis problems.  I will go to the appointment on the way back to Sacramento, and I have the motel room booked as well.  That is a load off my mind.  

Tomorrow is the big day for Josh, and it's early (for me) in the morning.  I think the service is at 9:30 am; Katy and Ara will be here tonight, so everyone will be trying to get a shower in the morning.  I think I'll take mine this evening and be ahead of the crowd.  Since I'm wearing a short dress it means I have to shave my legs!   To my knowledge it's only in the U.S. that women worry about that kind of crap.

I keep fooling with that Coca Cola puzzle and it's driving me crazy.  I've done a lot so far, but everyone else has been too busy to work on it.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Out Again Today

I headed out this morning to find Eastern Mtn. Sports (EMS) to look at camping gear and maps.  I drove through a couple of parking lots before I found the store, and then had a really difficult time getting out.  I think shopping in Sacramento is a little easier and the parking lots are easy in-easy out.

I looked at Target to see if I could find a new (to me) flavor of Clif Bars.  I hadn't seen it in CA - Oatmeal-Raisin-Walnut.  I like them after exercising when I don't drink a protein shake.

Drivers here seem to be a little more polite than Californians.  When someone has a signal on to switch lanes I will hold back and give them room to merge, but they seem to hesitate for too long.

It is back to cold and windy today.  It's about 51 right now, but the wind is blowing and it seems a lot colder.  There is forsythia blooming in profusion everywhere around here, so I know it's spring!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I took a little drive this morning to explore the area over by the Connecticut line.  The road was hilly and very winding.  At one point I had to brake very hard because I didn't realize how sharp the curve was.  When I was through it I said (out loud), "gee, why in the hell don't they mark that - it's dangerous".  About that time I came to another giant curve and said "They did mark it, read the signs, Marty".  I had to laugh at myself - I used to talk to Lady about these sorts of things but now I just have to talk to myself!

It is difficult to keep my eye on the road - I like to look at the houses, yards, farms, etc. along the way, and try to imagine living there.

I didn't stop to take any pictures as the trees are still bare, with the exception of willows.  I was busy looking at the woods and the mountains - not really high mountains as you would find further west, but mountains all the same and very beautiful in profile.

I'm going to work on the next puzzle for a little while - a 1000 piece puzzle of a collage of Coca Cola ads.   I haven't had a Coke in over 40 years, but I bet the ads get to a lot of folks and makes them want a Coca Cola.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sun's out! (Updated)

There was a misty rain when I went out earlier to pick up half & half for my coffee.  I looked for a few other items at the A&P, and since I'm not familiar with the store layout I went up and down several aisles.  One thing I noticed that is much different than where I shop in California is that most people do not make eye contact.  No smiles or a friendly greeting.  I did move my cart a bit to let an older woman get past, and she said "Thank You".  That was really the only friendly person in the store, although folks aren't unfriendly, just preoccupied and not outgoing around strangers.

UPDATE:  I just found the A&P receipt in my purse and took a look at it.  The checker gave me a $2.00 Senior Discount, which I was unaware of and which I think is darned friendly!

I noticed when I went outside to get in my car, I just hated the idea of driving anywhere.  I don't mind riding if someone else is driving, as in the case of Sunday's trip to West Point, but I have no desire to focus on the road.  I hope this is a temporary thing because I have places to go to and things to see, and it's a long way back to CA as well.

Judy asked about the number of pieces in the Las Vegas puzzle - that one and several others are 750 pieces, and there is one I'm thinking of opening up that is 1000.  750 is a good number.

And Run'n Rose mentioned an app for jigsaw puzzles on the iPad.  I can't imagine doing a jigsaw on any computer-type device.  I've tried crossword puzzles and they are horrible!  Remember, I am getting old and stuck in my ways, lol.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rain, all day

It's a dreary day and I don't feel like going anywhere, so I haven't.  I love the treadmill the more I use it (never thought that would happen) and I've managed to do some walking just about every day since I've been here.

We finished another puzzle, this one a collage of scenes and signs from Las Vegas.  There were two pieces missing, and today I found one on the floor under the table, but haven't been able to find the other one.  Click to enlarge.

There are some names I guess you just have to be older to appreciate.  I had a puzzle piece with the name Trini Lopez on it, and no one had ever heard of him.  He sang "If I had a Hammer", didn't he?  After Peter, Paul & Mary, of course.  There were some other oldies as well.

The next few days will have rain as well as some sun, so I might feel like going somewhere.  Maybe it's still the long drive that's bothering me.  I don't feel sleepy or exhausted, but just have no motivation for now.  I'll eventually get over it.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

West Point

Today we drove to "The Point" to shop at the PX and Commisary, and I am really beat!  It's a nice trip though, and scenic for much of the way.  The photos were taken from a pull-out on the very winding hilly road leaving West Point, and you can still see a bit of snow on the ski slopes.  Click on a photo to enlarge it.

The water in the picture is the Hudson River, very narrow compared to what it looks like up or down river a few miles.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bought a dress

I finally found a dress that I can wear (with my new sandals) to my grandson's 1st Communion next week.  I shopped at 3 stores, Penney's, Macy's, and Sears, and have never seen such a collection of UGLY dresses in my life!

I like the colors in the dress I bought but it is almost too short - most of them are shorter these days, and it makes my hips look huge.  Don't remind me that a year or so ago when I weighed 105 # I wanted desperately to have big (shapely) hips!  I'm now 30# heavier and I have more hips than I wanted, and rather than being shapely they are just big!  I am past the point that I think I look lovely in anything, and it doesn't bother me that I don't.  I'm a grandma, right?

Even though I'm a grandma, I still stop and look up when I hear a kid call out "Mom" in a store.  It doesn't even matter the kid's age, sex, race, or whatever.  "Mom" just rings a bell, and I think a lot of women are the same way - I can sometimes see them look up when I do, when the "magic word" is spoken.

I love using my son's treadmill and the fact that I only have to walk downstairs to use it.  I have to keep telling myself that I can pay for many  years of gym membership for what that treadmill cost!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful and sunny, although I can't believe I can be chilly in 70 degree sunny weather.  It is a different 70 in California and I hate it that I feel such a difference.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Deer Arrived, Finally!

I've been wanting to see the deer come down out of the woods and this morning is the first time I've noticed them.  Usually they are here 2 at a time, but we saw six of them in the yard this morning.

Before that, I got up this morning to hear the boys talking softly and working the last of the jigsaw puzzle.  I let Justin use my camera to take a photo of the puzzle, and while he was at it he took pictures of everything in sight.  I got him to take some of the deer.


 You can click on a photo to enlarge it.  They turned out a little blurry, but he did a good job for a 6 yr old!

I normally never let any kids touch my computer, phone, camera, etc.  I know they are familiar with all kinds of tech devices that I don't even know how to use, but as I told him, I'm retired and if something breaks I might not have the money to get it fixed.  And besides, I would rather get mad at myself for breaking something than I would a kid.  I don't know why I let him use the camera, but I did.  His mom had to fool around with it to get the picture on the screen - I use the viewfinder!

I still haven't gone anywhere except to the A&P for a couple of items.  Maybe I'll head up towards Hyde Park and the Roosevelts tomorrow or the next day.  I have plenty of time and I'm still working off the effects of the travel.  I love having the treadmill downstairs.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Just loafin' around

Other than accompany Sandy & the kids to look for soccer cleats, shin guards, etc. yesterday, I haven't done much.  That's fine with me because I'm still recuperating from the long drive and so much sitting.  I'm feeling pretty good though, and even tried out Mike's treadmill for a workout.  I may head out tomorrow to look for a trail to walk, except I think some rain is expected this week.

I wanted to mention to Kathy, who commented that she travels with a pet, that beginning in 2005 when I got my dog Lady, we made yearly trips from North Carolina to California, and that's when I discovered that all Motel 6 locations are pet friendly, and that they don't charge an extra fee as many pet friendly motels do.

The chain has been remodeling and updating their locations over the past few years, and most have very nice rooms with the amenities such as fridge, microwave, and wifi, but don't have hairdryers - that wouldn't be of concern to me except that I didn't pack my hairdryer this trip!  The biggest problem for me is that they are almost always located just off the interstates, and I don't normally travel that way.  If you are interested you can stop in any Motel 6 office and pick up one of their directories.  That way you can look ahead to the states you will be in and get an idea of where they are located.  It's really the best I've found for bringing a pet(s) and not being charged extra.

They should offer me a free night's stay for touting their accommodations!   Another drawback for me is the interior corridors, and they stopped notating which ones have interior hallways in their directory.  However, where they are located there are usually multiple motels in the area, both chains and independents.

Sandy and Joshua set up a huge jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table, and you can imagine what I've been doing for a lot of the day.

I hope to get out in a day or two and start roaming the countryside.  They weren't giving tours the day I visited the Eleanor Roosevelt site, and the Franklin R. library was being upgraded and remodeled, so I will definitely be going back there.  This area is rich in Revolutionary War history and I love seeing and hearing about it.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Day After" Exhaustion

I'm feeling the effects of all the driving, so Sandy, the boys and I went for a long walk on the rails-to-trails walkway this afternoon.  I was very cold at first - beautiful sunny skies, but cold and windy.  I soon warmed up after a bit of walking.

Now I think I just want to nap for a while!   

As far as my luck in finding the kind of motel I like to stay in on the road, the kind where you can park right in front of your room, all I can say is that attitude and frame of mind help.  I really want to find a suitable motel and I know I will, and if I don't then I will go with the flow and take what I can find.  It's not scientific but it works for me.

It helps when driving on the secondary and country roads as you will be driving past motels, cabins, etc.  A good look at the property can tell a lot - is it kept in good condition, painted, clean, etc.?  I just get a feeling for what I want, and I'm always grateful when I walk into that room and find exactly what I need.  When I get off an interstate to stop for the night, I might choose what looks like a locally-owned motel/inn rather than a big chain.  Often an older Motel 6 or Days Inn can be found that isn't a big concrete block with interior corridors, and I don't mind those.  Almost all have a fridge, microwave, coffee makers, big TV, free wifi, etc.  This trip was in the off-season of course, and the prices ran from $50-$60 per night, but they are higher in the summer months.  That's why I like to alternate between the senior rate at a National Forest or National Park campground and a $60-70 motel (some can be higher still).

I still haven't totaled up the costs associated with this travel.  I always start out with meticulous recording of expenses, mileages, etc., and after about 4 days I'm making notations on scraps of paper which I often lose anyway.  Whatever it costs I have to come up with the money since I've decided to travel, so I don't lose sleep over it.

I took one photo in the last few days of the trip, while I was waiting at a railroad crossing in the rain near Tobyhanna Army Depot (PA).  There was a cute little train station, but the picture is rather dark since the skies were cloudy with rain.

I'm sure they don't have passenger service anymore, so maybe it is or will be a museum.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Friday, April 10, 2015


I arrived at my destination at about 1 pm today.  The last 100 or so miles were pretty hectic, a lot of road work, much traffic, etc.  But I made it.

I've not changed my mind about enjoying the country roads and not liking the interstates, but there are just some times when you can't avoid them.  I felt this was one trip where I needed to be on the interstate and I'm glad I traveled this way - of course, I hope to not have to repeat it on the way back.

One thing I've definitely changed my mind about are the trucks on the road.  Gripe as we all do about truck traffic, they are probably the safest, most considerate drivers out there.  Aside from a few who pull up so close before passing you it seems they will hit the back of your car, most are excellent drivers, much better than a lot of folks driving cars and SUV's at ridiculous speeds.

When you think about it they keep the economy and commerce of the entire country going.  They move merchandise, produce, equipment, etc., to the far reaches of the United States.  I've discovered I can travel very well alongside them, and it's a fact that the interstate system makes it possible for us to live the lives we want with all the necessary things we need and want, moved by the trucking industry.

That said, I will try to avoid interstate travel as much in the future as I can, but the trucks will be on all the minor roads as well, and I'll do my best to live with it. 

I'm tired and have a lot of things to put away so this will be the extent of today's post.  I have a couple of questions I will answer tomorrow, one being how I select motels on a trip.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I woke up at 8am this morning, which is really late for me while traveling.  I needed the sleep though.

Yesterday evening I decided to drive to the Denny's and sure was glad I did.  I normally hate to eat in any restaurant - you just don't know what kinds of toxic compounds are in the soil your food is grown in, whether growth hormones are used to fatten up the cow or the chicken, etc.  But I was really hungry, so I went to Denny's and was glad I did.  First of all, it was a friendly place, and not crowded at all since I was a little early for the dinner rush.  I enjoyed the friendliness around me between the wait staff and the patrons, and they included me in their "family atmosphere".  I decided on the senior meal of country fried steak with gravy and two sides.  The steak nearly covered 2/3 of my plate, and the veggy sides took the rest of it.  Absolutely delicious and everything was cooked just the way I like it.

This morning I left the motel at about 8:45 and got back on the interstate.  I hadn't driven far when I noticed that it wasn't raining and the sun was really trying hard to come out from those clouds.  Decided to see a little of Pennsylania's back roads, and see those roads I did!  All the roads in the eastern half of the country show signs of a brutal winter, and the road crews are just starting to come out and work on them.  I noted that US 6 had the little dots indicating scenic roadway, so I left I-80 and made my way up to US6.  PA is a beautiful state, mostly forested I think.  The trees were not in leaf yet and the only green were the pines here and there.  After a few hours of winding twisty roads I am in the process of making my way back to I-80 again, but stopped for the night on the way.

There was fog at the higher elevations and I almost got worried about the last bit I drove through.  I'm glad to be finished driving for the day, and look for my long trip to be over for a while starting tomorrow afternoon.

Too bad it's chilly outside, because my motel room has a nice private porch on the back side, with a view of the hills in the background.

 (Click on a photo to enlarge it.)

I have lucked out in finding the sort of motel I prefer all along the entire way of my travels so far.  This is so much better than the Holiday Inn Express, and all thos multi-story buildings that look like they are from the Soviet Era.  This has charm and all the amenities of a big chain motel.  Today is also probably the best internet I've had so far.

I'm not going out for dinner this evening - I'm scrounging some of my camping food!

So I will be back on I-80 tomorrow for the last leg of my journey, having to drive through the dreaded Wilkes Barre-Scranton "safety zone".  As I said, Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, but you need to get off the interstate for a while and see it.

I love the small little towns, many of them built on the sides of steep hills, and some of the larger "little towns" looking just like the place you'd like to watch the 4th of July parade from!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


A few times today I wasn't sure I'd make it.  First of all, until I reached Youngstown, Ohio (eastern side of the state) there was fog and  light precipitation all day.  The foggy haze wasn't bad enough so that you couldn't see the road and much of the traffic, but it was bad nonetheless.  I can't describe the depressed feelings and lack of stimulation from driving all day in fog.

I fueled up and left Joliet, IL at 6am this morning.  The GPS has this thing about avoiding toll roads and guided me off the interstate I was on, into what looked like I was going towards downtown Chicago.  I got off the road and put the directions back in the GPS to get me on the road I needed to be on.  It informs me every time that there will be tolls and asks if I want a non-toll route, to which I always respond "No".   I bought an I-Pass in Illinois a few years back for trips that take me over the toll roads and turnpikes, and I had checked to make sure I was funded for this trip.

Even at an early hour there was heavy traffic but I finally got around it all and onto the Indiana Tpke., and then the Ohio Tpke.  Traffic was fairly heavy most of the way, and between the traffic and the fog I'm totally exhausted.  I am at a motel now and think I'm so tired I made a fool out of myself trying to find my room!  Of course one motel employee after another noticed and tried to help me out.

This is definitely not the sort of driving I like, but with the weather reports such as they were I felt I had no choice.  There wasn't even a question of stopping at any sites along this route because not much would be visible anyway.

While I didn't ever reach the speed limits I drove way faster than I usually do, and I watched my gas gauge fall dramatically.  I reasoned that the extra I spend in gas won't equal  a  motel room for an additional night!

I think there is a Denny's nearby, and I plan to walk over there soon and have supper.  

After doing so much treadmill and other walking, and exercising at the gym, I feel really terrible and my legs hurt.  I brought along two sets of 2# hand weights (8# total) and brought them into the motel room yesterday to at least exercise my arms.  I think I'll do that again this evening.

I am definitely hoping to stay in bed a little later tomorrow morning, and take my time getting started.  It won't be easy as I have been waking up and starting out really early, and then going to bed very early each evening.  Will I ever get back to a normal schedule?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In Illinois

I am in Illinois this evening; I stopped early and will try to get going very early in the morning to try to beat some of the Chicago area traffic.  The desk clerk told me I should leave by 6 am or wait until after 10:00.  I don't want to wait because that is half the morning gone, and I definitely drive better i the morning.

Today I traveled through Iowa and it was foggy for most of the way.  I came across the bridge into Illinois, and stopped at the rest area just after the river.  I love rivers, but there are just a few that I have a special feeling for -- The Ohio, the Hudson, The Snake, and the Mississippi.  Of all these I think the Mississippi tugs at a string in my heart when I see it.

The photos were taken just inside Illinois and you can see overcast and hazy Iowa on the other side.  I couldn't get much of the bridge in either photo, but that's how it goes, for me at least.  Click to enlarge.  I wish I could get a shot from the middle of the bridge looking down-river.  

I'm having a terrible time with internet connections.  I would have thought I would have more trouble in the mountainous states, but the connections in Utah and Colorado were flawless!

I watched the Weather Channel this morning to see the developments in weather patterns.  Evidently CA is going to get some much needed water, but I wanted to see what my chances were of running into storms.  It's hard to tell because the Weather Channel seems to dramatize the forecast and it always sounds worse than it turns out to be.  That's why I only watch them when traveling.

People in this part of the country are so friendly.  This morning I stopped for gas and then went inside the store to buy coffee, a banana, some danish, etc.  The manager insisted on helping me carry them to the car - it was cold and windy and he had short sleeves, but he insisted anyway.  How nice of him!

I'm hoping to have a decent trip around the Chicago area in the morning.  It's never easy, but I hate to think of hitting it at rush hour.

Monday, April 6, 2015

On the road again

I was all set to go to the Badlands, however, as was pointed out to me, the weather wasn't looking good.  I had my heart set on stopping at Wounded Knee Massacre Site, to the Badlands, and even to the Wall Drug Store.  But I hope the weather will be kinder on the way back.

Traveled through Nebraska today - the morning started out with brilliant sunshine, that lasted all of a half-hour.  The clouds were heavy and dark, and low lying.  There was mist on the windshield on and off until I drove around Omaha and then I needed the intermittent wipers.  I reached Omaha early enough to miss the commute traffic, and if I waited over until morning then I would either get a later start or hit the morning commute.  I chose to drive around Omaha and into Iowa, where I'm at a motel about 30 miles in.  

The lady who checked me into the motel said she's heard of tornado warnings in this part of the country.

When I used to travel between North Carolina and California during the winter every year, I watched the weather reports closely, and usually found a 3 or 4 day clearing when I could travel.  Sometimes I was less than a day ahead of really bad weather.  Now it scares me because in the cold, I have no snow tires or 4WD.  So I opted to make a break for NY and hope I don't run into the terrible weather predicted for this part of the country, from Texas up to Minnesota.

This is going to be a short post because the internet connection is terrible.  I hope to check in tomorrow.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sidney,, NE

I left Craig, CO at 8am Mtn time; 
arrived Sidney NE at 3:30 pm Central

I've screwed up the mileage figures so I can't tell how many miles I traveled today.  Damn Toyota has a grey background with (non-bright) white numbers on their dash.  I can read them a little better with the headlights on, but can't read a damn thing without the lights on.  So I left out one digit the last two times I read my total mileage, and I have nothing to subtract from.  When I get fuel tomorrow I might be able to add up all those smaller mileages.  I don't really care by now.  I have 3 odometers, and I leave the middle one just keep adding the miles to the end of the trip, so I'll eventually know.

I spent hours last night searching for a room near Badlands N.P., but everything online was showing no vacancy.  I might call a couple places tomorrow and see in they have an available room

There isn't much in Sydney, NE at this time of year, and I had to get a room at America's Best Value Inn - very nice but with those damn interior corridors.  I love the courtyard style motels where you can park right in front of your room - I run in and out with stuff all evening, and again in the morning.

The scenery was ok today but nothing that made me want to stop and take a picture.  I had a few deer run across the road in front of me early this morning, and that kept me pretty alert!

Here are some of the remaining photos from Dinosaur N.P.  Some are pretty much alike at first glance, but I'm including them for my grandson, Liam.  (Click to enlarge)

 The picture above is incredible to see - the vertebrae of the dino and the discs!

After the dino bones are photos I took along my Trail of Fossils hike.

The next two are taken just inside Colorado - as I mentioned yesterday I wanted to capture the magnificent red color, but the distance and the sunlight prevented it from turning out like I wanted it to.

No photos taken today.  If I do get to the Badlands tomorrow I hope I can get some good photos.  But I need to find a room first.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Overnighting in Colorado

I'm in Colorado this evening after spending a wonderful day in and around Dinosaur National Monument.

I entered the Park address (which is not the same as the Visitors' Center) into my GPS, and it had me turning on a very dusty red gravel road.  I didn't even mind because the scenery was so beautiful.  (Click photos to enlarge.)

I finally made it to the V.C., bought my postcards, souvenirs, got information, etc., and then headed up to the Quarry Wall.  I took a lot of photos and most are self explanatory.  My grandson, Liam, is sure to recognize all the dinos and bones.

The next photos were taken at the Quarry Wall, and I apologize for having so many.  (The 1st one is a view from the front of the bldg.)

Ok, I know this is more than enough pictures for one day.  I have a few more that I'll include tomorrow, of the Quarry bldg., plus my trail walk and a couple from Colorado.  So far the scenery hasn't been spectacular in Colorado (I've only been on I-40), but I will include a couple of photos where I tried to get the beautiful deep rosy red rock, but they didn't quite turn out as striking as I had hoped.

I have no idea where I'm going tomorrow except that I'm heading up Wyoming way.  I've been seeing roadside adverts all afternoon for Stetson hats; I think I'd like a cowgirl's stetson, cowgirl boots, and - say it with me Ms. Belinda - a tall, rugged weathered cowboy!

(Ms. Belinda's blog is "Terlingua Dreams.)