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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Getting Prepared!

My daughter and I masked up and went to Costco yesterday.  I didn't want to spend much money as I have been ordering things online since the early part of the year and getting home delivery, so I didn't need a whole lot.  But it was fun just getting out after visiting her eye doctor and having a comprehensive examination of my eyesight.  I was certainly tired by the time I got home.  My regular eye specialist retired and the doctor who saw me last week was dismal, so I am ready for a new doctor!

At Costco I bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate Biden's win this coming Tuesday, although I'm not sure an absolute winner will be declared on that day.  It would be wonderful if the results are indicative of the Dems winning by Tuesday evening.  I've also ordered an American flag and holder to put outside, and I was hoping to fly it on election day, if it gets here by then.  

I don't know what it will be like here in my city and neighborhood, or in yours.  But let's hope things don't get out of hand and people getting hurt.

I plan to stay in the entire day and evening, even to the point of just taking Rocky out into the backyard and not walking on the streets.  Fortunately I have a very large backyard, plenty of room for him to chase a ball and wear himself out.

I hope everyone stays safe, and that our neighborhoods are relatively quiet this coming week.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Chill in the Air

The past few days have been so pleasant with sunny skies and a bit of chill in the air.  Sleeping is great, and I enjoy a morning walk with Rocky, although I've been cutting it short the past two days because he pulls on the leash when he sees another dog.  I hope he settles down soon or I might not even live to see it!  And who would want an ill-mannered dog when I'm gone.  He deserves better than I can give him now.

I visited the eye doctor last week; my regular doctor retired so I saw another one in the practice.  Absolutely worthless! This coming Friday I will see Jeannie's eye doctor and hope I have a better outcome.  I think I need new glasses, but will see what the doctor has to say.  I am sick and tired of endless appointments with doctors and the dentist.  The eye doctor that saw me last week didn't even ask to see my glasses or to ask me how I was doing with them.  And because they are worn constantly they probably need adjusting.  

I'm so glad I turned my ballot in last week.  I filled it out in the car while waiting to see the eye doctor, and I think I mentioned that my son, Steve, read the options to me and marked the ballot as I made my selections.   It was a lot easier to vote in the old days, and I swear the print was a decent size.

 I hope all the American citizens reading this will be sure to vote early!  I would hate to wait until the last day, and I am so glad I turned in my ballot about a week ago.  Here in Sacramento there are ballot boxes in many places - I deposited my ballot into a box in my Raley's grocery store.  I certainly hope there isn't much strife and stress with the voting this year.  I'm so glad I live where I do and feel pretty certain that there won't be any tampering with the ballots.  But who knows what will happen, and we can only hope our country can get back to normalcy when this is past.

See y'all later.








Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Two major accomplishments

Thanks to my son Steve, I managed to get two things done today.  I voted and dropped the ballot off in the proper box, and I got my eyes examined.,

I  was several months late for the eye appointment due to being isolated but it seemed to me that my sight had rapidly deteriorated.  The examination showed hardly any change so I will return for another checkup in April.  I wonder if it isn't so much that I can't see well, as that less light comes in and illuminates whatever I'm looking at.  I didn't think to ask them.

They have a good system whereby you phone them when you arrive in the parking lot, and they will phone you back when it is time for you to come into the office.  There was no time spent in the waiting room, and I like it much better than the old way.

Steve was a great help with the ballot.  Most of it is in small print that I would have trouble with, so he read each of the sections out loud to me and then marked the ballot for me.  On the way back from the opthamologist, we dropped the ballot off.  I feel like I accomplished a lot today, plus I spent quality time with one of my sons.

I hope the weather starts cooling down to the upper 70's during the day.  It looks like we will have two more days with highs reaching into the mid 80's, and then we might finally get some fall weather.

Today was a nice break in the isolation I've been enduring, and hope that Jeannie has to do some errands soon to pick up orders from several stores. I always enjoy riding along.

I don't know when I might be back - so little changes occur to my daily routine that there is nothing to write about.  Perhaps I'll have another day of getting out soon.  Take care, everyone.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

A good laugh!

I just read something that made me laugh, and I thought I would share it.

 I watch a lot of YouTube videos, including political ones.  In reading the comment section this morning about a video on Melania Trump, I got the best laugh I've had for a while.  A reader named "Barbara" commented that her granddaughter referred to DT's wife as "Malaria".  I hope you find that as amusing (and as fitting) as I did!  Out of the mouth of babes .....

I'm can still walk Rocky in the mornings, but I doubt I will be able to for much longer.  Rocky is the best boy ever on his walks, but the problem for me is the pavement.  Broken, cracked, buckled up, and no sidewalks except in front of the school property.  I'm afraid I'm an accident waiting to happen.

There is so much housework I need to do, but I don't know where to start, so I haven't started yet!  I'd better get moving.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Just a Shout-Out!

I thought I might do a quick update, and find that Blogger is just about as bad as I remember it being.  I just don't know why they changed it, but developers have to develop, so that's what I figure it is.

Rocky and I are fine - my wrist is getting a little better, but slowly, and I doubt it it will ever get back to normal again.

I am still pretty much isolating, and am very fortunate that my daughter, Jeannie, and my son, Steve, are doing the same.  Steve is going to take me to the opthamologist next week and it can't happen soon enough.  My eyesight is deteriorating very rapidly, and I think I may be close to being legally blind.  Of course, that doesn't mean I can no longer see anything, but I don't have good eyesight and worry about falling.  I will look into the implications of the "legally blind status".  I think I am already eligible for a white tipped cane, or something like that, although my beautiful and sturdy hiking staff is just fine with me right now.  I don't like to walk outside because of the cracks in the pavement - this is far worse here than anywhere I've ever lived.  I still walk Rocky in the mornings, though, and people who are out at that time are very considerate about crossing the street to maintain a good distance.  I do the same, and it's nice to be able to wave and shout "hello" to other folks.

I've been spending some time each day trying to cut down and remove some awful blackberry vines on my back fence.  The thorns on that plant are diabolical, so I am going slow and easy, and very very carefully!

I don't see a "Save" option on this version of blogger, so I think I will stop here before I lose everything I've typed so far.  That happens more often than not and it is discouraging to have to go back and start all over.

I hope you are all doing well and staying as protected as possible.  And I hope to be back soon.