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Sunday, October 31, 2021


 To tell the truth, this has never been my favorite time of year.   Even as a kid I thought it was sort of dumb, and since I was never much of a candy-eater, I didn't really care for most of the items I was given.  But I wonder what will happen to the holiday after this current year.  It has been dark for a while and I have had no trick-or-treaters.  I set a bowl of individually wrapped candy bars out on a little table in front of my door, turned on the porch light, and left a note to "Please Take One".   I didn't buy much candy to give out and if it is all taken, then the lights go out and I go to bed!

This morning Jeannie, Donald, Arianna, and I took our two dogs out to the new house to let them get a feel for it.  It was my idea, and a pretty dumb idea, at that.  Rocky isn't used to riding in a car as I quit driving about the same time I got him.  He was a total pain - too excited to stay still in the back seat.  But we went to the site and took the dogs into the house to show them around.

While we were there we met a man who lives in the area, and who seems like a great guy - he was the local high school sports coach for a number of years, and was interesting to talk to.  Jeannie is so outgoing she will meet everyone in the area by the time we move in!  The house is coming along very well - the doors and windows are all in, but the plumbing hasn't been installed yet.  Now that my bedroom is all closed in, it seems smaller than what I have now although they are exactly the same size.  The new room has a double sliding door to my patio, plus a door to the private bath and a closet.  And dramatically high ceilings!  My current room only has a double closet door and an entry door, and I think there is way more wall space.  I'm going to love it though and will find a way to arrange my belongings so as to get the most out of the space I have.  The patio is going to be wonderful!  It looks like they will be installing several electric outlets in the patio area so I can see myself making my coffee out there in the morning and relaxing in the fresh air while having a cuppa!

As far as I can remember, the only smaller space I've lived in would have been my 35' 5th wheel RV!  But the new space will have everything I need, and more.  I'll have family nearby, a very large yard for the dogs, gardening, etc.  I'm lucky indeed!

I've had the candy sitting out on a little table on my front porch and no one has come by.  I know some kids are out later, but at 8pm I'm ready to bring the stuff back indoors and turn off the porch light.  I'm at the end of a driveway off which are four separate units.  I'm the only house with any lights on - I think Halloween is a bust this year!

Friday, October 29, 2021

Not Much New!

I'm just trying to get things straight in my mind as to what I will pack and where I will store everything.   I can't believe I will be moving out in a month, and have a lot of things to do in order to be ready for it.  But I'm still not feeling up to par, so I don't do much other than think about it.  

This morning I finished the series of treatments for cancer.  It didn't take long as I can tolerate the infusion at a faster rate, so they speed it up accordingly.  I think I will now be good to go for another 2 or 3 years, at least.  I'd much rather have to repeat the treatments than have to tolerate the negative side effects of some meds.  I came home with a pretty good appetite and have eaten a large lunch!  It's been a while since I actually looked forward to a meal and then enjoyed it, so I'm pretty content now!

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Plans for the move!

It looks like we will be moving at the end of November to temporary quarters in a house owned by a friend of Jeannie's.  We'll stay there until we can move into our new place.  We will be within walking distance of a nice shopping area, including a Whole Foods store!  I'm just looking forward to the day we have our very own space, and Rocky and I can finally settle in.  My landlady's sister will be moving in when we leave.

I now have a chair on wheels that has handlbars that I can push, and a seat to sit in if I want to sit.  I bought it a year or so for my sister, Amy, and since she died my niece has kept it at her house; she brought it over to me this afternoon.  I'm so used to just getting up and walking around my house, so I need to get used to taking it a bit easier.  I could probably benefit from sitting in the chair and moving myself around that way, but I've never tried to take the easy way, and as long as long as I can do it I will just use my own two feet!  It is pretty comfortable, though, so I may try to use it now and then and see if it helps keep me from falling.  

We're not sure when the house will be ready to move in; the workmen have kept working on it but there may be a point where supplies aren't available.  They might be sitting on a ship out in San Francisco Bay!  What a ridiculous situation, but what can we do about it.  I just want to be settled into a permanent space and relax. 

Saturday, October 23, 2021

What happened???

I woke up a few minutes ago and thought it might be morning, but figured out I had come home from my second to last cancer infusion and crawled back in bed.  The clue was that I was still fully dressed.  What a nice sleep!  Now it's only 9pm and I will try to stay awake for a couple more hours.  Whatever is in that cocktail they give me makes me very sleepy!  (I think it is benadryl!)  I have one more infusion to go and then I hope to have 2 or 3 more cancer-free years.  It's aggravating to think of having to do this all over again, but the lack of negative side effects makes it worthwhile.  I think I will fix myself a scotch & water and chill out for a bit.

 It is actually raining now - not a good downpour,  but enough to feel a bit of misty rain.  After months of no precipitation, it sure is welcome.  I think rainfall is predicted to be fairly heavy tomorrow, and I hope it is, but Rocky doesn't like to get his feet wet so it's difficult to get him outside!  I suppose I should stay indoors myself, rather than take a chance on falling where the pavement is slippery.  The doctor seemed to have thought I could get a walker right away, but even though I have excellent medical insurance, things have to go through channels and be approved.  Everything is moving more slowly these days.

I need to get started on deciding what I'm going to keep, and to begin packing it up for the move.  I really dread having to move everything. I think Jeannie wants to move into a friend's vacant house until ours is ready, but I don't want to do that so I need to make a plan for myself and Rocky.  I think I would prefer just staying on my own in a familiar neighborhood, than to move into an unknown place for a short time.  

I also have given lots of thought into just finding a senior living apartment in a familiar area.  Most that I've checked into allow pets, but I have never seen a weight limit and don't know if my 90# boy would be accepted.  It would sure be nice to get back to an area where I could walk to stores, etc. It would also be very nice to have people to talk to once in a while!   Something has to change in my life, but I don't know what that could be.  After 80 wonderful years of living my own life, things have really gone south!  I am too stubborn and too used to calling my own shots, so I have to figure out what I want to do now and just do it!

Friday, October 22, 2021

Doc Martins!

I've had many years of watching styles change, especially for the younger generations.    My granddaughter is getting outfitted for the Homecoming dance at her high school.  Jeannie took her on a shopping trip that ranged from Sacramento to San Francisco, and they finally found a gorgeous kelly green dress, short, and very dressy.  She put the dress on to model it for me, and I asked her mom about what shoes she would wear with it.  Jeannie responded very nonchalantly, "Oh, her Doc Martins", as if to say, "What else?".  I've lived long enough to see styles change drastically, but am still laughing about wearing Doc Martins with a dressy satin dress, to a Homecoming dance!  For those of you who aren't familiar with the "Doc", here is a link to his line of shoes.  


Oh, to be young again!

Note:  I tried to click on the link but it didn't work correctly, and I had to copy and paste the link to the search bar.  Sorry for that.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

News I Can Use!

I saw my doctor this morning and came away feeling pretty positive.  She always has that effect on me.  She immediately put in an order for a walker (covered by my insurance, evidently), but seemed to think I was doing well other than the fall.  I'm hopeful that with a bit more attention to what I'm doing and the circumstances surrounding me, I can prevent future mishaps and worse injuries.  So my outlook for the future is getting better - which will certainly enhance my day to day life.

The weather has cooled down which I am so happy about, although we haven't seen the last of hot days - not yet!  I feel like I can deal with anything now, especially after finding out that I am in better health than I thought!   My eyesight is getting worse however, which means I need to pay more attention to my surroundings and to what I am doing.  It also makes it very difficult to see my black lab sometimes.

So I need to focus on the positives in my life!  Don't we all. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Books and Authors

I've been corresponding with my granddaughter, Ara, who is studying for her Master's Degree in Writing.  We've been discussing authors, and my all-time favorite is John Steinbeck.  Just thinking about it makes me wish I could go to the library and check out a stack of his works - I  guess "Grapes of Wrath" would be my all-time favorite, but I really loved all of them, including "Travels With Charley".  "Travels" starts out with the line, "You don't take a trip; a trip takes you!"   Remembering my many trips throughout my life, I can attest to the veracity of this quote!

I sure wish I could check out a stack of library  books, but my vision is just too poor these days.  And don't mention books on tape - most I've tried have been read so slowly and distinctly that I lost interest in the first minute or two.  I think that even the large-print would be difficult for me to follow now, although I should try it again.

My granddaughter, Autumn, needs a special dress for a special occasion, and since nothing could be found in Sacramento, Jeannie and the girls drove to San Francisco this morning.  I sure hope they get lucky!  San Francisco has always been one of my favorite cities in the entire world, but I sure wouldn't want to go there, or anywhere else, at this point.  I do hope I can leave the house for a few hours this weekend to go check on the status of the new house.  Moving in still seems like a long way off (a little over 2 months if we are lucky).

I don't know what to do about my balance and walking these days.  Even in my house I have fallen and the last time I really hurt my ribs  - they take a long time to heal.  There's nothing I can do except wait to feel better.  I would even look at getting a walker, but can't imagine maneuvering around a house with one of those.  If any of my readers has experience with using a walker, please write to me and give me your opinions, experiences, etc.  How steady are they?  I would hate to trip and fall, and bring the walker down over me!  Just the image of that happening has made me lose the urge to get a walker! 

Monday, October 11, 2021

An Accident-Free Weekend!

Thank goodness for a weekend with no problems, although I'm still suffering from the old problems!  At least it's a little bit easier when I have to cough, but I still hold my ribs when I do that!

It's been a boring weekend for Rocky and me.  I feel so sorry for him, especially.  A healthy 3-year old dog should be more active, as I am sure he'd  like to be.

The cooler weather we've had lately has been wonderful.  I didn't even leave the window by my bed open just a bit last night!  I like the fresh air blowing in over me, but it was too chilly for an open window.  Knowing how our weather can be, I'm sure we will have some hot days ahead, but for the most part, I think autumn is here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Another Accident

Last night I tripped over my own feet again, and fell to the kitchen floor.  Somehow in the process, I hit the ribs on my left side against the fridge.  Today I have been in some serious discomfort.  I don't know what the answer is - I can only get around my own house by walking, but it seems I can't stay upright while I'm doing it!  I'm now in some serious pain, although I haven't asked the doctor to prescribe anything for it.  Maybe tomorrow I will look into it.  I really don't want anything narcotic, although I doubt a non-narcotic would be much help.  I guess I should ask for something strong, and just sit back and enjoy the trip it might take me on, lol.  Actually, I would be more likely to get an adverse reaction and it would be a nightmare!

Jeannie and Arianna found a dog park for Rocky and took him back there this evening.  The dogs can run free, and usually group together by size and activity level.  That was my experience at the dog park where I formerly lived.  The big young studs don't really want to be with the older and/or quieter lapdogs, and vice versa.

I know I have a birthday coming up next month, but I honestly could not remember how old I will be.  I had to look at the date online to see what year it is, and subtract my year of birth from that!  I would have been perfectly happy not knowing, but of course I had to check it out!  Now I wish I had just let it go.

I hope I have a better tomorrow, and of course, I wish you all the best!