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Friday, March 30, 2018

My voice!

I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat, but since I had no other symptoms I just figure it is from spending so much time outdoors yesterday (which I am definitely not used to).   There might or might not be a connection, but the chemtrails took over the sky yesterday.

This morning my throat didn't hurt but I haven't been feeling all that great.  Since I don't talk to myself, I had no idea I was losing my voice.  It now sounds so weird!

I tried to find some self-help online,  and mixed up a glass of warm water with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, a bit of salt, and a few dashes of cayenne pepper.  I feel silly talking out loud to myself but a few hours later I wanted to see if I have any of my voice left, and found that indeed I don't have much of it.  Tomorrow I've arranged to take all the family to Straw Hat pizza, which I like to do when we are all together, but I hate to be in a crowd especially since I really don't know what is wrong with me - if it's just from air pollution then I can't spread it.    I sound like a teen-aged boy whose voice is changing!  Any good vibes you can send my way will be much appreciated!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Budding artists

Two of my granddaughters (Jeannie's girls) came over recently for an "art day", and I thought I'd show you the results.  Click on a picture to enlarge it.

These are two pictures drawn by Arianna, using color art pencils. age 8.  

Then Autumn, age 11 arrived and here is her offering:

I think they do very good work, and it all comes from their imaginations, no models to follow.

Mike and his family are in town and I spent most of today with them.  After having a big breakfast at a restaurant we love, we went to Folsom Outlet Mall and did some shopping and browsing.  I didn't sit down very often so maybe I can count all the walking as exercise! 

Besides being tired, I am very happy to have spent the day with them.  It nearly breaks my heart to see Josh trying to do things with his left hand, as he just fractured his right wrist while snowboarding.  I may have written previously that he broke his finger, but in fact he fractured his wrist. 

I'm tired and if I get into a relaxing position I probably will fall asleep, so I'll close for today.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Good News For Me!

It felt like the day would never come, but yesterday was my eagerly awaited doctor's appointment.  She is extremely pleased with my progress and the improvement I've shown already.  Evidently the Rituxan will continue to work for several months to a year.   So I'm feeling great, my energy levels continue to improve, and I sure am happy about that.

The doctor said, however, that things could change and explained what additional treatments might be required.  She mentioned several options including chemotherapy which I immediately and categorically reject.  I won't ever do chemo.   She wasn't saying that I would ever need additional treatment, but to be honest I guess the possibility will always exist that I might need something else.  I'm fine with that knowledge and will hope for the best, which is total recovery!

I don't think I ever doubted that the prognosis would be good, but to tell the truth, in the last week I must have been more tense than I realized.  So I'm very glad to be able to have hope that I've seen the worst of it and that I can get some semblance of my life back.  I have to return for blood tests and consultation with the doctor on a quarterly basis.  When I mentioned that I am trying to fit in a trip to NY and PA, hopefully in June, she immediately told me I could return for my first update in 4 months, so I won't be going back until the end of July. 

Thanks to everyone who expressed good wishes for my recovery.   I'm convinced that good and positive thoughts absolutely work

On another subject, Mike and his family are here for the week.  They, along with Joe and his two girls, are at Lake Tahoe snowboarding.   Yesterday we got a text that Joshua (who will be 12 in June) broke his finger.  They sent a few photos and it looks like he won't be using his right hand for a while.   I don't know how he will do in school since he is right-handed, but he is resourceful and will figure out a way.   The pictures from the morning show the 4 kids in the outdoor heated pool, and then another one with them bundled up from the cold, waiting for the ski lift!

I'm off to the grocery.   Thank goodness for my great appetite - I'm trying to eat healthy and I'm sure it makes a difference.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Where did this appetite come from

I have had a very healthy appetite for the past year or so, even though I was dealing with lymphoma.  And now, I just don't know what is happening but some of my sweat pants are a bit snug, and I don't think I even want to try on a pair of jeans right now.

I decided to start exercising a little every day - just a bit at first and then maybe work up to a routine that's longer and more strenuous.  I feel great and have been wanting to gain weight for a long time.  What I'd like to do is to get rid of the belly fat I've been carrying around since I had repair for an umbilical hernia. 

I've been finding some new recipes on Youtube - some of them work and are delicious, while others aren't bad but not worth making again.  My breakfast this morning was a beaut! 

The weather has been strange - it's up to 64 today and alternates between extremely heavy downpours and brilliant sunshine.  Interesting, to say the least.

I still don't have much to write about but hope I can become more active in the near future.  It's been a long time since I've done anything to "write home about".   Wherever you are, I hope you are having a good day! 

Monday, March 19, 2018

My helpful kids!

Steve came over with Liam & Quinn who entertained me while their daddy used the weed-whacker to cut down the really tall grass & weeds.  As soon as we have a long stretch of sunny weather in the forecast he will spray and we'll get to work on the yard.

Before he left with the kids Jeannie came over with Arianna and went to work on my "storage room", which is now my "art room" as it used to be.  About 2 weeks ago you couldn't even step into the room without tripping on something, and now it looks really good.  Again, we got rid of a lot of junk!   I'm glad to be rid of most of it, but it hurts sometimes!

I took some photos of the room (but they are "afters" and not "befores!).  The lighting plus my camera are terrible, but I took them and they give an idea of what kind of room it is.  You just wouldn't believe what it looked like before, and I'm happy to forget what it looked like!  Click to enlarge photos.

This is a very small room and it's hard to believe that the woman who owned the house previously actually used it as a bedroom, with just a small twin bed in it.  It might work for a child, but her 40-something year old child had the "big" bedroom, kept the door closed all the time and smoked in the room.  I didn't think I'd ever get rid of the smoke, but eventually I did.

I did a ten minute walk this morning (about 1/2 mile) and then came home because I saw the streaks in the sky.  I may drive to the gym later on today and finish my walk under cover. 

It's lunch time and I'm hungry!  Donald sent over some delicious corned beef and cabbage he cooked for St. Patrick's Day, and I have half of it left.  I think I might go for it right now!  Thanks for tuning in, and I'll see you in another day or two.


Friday, March 16, 2018

Weird weather !

The weather today has been crazy.  I've tried to take photos but my camera really needs repair -- the cover to the battery compartment won't stay closed tightly enough for the batteries to make contact, so while I'm holding and trying to focus the camera I also have to hold the batteries in place!

First thing I noticed were the variations in clouds.  (Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

In the first picture there are several clouds that are very dark, and in the second picture I got some white fluffy ones.  The dark clouds obviously have moisture in them, but why are they so dark when rain is colorless?

I heard rocks pelting the house and street and looked out to find sleet covering everything.  Again, it was difficult to get a decent picture while trying to hold the batteries in the camera.  Everything was covered with sleet, including the porch and steps.   I'm sorry about the 2nd photo.  All I can think is that the sun was shining very brightly during this downpour of sleet, and caused the distortion in the second picture.

I went outside earlier to try to get a few pictures of the backyard that I want  to fix up, taking out the rocks and putting in a lawn, plus planting some small fruit trees along the fence.    I hadn't gotten very far until my neighbor next door spotted me and shot out the door to talk.  There was no taking pictures after that and I would still be there if another neighbor hadn't walked up and wanted to tell him something.  He is so nice and wants to trim some of the weeds & grass in the yard for me, and I couldn't get into the conversation to tell him that my son is going to do it.  I think he wants to help me because everytime one of the boys is here to trim the bushes or whatever, they also do some of his.  He's a good soul and in terrible health.  I can't count the number of times the EMT's have come to his assistance.

Sorry about the quality of the photos.  I'm going to try to find a place to get my camera fixed - I'd buy a new one but none of them has a viewfinder these days, and I can't see the screen when I'm holding the camera at arm's length.  

Is this really the end of the week?  It is scary to think of how much faster time goes by the older one gets.  I hope everyone has a fun weekend.  I think my kids are getting together at Joe's to celebrate St. Patrick's Day but I probably won't go.  I would want to leave way before everyone else does so someone would have to leave the party to drive me home.  I'll just remember how much I used to enjoy the holiday!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A New Life!

I'm not sure how long the enthusiasm will last, but for now I'm planning the future.  Nothing big, but I'm going to get outdoors more, for one thing.  I've been texting with my son Steve, who will help me get the yard in order if the rain ever stops!

I have a small back yard with small rocks rather than grass.  We might pull up all that rock and spread it along the very narrow side yard, and plant grass in the back.  I asked him if he would build me a small box-like structure that I can plant a few tomato plants - I may expand but right now all I can think of is one or two tomato plants.   I would also like a small lemon tree, and maybe a tangerine tree along the back fence.

I'll have to take it little by little and see if I continue to feel better.  I can't believe I'm actually back to the stage where I can see a future and want to make plans for it.  If the rain ever stops and we get a sunny day, I'm going to take a photo - a "before" - so that I can compare it to "after"!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sky Watching

The sky has been really beautiful lately.  It rained heavily this morning but eventually cleared up and the size and shape of the clouds this afternoon could have kept me occupied for most of the day.  The "off-an-on" weather will continue throughout the week but it's cooler so I like it.

In the late afternoon I like to  look at the sky, especially when the sun is descending over the Pacific.  I've noticed that a short while back it was visible on the left side (south)  of my double doors which faces west.  The sun slowly moves so that every evening it came into full view as it goes down, but it seems to be moving north little by little.   (In my own words, it's now coming down in the middle of my double storm door!) If anyone can understand what I'm describing, I'd appreciate it if you would tell me what is happening.  It seems to be moving north every day.  I assume the rotation of the earth has something to do with it, but I sure can't quite wrap my head around it.  I've seen several youtube videos about the tilt of the earth changing, and wonder if that has anything to do with where I see the sun going down.  I'm too old to be worrying about things like this, but even in my younger years I've been interested in the sky, especially the night-time sky, but my brain just can't quite get it!

I decided to cut down (or off) drinking milk, which I only put in cereal and certain recipes.  I've never been a milk drinker in my life, and I think the amount I'm using in cereal, is causing my stomach to ache.  I ended up buying just a quart today at the grocery, along with my half-and-half, which never bothers me.  For getting so few items I was shocked at the cash register.  Everything is going up, and it's going up everywhere!

It's been in the mid-50's today and will be for the rest of the week.  I'm surprised it doesn't feel colder.  I remember in the past year or two I've always been cold and wore a warm jacket in the house as well as when I went out.  Since my treatment for lymphoma I have noticed I don't feel as cold as I used to.   I hope I can take that as a good sign!

Speaking of sign, I will sign off now.  I hope you are all staying well and also warm, especially those of you in the northern and eastern states.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Wearing myself out!

I've been much more active the past few days and my poor old bones are now feeling it!  Jeannie came yesterday and continued with decluttering my house.  My trash and recycling bins are full and I can see a big difference already, although there is so much more to do as we haven't yet scratched the surface.  How can one sane woman accumulate so much crap!

I went to Costco this morning but didn't enjoy it much.   It was nice in that it wasn't too crowded, but I was shocked at how much prices have gone up in the 2 weeks I haven't been there.   They've gone up in the supermarket as well, so I think it's universal.  I think I was too tired from all the activity and standing I did yesterday to be able to enjoy walking around the store, and few items really appealed to me today.

I found a new beer at Costco, a pilsener brewed in Berkeley, CA, and am now just sampling it (Trumer Pils).  I really like it and am always happy to support local products when I can.  I've been enjoying a bottle of Sam Adams several days a week, and I think I'll alternate it with the Trumer from Berkeley!

Yesterday and today have been really gorgeous days, sunny and hitting 70 degrees.  Tomorrow and all the way to the end of the week will be in the upper 50's with mostly rain.  I don't mind the rain except for the bumber crop of grass & weeds.  The Park Weed Police have already been warning about house & lot inspections coming up, but I'm not going to worry much about the weeds & grass until we get a decent break from the rain.

I will stop here, and just enjoy my Trumer Pils!


Friday, March 9, 2018

Getting better by the day!

I don't know where I made the turn, but life is certainly getting better.  I actually did quite a bit of housekeeping today in addition to walking about a mile.  My muscles ache this evening and I don't know if because I went to the gym yesterday evening after walking in the morning, and then walking again this morning, or if it's just that I'm not used to house cleaning!  I tend to flit around going from one room to another, but made myself stick to one room until it was finished.  I'm actually just keeping up with what Jeannie started two weeks ago.

I hate the thought of another time change this weekend.  Hooray for Florida deciding enough is enough.  Of course they are way more south than where I live, so they get more sunlight to the day than I do.  It really doesn't matter to me if I have an extra hour of sunlight and I'd much rather not have to go through 2 weeks of adjustment twice a year.

I made tacos for my dinner this evening and have eaten two of them, and thinking about going for a third!  They are soft  tacos and just a bit larger than crispy shell tacos.  I think I'll slice up an apple (and maybe squirt some whipped cream on the slices), and peel a tangerine or two, and have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. 

Now I'm stuffed and would like to go lie down on the couch for a few minutes, although I know I'd probably soon be asleep.

I just hope my recovery keeps getting better and I can do more.  I have a lot of decluttering to do, and am committed to doing at least some each day.

I hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are.  

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Where has the week gone?

The week is nearly over and I don't know what I've accomplished.   I definitely have been working on walking and exercise.  Yesterday I walked a bit around my neighborhood and then got a call from Jeannie asking if I wanted to join her at the gym when she got off work.  Of course I wanted to, and it feels so good to get back into exercising.  I thought it would take me longer to get back in the groove but I've come back about where I left off a few months ago.  I'm feeling great!

I'm glad I walked this morning because when I just went outside for my mail I could see they are chemtrailing right overhead now.  There can be no good intentions for it!

My oldest son and his family, and my granddaughter, Ara, all live in the east and all are experiencing the snow and winter fun or winter woes, however you look at it.  I wouldn't want to live with it for very long, but I do miss winter a little bit since I've moved to California!   I don't miss the heating bills however.

One of these days I need to wash all the windows on the outside.  It will require using a ladder, so I have to do it when my kids are least likely to find out, but I may as well wait until the "rainy" season is over.  

I have nineteen days until I see the oncologist and find out if the treatments were effective in getting rid of the lymphoma.  It's hard for me to say because I had no pain before, and feel about the same now but with more energy and a sense of well-being.  I guess I can't ask for anything more than that!

Take care, and enjoy the upcoming weekend.   If you live where there is snow, please throw a snowball at me!


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Finally, a visit to the gym

After an absence of probably two months I finally went to the gym this morning.  I decided I'd better not overdo it so I only walked a mile on the treadmill.  I had originally planned to do a short workout, but again, didn't want to overdo it.  I followed the walk with a session on the hydromassage bed and came back home.  I'm expecting some sore muscles.  Another thing I've missed is the scale at the gym - I weigh about 4# more on it than I do on the one in my doctor's office.  I somehow feel healthier seeing 126 rather than 122! 

Yesterday was so much fun for me - I had told my son Joe that I wanted to make shepherd's pie.  First of all, to the readers in the U.K., yes I know shepherd's pie is supposed to be made with ground lamb.  Here in the U.S. we usually make it with ground beef, but I'm still going to call it shepherd's pie and not cottage pie! 

I mentioned it to Joe and he offered to come by and help me make it, or at least give it a taste test.  Of course I was happy about that, and I got everything out and did most of the preps before he arrived.  I was so lucky that he did everything from then on, and I had enough for him to make two large pies (casseroles).  I had him take one home.  I ate half of mine last night, and most of the 2nd half today for lunch.  I saved a little bit for when I need a snack.  I didn't pay much attention to what he was pulling out of my spice cabinet so I'm not sure  what all he used, but it tasted better than any shepherd's pie I've ever made!  It really makes me happy when my kids outdo me, which is happening more and more these days.  I figure I've taught them well. 

That's about all I have done lately, and I'm a pretty happy camper!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Rain, rain, rain!

I  don't mind the rain so much as the heavy winds we've had the past few days.  I'm just so glad it is cool.  When I look at some of the rest of the country and what they are dealing with, I feel that I have it pretty good.

I'm getting used to reading on the Nook that I got for Christmas, but I think I really prefer holding a book.   Jeannie tweaked a few things on it today - gave me a space between lines which makes it much easier to read.  She also enlarged the print a bit more, and showed me how I can adjust it.  I wish the library carried more books with enlarged print, but I will read what I can for as long as I can.  There are several books I want to purchase for the Nook, but I need some help for a while to do things like that.  I thought it would be a snap to use, and I guess it will become easier the more I use it.  It has way more capabilities than I need or want and actually can be used the same as a smart phone with tons of options.  I just want simple!  Is that asking too much?  I'm sure I've complained about this before, so please forgive me for harping on it.  It is depressing when I realize that things that used to be intuitive now take me a while to figure out.  So I get irate and discouraged and usually end up saying "the hell with it!"

I'll be very glad to have it if and when I make the trip to NY by train in a few months.  I need to get a memory card for it so I can load it up with books to read enroute.   I had set a tentative date to leave but saw that my calendar  has doctors'  appointments that are sprinkled throughout the spring.  I need to get the current issues out of the way, as well as seeing the cardiologist before I take off.  I was worried that I was having slight chest pains, but they've gone away and I think I must have done some exercise that caused it.  Every now and then I get determined to exercise more, but my good intentions end up on that paved road that leads to you know where! 

Please excuse my ramblings - one of these days I'm going to do something fun to write about!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

In Like a Lion!

I guess that means March will eventually go "out like a lamb".  The wind and rain today have really been annoying, especially the wind.  I believe the rain will continue for a few more days, but the wind won't be as bad.   I'm not crazy about this weather but much prefer it to the hot dry weather that is sure to come.I haven't even bothered to get dressed yet because I sure don't plan to go anywhere today.  

It looks like the eastern part of the U.S. is having (or will have) some severe weather.  Let's hope we all stay safe, as well as those in Europe, especially the U.K.   Not having TV I have to read the reports from around the world, and I don't get to them as often as if I watched TV weather news. 

The sun has popped out for a short while and it is a welcome sight.  I hope you all are having a good day, and I'll be back in a day or two.