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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Nursing home!

That's what it is like here when it's just Rocky and me!  He's limping around, but if one of the kids would walk in the door he would be leaping high into the air.

Donald took us to a nearby Banfield Pet Hospital yesterday, which isn't as bad as it sounds.  Banfield is a veterinarian service often located in Petsmart; but the one about a mile from me is strictly a vet.  I walked out with 3 prescription medicines but no real diagnosis.  Sometimes he limps, but when we get a visitor he leaps into the air in pure joy and excitement, so I don't know what to do with him.  I much prefer this Banfield location to the one I've always gone to which is co-located with Petsmart.  They also offered to clip his nails, but only clipped a small part off each nail - they will do more when I take him back in 3 weeks.  His nails are totally black so they can't see the blood line, which they try to avoid.  I am so sick and tired of being sliced to the bleeding point with those claws of his, I can't get too worried if he bleeds a drop or two when getting them trimmed.

I've decided I definitely will feel more comfortable while walking by having some assistance.  I ordered a hiking stick online that should be delivered Monday, and I  like the looks of it in the ad.  It definitely doesn't look like a cane.   My daughter told me she saw a man walking down the street with a hiking pole as she was driving to work last week.  Clever devil!

I've been busy studying planting guides and info, as I am anxious to get some seeds into the ground.  I've planted a number of varieties in those little peat pots, which will be easy to transplant when they start to sprout.   It looks like the next 2 weeks will continue in the high 90's, but I'm sure looking forward to when we finally get to the 80's or even 70's.  I'm just a cool weather flower and don't do well in the heat!  This morning I saw two zucchinis that will be ready to pick in a day or two, plus a few more flowers on the plants, and I'm sorry to see the end of these wonderful fruits.  They've been such a staple in my diet for a while.  It's a shame I don't like them after they have been frozen because I can't really handle more plants than I cultivated this year.  I have to eat the produce as it is ready to be picked.

This year I tried to stake my tomato and squash plants, but I am going to see if one of the guys in the family can build me a wooden trellis or two for next year.  

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend for those of you who live in the U.S., and have a happy and safe weekend for those of you who live elsewhere!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Rocky & I sure are a pair!

Both of us are limping!  I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow afternoon, as I can't figure out what could be wrong.  He limps like he's really hurting, but when someone comes to the door he jumps high into the air in excitement.  Also, he runs in the backyard once in a while - but when he walks the limp is pretty bad.

My knee is still in pretty bad shape, especially if I go up or down  a stair leading on the wrong foot.  I'm doing better though, and getting plenty of rest.

My garden is drawing down a bit - I've pulled several of the squash plants that weren't producing, and I think I'll be lucky to get just a few more.  I miss eating it every day - never did get tired of it.  Today I planted several things in  small peat pots - 50 in all, with 50 more ready for planting.  I'm going to try for carrots and bell peppers again (Rocky messed up my spring planting) as well as spinach and kale.  And I'm still getting tomatoes, most of which I give to Jeannie & her family.  The fall season here will probably last up into November, I hope.  Maybe even December although it will be a lot cooler. 

To keep feeding my need to plant, I'll concentrate on increasing the indoor plants.  They supposedly clean the air very well, and if so I will be happy.  I think I'm noticing I sleep better at night, and even when I have to get up I easily fall back to sleep. 

I just wanted to touch base, although it's difficult to write much because I'm trying to take it easy and doing very little to move about.  I'm still debating about the hiking stick/cane dilemma, and don't think I could walk up to meet my granddaughter at her school carrying a cane!  My pride has certainly taken a tumble in the past year or so, but eventually I'll have to overcome it.  Not yet, though, not just yet!

Weekend coming up!  Hope you're all having a good one.  I don't even know when Labor Day is, but I know it's soon.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Monday blahs!

I'm still limping and hurting, so I haven't felt like updating my blog.  I hate letting basic housekeeping go, and I just do a little at a time.  I don't think Rocky is feeling well either, and we both sit around the house doing nothing most of the time.  I need to trim up my garden and pull a few plants out to get ready to plant some new crops, but it's just too hot to do much out there,

I've been mostly watching youtube videos, and this morning viewed a few cooking shows, including one on making salmon patties.  They, and tuna noodle casserole, were staples of Fridays in my childhood.  I didn't care much for them then, but I sure love them now.  I have cans of both on hand and might plan a dinner of salmon patties very soon.  I can just see Rocky's interest as soon as I open the can!  (I probably shouldn't, but I am likely to let him enjoy the juice from the can!  And then, of course, he's going to want a sample of the salmon itself.)

 I am wondering when my leg will be healed.  I think the worst thing is my encounter with the killer footboard on the bed in my spare room.  The wound hasn't healed since I incurred it  about 10 days ago, and it still causes me pain even when I'm not walking or doing anything.  I took the bandage off this morning thinking it might heal faster if exposed to the air, although I'm very afraid of bumping it or Rocky brushing by me.

It is 98 degrees as I'm writing this at 1:30 pm, but it's going up to about 104 today.  That is almost more than I can take.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!

I haven't decided what to do about a cane, and never did get to look at hiking poles over the weekend.  I probably have one still packed away somewhere.   As it is, I am trying to pick up my feet when I walk and to be more careful when the pavement is broken or cracked.  The only sidewalk around is right in front of the school property, and stretches the entire width of it including their soccer field.

I wish there was something exciting to write about but in my current situation I am nowhere near anything exciting!

I wish everyone a good week ahead, and take care of yourselves.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Where did the summer go?

I finally realize that Labor Day is just a couple of weeks away, and can't believe the summer is almost gone.  Of course we in Sacramento don't see any break in summer weather for a while.  I moved in late spring, but haven't done any summer activities such as camping and getting out in nature that I've enjoyed all my life.  I guess my dog and my garden are all the nature and wildlife I get to experience this summer.

The dog is getting much better although he will be a puppy for a while yet.  He breaks down when someone comes to the door, and then he wants to show his pure love and enjoyment by jumping all over them.  I don't know what I can do to ease that situation, and can only hope that time will help him settle down a bit.   (I do have an e-collar that I put on him when we go for a walk, and sometimes when someone comes to the door.  The vibration option usually works on the walks, but nothing can calm him down when we get a visitor at the door.

My garden is still producing although I've pulled out a couple of tomato plants that dried up, and am trying to decide if I should pull up some of the squash plants as well.  I still get one or two squash/zucchini a day, and they are a big part of my daily diet.  I build my meals around them and wonder what I'll do at the end of the season.  I'm getting out seeds that I hope to get into the ground this coming weekend, although I can only do any gardening after the sun moves over the house and to the west.  Even then the temperature is still hot, and I often wait until 7pm or so to do any work at all in the garden.  The marigolds are really nice and I'm glad they finally decided to bloom - at least a few of them have.

I think I posted that Donald has cut a section of noodle for the killer bed, but didn't have a photo of it.  Here it is:

My passport expires this November and I'm thinking about renewing it.  I hope it isn't too much of a hassle or else I won't bother.  I've had a passport for 30 years, plus l the one I got when I traveled on official business.  I almost certainly will never travel out of the country again, but one never knows.  I might not ever travel outside the state of California again either!  It breaks my heart when I look at the photo on my first passport compared to the last one, and I know the next will really show me as an old hag!  I no longer wear make-up but am thinking about buying some to see if it might take a few years off!

I visited the opthmologist today and it seems that everything is pretty good with my eyes, although what I actually see is deteriorating.  If that is the way it's to be, then so be it.  He once again assured me that I won't go blind.  The waiting room was crowded and I watched people come in and go out supported by walkers, canes, etc.  Dang, I don't want to have to do that.  But I don't want to fall again either.  Right now I'm icing my knee and wish I could get some relief from the pain.  It's not excruciating, but it is still painful.  I try to weigh the fact that I'm falling apart physically, against all the knowledge and experience I have gained along the way of my life.  I've had a wonderful life and hope to continue for a while, but darn, I wish I could be young and pretty again for even one day!

It's time to start preparing my dinner, which is going to be a baked, marinated wild salmon filet, with a side of - ????? - you guessed it, zucchini!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


I'm not posting as much lately because I can't get in the mood to write anything uplifting.  I look and feel like I've been through a war!

On a better note, I am so happy to have the opportunity to walk to my granddaughter's school and walk her back to my house.  Donald picks Arianna up at her school and then they come here to get Auti.  I try to have some kind of treat on hand - ice cream sandwiches and such work fine, as do fresh grapes and other fruit.  Yesterday I conned Donald into fixing a few things for me, including fitting a section of pool noodle to the killer bed in the guest room!  The short walk plus a short visit with them really bightens my day. 

I think Rocky is limping again, but not all the time and you really have to look closely to even notice it most of the time.  I don't know when I can get him to the vet - I have an appointment tomorrow with my opthamologist and really look forward to seeing him.  He is such a good doctor and I know there isn't much he can do for my dwindling sight - he knows it too.  I am hoping they wil write me a new prescription for glasses.  I think I did something to them when I fell - they just don't feel right.

I have a question for some of my "mature" readers, and that is, do you use a cane when walking outdoors?  I swore I would never use one but after several falls, the last one being really bad, I might want to rethink that.  I can see where one might help with a person's balance, but are there any other benefits?  I have a couple of hiking staffs left over from my past life as a backpacker and hiker, but they are too tall to carry around with me.  Maybe I should visit Sportsman's Warehouse or REI and see if I could find a suitable hiking stick that would work as a cane.  I think I've hit on a solution - Gypsy, you're brilliant!

Have a great day everyone, and I'm going to try to do the same!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

How does he do it?

Rocky can be in the back yard, all the way down  by the fence.  So I figure it's a good time to have a little snack - a bite of ice cream, or a cookie, or a couple of pretzels.  Before I can get it into my mouth, Rocky comes through the back door and straight at me for a share in the goodies.  I want to know how he even knows I'm trying to sneak something past him!

Friday, August 16, 2019

When it rains, it pours!

It's bad enough having a bad knee, plus all the other aches and pains I'm beginning to feel from my fall.  Yesterday evening my daughter & family came by; I was leaning forward to hold Rocky by the collar to keep him from jumping, when his head came up and made contact with my nose.  It took a while to stop the bleeding as well as the tears.  Am I ever going to be accident-free?

I walked over to Autumn's school this afternoon (very carefully) and met her as she came out.  We walked back to my house to wait for her Dad, who was in the process of picking Arianna at her school.  My knee is very tender and I was trying to not limp so much.  We were soon back here, and Donald came by before long to pick her up.  Now it's just Rocky and me again.   It's good for me to get out and I look forward to meeting her every afternoon.

Back to my recliner with an ice pack on my knee.
I'm going to relax for as long as I can now.  It's still about 102 degrees and Rocky and I are going to enjoy the a/c!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I knew it would happen.

I fell coming back from Rocky's evening walk yesterday.  I fell flat on my face, and hit my chin, knocked my glasses cockeyed; my hand is cut and my right knee got the brunt of the fall so that I can barely walk,  I have various cuts and bruises all over.  It's going to be a while before my knee heals.  After living in a mobile home park that kept its streets in perfect shape, I am now in a much better neighborhood but with streets in terrible condition.

With the weather forecast to reach 104 today and 106 tomorrow, I'm not going outdoors at all if I can help it.  I don't know what I'll do about Rocky, as he seems to have no clue of my distress.  I had to take the garbage can out to the street this morning, and of course he had to go with me, pulling,  stopping to smell the driveway, etc.  I'm sure he missed his morning walk, but the hotter it gets during the day the more he is willing to just snooze indoors.   Evenings will be a problem but he has a large backyard to run in and it will have to do.  I'm taking Advil for the pain and it helps quite a bit.  I've never been good at keeping an ice pack from slipping all over the place so I avoid it for the most part.

I'm becoming so bored most of the time I have even considered getting a small TV.  I have never been a TV watcher so it doesn't make much sense to buy one and then have to pay for a decent connection.  I can't even think of tv shows that I'd be interested in except a few on the History or Animal Planet channels, and there aren't many of those I would watch.  I have come to the conlusion that I'm beginning to receive payback for being so unaware throughout my lifetime of the problems the elderly face.

I may as well go ahead and publish today's offering, as it becomes obvious I can't come up with much positive news.

To everyone out there - Watch Your Step!


Monday, August 12, 2019

Rocky is Limping

I noticed a slight limp over the weekend, but thought it couldn't be too bad when I saw him running in the back yard.  Today the limp in still there, but I can't see anything in his paw that might be causing it.  I will need to take him tko the vet if he doesn't imrove soon.  It isn't as pronounced as when he had his basketball injury.

I gave some zucchini to Jeannie yesterday, so I only had to use the container of shredded zukes I had in the fridge.  It is still as crisp as ever, and for lunch I did a stir fry - cubed pork chop, celery, carrots, and onions, plus the zucchini thrown in last and just long enough to warm them up.  I can't imagine how I'm still enjoying it, although I should be getting very tired of zucchini.  I notice two more growing that I will probably pick this evening or in the morning.  Here is my stir fry:  (maybe if you enlarge the photo it will be more clear, but this is about the best I can do with the phone camera and my skills.  It seems like clicking on a photo makes it a little better.)

School starts this coming Thursday, and  Jeannie has been shopping with the girls for school supplies and a few new clothes.  I find it so exciting - I used to love shopping for school supplies with my kids.

I just went back for the last bit of stir fry.  It is so good and not too filling, but it is very satisfying.  I need to get started with  preparation for my late summer garden, although it will be hot through the end of August at least.  I have all the supplies needed to start seed indoors, although I have never done that before.  I never could garden up through November either, as my experience has been in eastern US.

Well I finished eating all the stir fry and would have licked the plate clean if I just did't have the feeling that someone, somewhere, would see  me doing it!

My house plants are doing very well and I bought a couple of new ones  This one is called a tradescantia (I think that's how it's spelled).  It is really pretty with pink tones that look good among all the green plants. 

 I'm trying to get the begonia over from my phone to my computer.  I just don't know how it works for one photo while the next photo will just not transfer.  I wish I wasn't so tied to technology!

I finally managed to add another photo, so I will just stop there. I don't mean to bore everyone, but these days my life consists of my dog, my garden, and my houseplants!

I wish everyone a good week ahead.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Miscellaneous items

In comments to my last post, Ms. Belinda mentioned photos of my zucchini pancakes.  I made some for lunch today, and took two pictures.  It does't look like much, but they sure are good.  I still have  fridge drawer full of zucchini - all smaller ones but still a lot for me to eat. 

Here are two cakes starting to cook, and the finished product.

Nothing fancy, just plain old home cooking.

It was a beautiful morning, and I wore a flannel shirt when I took Rocky for his first walk at 7am.  I didn't turn on the a/c until after 1pm.

I have a big gash on my leg, and this time Rocky didn't have anything to do with it.  It's the killer bed frame in my spare bedroom.  When my ex husband died the kids didn't want to get rid of his bedroom set.  It was from the 1950's and his Mom bought it when he was a boy.  It looks every bit like 50's furniture, although it has darkened  over the years and is not the same blond wood that was so popular back then.  No one really wanted to use it, so it was stored for years in Jeannie's garage.  When I moved and had a spare bedroom with room to set it up, I decided I might as well use it rather than go out and buy new furniture.

The big problem is that the footboard  of the bed sticks out a bit from the frame, and if you happen to walk by it too closely, it attacks your leg!  I have done that so many times, and did it again today, thus the  big gash on my leg.

Those of you who remember the 1950's will recall this style.  It is blond wood, although darkened with age, and the headboard has sliding doors on both sides with storage compartments on either side.


And this is the "killer" footboard!

I thought about trying to refinish this furniture as it is a really good set - they don't make stuff like this anymore, unless you are willing to pay an arm and a leg for it.  But I don't want to start something I won't finish, and I'm sure I wouldn't get very far.

My thanks to Donald for showing me what I was doing wrong in trying to send photos from my phone to my computer.  Now that I can do it correctly, I'm  determined to find reasons to use the knowledge.  Thus a blog with photos of zucchini pancakes and an old bedroom set!

Maybe I'll have something more interesting to write about tomorrow or the next day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Best Meal of the day!

I had about a cup of shredded zucchini left over from when I made the muffins, so this morning I added it to pancake mix.  The brand of mix I use is Birch Benders Organic Pancake & Waffle mix, and all you do is add water.  I rarely  measure anything - just spoon some mix into a bowl and add water a little at a time until it reaches the consistency I'm looking for.   (Directions are printed on the package if you prefer.)    I made four pancakes - not the nice flat kind that you see in photos, stacked with syrup dripping down the sides.  I love those too, but this morning i had four nice pancakes loaded with zucchini.  I sprinkled just a tiny bit of salt on them and they were perfect - a nice sweet flavor with a touch of salt.  Breakfast has long been my favrite meal of the day, and this one was just perfect!

I've just finished watching several youtube videos featuring ways to use zucchini; my favorites are the ones with the Italian Grandma!  Listening to her talk makes me happy, makes me smile, and brings back memories of older Italian women I knew back in Cincinnati.

I don't know what I would have done if the timing had permitted me to plant a full garden this year.  As it was, the move to this house sort of cut into my springtime and I got a late start with gardening.   Of course, there are many vegetables that I will be able to grow and freeze, so  unlike the zucchini I won't have to eat it while it's available. 

Rocky and I have had a lazy day.  I haven't even  been outside since our early morning walk.  Today was supposed to be a few degrees cooler, so I should try to get out to check on my gsrden.  I need to pull some weeds if I can time it so that I'm in the shade while doing it.

A lazy day has produced a lazy woman who has produced a lazy blog!  Until next trime - 

Monday, August 5, 2019

I'm baking today!

I finally got around to doing some baking this morning, athough not a really big deal.  I am making zucchini muffins and they are in the oven right now.

It was probably a comical sight:  AIl the dogs I've ever had love to be in the kitchen with me when I am cooking or even when I'm not.  I guess they are ever hopeful of catching a bit of food that drops on the floor.  So Rocky was there with me, and even followed me back and forth as I went from one spot in the kitchen to another.  It's not a large kitchen, so it's a wonder we didn't trip over one another.

As I always have done when I cook and a dog is watching and listening to every word, I explained to Rocky exactly what I was doing:  measuring, mixing, combining, whisking, etc.  He listened intently, and finally the batter was in the muffin pans, and are now in the oven.  Sure, I let him lick out the bowl, which he dutifully  accomplished.  Dogs, like kids, love to help in the kitchen.

I have extra shredded zucchini  which I will probably add to pancake batter for a healthy meal.  To my dismay I still have 6 zucchini left in the fridge!    I'm still not tired of eating them, but I am tired of trying to think of ways to fix them so I don't get tired of them.  I hope the muffins turn out ok although that much flour and sugar is not usually in my diet.

I just sampled two of the muffins and they are  delicious!  I wonder how long it will take me to eat all 12 of them!

We are getting a "break" in the weather for the next few days.  It will only be in the 90's rather than  the triple digits we are expecting by the end of the week!

On a totally different note, I want to ask if I am the only person left who doesn't have "my entire life" on my phone.  There are so many youtube videos out lately on simplifying your life, and most involve putting everything on your phone (or computer) and manage your entire existence electronically.  I want to shout out "What if the grid goes down???"   Besides, I love to write, and writing lists is one of my enjoyable things to do.  I write, read, edit, and ponder over what I might be forgetting, and I guess I could do it online or on my phone, but I find joy in writing things down.  Often however, I will be out shopping and realize I must have left my list at home!

I've rambled on long enough, so I will wish you all a good week ahead.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Nothing works as it should!

Starting with this computer - I just lost about three paragraphs of newly-written blog - it just went POOF and disappeared into thin air!

My visit to the dentist revealed that I need several fillings, possibly because I quit using fluoride toothpaste several years ago.  I am now back on Crest, which can't compare with Burt's Bees Without Fluoride!   I'm looking at some extensive dental work, and will probably get ill from the fluoride I've been avoiding but was told I needed.  I ordered an electric toothbrush and a waterpik, which should arrive on Monday.  I no doubt should have gotten them years ago, but better late than never.

My eyes have become so bad lately that it is really hard to read anything.  I don't think there is anything that can be done, and I'm just grateful I still retain fairly good distance vision.  Not good, but fairly good.

I could come up with a lot more, but I'll quit my b**ching right now and try to focus on what is right in my life.  Not the 100 degree day we are expecting though.

So what is extremely right is my Rocky, although he is probably the most exasperating dog on the planet!  I love him to pieces in spite of it. 

Jeannie came by this morning to borrow my bungee cords but we couldn't find them anywhere.   I looked in an outside storage box and they weren't there, but I did find a whole bunch of great gardening items, potting soil, etc., that  I can certainly use.

I need to do some baking this afternoon but just can't get into the mood.  I have recipes handy for zucchini quiche, zucchini muffins, and zucchini bread.  I'll probably glance at the recipes and see which one is the least trouble to make, which will definitely eliminate the quiche.  I also have some yellow squash, which I'm going to call yellow zucchini for the purposes of making muffins or bread!

The weather has  been so hot that it's hard to keep the garden watered.   I am still getting produce from the garden, although I am sure I will have better results next year if I can begin planting sooner.  This year has worked out pretty good considering I got a late start though.  

That's enough for today, and I truly hope I can find some great, inspiring, and happy things to blog about for next time.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

I need a break!

A break from one problem after another.  I finally got to return the heart monitor and take a shower, although my thin skin hurts where the electrodes were taped.

Then this morning a big piece of my tooth broke off.  I saved it in a wet paper towel - it seems like the entire front broke off in one large piece, leaving the back section of the tooth intact.  I sure hope the dentist can cement the two sections back together, but he will probably have a more expensive fix in mind.  I'm not going to spend an exhorbitant amount of money on anything at my age!  Gardening and house plant supplies are the exception to this rule!  And of course, treats for my "baby".  

Speaking of the baby, I don't know how he does it.  He must have ESP or something.  He was out on the back deck and I quietly opened the freezer door to get the ice cream out.  I go for ice cream when I need something to counteract an unpleasant experience, and I figured the dental problem warranted a couple of scoops of ice cream.  Rocky bolted through the door before I had a chance to get the lid off the box, and I tell you, I was being ever so quiet!  I probably shouldn't, but when I eat ice cream I toss a spoonful into his doggie dish now and then.

I hate to ask Donald or Jeannie to take me to a bunch of appointments, and so far this week I've had 2 appointments with the cardiologist and now need to see the dentist.  I'm desperate to get my hair trimmed, but that takes a back seat to all the health issues I suppose.  My mental health is being eroded by having hair hanging down in my eyes though.
Does anyone else think that time is flying by at warp speed lately?  Is it really Thursday already? 
Have a good one, wherever you are.