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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Closing in on Christmas!

I don't even know the date today, but I think there are about two more weeks until Christmas Eve.  I haven't bought one gift, but need to get busy and write checks for my grandchildren!  They would probably rather buy something they want anyway.  

This just doesn't seem like Christmas or anything special in any way.  Covid has messed up every-thing in our lives, and could well have been prevented, or at least kept to a minimum of damage.  Someone should be held accountable and charged with refusing to stop the spread of it early on.  To be truthful, I don't think he particularly wanted to stop it.

I'm still watching the videos of WW-II photographs.  The only problem is that while a fake voice is reading the description of the picture on the screen, there is music in the background that is so annoying it's hard to describe.  It is happy, jolly marching music, and the same track runs over and over.  It is a bit incongruous hearing this lively music while the photos show deceased and injured war victims and scenes of war.  There are very few happy, jolly, or lively photos in the thousands I've seen so far, but they are very beautiful and touching in their own way.  If I turn off the sound, then I have to read the captions which are in very small print, so I'd rather hear the narration and try to tolerate the music.

We had a bit of rain today - not enough to make much difference, although it's a harbinger of the rains we hope will come soon.

I've had numerous tests and scans and everything seems to look ok.  But why do I still have "spells" that only last a few seconds, but I know something isn't right.  I just hope it isn't dangerous, lol.  A couple of weeks ago I was walking a mile every day on my treadmill, but have given up on it.  I just feel so "down", and probably will feel that way until it's deemed ok to go shopping!  A slow trip through Costco or Target would probably do wonders for my mood.  But they are saying the virus will be active for the next few months, and I hope I can last!

Well folks, I would sure like to skip Christmas this year, but I have to give something to the kids.  Other than that, I am not leaving my house to go anywhere on Christmas.  It certainly is not "Merry" this year and I'm just too old to fake it anymore.   I hope all of you have a better attitude than I do, lol.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020


 I rarely watch TV, but I do watch a lot of Youtube.  As anyone would know from youtube, if you watch a program they will steer you to more of the same, and in my case, I've been viewing a lot of historical videos about WW-II.  This morning I watched a video about a POW camp in Louisiana which housed German prisoners, and it looks like those prisoners were living at the Ritz for the most part!  They must have had a bit of a let-down when they were returned to their own bombed-out country.  Most of the programs I've seen have been sad and disheartening.  I don't know why any country would want to enter into war with another, or why other countries would take sides and join them.

I am always amazed that, born in November of 1940, I knew absolutely nothing about the war.  Of course there was no tv in those days, but most people had a radio and gathered around it for the evening news.  My parents must have put us kids to bed early or did something to keep the war news away from us.  I feel so stupid when I hear friends my age or a bit older, remembering being taken by their moms downtown for the big victory gathering in the main square ( in Cincinnati, it was Fountain Square).

I am dreading the arrival of Thursday as I am scheduled for yet another medical scan.  This one is the last one I'm going to endure, and I don't care what anyone tells me I should do.  It's no way to live, marking your days by medical tests you have scheduled.  And there is ALWAYS another test they can do so I have no doubt this one will indicate something they should take a further look at.  I will say a resounding "NO!"   Actually I am feeling ok these days, although I don't have much initiative to do anything.  I think that is more related to the virus and being isolated, rather than my health.

I guess we are on the countdown until Christmas, and I have not bought a thing for anyone yet!  I hope you are all doing better than I am in that regard.  

Have a good and safe week.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Turning over a new leaf!

It's always great to get a new lease on life, and I think I'm having one now.  I had a video phone visit with my cardiologist yesterday, and she thinks I'm good for at least another 10 years - maybe longer.  There are still a lot of things wrong with my life - being alone so much of the time without a way to get out and do things on my own, is probably the worst.  My kids try to be helpful and my daughter lives close, but I want the freedom to come and go, and do what I choose to do.  You hear a lot of talk about "life lessons" we all have to learn, but personally, I think it is a bunch of crap.  I learned so much throughout my life, but I guess I couldn't have learned about what it's like to be old.  You can have an elderly parent or other relatives, but you can't tell what it's really like until you get there!

So I have been feeling a bit better each day, and I'm walking a mile on my treadmill every day at 3 mph.  Some might think this is too little, or too slow, but knowing myself, if I try to do too much I will burn out.  So I'm happy with my mile a day routine.  I also found some hand weights in a drawer - they aren't heavy ones; I have four at 2# and two at 1# each.  I'm looking to pick out four of the six weights, and with half in each hand, I should be good to go!  I can always buy a heavier set, but I'm better off being consistent than being gung ho, which easily wears off.

So I have so much to do, I almost don't know where to begin.  Since I'm starting to feel better, and maybe even a little more hopeful, I'll just take it a day at a time.

How is the pandemic and isolation affecting all of you?  I guess it's worse in some areas than in others, and I know there are many people who don't pay attention to it.  At my age, I'm taking no chances!  But sometimes it is absolute hell to be so alone.  I find myself wondering what it would have been like if I had stayed in the mobile home park.  I'd never want to go back, but do miss seeing and talking to people in the neighborhood.  I meet a few people on my daily walks with Rocky, and we shout back and forth with each other from across the street, but it's not like I know any of them.

As the old saying goes, "Getting old ain't for sissies!".