Eastern Utah
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Friday, July 22, 2022

The long, hot summer!

The long, hot summer has begun in earnest, and I can just say "Thank God for air conditioning".  I really feel sorry for those who don't have it.  At least in this part of California the nights are cool, and the coolness lasts into the middle of the morning.  I'm trying to take Rocky for his morning walk a bit earlier than  usual because I worry about his paws on the hot sidewalks and pavement.

Speaking of Rocky, he had a grooming session yesterday and looks absolutely gorgeous!  He usually comes back from grooming smelling so good, but evidently they didn't use any nice-smelling stuff on him yesterday.  I'm going to ask for it the next time.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

I need a change!

I think I need something in my life that will give me a reason for going on.  What I have is so boring and predictable, as well as lonely.  I might be better off in a senior living community, and I have given it some thought.  My daughter went to great lengths to find a builder of new homes that included a senior living apartment that is totally independent from the main section.  I have every appliance except a dishwasher, and you will never know how wonderful a dishwasher is until you don't have one!  I miss it terribly, as a single person doesn't accrue many dirty dishes each day,  I don't like leaving them stack up in the sink. 

I walk my dog every day but rarely meet other people on the walk, and those I do see don't say much more than "hello" or just wave as I go by.  It is me, because when I'm outside with my daughter she has people clamoring around her to talk.  I don't get so much as a wave or a smile.  Can someone tell me if it might be my age, or if it could be another reason.  I try to smile at everyone I meet, so I hope I look friendly.

 I know my daughter searched for a home that would accommodate me in a private and completely equipped apartment, but I might have been better where I was and on my own.  I hope I don't sound ungrateful, but I feel like I'm facing a slow death here.  Another problem, or maybe it's just an inconvenience to me, is the fact that no commercial establishment is within walking distance.  I wish I could walk to a store, a deli, or any kind of place where I would have a destination and would interact with others.

I know there is no answer for me, so I just have to suck it up and try to keep the peace.