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Friday, March 27, 2009

Shoulda stayed in bed!

Today isn't going to be one of my best days, I'm afraid. I'm furious with myself for picking out the physician I did - all I wanted was a year's prescription for 3 meds that I take, including a very mild dose for blood pressure. The first time I saw this doctor she wrote me enough for two months and said I had to come back for a physical. She wanted me to request all of my previous medical records. Well today I went back and she wrote me 6 month's prescriptions - I will get the next six AFTER I have a mammogram, complete blood tests, and get my medical records. When I told her I wasn't going to pay the 75 cents a page they wanted to photocopy & send the records, she insisted they were free physician to physician, and wants me to request them again. Well nuts to her. I'm taking my 6 months RX and moving on. Hopefully when the time comes I can find a reasonable doctor or else a trip to Mexico is in order. I am an adult and I sure resent being treated like a child or an inmate.

Then upon leaving the parking lot across the street from the medical center, I had to make a very sharp right turn between two concrete islands, pay the fee and then make another sharp right onto the street. I made several attempts to clear those islands and eventually had to just drive my wheels over them. I don't know why they put them there in the first place, nor do I understand their purpose. I don't like to do that to my tires.

I'm back at the park and the roustabouts across the way are playing something on their radio, but all I can hear is the base - BOOM-BOOM-BOOM! God how I hate that sound, and I'm thinking about leaving here sooner than next Wednesday. I think I can take just about anything except loud music or that throbbing base sound. Makes me wish I had an old Lawrence Welk tape and I would just open all my windows and crank it up! Mmmmm, champagne music.

I hope things look up by the end of the day. Maybe I'm just keyed up about getting back out on the highway again. I've gone so long without driving this rig I am a little nervous about doing it, and especially about hitching & unhitching. It will all come back to me, but I'm glad I'm only going 100 miles and will stay put for a month. I've contacted Lassen and volunteered to work elsewhere in the park during May if they need someone. I think my campground is one of the last ones to open, and that won't be until June.


  1. Just chalk it up as a bad day Gypsy. We all have those.. I'm sure you will find another dr to give you your scripts. Some are way too careful before writing them out.
    Have a cocktail and relax with some sound in your rig to block the noise.

  2. I also had one of those days...but it's better now and I hope yours is too!!!

  3. Yup.....that pretty much qualifies as a bad day Gypsy. I like the idea of kicking back with a drink and some good music and let everything and everyone who bothered me today slid into the distant past.
    In fact, after a long day of flood prep for the Fargo area I think I will work out and do some 12 oz. power lifting. Bob

  4. You will love Lassen but do not go to early - we were there in late June and lots of snow still on the ground. The park is just beautiful and wonderful hiking. keep smiling - remember a bad day at camping is better than working.

  5. I'm not much of a religious person Gypsy but I always did like this good old Serenity Prayer.......

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference.
    (hope I got it right)

    Works for me sometimes.....if I let it:))