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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

No change

Well, maybe a slight improvement.  I've been totally without anything for pain since about 2pm yesterday and have survived.  I sent a msg to my doctor asking for something, and she responded by telling me to ask the orthopedist.  So I've just been toughing it out and seem to be doing okay.  At least I can have a good drink this evening since the meds should be out of my system!  But the pain is still there, especially if I flex another muscle, the pain  goes straight to my wrist.

I just wish I had an appetite!   I did have cereal this morning but nothing since except for an ice cream bar.   Food doesn't sound good to me and I probably couldn't fix it anyway.

Jeannie and her family have acquired a puppy.  He is so tiny and will stay very small.  I can never remember what breed he is.  His name is Tito, and I'll post a picture one of these days.

I'm nervous about the visit to the orthopedist tomorrow, and hope he doesn't say I need surgery.  I would then be back to square  one and the entire past week will be a waste,

Monday, June 29, 2020

quick update

Just to let you know I;m alive but not kickin'!.  This is probably the worst and most painful thing that has ever happened to me.  This morning I messaged my dr to ask for something stronger for the pain, so I wanted to make a quick post before I start taking new meds.  Poor Rocky - Jeannie tries to get over most evenings to take him for a walk.  He doesn't realize he is to blame for this entire situation, and I certainly have very little patience with him.

I see the doctor on Wednesday to see if I might need surgery.  I hope not as that would set me back to square one with pain.

I hope to write something more cheerful in my next post!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

My cast is gorgeous!

All I need to do is to figure out how to get a photo from my camera to my computer.  I never had any trouble doing that before, but you know how everything is updated and changed so frequently, and I'm not sure if I want to tackle that - especially one-handed!

I only meant to upload one photo, but somehow both showed up.  Too lazy to remove one.

The cheerful color of the cast sure improves my mood.  It won't look so good in 6 wks after it;s become worn & dirty.  Click on a picture  to enlarge it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Letting Go

The first thing I'm going to do is to pull some of the plants out of the garden, keeping only the ones that look most promising and are already producing.  It is way too much for me to handle as it is, and too frustrating to try.  I am beginning to realize that there are very few things I can do, so I will just let it all go.   As the old song goes "Ya gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run!"

The days in Sacramento are too hot for my liking and I just want to sit quietly at home.  I have an appointment to see a new, to me, regular doctor.  I'd rather not. and I won't stand for any poking or prodding while I'm in so much pain, nor will I submit to all the testing doctors love to order.  They can draw all the blood they want, but that's the extent of what I'll tolerate.  I think I'll be getting a more permanent cast tomorrow.  I really wish they would just leave the one I have now.  There is some kind of splint to keep it straight and steady, and it's wrapped in one of those stretchy bandages (Ace bandage?).

Have a good day, and I hope to be back soon.

Monday, June 22, 2020

the weather

Google is in the process of changing things on my computer.  I have always had a small notification of the current weather in my zipcode, but now it is no longer there,  So I entered the word "weather", and lo and behold, a page appeared showing me the weather for Dar es Salaam!

I think computers have just about outlived their usefulness, at least to me.

I'm still in constant pain but I should be getting used to it,  Ok, this is about all I can type with one finger.  Bye now,

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Now I'm Wondering

The person in the ER who applied my temporary cast  told me I had numerous breaks in my wrist - something like 13 or 14.  my fingers were so smashed they hung them in traction so the bones might go back into place.  Then the medical person I saw, and who will apply the cast next Tuesday seemed like it was not all that big a deal.  I'm starting to doubt if I trust him to do anything.

My wrist is still in near constant pain, but so far today I've only taken advil and not the norco they prescribed.   it doesn't hurt any more and it doesn;t hurt any less, so I would rather do without the drug.

Thursday, June 18, 2020


I saw an orthopedist today who had access to my xrays.  He seemed to think my injury isn't isn't as bad as first thought, although it looked absolutely horrible.  I go back next week and get a new, more permanent cast that I'll have to wear for 6 weeks.
I wanted to bring you up to date.  I'll try to update now and then but typing with one finger is tedious!  I still have a lot of pain, but hope that will ease a bit in the next week or so.  I sure hate the side effects of the pain meds.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


I had an accident yesterday and fell in the middle of the street trying to restrain Rocky who ran to meet another dog.  I broke my wrist and other bones in that area - 14 broken bones total.  I'm typing with one finger.  Fortunately my right hand was spared, but it is difficult to do everything with one hand only.

Jeannie has been with me the whole time and is now going to pick up a prescription for a very strong narcotic for pain.  So I will try to read comnents but please forgive me if I can't comment much. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

The weeks just run together

I can never remember what day or even what week it is.  Time really has no meaning when you can't get out and do normal things.  I try to get to bed at a decent hour because Rocky will wake me up in the morning.  I get up and let him out, and when he comes back in he climbs on the sofa or chair and goes back to sleep.  That boy naps most of the day!  We go for a walk at about 10 am and again in the afternoon.

It was definitely warmer today than the past two days have been, but I still didn't need to turn on the a/c.  We should have two more days that reach the mid 80's and it will be hot from then on. The grass in the back yard is already an ugly yellow-brown, and crunches when you walk on it.  I don't think my landlady liked the idea of me watering it as it is such a large yard.  I do water my garden morning and evening, and I've also been running a soaker hose around my cherry tree.  I've picked most of the fruit I can reach.  I think I will have the tree drastically pruned this fall as it has grown way too big.  I'm hoping that if I take care of it through the winter and early spring, I can get a lot of good fruit from it next year.  The cherries are so sweet and I'm even thinking about cherry pies!  I learned to make pie crust from watching my mom, whose crust was the best in the world.  Mine was second best!  I haven't bothered with it for so long but I'm sure I haven't lost my touch.  I just don't have the motivation to cook anything these days.  I really only eat two meals a day but I snack in the evening.

Steve & Meg are moving into a new house this week, and the kids will go to Jeannie's house for an overnight, while I will have their dog, Sammy.  The new house is gorgeous and the lot is beautiful.  It's a gated community which is nice and I suppose offers an additional bit of safety. 

Speaking of dogs, Jeannie and her family are getting a little puppy.  I can never remember the breed, but it will stay very little.  I worry a bit that Rocky will be jealous, but he'll have to get over it.

I will post this and say goodnight to all.


Friday, June 12, 2020

What a gorgeous day!

I think the high will be in the upper 70's  for today and tomorrow, and then it will start to climb and the rest of the month will be pretty darned hot!  I love having the doors and windows open and not needing the a/c at all.  There is always a danger of the breezes fanning a fire in this part of the state.

It's very unusual, but rain has started to fall in Sacramento.  I noticed it getting cooler, and then heard the raindrops, and the trees are all swaying.  I'm all excited because we rarely have rain in June, and it should be good for the garden. 

The rain isn't going to last very long, but it is much cooler than it's been for a while.  Love it!


Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Heat Goes On!

I'm already uncomfortable with the heat, but at least the evenings and mornings are cool.  Even so, when I take Rocky for a walk at 10 am or so, it's already blazing hot in the sun, with cool breezes in the shade.  Of course he always wants to stop and sniff where it's sunny!

I don't know what to do with Rocky.  He is so good most of the time, but goes ballistic when Jeannie & the girls come by.  They have been walking in the early evenings when it's a bit cooler, and they stop by for Rocky.  He gets way too joyful and excited, and even aggressive, when they come in and he jumps all over everyone.  I'm sure they don't believe me when I say he's been so good all day long.

I'm getting some tasty fruit from my cherry tree, and I've begun to water it daily.  That probably won't help it this year as there isn't really much fruit that I can reach.  I'm thinking about getting an estimate to have the tree pruned drastically this fall, and hope that might help it.  All the fruit trees on the lot are in the same boat - they've been growing for years with no maintenance or care.

Jeannie and I are still pretty much adhering to strict quarantine rules as we are both immuno-compromised, and I'm hoping we might get a slight break in July or August.  I've heard it predicted that the virus will be back with a vengeance in September.  I just need to get out and walk through a store, enjoy looking at the merchandise, and people watching.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to do it again though.

My garden is coming along and one of the squash plants is really taking off.  It looks gorgeous and is flowering profusely.  The tomatoes are a bit of a disappointment and I hope they will produce much more as they grow larger.  I think next year I will just buy tomato plants for the garden rather than grow them from seed myself.  It has been fun watching them grow, and I hope I get some results for all the love and work I've put into them.  We live and learn!   And what else do I have to do at my age but sit around and watch stuff grow!

There isn't really much of anything to write about, so I will wish you all the best, and have a good day.

Monday, June 8, 2020

I Just Can't Win.

I started out to walk Rocky early this morning and soon turned around and brought him back home.  I tried again about an hour later - same thing.  So after lunch I was feeling hopeful, and he walked pretty well until we got close to the school, and he began pulling me along.  I absolutely HATE it when he does that, and I can't figure out how to stop it.  Jeannie has told me that he doesn't do it when she walks him, so why does he hate me so much?

I didn't walk very far and when we got close to home on the way back, a family with a very large dog went by on the other side of the street.  I had  terrible time with getting Rocky to keep moving forward.  I didn't look back but I am sure the other folks probably had a bit of trouble with their dog as well.  I'm just about ready to give up.  At home he minds very well, most of the time, and the thing I like is that he always comes when called.  (Sometimes it takes him a minute or so to decide whether or not to do the right thing, and I can see the argument going on in his head, but he always ends up coming back.)  I am just about ready to give up.

It has been so wonderfully cool lately but I think it's going to change by tomorrow, when we will be having temps mostly in the 90's (upper 90's).

I think I am starting to be seriously affected by being confined since the 1st of March.  I don't know what I can do about it.  I would be mostly alone even without the pandemic, but I would have a choice of stopping to talk to people when I'm out on walks, or when shopping, etc.  This is changing my outlook and my mood, and it's not a change for the better.  I honestly don't know how I can survive the rest of this year, which I think will be pretty much the same as it is now.  No matter what this president says, we shouldn't be getting back to business as usual.  There is a real possibility of another serious outbreak because of the recent demonstrations and so many people being in close contact.  I think if I could just have a good cry I would feel much better, but I am a Scorpio, and Scorpios don't cry!

I'll end with a laugh at myself.  I decided this morning to clean the kitchen and clear off my countertops.  I've made good progress and the counters look sparkling and bare.   My kitchen table is piled high with stuff from the counters though!


Thursday, June 4, 2020

Nothing to update!

I like to update my blog posts now and then, but there sure isn't much, if anything, to update these days.  

Weather:  Hot and dry, over 100F!  When it goes over 100 it doesn't matter what it is exactly, it's HOT! 

Personal News:  Since I'm in isolation, and have been since March 1st, there is definitely no news.  I have only been out once when I went with Jeannie in her car to pick up some grocery orders.  We didn't even get out of the car as the store brought them out and put them in the back of the van!  I felt like I had made a real trip somewhere, and it was wonderful!  (I just can't believe I've been in isolation for over 3 straight months.)

Other News:  The national news is a nightmare.  It is said that George Floyd's last words were calling on his deceased mother.  I hope he is at peace and with his mother now. 

Rocky:  My boy is happy to stay indoors for the most part.  We just went out to get the mail, and I feel awful for him having to walk on the hot driveway.  It's cement, which I hope is not as bad as blacktop would be.

Garden:  Holding up fairly well, although I think it is a few degrees hotter than the plants would like it.  I water it twice a day and just hope they are getting enough.  A few of them look a bit scrawny and wilty!  

My TV:  I've managed to turn it on for an hour or so a day to watch a documentary about WWII, and Hitler's escape out of Germany.  I have always been interested in history, and this is an excellent series.  Even though I was born about a year before the US entered the war, I have no recollection of anything to do with it.  My parents no doubt got news on the radio but they never turned it on when the kids were around.  Wonder how they managed to get us out of the way? 

How are all of you managing to keep from losing your sanity these days?

Monday, June 1, 2020

June 1st!

Can you believe we will soon be half way through this year!  The second half can't be any worse than the first, but at least I hope we can get back some freedom to move about, if only for a month or two.  I think the virus will be around for a long time though.

 Jeannie is driving me and Rocky to the vet at 4pm this afternoon.  One of the vet assistants will come outside to get Rocky and take him in to get his nails clipped.  They are so long that I plan to make an appointment for the next three weeks and hope they can get them down to a decent length.  Of coure, with totally black nails, they can't see the "quick", so they have to be careful at first.

So he doesn't like to have his nails touched.  I have two bottles - one contains CBD oil (I guess you can use it for people as well as pets), and a bottle of hemp oil for dogs.  I'm uncertain which one I'm going to give him about 45 minutes before our appointment but I hope it will help him stay calm.  I doubt if anything short of a total knockout will calm him down when they try to clip his nails.  You just wouldn't believe it if you could see my son, Joe, clip Rocky's nails.  Rocky doesn't move a muscle, and Joe doesn't have to sit on him.

We never did get the rain that was promised, but we have a couple of cloudy days coming up soon.  I doubt if we will see any moisture, so I keep watering the garden.  I have a squash plant that is growing beautifully.  I actually have about 2 or 3 each of yellow & green squash, but there is one that promises to be exceptional.  It's the same with the tomatoes - some are really growing tall and leafy, and some are short and puny looking.  I did get a couple of ripe cherry tomatoes that I gave to Jeannie.  I love tomatoes but have found them too acidic for my comfort.  The organic, home-grown tomatoes are probably ok, but I'm so used to not eating them and am a little nervous about it.  You might wonder why in the world I planted so many tomato plants when I don't eat them.  I will maybe use a few in salads or sandwiches, but the majority of them will go to Donald to make sauce or whatever he wants to make out of them.  And I'll be happy with a little sample of whatever it is.

I hope all have a good week ahead, as well as a decent month of June.