Eastern Utah
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Monday, May 9, 2022

Beautiful Days!

I am really enjoying the days lately - warm enough, but not hot and dry yet.  I haven't yet had to use heat or a/c to be comfortable in my house, so I'm grateful for that.

I need to get a new camera so I can take some photos of the house:  I have the right side of the house, 1 story only (the rest of the house is 2-story).  My garage is in front, and behind that is a long room, being kitchen, dining area, and living area in one, with full bath and bedroom at the rear of the house.  I have a very nice patio in back, and my son Steve and his wife (Meg) bought me a beautiful patio furniture set.  The weather is still cool enough that I don't sit outside for any length of time, but that time will definitely come soon!  The back yard is very large which is nice for the dogs, and as nearly all California houses, has complete wooden fencing all around which provides great privacy.  I try to walk Rocky around the neighborhood once a day, although my health is really worsening and some days I just don't feel like walking.

The "kitchen area " isn't much to speak of.  Everything is lined up against one wall:  fridge, sink and a fairly small countertop, cabinets - my table & chairs plus more cabinets in the "middle", and then the living area at the other end of the room.  There is a hallway with the bathroom off to one side, and then the bedroom at the back of the house and the double doors to the patio.   The kitchen has a microwave/convection oven; I have no clue what a convection oven is or how to use it, so I don't!  I really would have preferred a more standard kitchen with at least a small stove/oven, but it is what it is.   I did buy myself a hot plate so I can heat something up in a pan or skillet if I so desire although I just really don't care anymore!  When I look back on the days when my children were young, and I took great pride in cooking delicious, nutritious meals from scratch - and then see how I'm reduced to heating up frozen meals in the microwave, I realize how low I can go!

The garage provides me a great place to store some things, such as my treadmill which is set up if I ever feel like walking on it; when my son Mike was here he bought floor to ceiling metal shelving and packed lesser used items on it.  I'm grateful that he organized that area so well.   The garage is in front and has a window from which I can see the street.  I am planning to fix it up so it can be more useful to me than simply storage.  I'd like to get some comfortable seating in there - maybe a small sofa or a couple of chairs.  

All in all I like the space I have, although I'd like to have more contact with people than I do - although that is probably my fault as I don't have the desire any more to get out and make new friends.  I've had to say goodbye to so many friends in my lifetime, and I'm tired of doing it.  Many people that I've cherished are no longer around, and I don't have the drive to make new friends.   I will be blogging a lot less as I just don't do anything to write about.  But I will still enjoy reading the blogs of others.


Sunday, May 1, 2022

Just a quick update

I thought I would say a quick hello to any readers I might have left!  We have been moved in for a while now, and while I really like my space, I don't care much for being away from the goings-on in a city!   And the only view I have is the tall fence along the side and rear of the property.

Also my health seems to have tanked during the past six months, so I don't get out as much as I should.  To add to that, the streets in this area are not on a grid, so I can easily get lost.  It's not like I could take a "walk around the block".

I suppose it's what I have coming when I think of the wonderful long life I have lived up to now.  If I can figure out how to work my old camera, I'll try to take some pictures.   No, I don't take photos with my phone.  I talk on a phone; I take photos with a camera, and I send messages on my computer!  Totally out of sync with today's world :-)