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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Finally, a sunny day!

I should go out into my backyard and see if the grass has dried up a bit, so I can try to gather the tree limbs I lost last week in the windstorm.  I should, but I won't.  Maybe later.

I've just been trying to stay cool, calm, and collected but it is so hard most days.  First of all, my, bank account which I've had since about 1958, has changed drastically.  It is a credit union account and I've loved being with them all these years, but now they must have a newly hired developer who has taken them completely off the rails.  I don't have the patience for it, so I'm trying, with Jeannie's help, to get things in order and transfer my accounts over to a credit union that I belong to here in Sacramento.  I should have done it years ago but didn't foresee the way things would go.  For the record, I am of the opinion that a credit union and/or bank should be at least moderately conservative.  That is the one area of my life where I want conservatism - for the rest, I am open to most change and innovation.

When looking over the banking records for the past year I was totally shocked at how much money I've been spending.  Because I'm so housebound I have to order most things online, and it has really gotten out of hand.  I'm really sick of this pandemic and how it's changed my life, and I'm sure I'm not alone in my outlook.

We've had enough rain the past week that it looks like my back yard is full of green grass; in actuality, my back yard is full of green weeds!  I want to do a garden this year and should be starting my seeds indoors in February, but I'm not sure if I'm up to it.  I keep thinking this is a phase I'm going through which won't last long, but 80 must not be a phase but an actual slowing-down age!  Another thing holding me back is that I will need to get things like potting soil, fertilizer, etc. delivered.  I'm not sure that I want to spend all that money!  I guess I could plant the seeds in plastic cups like I did last year, and if I don't feel like replanting them in a couple of months then I can just toss them out.

About a week ago I had an opportunity to get the first covid vaccine (Pfizer).  I can't remember if I posted about this, but want to say that after a week I have had absolutely no aches, pains, or any discomfort at all.  I hope the 2nd shot goes as well.

For having done nothing for the past year I'm surprised I could find anything at all to write about.  I hope you are all staying safe and well.  Here's hoping to an end to the spread of this pandemic.  I know we are all sick of it!


Friday, January 29, 2021

What a week!

The cold winter rains have begun in Sacramento, and there isn't any reason for me to be out.  Fortunately I have a large back yard so Rocky has room to run, but he doesn't like the rain either.

We had some very high winds a couple of days ago and the top branches of a very tall tree are now in my garden!  They were the branches the birds loved to gather on, but I think they will still be able to gather at the current tree top and survey the world around them.  It's too rainy and soggy for me to go out and gather up all the fallen branches, so I'll just wait until the rain stops and the ground dries up a bit.  I don't know what I'll do with them once I gather them up and some of them are too large to be broken down by hand to fit in the green waste can.

I just lost an entire two paragraphs I wrote, so I think I will stop for a while and let my temper cool down!


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I Did It!

 I got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine!   After several hours my arm is not sore, but I won't be surprised if I have some discomfort tomorrow.  I went through a lot of internal dialogue about taking this step, but I'm glad I did.  I don't want to get the virus myself, nor do I want to get it and pass it on to anyone else.  I can't remember how many weeks away the 2nd dose is, but I will be notified by the medical practice.  Right now I am feeling great!

It seems like they are juggling to get people scheduled for the vaccine, and I understand that many don't get notified of their appointment for a while after requesting.  I think I got my acceptance and appointment within hours of requesting it, probably because of my magic age of 80!

I will keep you posted of any negative side effects I may feel in the next couple of days.  Of course, everyone has a different reaction to vaccines, but I hope my experience will help some of you decide what you want to do in this regard.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

A Weight is Lifted!

I feel like I've lost weight since the inauguration. Of  course I haven't, but I just feel lighter.  And I catch myself smiling for no reason at all.  Now if we can just survive until a Covid vaccine is available to everyone.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A New Day is Dawning!

What a relief it is to know that tomorrow will be the beginning of a new Presidency, and hopefully we will see a much kinder and more noble tone in the United States.  President Biden can't do it alone, and I hope that Americans will join him in helping the U.S. to become again the good people we are so capable of being, and a government that will ensure liberty and justice for all.  It will be an uphill battle, especially with the economy, a pandemic, and other issues to be addressed.  But I have always believed that people can reach their highest selves when facing a tough challenge.  We will do it!  God bless America!

(I'm reminded of the saying:  "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!") 

And to our allies who are with us through good times and the not so good times, we love you, appreciate you, and we look forward to joining you in making the world a better place for everyone.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Flying my flag again!

I have it ready to set outside tomorrow, inauguration day.  I sure hope our country can set itself on a new, more firm and decent track.  To tell the truth, I am shocked and disappointed at the divisions we've experienced the last four years, although I can't say I'm surprised, considering who was running the country.  If we don't get decency back in our government at the highest levels, we are lost.  So the best of luck to you, Joe Biden - we are counting on you!

I wonder where has our winter rain been hiding, and when will it pay us a lengthy visit!  Today is a bright, sunshiny day, although a bit too breezy for me.  I cut short Rocky's walk this morning because of the winds.   A few days ago I looked at my checkbook register and noted that by this time a year ago, I was writing checks to have my grass cut.  It could probably stand a trim right now, but is nowhere near overgrown because of the lack of rain.  Actually, the entire back yard is composed of green weeds, but with my declining eyesight it all looks like green grass to me!

My granddaughter, Ara, made it safely home, driving halfway across the country after a lengthy visit over the holidays.  I miss her and her dog.  It was quite a commotion when all the dogs in the family got together and I don't think I could take it on a constant basis.  Since I rarely go out these days, the family usually gathered here at my house which fortunately has survived the rough and tumble of the dogs.

I'm starting to plan my garden although I haven't actually done anything yet.  I'll need Steve to turn over the dirt in the four large plots.  I'm going to plant squash and tomatoes again this year since they are about the only thing I will eat.  I actually don't eat many tomatoes but give them to Jeannie.  Steve is trying to talk me into planting a variety of vegetables, but I tell him that since I don't cook any more, it would be a waste of time and space for me.  Fortunately for me, the choice of good, delicious, frozen foods is available.  I have been an excellent cook all my life, and my 30 year old self wouldn't recognize the 80 year old!  Such is life! 

 After a lot of thought, I decided to continue writing a blog, although on a less frequent schedule this year.  Nothing much happens in my life so please bear with me.  And a big thanks to those of you who still read my ramblings!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Hope for the New Year

I think we are all hoping for a more normal new year.  I realize it will take the first few months to "normalize", but I'm trying to keep my hopes high, and also realistic!  To me, 2020 was nearly a total waste and I don't know how I could get through another one like it.

 Workmen will start replacing parts of the fence along one side of my back yard, so I will have to keep Rocky inside for a few days.  He loves to go visiting and is an escape artist to boot!  A large section has been replaced about a month ago, although they need to build up the soil level to meet the fence.  As it is, he has no problem finding escape routes or going under the new fence.

I know I'm not alone in dreaming of peace in our country and in the world, and a better political atmosphere.  The last four years has been the absolute worst in my memory, but the people have been so divided that it will be difficult to bring back any sense of normalcy.  We can only hope.

So here's to 2021 and an end to the divisions in our society. 

Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year, 2021!

I hope everyone out there who sees this post will have a good year to come.  Thankfully, 2020 is over and done with, and I don't think many people will miss it.  I have been so housebound and starved for people to connect with, and hope it won't take much longer to get back on track to normal.

A couple of puppies have been added to my kids' families the last few months, Jeannie acquired a little scrappy dog - can't remember his breed(s) - and his name is Tito!

Ara is in town for the holiday season with her Australian Cattle Dog, Simone.  And Steve and his family added another dog to their family - a baby they are going to call Coco.  Mike's family in NY adopted an older dog that I believe is a Yorkshire Terrier, whose name is Olivia.  While it puts me in the mood to get a puppy, my Rocky is still technically a puppy  - I think I've heard that puppyhood for Black Labrador Retrievers can be anywhere from 2 to 5 years, and one of my nieces swears her lab "puppy" lived to age 13 and never did get to the adult stage!  I just hope if the mood strikes me to get another dog, that my kids will do a quick intervention!

I would say we are having our "cold" weather now, but I'd be laughed off the internet by some of you who live in colder climes.  It's cloudy and 55 degrees here right now, and I'm freezing.  I wear a warm hat, jacket, and gloves when I walk Rocky and I still get chilled.

After having my garden absolutely ruined last year by planting some seeds I received (unasked for) from China, I swore off gardening forever.  But I am now in the planning stages of what I will plant this year and how I will arrange the plants.  Tomatoes and squash will be the main veggies, although I will add a few more plants to see what grows and if it's worth the effort.  I will have 5 or 6 varieties of tomatoes, plus zucchini ad yellow squash.  Last year I grew all the plants from seed and it was so much fun to watch them sprout and grow.  This year I'm thinking of buying established plants, but haven't yet decided for sure.  At my age I should be trying to make life easier for myself!  

I wish you all the best of years ahead, and hope if you have found my blog post, you will accept my belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!