Eastern Utah
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A new crowd

Yesterday afternoon and evening saw the pace really picking up in this RV park. Lots of toy haulers coming in and big, loud, trucks! The pickup trucks were driving in and out at a rate of speed that was inappropriate for an RV park, and especially in the gravel section. I try to be a live-and-let-live person so I didn't let it bother me except that I am sure there are others here who would complain at the drop of a hat. By 10pm or 10:30 things started to quiet down and all was well. I just saw a gorgeous red truck hauling a triple axle Raptor leaving the park, so I guess their fun weekend is coming to a close.

I am really honing in on exactly what it is I like and dislike about full time RVing, and large filled-up parks don't fit in my picture. I'm sure I was born for boondocking, but isn't as easy for a solo female with a 5th wheel as it would be for a couple or a solo in a motorhome. I really wouldn't know where to begin, so I'm hoping my experience at Lassen this summer will be sort of in-between the crowded park and the wilderness with no one around to talk to. I guess I just want to be in the middle of nature with a bit of company from time to time.


  1. Mind if i borrow your quote..."I just want to be in the middle of nature with a bit of company from time to time"?

  2. Atta girl Gypsy, your thinking in the right direction:))