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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Two more wake-ups

That's how my kids always referred to the time left before we went on vacation or any other good thing such as birthdays, etc.  Tomorrow will be my last full day of getting it all together, and then I'll just have coffee and breakfast before hitting the road on Thursday.  I want to try to leave early, and am beginning to wonder if I should find an alternative route that doesn't take me directly through S. Lake Tahoe.  I didn't take into consideration that schools are out and many folks will be heading "up the hill".  I sure don't want to find gridlock on my first day.

I went to the post office this morning and filled out the card to have my mail forwarded to Jeannie's address.  The only reason I didn't do that to begin with is that in the past I've found that some businesses will permanently change my address and I'll have to undo all that when I get back.  I think it will work out better though, especially for Jeannie.

As I was standing in line at the post office a woman in back of me had two young children, who of course got a bit antsy when having to wait.  When it was my turn I motioned for her to go ahead of me, which she did.  The oldest of the two children held back and poked my arm, and said "She went in front of you."   I said "yes, I told her to.", and then everything seemed ok to the kid.  I thought it was just precious.

I'm getting some of the excitement I always feel at this stage of a trip, although I also have a bit of dread at the thought of the long drive ahead of me.

About two weeks ago I bought a pineapple at Costco that was not yet ripe enough to cut, and it's been sitting on my countertop.  Today was the day, and I cut it into chunks, about half of which I will take along in my cooler.  It is so delicious and sweet that I will have some for breakfast the next two mornings.

I'm not sure how often I will be able to post my blog during the first few days at least.  I used to rely on the Verizon jet pack which I don't use any more.  I love my AT&T wireless service but will miss access on the road.  If I ever even walk into a MacDonald's it is just to use the restroom, get a cup of coffee, and get out.  I don't even like the smell of their food and can't imagine sitting there long enough to use the wifi.  As I get further east I will probably stay at motels or at least campgrounds with wifi.  I'll blog and post photos when I get the chance.


  1. Tow more wake ups and its down the road you go. I am glad some of the excitement is coming back to you.

  2. Safe travels, my friend.

    Chef Jay here at Imperial tells me that once pineapples are harvested, they don't ripen any further. Even if they're green, they're as ripe as they're going to get. I didn't know that. I guess if they just turn more yellow they're just breaking down, not getting sweeter. Who knew?

  3. Don't envy you starting out on a trip during Easter week-end. But I'm sure it will work out fine. We have tried a couple of times to forward our mail for short periods of time when we were gone and every time the post office changed our address and it was a mess to straighten back out. Sure hope you have better luck. Safe and totally fun travels!

  4. I was told one is able to get wifi even outside of McDonald's. (ha, ha, powerful stuff) Be safe. Enjoy your travel.

  5. Yes Sissy you can even Walmart or most fast food places How wonderful is that.

    I'm starting to get excited for you too.

  6. I feel the same way you do about McDonald's...when mom had surgery in San Angelo...I was only there long enough to send my uncle an e-mail and got the heck out of there.

    At least now days there are more places that have Wifi. I believe I read in Barney's blog that he used the Home Depot one from their parking lot. I tried but I could never guess their password...and it is NOT Home Depot!

    Safe travels.

  7. I've sat in my car and used magic jack over an ipod touch to make phone calls. So you can connect without going inside. But their senior coffee (at 79 cents) is a pretty good cup of coffee and a great value.