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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Feeling ridiculous!

I drove to the library this morning, and then stopped by the gym on my way back.  I was in the gym for about half an hour and when I returned to my car I saw something leaking.  I was only half a city block from Jesse's Neighborhood Garage, probably the best and most honest mechanic there is.  

It turned out that water was leaking - condensation from the a/c.  I had left the a/c on the lowest setting and hadn't even thought about it.  I made an appointment for next Wednesday to get the vehicle checked over thoroughly for my trip.

Jesse and his wife are Vietnamese, and the thing I really like in addition to them doing excellent work, is that she is obviously an equal partner in the business.  She runs the business side but is also knowledgeable about the mechanical side, and they look at each other with obvious love and respect.  It's nice to see.

I'm still looking at the US Map to get an idea how I want to proceed from my (hopeful) stop at Dinosaur National Monument.  I would love to cross over into Canada for a little ways, but realize I will be carrying food - food for my car trip as well as a few days' backpacking food for 3 people!

Yes, there will be three of us - a reunion of the three girls who have done much traveling together, in the U.S.  as well as in Ireland.  Jeannie is flying to Philly about the middle of May to see Ara, and she will join us for a few days on the Appalachian Trail.   I am going to have such a good time - no matter how many or how few miles we cover, no matter what the weather, crowds or no crowds, etc.

Back to the trip, I think I would love to see the SD Badlands, but the weather may not cooperate in April.  I could possibly see this area on the way back, except I need to plan a route that doesn't cover too many extra miles.  I'll do the coming-back planning when it's time to come back!

I'm celebrating Patrick's Day at son Joe's house tonight.  That is what they call it in Ireland - "Patrick's Day" and certainly not "St. Patty's Day" which makes me cringe every time I see it spelled that way.  Patty is an American nickname for Patricia.  Paddy is the Irish nickname for Patrick.  If there is a St. Patricia's Day (or St. Patty's Day) then it's certainly not celebrated on March 17!


  1. Are you having corned beef and cabbage? Since I worked today, I'll be having mine tomorrow. Hopefully Patrick will understand...

  2. Well then, I hope you had a great "St Paddy's Day".

  3. Can't say I'm a St. Patrick fan given his purpose and what he brought to the indigenous people but I do like the corned beef and cabbage tradition and I LOVE Ireland. It's the only place I've ever seriously thought I might like to move to.

  4. I like hearing about your mechanic and his wife.. how wonderful! I hope ours turns out to be such as great tomrorow when we pick up the Tracker with the rebuilt engine!
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. better to be safe than sorry with the car you did good.
    The hiking trip sounds like a lot of fun with the 3 generations. Can't wait to hear about that.

  6. The SD Badlands in April could be fantastic. I prefer to go in the off season so March and October are my favorite times there.There would be very few people in the park in April, it should be greening up, and there may even still be water in the draws from the snow melt, although SD has had very little snow this winter.

  7. Glad you found an honest mechanic, they are so hard to find. Loved hearing about the mutual love and respect he and his wife have for each other.

    Can hardly wait for you to begin your trip. I know that you girls are going to have a great time!