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Friday, March 13, 2015

Is it Pi Day yet?

I can never remember whether Pi Day is on 3-13 or 3-14, which is probably an indication that I didn't do very well in math back in the day.  Pi has something to do with the ratio of the radius to the circumference of a circle, and is one of the basic principles of mathematics, even known back in antiquity.

I went to Costco this morning and restrained myself pretty well - I wanted to get a USB to back up some things on my computer.   I'm not very diligent about doing that - probably because I can access the internet, blogs, and emails from any computer.  But I have lots of photos which I periodically (every year or so) back up to a USB drive, plus my genealogy database.  Now if I lost that I'd be finished with genealogy.  So I got a high capacity device and have my iPhotos, iTunes, and genealogy files backed up to March 13, 2015!   My computer sometimes makes a lot of noise, and sometimes it is very quiet, and I just don't know how long it will last.  I don't feel like going back over to the Apple Store with all the sitting around and waiting for someone to tell me what's wrong with it.   

Don't ask me where I am going to store them, but I bought a 28 piece set of Glad plastic storage dishes and lids, of varying sizes.   I don't know what happens to refrigerator dishes as they keep disappearing one by one, until I'm covering bowls with saran or foil wraps.  That would probably be the best bet, but I came of age during the Tupperware boom - in fact I still have a piece or two of T'ware.   It was the best  ever made in my opinion.  I remember having a Tupperware party and invited my neighbors - one woman told me in no uncertain whining terms that she could use an empty margarine container and it was just as good.  A real Tupperware user knows better, and Glad storage containers are almost down in the category of margarine tubs.   My daughter is more classy than I am and she has glass storage bowls with airtight plastic lids rather than all plastic.  In fact, I have a couple of nice glass bowls in my cabinet that I don't know where they came from.  I should return them to her one of these days now that I have such a supply of containers on hand.

I walked the length of Home Depot looking for Tyvek (the crinkly papery-looking product they wrap a house in before finishing the outside walls.  I just want to buy a scrap to fit under my tent; it is so lightweight and makes the perfect groundsheet although some people wash it to get rid of the crinkly sound.  Personally, I go to sleep the minute I hit the sleeping bag, and have never heard a crinkly sound from the Tyvek.   I used it when backpacking the Appalachian Trail in 1997.   Maybe I should look on Craigslist, although they have given C/L a new look and I don't like it nearly as much as I did the old look.   When you get used to something, and I assume I'm not the only one that was used to it, what is the point of changing the colors, location of options to click on, etc, etc.

I have an appointment to see my Dr. on the 24th, and he had asked me to monitor my blood pressure and write it all down to bring it to the appointment.  Of course my B/P has been darned near perfect since then, and I'm really getting tired of using the B/P monitor - I'll be glad to never look at the thing again.  I realize that it is my impatience that made the pressure look so high - I find it difficult to sit down and relax a minute or two before taking it.  Makes a big difference!  (I wonder if I should mention it to the Dr. or let him diagnose that I'm OK!)

I continue to feel great - better than I have for years - at least most of the time.  It's kind of scary when things go so well for an extended time - you begin to wonder when the ball is going to drop and hit you on the head!  I think I can say exactly why it is that I am feeling better each day - exercise!   Any exercise is better for you than sitting in a chair.  I don't work out with the intensity I did to begin with, and I'm slowing my walk back down to 3.5 mph; I've added some stretching to my routine, and can see a big difference.  Now if I could find a chiropractor who can help me lessen the effects of scoliosis I'll be flying high!


  1. For small pieces of plastic, try a plastic picnic cloth, or maybe plastic for a paint drop cloth. You might even find some plastic bags which will be large enough when you cut the seams to open them up. I'd try the dollar store, or 99 cent store.

  2. I'm a sucker for those Rubbermaid containers myself. They're sturdier than Glad, and almost as good as Tupperware. It's hard for me to walk past a sale on assorted sizes. I've been pretty good at moving on lately. Sure don't have much room in the rig for 28 more pieces. ;)

  3. I had so much of those plastic containers I forced them on my kids. I like the smaller ones maybe a cup size for when I do a large cooking and then store stuff in serving sizes and freeze them. I also have the corellware with the plastic lids. Love those.

  4. I see 60" wide white "Tyvek 1443R Kitemaking Material" by the yard on Amazon. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Tyvek-1443R-Kitemaking-Material/dp/B001TO4QVA

    Also, "Tyvek 4 X 8 Foot Ground Cloth w/ TIE OFF LOOPS" made of Tyvek on Amazon. The link is verrry long so I won't post it, but I saw it as a "Customers who viewed Tyvek 1443R Kitemaking Materia... also viewed:" link above the 1st option I wrote about.