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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Taking it easier today

I'm just not my usual get-up-and-go self this morning, so I skipped the 25 min. stretch routine I've been doing lately, which usually makes me feel terrific.  I'll still do my regular walk, but right now I'm taking it easy.

The Tyvek that I'm going to use for a ground sheet under my tent arrived this morning.  When I opened it up and saw the texture of the Tyvek I thought "Oh crap, this isn't going to work and I have 3 yds of the stuff!"   An internet search led me to an article from Backpacker magazine that recommended NOT using the house-wrap weight of tyvek for a  ground sheet, but instead the lighter and softer material used in kite making.  

Along with the tyvek came a small catalog of kite-making materials, and I didn't know this was such a big thing.  When I was a kid they were made with paper and lightweight wood strips, and your mom gave you old material scraps to make the tail.  I never really thought it was that much fun to fly a kite so I probably watched my little brothers fly theirs.

This stuff looks like woven fabric but when I tried to tear it at the corner it wouldn't budge.  Evidently it is very strong and ultra lightweight, a backpacker's dream.   I will give it some thought before I start measuring and cutting.  I hope it's waterproof, and I will test it with a scrap of leftover fabric after I cut the big piece for the tent.

The first photo shows the small pkg. the fabric came in (with my shoe next to it for size comparison), and then I opened it up part way in the next photo.  It is sort of crinkly and I hope it won't be too bad when it's laid in a single layer under the tent.  I'm not going to throw it in the washing machine to soften it up, although I may eventually have to do that.  Click on a photo to enlarge it, although there really isn't any detail in either picture worth doing a close-up!  By the way, the ground sheet is used to keep small sticks and rocks from damaging the tent bottom, as well as to prevent moisture on the bottom of the tent.

 After doing my walk at the gym and then congratulating myself by having a blueberry protein shake, I am diving into cleaning up my living room, which I've let get into a total mess!  Worst of all is the octagonal end table next to my recliner.  Some things I just have to have nearby, i.e., supply of pencils, pens, etc., but for the most part I can throw away a lot of junk that is on it.  

I came across some flash drives containing photos and was amazed at the old pictures of my 5th wheel.  It was beautiful and spacious, and really a nice living space.  I would have kept it if I had been able to do even routine maintenance, but I don't want to do it and I can't do it.  It got to the point that paying to have everything done was getting out of hand.  Also I think I was ready to expand a bit and have more "stuff" available to me.  Now that I have room for more "stuff", of course I keep things way too long and they add up to junk piles!

Would I ever go back into an RV?  I suppose if it was in good shape and affordable, and I could find a decent place to park it when I'm in Sacramento, I might do it.  But I rather doubt that all the stars will ever come together at just the right time for that to happen.  Sometimes we just have to accept the present and just move with it.  Also, I would never want to tow anything that large, and that goes for driving a Class A or even a large Class C. 


  1. Something like a roadtreck or van conversion may suit you. Can you vehicle you have now be used as a toad? Or would it need to be put on a trailer. It is always nice to have a smaller vehicle with you to make short runs for supplies, etc.

  2. Very interesting to see and learn about the tyvek. Hope it works for you. I'll be interested in the results.

  3. Dizzy brings up a good point with a conversion van. I think you are a lot taller than I but I would love to find one and sell the truck. My big desire is to be able to stand up in my camp vehicle. A class b would work great for you as you will be able to stand. Lately I see these so called conversion van and they really are class b's Who knows but I am getting pretty turned off about the towing.

  4. I still think you should get a Westfallia like Aunt Artie!

  5. I had never heard of Tybek before. I will love to see how it works for you.