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Friday, March 27, 2015

So much done but more left to do!

I don't yet have a photo of my new haircut, and to tell the truth I don't like it the way it is now.  I'm going to granddaughter Arianna's school play this evening, and I'll take my camers and maybe get in a picture or two.

This play is going to be so much fun.  Arianna is 5 yrs old and in kindergarten.  She is exceptionally shy except with family, and she keeps everyone laughing with some of the funny things she says.  Miss Personality.  But it's only lately that she has been talking at school - in fact one of the boys overheard her say something and shouted, "Hey, you can talk!".  The fact that she is willing to go onstage is remarkable, and I just hope everything goes well for her.   Her teacher is so patient and encourages her, and the children in her class don't harass her about not talking.  Oh, and for several months she would cry when her mom or dad left her at school.  Now and then one of the little girls would come up and pat her on the back.  Kindergarten is such a sweet age.

I checked a couple of things off my list this morning - car wash:  Done; write blank checks for next 3 months' rent: Done.   Now I'm going to eat lunch and then mix up some non-toxic weed killer and spray one last time before I leave.  Yesterday I used a commercial weed killer (not Roundup) and today I'll try the vinegar-salt-dishwashing soap thing.

I have a question for those who live in or are very familiar with Southern California.  I'm thinking of driving back from NY in June/July and dropping down to the south and across to Huntington Beach, CA.  Then I would be going north to Sacramento a day or so later.   Anyone who reads my blog knows I detest interstates and freeways!  Whenever possible I'll take a U.S  or even a State Route.  But I don't drive at all in Southern Cal, the last time I did was when I brought my 5th wheel to CA for Christmas and had to go south to I-10 to miss ice storms along the way.  This was my "maiden voyage" pulling the 5'ver and I had few problems until I tried to drive around to connect with I-5N.   Why I didn't just go north from Blythe to Needles and then over to I-5 I'll never know - I guess I was listening to the GPS!

I can see Huntington Beach on the map and it looks to be in a ferociously busy area; I don't mind so much driving out of my way to avoid freeways,  and wonder about Route 74 from Coachella to San Juan Capistrano, and then north to H.B.   if anyone can give me some tips on accomplishing this I would greatly appreciate it.  The CA maps I have aren't very well detailed in that area except for the freeways and major roads.  Also what is the best time-of-day/day-of-week to attempt it.   I won't need to worry about this until July, which will probably be a frantic time in this area.


  1. When I was five years old, I didn't go to school. Back then we started after we turned six.

  2. I just know Arianna will shine. Your getting close to rolling time. Can't help with the CA route you want to take only been to San Diego twice and I didn't drive. That was a very long time ago. But I bet lots of readers can help you out.

  3. I live in Orange county and travel back and forth to Blythe on the I -10. Plan to arrive between 10am & 2pm and you will sail thru.

  4. Kindergarten is such a wonderful stage in a child's life. So glad Arianna has a patient teacher and understanding classmates.

    She will soon come out of her shyness. Tonight might be a big step in that process.

    Can not help you with the California trip question but I am so glad you are almost on your way. I am so looking forward to the posts of your trip.

  5. Good luck to Arianna. Hope it is a wonderful experience for her. Haven't lived in California since the early 70's or even been to visit Southern California since then. Glad things are going well for your departure. It's fun to hear you so excited.