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Sunday, March 22, 2015

New GPS & Update

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as I spent several hours with Autumn & Arianna while Jeannie & Donald went to a movie.  When they came back from the movie we went to the bike trail where Jeannie & I walked and the others rode their bikes.  We covered about 5 miles and I was really tired by the time I got home.  I don't think I even ate much - a sandwich was about all I could manage, and went to bed early!

This morning I went to Costco and bought a new GPS.  Yes, I just jumped through hoops getting an update to my old one to work, but it never did.  I would get a quick glimpse when I turned it on, then the screen would go blank and I might hear something from "The Voice", but then it would all go blank and quiet with a green stripe going across the bottom of the screen and a notice that maps were being loaded.  That went on over and over again.

I have the new one ready to try out and will do that in a few minutes.  It's irritating to think that I have to add all the saved addresses again.  I dislike touch screens to begin with and it will take me forever to just get my kids entered in the "Favorites".  This is my last attempt with Garmin, and I have the feeling I should have just gone straight to Magellen ($$$).

I was debating with myself on going without a GPS, but thinking of the long drive ahead of me I just don't want to be without it.  I could never get around any large and unfamiliar cities without help.  At one time I could and then I noticed that by the time I read the signs overhead I've passed the turn!  I always try to bypass the cities anyway, but there is no way to get through the midwest without driving through or around a large metropolitan area.

Half an hour ago I was ready to cry, but now I'm ready to curse!  I plug the damn thing into the cigarette lighter and the screen is so dim I can't read it.  I strained my eyes to find they wanted me to select a language.  While scrolling through the languages I must have inadvertently let my finger touch "Slovenian" and from then on everything was in Slovenian on a dimly lit display, not that I could understand a word of it.

I came inside and connected to my computer but couldn't find any help.  I called Customer Service but they don't give help on Sunday.  I went back out to the car to try again.  Glory be!  I'm seeing English here, but it's so damn dim that I can't read half of it.  Of course these things come with no instructions - just a diagram of a blue stick man to show you how to get started,  and I think I will now have to download the entire Manual (no doubt in sixteen languages) to get an answer.  I am so frustrated with technology and wonder why Garmin can't spring for a small several-page instruction on basic operation of the device, adjusting display, etc. 

At least my AAA maps are in English, and I may have to rely on them after all!  

My son, Joe, came by with his two girls, and he listened to me rant and rave about the GPS.  A little later when the girls were occupied with something else, he asked "So what is with your new GPS?"   He sat in the car and turned it on, found the Settings option and lightened the display, and also made some other changes that I wanted.  I guess the screen was so dim and my limited vision couldn't even see the Settings option or I could have changed it myself.  Thanks to Joe!  I don't know what I would do without my 4 kids who continually help me out with one thing or another.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with your GPS. We have one and even though it's about 8 years old, I keep it updated and we use it as a back up to our IPhone GPS. I agree. My kids and grandkids are so helpful to me when it comes to electronics.

  2. The electronic age is wonderful as long as you know how to use the gadgets. I have a couple of GPS units. One is a handheld for hiking, etc and the other is one that mounts on the dashboard of your vehicle. I like them and need them. My family doesn't call me "Wrong Way Corrigan" for nothing. I went the wrong way through a whole state one time.

  3. It can be a bit daunting to get used to new electronic gear:(

  4. I'm with you I hate these gadgets. I had an TomTom that after 3 yrs I finally figured it out. Then some little shit with sticky fingers lifted it out of my truck and probably right in my own driveway. So I bought a new one (which doesn't get left in the truck) I have been so tempted to throw the thing out the window and drive over it many times. Thankfully we have helpful family members.

  5. There are so many things that I would need help with if I bought them like a GPS, a smart phone, a Windows 8 computer just to name a few.

    I have no one to ask for help, so I just do without them. You are fortunate to have your kids to help out with this new technology.

  6. You really do make me think I should have had a bigger family for all the help they provide you. It's wonderful that you all are so close. I know many families where that just isn't true and in some cases they hardly speak to each other. I've given up on GPS for driving and just use google maps but I'd sure like to have a hand held one for hiking and kayaking but that would mean I'd have to research it to find one that doesn't cost $500 and then IF I could find it, I'd have to learn how to use it which would mean I'd have to read the manual and probably on line which I hate. I suppose I could print out all 20+ pages of the English part but that just makes me want to spit that they don't include a paper manual anymore.

  7. I am scared to buy a new GPS... I have grown so used to our Streets and Trips on the computer laptop screen, I don't ever want to change. But Microsoft stopped supporting it, so soon it will go to the wayside. I do use the navigation apps on my phone or tablet, but they are severely lacking in accuracy and adaptability for what I want in a GPS.
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