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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trouble with Blogger

I had some trouble with the font I always use for my blog, and it still doesn't look right.  What is so difficult that Blogger messes up the font so frequently.  You can't imagine what I have to do to write this thing and keep the font consistent.  Personally I feel that Google is just too big to handle all their many programs, email, etc. 

I'm tired today and I didn't stay up all that late last night.  We had a great dinner - corned beef and cabbage of course - and Donald brought some dynamite cupcakes that I think may have had a touch of Guinness in the recipe.  Joe and Sarah showed us plans for the new pool they are having installed in a few weeks.  They also have planned the landscaping around the back yard, the grill that will be built in, etc.  It will be a gorgeous area for relaxing and entertaining.

I did my walk, went to the grocery for a few items, came home and ate lunch, and then hit the couch for a nap.  I've done a little more trip planning but it seems that I'm no where near ready, and I don't know what to do next.  I can't really start packing anything in the car until after I have the servicing done, and then I'm taking it to a good car wash.   I noticed it is covered with a light film of pollen today, which may explain why I'm coughing and sneezing.  With my front door open, I hear folks going by throughout the day doing the same coughing and sneezing and I know allergies will be getting worse by the day.

My tyvek is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so I will need to carefully measure it to the tent bottom - measure a bunch of times and cut once!  If I screw it up there is always duct tape.

Thanks to NightSky for the encouraging news that I might be able to visit the SD Badlands in April after all.  If the weather permits I would definitely like to do it, and I'll just make alternate plans in case I can't see the Badlands on the way to NY.  

I need to try to salvage something of today but it's difficult to get the motivation to do anything.   I'll try though.



  1. Sounds like you are busy:) I prepare my blogs in MS word and simply paste it into blogger and it accepts the font I use, so I have no experience with blogger font issues:( I have had my share of other frustrations, but have not found anything better:)

  2. Blogger fonts are a pain. Why they don't stay where you want them is beyond me.
    Dinner sounds yummy as always. The allergies are what is robbing us of out strength. My eyes burn and itch so bad all I want to do is keep them closed.

  3. Sounds like you're planning is moving right on what fun planning trips... do you use Live Writer to write your blog in ...it is so unbelievable easy and I have never had a problem with blogger since I started using it a couple years ago

  4. I have a bit of advice for your SD portion...prepare for ANYTHING. When Annie got married in '88, we experienced snow, rain, hail, tornadoes, and 90 degree weather in the span of 6 hours.
    Love you bunches, Aunt Marty.