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Monday, March 23, 2015

The GPS Works, I think!

I used the GPS to get to the gym this morning - couldn't go too wrong being only a mile away, if that far.  It seems to work fine but Garmin made little modifications in how things work - like what you have to do to find the addresses you use a lot.  How Garmin has changed the way you do things doesn't seem to add one bit of ease to using the device - they should leave things alone that work, but as with most companies, they have to give their developers work to do, so each one comes up with a "fix" to something that is great the way it is.  It makes no sense at all and I wish I didn't have to put up with it.  

I hang the GPS on the upper part of the driver's side window where I can glance easily at it and it's close enough for me to read with no trouble.  It means the cord hangs from there across the steering wheel or my lap to the cigarette lighter plug-in, but I've learned to deal with it.  I will put in my route when I begin my trip, but I'm going to try to not rely on it except for when it helps me around congested areas.

I've decided I'm going to visit a chiropractor when I get back from NY.  I don't have time to go into it before I leave, but I realize the mild case of scoliosis I've always had is getting worse, or at least I'm noticing it more.  I wish I could go to Huntington Beach, CA and see Dr. John Bergman.  Have any readers seen this doctor, or have experience with another chiropractor?  If so I'd love comments or even private emails (my email address is right below the header picture above.  I looked at the 2015 Medicare guide and find they even cover some of the charges, and I'm sure my Blue Cross will pick up the rest, but that is if a doctor accepts Medicare in the first place.

I have an appointment with my regular doctor tomorrow morning, but I expect that to go smoothly.  For one thing I'm not taking any prescription medicines at all now and with the regular exercise I'm doing better than I would have believed.  I don't intend to have any medical tests or see any specialists.  That's not to say I don't have problems, the scoliosis being one of them, but I want someone to fix the problems and not prescribe drugs to mask them.

I haven't really started to pack, but I have gathered items I will want to pack and they are sitting in clumps around my living room and bedroom.  When did I lose my organizational skills?  It seems I still had them a couple of years ago, but they've disappeared lately.  I will need to empty out my car tomorrow because I'm having it serviced on Wednesday, and then I want to get a good car wash, after which I can start packing in earnest.  I think the kids and I will go to American River Brewery on Friday evening to raise a glass or two to my successful trip.  The tasting room is only open from about 4 to 7pm - maybe 8 on Friday nights - so we will only be there about 3 hrs.  You can bring food in, and I would like to take an appetizer tray or something like that.  Maybe I will coordinate with Donald.


  1. WOW is it time for you to leave already? Came up pretty fast. Good to hear your worked out a truce with Garmin.

  2. "I want someone to fix the problems and not prescribe drugs to mask them."

    I swear Gypsy, I have always thought we must have been related in a prior life. You and I have similar thoughts on many issues.

  3. Have a great time at the brewery and don't forget your camera!

  4. I went to a chiropractor a couple of years ago. I didn't really see any improvement in my condition (sciatica). Last Friday I went to a different chiropractor, one who is also an acupuncturist. I was hurting as badly that day as usual, but he did a bit of magic on me, and I felt better than anytime I can remember during the last three years! The chiropractor part was covered by Medicare and my supplemental insurance, but the acupuncture was a separate charge, and was NOT covered by Medicare. The doc has a policy of charging only half of his fee for the acupuncture part of the visit, which is probably all he would get from Medicare anyway, if they DID pay for it.

  5. Glad to hear your GPS is doing what you want. If you continue to like it, maybe I'll find out what model you have and get one for myself. I love my chiropractor and after I meet my deductible, Medicare pays for it all. If you can find a really good one I think they will be a big help. Another fun family gathering coming up. I'd sure be looking forward to that.

  6. I think the brewery tour would be fun! glad your GPS is going to work for what you want when you travel... getting excited?
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