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Monday, March 30, 2015

Enthusiasm Picking Up!

I kind of thought I'd get back in my groove but was beginning to wonder.  I've made phone calls this morning to cancel services such as AT&T.  For all the problems I usually experience trying to get something done by telephone with a large corporation, I'll have to say the woman I spoke with at AT&T was delightful and took care of freezing my service while I'm gone.  The same thing with my gym membership, and next will be the mail hold.  I was told to write a letter since mail is usually only held for 30 days and I need it held for 90, and I want Jeannie to be able to pick it up at intervals.

I just cooked some chicken to make chicken salad for lunches on the trip, and have a pineapple to cut up tomorrow or Wednesday.  I also bought bottled water for the trip, and a lot of snacks for either the car or the backpacking trip.  My clothes are neatly stacked on one half of my bed but I will still have to select what I'll take.  I don't toss and turn too much during the night and nothing fell off the bed onto the floor last night.

I've set down the wider of the two back seats and threw a quilt and my sleeping bag on it in case it's too cold to stay in a tent at a campground.  I will alternate campgrounds and motels on my journey.   I'll have to roll or fold the sleeping bag while traveling, maybe setting some of the lighter-weight items on it as I can't afford to lose that much space when packing the car.  

I am definitely thinking of camping at Dinosaur Nat'l. Monument and at Badlands Nat'l. Park, weather permitting, as well as possibly somewhere along the way in Nevada.  I have an alternative motel selected in Nevada, but don't know about the national parks - I think you have to drive out of them and find a nearby town for lodging if not camping.  A little teardrop camper sure would be nice to have for this trip.  If I had something like that I'd never stop at a motel.

Now I need to go shopping for a dress I can wear to church for Joshua's First Communion.  I was shocked at how so many of my clothes no longer fit, and I didn't have much in the way of dressy clothes to begin with.

I'm going to go spray the weeds one final time, and then decide whether I want to drive to nearby Kohl's to look for a dress, or to tackle the traffic to Macy's at the mall.  The mall usually isn't crowded these days - online shopping has just about ruined it for those of us who like to try on something before buying, or just like browsing in a store - but the traffic on Sunrise Avenue to the mall is always heavy!  I don't see the large stores keeping their physical locations much longer.  What a shame that will be when they are gone.


  1. I bet you are anxious to hit the road. Planning for the trip is fun, but going is much more enjoyable. Be safe.

  2. Really sounds like you've got this all thought out very well and are seriously prepared. I'm betting you could get a little tear drop trailer for a song used. It sounds like it would be just the thing for you. When I am alone, I'd like to have a casita. What about the dress you just wore to the anniversary? Wouldn't that work?

  3. See you are gearing up now. You never know you might find a tear drop in NY. maybe your son could help you look for one. So many more campers seem to be available out that way and for lower prices.
    Kohl's is a great store for buying dresses. My daughter shops there all time.
    Why don't you have your mail forwarded to Jeannie's house and then have it come to your house once you figure out when you will return. Make things easier for everyone

  4. I knew sooner or later you would get your travel enthusiasm back!

    I was going to suggest the same thing JO mentioned in her comment...forwarding the mail to Jeannie's house.

  5. If you stay at the Badlands I recommend the Sage Creek campground. Primitive camping, no RVs just tents, no water so make sure you bring your own, no campfires allowed so you need a propane stove or grill if you want hot food, pit toilets that have always been very clean when I've been there. The best part is it's remoteness, some of the best night sky viewing anywhere, and the buffalo wander right through the campground.